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[OC] Easiest and hardest leagues to bounce back from a relegation in Europe's top 5 leagues.

2020.10.24 20:32 ElBlauiElGroc [OC] Easiest and hardest leagues to bounce back from a relegation in Europe's top 5 leagues.

I grabbed the data from the past 10 full seasons to see how many teams achieved a promotion back to the top flight immediately after being relegated, then ordered the leagues from the one with the highest percentage of first-try promotions back to the top flight to the lowest.
The easiest: 2. Bundesliga (36% of teams return to the top flight after 1 season).
Out of the 22 teams relegated from the Bundesliga in the past decade, 8 have achieved promotion in their first season in the 2. Bundesliga, namely:
2nd easiest goes to Serie B (32% of teams return to the top flight after 1 season).
Out of the 28 teams relegated from Serie A (I'm not counting Lecce nor Parma, who were relegated to serie D instead), 9 have bounced right back to the top flight, these are:
2nd hardest is a tie between Spain's Segunda División and the EFL Championship (23% of teams return to the top flight after 1 season).
Both leagues have identical numbers, with 30 teams relegated in the past 10 years and 7 of those making it back to the top flight in their first season in the second tier. The lucky ones in Spain were:
Meanwhile in England the following teams have done so:
So this means that the meaniest relegation in Europe's top 5 leagues in the drop from Ligue 1 to Ligue 2 (only 11% of teams return to the top flight after 1 season).
Surprisingly (at least for me), the hardest league to escape from is League 2. 27 teams (Bastia went straight into like the 6th tier I believe) have made the drop from Ligue 1 and only 3 (yes, only three) have made it back to Ligue 1 in their first attempt. And one team has made it twice. The stat breakers are:
So, next time your Bundesliga team is relegated, don't be so sad, it could be worse. You could've been relegated from Ligue 1. With those stats, it must really hurt to go into Ligue 2.
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2020.10.09 14:18 pastenague [OC] I calculated the most common first and last names of all players in the history of nearly 600 clubs around the world. Here are the results!

Link to Spreadsheet: Most Common First + Last Names for Players of 579 Clubs


Back in September 2019, I had a random idea about figuring out the most common player names for a given club. During the lockdown, I had some time to make that idea a reality. I used Wikipedia's API (through the WikipediR R package) to extract the names of every player with a Wikipedia page that belonged to the category "X football players" or "X footballers" for a given club X. I did this extraction back in September 2019, so all this data is only accurate as of September 2019 and does not account for any transfers since then. I compiled the list of players for every club, and then used the humaniformat R package to "intelligently" split every player name into first and last names. Finally, I calculated the modes among the lists of first and last names of the players for each club. I have posted the code in a Github repository in case anyone is interested.
The following tables encompass as many teams from as many countries/leagues as I could fit with a reasonable length in this post. The full list is available in the Google Sheets spreadsheet listed at the top of this post. I encourage anyone whose club is not listed in this post to peruse through that spreadsheet, as you will hopefully find it there. The entire list encompasses each of the countries below, as well as some others (including China, Japan, and some Scandinavian countries), for a total of 579 clubs across the top or top two divisions of 26 countries (England + Wales includes League One and League Two teams as well). Also, the full list for some countries is posted on subreddits pertaining to their leagues, and the separate discussions on those subreddits have been linked.
I apologize if the names of any club are listed incorrectly - I had to do some processing to condense their names from the "official" name (which the Wikipedia pages are often named for) to their common names. Enjoy!
Note: "X" represents a case in which there were more than 3 names that were all tied for being the most common for their club.

England + Wales

Club First Name Last Name Name
Liverpool John (54) Jones (16) John Jones
Manchester City David (27) Smith (9) David Smith
Leicester City John (25) Smith (12) John Smith
Crystal Palace John (31) Smith, Taylor (9) John Smith-Taylor
Arsenal John (32) Jones (6) John Jones
Everton John (43) Jones (13) John Jones
West Ham United George (30) X George X
Manchester United John (53) Jones, Williams (11) John Jones-Williams
Tottenham Hotspur John (38) Smith (13) John Smith
Sheffield United John (41) Smith (14) John Smith
Chelsea John (28) Smith (12) John Smith
Burnley John (42) Smith (17) John Smith
Southampton George (40) Brown (11) George Brown
Newcastle United John (44) Smith (10) John Smith
Bournemouth John (27) Smith (10) John Smith
Brighton & Hove Albion Jack (33) Smith (13) Jack Smith
Wolverhampton Wanderers George (34) Jones (10) George Jones
Aston Villa John (36) Evans, Williams (8) John Evans-Williams
Norwich City John (26) Smith (12) John Smith
Watford Jimmy (24) Smith (10) Jimmy Smith
Barnsley John (38) Smith (11) John Smith
Birmingham City Jack (35) Smith (16) Jack Smith
Blackburn Rovers John (41) Jones, Taylor (8) John Jones-Taylor
Brentford John (48) Smith (17) John Smith
Bristol City John (26) Williams (12) John Williams
Cardiff City John (28) Jones (18) John Jones
Charlton Athletic John (29) Smith (8) John Smith
Derby County John (34) Smith (11) John Smith
Fulham John (28) Brown (13) John Brown
Huddersfield Town Paul (28) Smith (18) Paul Smith
Hull City George (25) Smith (10) George Smith
Leeds United David, John (25) Smith (10) David-John Smith
Luton Town John (28) Brown (8) John Brown
Middlesbrough John (25) Smith (9) John Smith
Millwall John (34) Smith (14) John Smith
Nottingham Forest John (37) Brown, Jones, Smith (8) John Brown-Jones-Smith
Preston North End John (38) Brown, Smith (11) John Brown-Smith
Queens Park Rangers John (25) Smith (11) John Smith
Reading John (23) Smith (9) John Smith
Sheffield Wednesday John (25) Jones (10) John Jones
Stoke City John (58) Smith (17) John Smith
Swansea City John (24) Jones (18) John Jones
West Bromwich Albion George (27) Jones (11) George Jones
Wigan Athletic John (27) Roberts, Taylor (5) John Roberts-Taylor
Full List (including League 1 and League 2) & Discussion on /Championship


Club First Name Last Name Name
RB Leipzig X Müller (3) X Müller
FC Bayern Munich Hans, Thomas (9) Müller (3) Hans-Thomas Müller
VfL Wolfsburg Thomas (7) Madsen (3) Thomas Madsen
Bayer 04 Leverkusen Markus (7) X Markus X
Borussia Dortmund Thomas (7) Schmidt, Schneider (3) Thomas Schmidt-Schneider
SC Freiburg Michael (8) X Michael X
Eintracht Frankfurt Thomas (11) Lindner, Schmitt (3) Thomas Lindner-Schmitt
Borussia Mönchengladbach Michael (10) Schulz (3) Michael Schulz
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Kevin, Andreas (5) Haas (4) Kevin-Andreas Haas
FC Schalke 04 Michael (10) X Michael X
1 FC Union Berlin Daniel (7) X Daniel X
Fortuna Düsseldorf Thomas, Christian, Michael (7) X Thomas-Christian-Michael X
SV Werder Bremen Frank (6) Schmidt (3) Frank Schmidt
1 FC Köln X Müller, Rahn, Schmitz (3) X Müller-Rahn-Schmitz
SC Paderborn 07 Sebastian (8) Brinkmann (2) Sebastian Brinkmann
FC Augsburg Michael (9) Müller (4) Michael Müller
Hertha BSC Christian (8) Müller (5) Christian Müller
1 FSV Mainz 05 Christian (5) Müller (4) Christian Müller
Full List (including 2. Bundesliga) & Discussion on /Bundesliga


Club First Name Last Name Name
Amiens SC Fabrice (6) Traoré (3) Fabrice Traoré
Angers SCO Stephane (7) Traoré (3) Stephane Traoré
FC Girondins de Bordeaux Andre (7) Santos (3) Andre Santos
Dijon Florent, Frédéric, Benjamin (4) Martin (3) Florent-Frédéric-Benjamin Martin
Lille OSC Jean, Philippe (6) X Jean-Philippe X
Olympique Lyonnais Eric (7) Kone, Mendes (3) Eric Kone-Mendes
Olympique de Marseille Laurent (8) Pérez, Camara, NDiaye (3) Laurent Pérez-Camara-NDiaye
FC Metz Philippe (8) NDiaye, Traoré (4) Philippe NDiaye-Traoré
AS Monaco Eric, Sébastien, Nicolas (7) Traoré (5) Eric-Sébastien-Nicolas Traoré
Montpellier HSC Nicolas (6) Passi (3) Nicolas Passi
FC Nantes Nicolas (6) Touré (5) Nicolas Touré
OGC Nice Anthony (7) Traoré (3) Anthony Traoré
Nîmes Olympique X X X X
Paris Saint-Germain Stephane (7) Traoré (3) Stephane Traoré
Stade de Reims Thomas (6) Fontaine, Sinibaldi (3) Thomas Fontaine-Sinibaldi
Stade Rennais Olivier, Stephane (7) Diallo, Diarra, Traoré (3) Olivier-Stephane Diallo-Diarra-Traoré
AS Saint-Étienne Laurent (7) Camara (3) Laurent Camara
Strasbourg Stephane, David (7) Santos (3) Stephane-David Santos
Toulouse Christophe, Mathieu (6) X Christophe-Mathieu X
Full List (including Ligue 2) & Discussion on /Ligue1


Club First Name Last Name Name
Atalanta BC Andrea, Giuseppe (14) X Andrea-Giuseppe X
Bologna FC 1909 Andrea (15) Ferrari (4) Andrea Ferrari
Brescia Andrea, Luca (14) Ferrari, Romano (3) Andrea-Luca Ferrari-Romano
Cagliari Marco (15) X Marco X
ACF Fiorentina Giuseppe, Marco (13) Manfredini, Orlando, Rizzo (3) Giuseppe-Marco Manfredini-Orlando-Rizzo
Genoa Francesco (18) X Francesco X
Hellas Verona Marco (17) Ferrari (4) Marco Ferrari
Inter Milan Giuseppe (25) Colombo, Sala (4) Giuseppe Colombo-Sala
Juventus Giuseppe (18) Rossi (5) Giuseppe Rossi
SS Lazio Roberto (14) X Roberto X
US Lecce Giuseppe (14) Di Chiara, Petrachi (3) Giuseppe Di Chiara-Petrachi
AC Milan Marco (19) X Marco X
SSC Napoli Roberto (14) Esposito, Ferrara, Fontana (3) Roberto Esposito-Ferrara-Fontana
Parma Calcio 1913 Marco, Alessandro (19) Ferrari (4) Marco-Alessandro Ferrari
AS Roma Marco, Paolo (16) Conti, Ferrari (4) Marco-Paolo Conti-Ferrari
Sampdoria Andrea (17) Ferrari (4) Andrea Ferrari
SPAL Marco (12) Vecchi (3) Marco Vecchi
Torino Alessandro, Giuseppe (16) Benedetti, López, Romano (3) Alessandro-Giuseppe Benedetti-López-Romano
Udinese Antonio, Marco (10) Santos (5) Antonio-Marco Santos


Club First Name Last Name Name
Atlético Madrid José (24) López, Diaz, Rodríguez (5) José López-Diaz-Rodríguez
Athletic Bilbao José (25) García (7) José García
Sevilla José (18) Silva, López (4) José Silva-López
Levante UD José (20) Rodríguez (5) José Rodríguez
Real Madrid José (28) Fernández (7) José Fernández
CA Osasuna Javier, José (11) García (12) Javier-José García
Deportivo Alavés Sergio (9) García (7) Sergio García
FC Barcelona José (18) García (8) José García
Granada Antonio (12) Pérez (5) Antonio Pérez
Valencia José (15) Navarro (5) José Navarro
Real Valladolid José (24) Fernández, García (6) José Fernández-García
Celta de Vigo José (13) Fernández (6) José Fernández
Real Sociedad José (16) Alonso (4) José Alonso
RCD Mallorca Juan (12) López (7) Juan López
Real Betis José (16) Fernández, Rodríguez, García (5) José Fernández-Rodríguez-García
Villarreal Javier (13) González (5) Javier González
Getafe David (10) Diaz (5) David Diaz
Eibar José (19) García (7) José García
RCD Espanyol José (23) López (7) José López
Leganés Carlos (9) García (6) Carlos García


Club First Name Last Name Name
SL Benfica José (28) Pereira, Silva (10) José Pereira-Silva
SC Braga João (15) Silva, Santos (9) João Silva-Santos
FC Porto Carlos, Antonio (13) Pereira (13) Carlos-Antonio Pereira
Sporting CP X Tavares (2) X Tavares
Full List & Discussion on /PrimeiraLiga


Club Mode_First_Name Mode_Last_Name Mode_Name
FC Spartak Moscow Aleksandr (48) Ivanov (5) Aleksandr Ivanov
FC Lokomotiv Moscow Aleksandr (45) Kuznetsov (5) Aleksandr Kuznetsov
FC Zenit Saint Petersburg Sergei (20) Ivanov (6) Sergei Ivanov
PFC CSKA Moscow Sergei (33) Ivanov, Kuznetsov (4) Sergei Ivanov-Kuznetsov
Full List & Discussion on /RussianFootball


Club First Name Last Name Name
Ajax Wim, Jan (12) Keizer (4) Wim-Jan Keizer
PSV Eindhoven Jan (9) de Jong (5) Jan de Jong
Feyenoord Jan, Henk, John (7) X Jan-Henk-John X
Full List & Discussion on /Eredivisie


Club First Name Last Name Name
Fenerbahçe SK Mehmet (9) Simsek (3) Mehmet Simsek
Trabzonspor X Demir, Yılmaz (4) X Demir-Yılmaz
Beşiktaş JK Ali, Gökhan (7) Özkan (3) Ali-Gökhan Özkan
Galatasaray SK Emre (9) Erdem (4) Emre Erdem


Club First Name Last Name Name
Celtic John (53) Miller (7) John Miller
Rangers John (45) Ferguson (10) John Ferguson
Full List & Discussion on /ScottishFootball

United States + Canada

Club First Name Last Name Name
Los Angeles FC Carlos, Diego (2) Pérez (3) Carlos-Diego Pérez
Philadelphia Union Chris, Brian (5) Jones (3) Chris-Brian Jones
New York City X Mendoza (2) X Mendoza
Atlanta United George, Andrew, Chris (2) Martínez (2) George-Andrew-Chris Martínez
Seattle Sounders Michael (3) X Michael X
Minnesota United Thomas, Sam, Kevin (2) Ibarra (2) Thomas-Sam-Kevin Ibarra
San Jose Earthquakes Chris (7) X Chris X
Real Salt Lake Chris (8) Johnson, Martínez (3) Chris Johnson-Martínez
FC Dallas X Rodríguez (5) X Rodríguez
LA Galaxy David, Brian (7) González (4) David-Brian González
DC United Chris (8) Carroll (3) Chris Carroll
New York Red Bulls Chris, Mike (9) Álvarez, Hernández, Lewis (3) Chris-Mike Álvarez-Hernández-Lewis
Portland Timbers X Johnson (3) X Johnson
New England Revolution José (7) Brown, Smith (3) José Brown-Smith
Toronto Nick (5) X Nick X
Montreal Impact Eric (3) Choinière, González (2) Eric Choinière-González
Sporting Kansas City Matt, Chris, Kevin (6) X Matt-Chris-Kevin X
Orlando City SC X García, Sané (2) X García-Sané
Chicago Fire David (9) Johnson (5) David Johnson
Houston Dynamo Eric, Chris (4) Brown (3) Eric-Chris Brown
Columbus Crew SC Chris, Brian, Matt (7) Williams (5) Chris-Brian-Matt Williams
Colorado Rapids Chris, Matt (8) Brown (4) Chris-Matt Brown
Vancouver Whitecaps Michael, David (3) Davies (2) Michael-David Davies
FC Cincinnati X Walker (2) X Walker
Discussion on /MLS


Club First Name Last Name Name
Flamengo Rodrigo (12) da Silva (21) Rodrigo da Silva
Santos Paulo (12) Santos (21) Paulo Santos
Corinthians Fabio (10) Santos (17) Fabio Santos
São Paulo José (14) da Silva (17) José da Silva
Palmeiras José (15) da Silva (23) José da Silva
Internacional Marcelo (12) da Silva (24) Marcelo da Silva
Grêmio Paulo (14) da Silva, Santos (18) Paulo da Silva-Santos
CR Vasco da Gama Paulo (14) da Silva (19) Paulo da Silva
Cruzeiro Rafael, José (10) Santos (17) Rafael-José Santos
Fluminense Carlos (10) Santos (17) Carlos Santos
Full List & Discussion on /Futebol


Club First Name Last Name Name
Standard Liège Jonathan (7) Santos (3) Jonathan Santos
Club Brugge Ivan (5) X Ivan X
KAA Gent Thomas (5) NDiaye (3) Thomas NDiaye
KRC Genk Marco, Kevin, Igor (3) Gudjonsson, Peeters (3) Marco-Kevin-Igor Gudjonsson-Peeters
Royal Antwerp Kevin (5) X Kevin X
RSC Anderlecht Jan (7) Martens (3) Jan Martens
Cercle Brugge Kevin, Olivier (4) X Kevin-Olivier X


Club First Name Last Name Name
BSC Young Boys Alain, Marco, Martin (4) Burki, Sutter (3) Alain-Marco-Martin Burki-Sutter
FC Basel Marco, Walter (8) Ajeti, Boumelaha, Rahmen (3) Marco-Walter Ajeti-Boumelaha-Rahmen


Club First Name Last Name Name
PAOK Dimitris (15) X Dimitris X
Olympiacos Giorgos (12) Papadopoulos (5) Giorgos Papadopoulos
AEK Athens Christos (12) Vlachos (4) Christos Vlachos
Panathinaikos Nikos (17) X Nikos X


Club First Name Last Name Name
San Lorenzo José (20) González (6) José González
Boca Juniors Juan (26) González (7) Juan González
Newell's Old Boys Juan (19) Rodríguez (6) Juan Rodríguez
Rosario Central José (19) González (10) José González
River Plate Juan (33) Fernández, Martínez (8) Juan Fernández-Martínez
Estudiantes de La Plata Juan (26) Fernández, González (7) Juan Fernández-González
Atlético Independiente Carlos (19) Martínez, Rodríguez (6) Carlos Martínez-Rodríguez
Racing Club de Avellaneda Juan (23) González (6) Juan González


Club First Name Last Name Name
América Carlos, Luis (13) Sánchez (9) Carlos-Luis Sánchez
Tigres UANL Carlos (10) Hernández (6) Carlos Hernández
Monterrey Juan (11) X Juan X
Cruz Azul Carlos (15) Gutiérrez (6) Carlos Gutiérrez
Guadalajara José (16) X José X
Pumas UNAM José, Luis (8) López, Castro, Ramírez (5) José-Luis López-Castro-Ramírez
Full List & Discussion on /LigaMX


  • With 60 Johns, Sunderland are officially the club with the most Johns in the world, beating Stoke City (58), Liverpool (54), and Manchester United and Port Vale (53) to claim the title.
  • With 33 Juans, River Plate are officially the club with the most Juans in the world.
  • Port Vale are officially the Smithiest club in the world, with 23 men of that name having played for the club. The Jonesiest club in the world are Crewe Alexandra, with 20 Joneses.
  • Huddersfield Town are the only Paul club in the top two English divisions.
  • It's only fitting that the most common name in Bayern Munich's history is (Hans-)Thomas Müller. However, the club with the most Müllers in the top two German divisions is actually Dynamo Dresden (7) - and their most common name is also Thomas Müller!
  • Most of the most common French surnames are of African origin - particularly Traoré, Touré, and Camara. A more surprising one is Santos, which is the most common surname of Bordeaux and Strasbourg.
  • Though their fans probably winced at the name, Giuseppe Rossi turns out to be the most common set of names in Juventus's history.
  • Italian and German clubs seem to be (perhaps surprisingly) quite heterogeneous in terms of footballing names, with numbers of last name duplicates not exceeding 5 - an extremely low number compared to those of England and even Spain.
  • Brazil is filled with Santoses and da Silvas. All 21 Brazilian clubs analysed had one of those two surnames as their most common surnames.
Thank you for reading. Please feel free to correct any mistakes I made. I hope you found this interesting.
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2020.09.19 16:41 futebolstats Como assistir Lens x Bordeaux Futebol AO VIVO – Campeonato Francês 2020

O confronto envolvendo Lens x Bordeaux será realizado neste sábado (19). A disputa é válida pela 4ª rodada do Campeonato Francês de 2020/21. A partida está programada para começar às 12h00 (horário de Brasília). O duelo entre as equipes vai acontecer no Stade Bollaert-Delelis (FRA). Confira onde assistir a partida, o histórico de confrontos e a tabela do campeonato logo abaixo.
Clique AQUI e ganhe 30 dias de DAZN Grátis


Através do site da* você poderá assistir o jogo de hoje ao vivo pela internet. Portanto, acesse o site pelo seu notebook, celular, tablet ou outro dispositivo. Além disso, poderá assistir o jogo através do aplicativo oficial.
*Lembrando que para assistir a partida é necessário ter uma conta com saldo de qualquer valor no site.


Não será transmitida na TV
Veja mais!! – Acompanhe todos os jogos AO VIVO
Lens vs Bordeaux Placar e Resultado Ao Vivo:

Ficha Técnica:

Últimos jogos entre Lens x Bordeaux

Torcedômetro Qual é a maior torcida do Brasil?

Lens vs Bordeaux – Histórico de Confrontos**

As duas equipes já se encontraram em 104 jogos oficiais na história. O Lens já venceu a equipe adversária em 31 duelos. Já o Bordeaux conseguiu superar seu rival em 41 partidas. Assim como ficaram no empate em 32 jogos disputados.
Além disso, a equipe do Lens já marcou 139 gols neste duelo. Enquanto o time do Bordeaux balançou as redes adversárias 169 vezes.


Vitória do Lens: 41 %
Empate: 31 %
Vitória do Bordeaux: 28 %
**Números do site oGol (somente jogos oficiais, não inclui partidas amistosas)

Tabela do Campeonato Francês:

Aqui no Futebol Stats você acompanha tudo sobre os campeonatos nacionais e os internacionais. Portanto, acesse nossa página para saber onde assistir os jogos de Futebol Ao Vivo, e saiba onde assistir todos os jogos de hoje. Assim também, não deixe de acessar a nossa página do Torcedômetro veja o ranking e vote em qual time tem a maior torcida do Brasil.
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from Futebol Stats
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2020.09.11 12:17 Grimolas PES 2021 Season Update - pre-release megathread

PES 2021 Season Update - pre-release megathread

Welcome to the pre-release megathread of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Season Update! This megathread is created so all information can be found on one place. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. If you have any updates, please let us know!

The Pitch Awaits

General Information
Release Date: 15th September 2020
Platforms: PS4, XBOX One, PC
Pre order:
Standard Edition Club Edition
Where to buy? Link (click on the top to switch platforms) Link (click on the top to switch platforms & club editions)
Price €29,99 ! €34,99 !
! Save 20% on your pre-order by accessing the store page from the in-game link in PES 2020? The same discount is even available through PES 2020 LITE, which can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation™ Store or Microsoft Store. ! Save 20% on your pre-order by accessing the store page from the in-game link in PES 2020? The same discount is even available through PES 2020 LITE, which can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation™ Store or Microsoft Store.
Purchase Bonus
3x Contract renewal ticket 10 weeks 30 weeks
Premium Agent 10 weeks 30 weeks
MyClub coins 2000 3000
Pre-Order Bonus
L. Messi (loan) ✔️ ✔️
Background Theme (PS4 only) ✔️ ✔️
Veteran Bonus
PES 2020-21 Iconic Moment Series Special Agent 1-5 times, depending on milestones (see below) 1-5 times, depending on milestones (see below)
PES 2020-21 Featured Players Special Agent 1-3 times, depending on milestones (see below) 1-3 times, depending on milestones (see below)
Club Edition Bonus
Full Squad x FC Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal *
Digital Kit x Retro kit *
Original In-Game Menu Theme x Stylize your in-game menus with an original design, themed after your favourite club *
PS4 Menu Theme and Avatar x An exclusive menu theme and avatar for use on PS4. *
Iconic Moment Series Player x1 x Icon version of: Messi, Kahn, C. Ronaldo, Beckham, Bergkamp *
* corresponds to the club edition you buy

Veteran Bonus information
If you've played PES 2020 (Lite) you could have achieved milestones which grant you PES 2020-21 Iconic Moment Series Special Agent and/or PES 2020-21 Featured Players Special Agent
PES 2020-21 Iconic Moment Series Special Agent Requirements
Milestones Tiers Rewards
Number of Iconic Moment Series and Legend Players owned. 1 to 3 players PES 2020-21 Iconic Moment Series Special Agent ×1
Number of Iconic Moment Series and Legend Players owned. 4 to 6 players PES 2020-21 Iconic Moment Series Special Agent ×2
Number of Iconic Moment Series and Legend Players owned. 7 to 9 players PES 2020-21 Iconic Moment Series Special Agent ×3
Number of Iconic Moment Series and Legend Players owned. 10 to 12 players PES 2020-21 Iconic Moment Series Special Agent ×4
Number of Iconic Moment Series and Legend Players owned. 13 players or more PES 2020-21 Iconic Moment Series Special Agent ×5
PES 2020-21 Featured Players Special Agent Requirements
Milestones Tiers Rewards
Number of matches played in Matchday mode. 5 to 29 matches PES 2020-21 Featured Players Special Agent ×1
Number of matches played in Matchday mode. 30 to 99 matches PES 2020-21 Featured Players Special Agent ×2
Number of matches played in Matchday mode. 100 matches or more PES 2020-21 Featured Players Special Agent ×3

Iconic Moment Players
Player Match
A. DEL PIERO 22.05.1996
D. BECKHAM 26.05.1999
D. BERGKAMP 02.03.2002
F. BECKENBAUER 14.04.1976
F. INZAGHI 11.12.2002
F. RIJKAARD 24.05.1989
H. NAKATA 06.05.2001
INIESTA 06.05.2009
K. RUMMENIGGE 13.06.1981
M. VAN BASTEN 24.05.1989
P. NEDVĚD 14.05.2003
P. VIEIRA 08.04.2001
PUYOL 17.05.2006
R. CARLOS 15.05.2002
R. GULLIT 24.05.1989
+ more to add throughout the season

from this page
Leagues Licence Data Included At Launch (Before downloading the day one patch) Licence Data Included in day one patch
English League 2019-2020 Season 2020-2021 Season
English 2nd Division 2019-2020 Season 2020-2021 Season
Spanish League 2019-2020 Season 2
Spanish 2nd Division 2019-2020 Season 2
Serie A TIM 2019-2020 Season 1
Serie BKT 2019-2020 Season 2
Ligue 1 Uber Eats 2020-2021 Season
Ligue 2 BKT 2020-2021 Season
Liga NOS 2019-2020 Season 2020-2021 Season
Süper Lig 2019-2020 Season 2
Tinkoff Russian Premier Liga 2019-2020 Season *Some updates planned for the 2020-2021 season. 2020-2021 Season
Eredivisie 2020-2021 Season
Jupiler Pro League 2019-2020 Season 2
3F Superliga 2019-2020 Season 2020-2021 Season
Scottish Premiership 2020-2021 Season
Raiffeisen Super League 2019-2020 Season 2
BRASILEIRÃO ASSAÍ 2020 2020 Season
BRASILEIRÃO SÉRIE B 2020 2020 Season
Liga Profesional de Fútbol 2019-2020 Season
Campeonato PlanVital 2020 Season
Liga BetPlay DIMAYOR 2020 Season
CFA Super League 2019 Season
TOYOTA Thai League 2020 Season
  1. Serie A TIM data included in the day one patch will be from the 2019-2020 season. However, strips for some clubs will be from the 2020-2021 season.
  2. Data included for these clubs in the day one patch will be from the 2019-2020 season. However, the player roster and kits for all clubs will be from the 2020-2021 season.
The leagues listed below will not be available in League Mode, Master League or Become a Legend at launch. Teams belonging to these leagues will be temporarily filed under the "Other (Europe)" category in-game. Once their officially licensed data is implemented via a free day one patch, they will be moved to their appropriate categories.
The following leagues will be updated to the 2020-2021 season via a Data Pack scheduled for release post-launch on October 22.
This game also comes with the AFC Champions League licence.

Master League Managers
Three newly added managers to use as manager avatars in Master League:
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2020.05.13 07:52 DidierDrogbaII [OC] How good is Eden Hazard? An analysis on his career

I believe Eden Hazard to be one of the most fascinating players in modern football. Some call him overrated due to his lack of goals, others call him underrated because of his incredible playing style that can’t be portrayed statistically. Let me start off by saying, Eden Hazard is one of my favorite players ever. For 7 years, I watched him play week in, week out, at Chelsea, breezing by defenders, getting his ankles clipped and hacked at every game, and quickly becoming a fan favorite.
Being stuck in quarantine and bored, I’ve decided to try and put my bias aside, as much as possible at least, and analyze his career at Lille, Chelsea, and Real Madrid. I’ll compare his output to other creative players, and try to define where I’d put him among football's best. Below, you’ll see sections covering his strengths and weaknesses, before concluding with an overall summary.
Where else could you start with him? Before describing my belief on his specific strengths at running with the ball, I will give a breakdown of where he ranks with dribbles completed for of his domestic seasons.
2019/20 - La Liga - 2nd in most dribbles completed per game* (Messi is 1st with 5.4)
2018/19 - Premier League - 1st in most dribbles completed per game (3.7) (Zaha is 2nd with 3.4)
2017/18 - Premier League - 1st in most dribbles completed per game (4.9) (Zaha is 2nd with 4.1)
2016/17 - Premier League - 3rd in most dribbles completed per game (4) (Behind Traoré with 5 and Zaha with 4.1)
2015/16 - Premier League - 6th in most dribbles completed per game (2.9) (Behind Zaha, Mahrez, Alexis Sanchez, Barkley, Bolasie)
2014/15 - Premier League - 1st in most dribbles completed per game (4.8) (Alexis is 2nd with 3.3)
2013/14 - Premier League - 1st in most dribbles completed per game (3.8) (Suárez is 2nd with 2.8)
2012/13 - Premier League - 9th in most dribbles completed per game (1.8) (Well behind Ben Arfa in 1st with 4.2)
2011/12 - Ligue 1 - 1st in most dribbles completed per game (2.3) (Pitroipa is 2nd with 2.2)
2010/11 - Ligue 1 - 1st in most dribbles completed per game (2.7) (Diakité is 2nd with 2.3)
2009/10 - Ligue 1 - 7th in most dribbles completed per game (1.6) (Ben Arfa is 1st with 2.4)
Hazard’s debut season was 2008/9, but I am unable to find Ligue 1 dribbling statistics on WhoScored for this season.
*It is worth noting, WhoScored only ranks players who have played above the average number of league appearances in their domestic league. Hazard was below this number, so not included in the ranking, but I placed him among the other players based on his dribbles per 90 over the 10 games he did play.
Now, with this being shown, I’d say it is almost inarguable that Hazard has been the best dribbler in the Premier League over the last decade, and one of the world’s very best. Not that surprising, considering its what he most well known for. But, I’m still dumbfounded by how many successful take ons he can have per game. He has topped the league in dribbles for 6/10 of the seasons in his career (again, excluding 08/09, because I can’t find the stats).
It is also worth noting, since 06/07, when Opta began recording stats:
Hazard is 2nd in Europe with 1,220 dribbles completed (behind the Argentine Goat with 1,880)
Hazard has the 3rd highest dribbling success rate in Europe (57.1%) (just behind Argentine Goat with 57.2% and Iniesta with 60.9%)
With these statistics in mind, I would lay a claim that Hazard has been the 2nd best dribbler in the world behind Messi over the last decade. Calm down, I’m not saying 2nd best player. His take-ons completed and success rate is higher than the likes of Neymar, Ronaldo, Ribery, De Bruyne, and others who may be argued ahead of him. None of what I’ve said above should be that surprising or all that controversial—Hazard’s greatest strength is running with the ball at his feet.
I also want to analyze where Hazard ranks compared to his competition in key passes, assists, etc, and see how good he actually is at carving out chances for others. Here is Hazard’s number of key passes and assists in his domestic career.
2019/20 - La Liga - only 1 assist (unknown ranking, likely in hundreds) , joint 26th in key passes per game (1.4)*
2018/19 - Premier League - 1st in total assists (15), 2nd in key passes per game (2.6)
2017/18 - Premier League - Joint 48th in total assists (4), 6th in key passes per game (2.5)
2016/17 - Premier League - Joint 28th in total assists (5), 4th in key passes per 90 (2.4)
2015/16 - Premier League - Joint 59th in total assists (3) lol, 10th in key passes per 90 (2.1)
2014/15 - Premier League - 6th in total assists (9), 4th in key passes per 90 (2.6)
2013/14 - Premier League - 7th in total assists (7), 6th in key passes per 90 (2.7)
2012/13 - Premier League - 2nd in total assists (11), 16th in key passes per game (1.9)
2011/12 - Ligue 1 - 1st in total assists (16), joint 5th in key passes per game (2.5)
2010/11 - Ligue 1 - 5th in total assists (10), 2nd in key passes per game (2.6)
2009/10 - Ligue 1 - 8th in total assists (8), 24th in key passes per game (1.5)
(Again, data on WhoScored cannot be found for the 2008/09 Ligue 1 season).
Analyzing Hazard’s creative output is interesting. Obviously, there are other many factors to consider (chances created, touches in opposing 3rd, etc), but I feel assists and key passes are two good indisputable ways to show how creative a player is. These numbers are not as impressive as his dribbling output, but still very good. Looking over data, very few players have seasons where they win top the league in assists multiple seasons as opposed to goalscoring (De Bruyne and Messi being the two outliers here, who have been getting godly amounts of assists). Eden had 3 connective seasons of unimpressive assists (15/16 disaster and the two years under conte), but under Sarri topped the league. Over the course of the 2010s, he ranks 6th in Premier League players with the most assists, coming behind Silva, Eriksen, De Bruyne, Fábregas, and Rooney. It should be mentioned, though, that of these top 6, Rooney and Hazard are the only ones who aren’t central midfielders, who tend to create more.
The key passes tell a similar story—the numbers are consistent. Hazard has been in the top 10 players averaging most key passes per game in his domestic league for 8/10 seasons recorded. Watching him play at Chelsea, I’d say that most of the chances he created came from great runs with the ball and a simple pass, rather than the incredible whipping crosses that De Bruyne and Messi do. Most Premier League fans would agree with me here. So, as far as his passing and vision goes, I’d place Eden a bit below the very best passers. His assist record and key passes show he is very good in both, but not as profitient as the best of the decade—Messi, David Silva, De Bruyne, Fábregas, Suarez, Muller, and others have gotten more impressive assist numbers in their leagues.
2019/20 - La Liga - ranked in the hundreds probably, (1 goal)
2018/19 - Premier League - 8th in goals scored (16 goals), (Salah and Mané are most prolific wingers with 22)
2017/18 - Premier League - 10th in goals scored (12 goals), (Salah is most prolific winger with 32)
2016/17 - Premier League - 8th in goals scored (16 goals), (Alexis Sánchez is most prolific winger with 24)
2015/16 - Premier League - unranked, only 4 goals scored (Mahrez is most prolific winger with 17)
2014/15 - Premier League - 6th in goals scored (14 goals), (Alexis Sánchez is most prolific winger with 16)
2013/14 - Premier League - 11th in goals scored (14 goals), (Hazard was actually the most prolific winger this season, although Yaya Toure was the most prolific non-striker with 20 goals)
2012/13 - Premier League - 27th in goals scored (9 goals), (Bale was most prolific winger with 21)
2011/12 - Ligue 1 - 3rd in goals scored (20 goals), (Nene was most prolific winger with 21)
2010/11 - Ligue 1 - 30th in goals scored (7 goals), (Sow was most prolific winger with 25)
2009/10 - Ligue 1 - Exact ranking uknown, (5 goals)
2008/09 - Ligue 1 - Exact ranking unknown, (4 goals)
Hazard’s goalscoring numbers aren’t lackluster, but aren’t impressive for a player as widely known and praised as him. He is normally one of the top 3 highest scoring wingers in the league, but is outscored by someone such as Sánchez or Salah.
Many Chelsea fans, myself included, defend him a lot when this is brought up, saying that his playing style just doesn’t lead him to scoring much, and he offers so much else. This is true to an extent—as seen by his dribbling, chances created, and creativity, he DOES offer so much else. BUT, I do think a player of his calibre should be finding the back of the net more. It’s simple as that. Part of it is his attitude—he’s been quoted saying he doesn’t care about scoring goals. There is nothing wrong with this, and his laid back and funny persona is why so many Chelsea fans love him, myself included. But, I cannot help but feel, if he had a more cold-blooded and driven attitude, in a vein of Ronaldo, he would be capable of hitting 20+ goals a season consistently. So, as far pure goalscoring ability and instinct goes, I’d put him in a tier of very good players (12-16 goals in the league isn’t shabby), but still far below the best scorers in Europe over the last decade.
Champions League performances:
His record in the Champions League is poor. He’s played in the Champions League 7 seasons in his career (once for Lille, 5 times for Chelsea, once for Real Madrid). Of these seasons, he’s never managed more than 3 goals. Part of this is his fault, and I think part of this is the fact that, sadly, Chelsea have not been quite strong enough to compete with Europe’s best for most of his time at the club. There were a few seasons I thought we could win it—13/14 and 14/15 under Mourinho come to mind, but overall, I think it would’ve been very difficult for him to ever win it with us.
Hazard’s Cup Final performances
2019 Europa League Final vs Arsenal - 2 goals and 1 assist, man of the match performance
2018 League Cup Final vs Manchester City - in my biased opinion, Hazard played quite well this game, along with the whole team, as we lost on penalties to a strong city side
2018 FA Cup Final vs Manchester United - 1 goal (pen), scored the crucial penalty (one that he earned) and was our most dangerous player on the day, I’d say him or Courtois was MOTM
2017 FA Cup Final vs Arsenal - disappointing and pretty quiet on the day as we lost 2-1, Arsenal outplayed us the entire game
2015 League Cup Final - Quiet game, didn’t score or assist, but wasn’t bad
2011 Coupe de France Final - Did not watch this game, so cannot comment on the performance, but he did not score or assist
World Cup performances:
While talking about big games, I think it is worth looking at World Cup performances. He had a few notable performances in 2014 before Belgium were eliminated in the quarterfinals, especially in the opening game against Algeria, but was relatively quiet. However, Hazard was one of the best players at the 2018 World Cup, coming 2nd for Golden Ball behind Luka Modric. 3 goals in the tournament, and numerous MOTM performances as he captained Belgium to the semifinals. I thought his performance against Brazil was one of his best ever, despite not scoring or assisting, because of his runs of the pitch and ability to draw fouls when Belgium were under pressure.
So, when it is laid out as it is above, I’d consider Hazard to be his normal (very high) level in big games, but he certainly isn’t a Drogba type of player that always seizes the moment. Of his five cup finals for Chelsea, he was our best player in two of them (arguably three), and the 2018 World Cup in Russia also showcased him at his very best, but he's had a lack of impact for Chelsea in the Champions League.
All in all, I don’t think my analysis will change many people’s opinions, as it says what we all know pretty well about Hazard, but I’m still glad I laid it all out and summarized it. I tried to make the post as unbiased as possible and acknowledge his shortcomings. As far as modern football goes, I’d consider Hazard world class, and belonging in the highest tier of players that are below Messi/Ronaldo.
submitted by DidierDrogbaII to soccer [link] [comments]

2020.03.15 16:58 JeanneHusse A tour at the farmers' market : what young player should you keep an eye on in French Ligue 1 - Season 3, Coronavirus Boogaloo edition

It is now a tradition, every year I come back with a fresh crop of young, talented Ligue 1 players. Now I know, the farmer’s market is usually a bit later in the season, around mid-April. But with this whole COVID-19 thing and the suspension of most of the leagues, I’m guessing a lot of you are confined at home with nothing to do but boot Football Manager 2020 and finally carry your League One hometeam to the Champion’s League.
Or maybe you’re just a Newcastle scout with too much time and money on your hand, longing for the day when you were listened to at your club, before you brought them Rémy Cabella and Mapou Yanga Mbiwa. Well, with this new batch, here is your chance to go back in the good graces of your staff.
But first of all, per usual, let’s see how our previous crop is faring. You can find the first season here, and the second here. If you remember, I wasn’t as enthusiastic last season as for the first crop, and I’d say time has proven me right. Maxime Lopez is still in Marseille, but he’s had trouble securing a starting spot under Villas-Boas. He was promising during the fall, but he disappeared after the recruitment of Valentin Rongier in the midfield.
Ibrahim Sangaré, despite clearly being talented, hasn’t done anything to rescue Toulouse from the disaster that their season has been. Unless we see some rulebook shenanigans because of the virus, they will for sure play in Ligue 2 next year and have been abysmal all year long. This might be a good time to snap Sangaré out of their hands for a small fee.
Rafael Leao didn’t stay long at Lille and got transferred to Milan AC. Unfortunately, that club is a players graveyard nowadays. There, he got in the rotation, starting 10 games and coming in for 11 more. He only scored 2 goals but at 20 y/o, he still got time to learn along the likes of Ibra.
Boubacar Kamara was one of the highest rated players on the list, and he hasn’t disappointed. With Payet and Mandanda, he’s one of the key players in Marseille's great season so far. Last year, he was mainly playing as a central defender but this season, Villas-Boas transformed him into a defensive midfielder and guess what ? He still pretty fucking good. Watching him play, it’s hard to believe he’s only 20 y/o : he’s calm, collected, solid and not shabby with the ball on his feet.
An unfortunate injury has slowed down Youcef Atal a bit. Still in Nice, he’s only played 12 games in Ligue 1 this season. But don’t you worry, when he plays, he’s still as good as ever, one of the best dribbler of the league, tearing through his wing like very few players in Europe. Now aged 23, his next season will be crucial in knowing what we can really expect from him : a great offensive wingback that can start in 80% of the teams in Europe, or a true world class player ready for the biggest teams ?
Jules Koundé never really found his footing at Sevilla. Which is unfortunate because there is no question around his talent in my opinion. He’s still young, so it might be that famous “adaptation period”. I’m not worried for him, once he’ll get going, he will be one of the top defenders in whatever league he’s playing. Regarding Marcus Thuram, I guess we should ask Gladbach fans right ? 6 goals and 8 assists in 22 games of Bundesliga, Thuram is one of the main reasons Gladbach has been performing so well this season. You’re welcome guys.
Let’s face it, Paul Bernardoni wasn’t the next Gigi Buffon. With a swag inversely correlated to his skills, he’s still playing at Nimes, trying to hold the fort in a very tough season. My inner Montpellier fan kinda rejoiced about that, even though they have been better since January and will probably save their wrinkly asses in the end. Ibrahima Sissoko is in the same kind of situation. Still in Strasbourg, he’s doing well, but he hasn’t shine enough to confirm all our hopes. Doesn’t mean he won’t be very good in the end, but I can’t say I’m seeing the kind of progression curve that I expect in my beloved crops.
Malang Sarr is a starter at Nice, which doesn’t say a lot since Nice has had a pretty quiet season. I already thought that Sarr was the less talented DC in the list last year, and this season kinda confirms it for me. He could still be a very good Ligue 1 DC, but I really don’t see him going much higher than that. Finally, Rémy Oudin got transferred to Bordeaux this winter for 10M. I can’t say he has shown anything incredible, but hopefully he will find his footing there, although the club is such a debilitating mess that he may very well have made one of the worst career choices possible.
Before we get into it, a small reminder about the rules. Since we’re earlier in the season, I only picked players with at least 15 games as a starter in Ligue 1. The player must be 22 y/o or below, as usual. Regarding that age thing, there are a few players that won’t be featured because they are already well-known outside of France, which kinda defeat the purpose of the whole thing. This is important for 3 players : Kylian Mbappé, who is still as good as it gets, Renato Sanches and Kasper Dolberg.
Sanches has been extremely valuable for Lille and one of the best midfielders in the League, especially for the last 2 to 3 months. Dolberg, after a slow start, has found his rhythm and is now one of the best forward in the League. But don’t worry, we’ve got a very good crop this year, with a few future star players who will definitely play in top teams or Arsenal soon enough.
Final note, per usual, all my data comes from, and
Eduardo Camavinga (FRA) / 17 / Stade Rennais / Central Midfielder - Transfermarkt value : 42 000 000 €
If there was only one name to keep from the list, Camavinga would probably be it. Only 17 years of age, he’s already one of the best defensive midfielder in the League. Not just one of the best younguns, but one of the best, period. Most notably, he has the most successful tackles in the whole league for any player above 10 games (4.3 per 90 minutes). He also rocks 1.4 interceptions and 1.9 dribbles per 90 minutes, making him quite versatile. An aspect highlighted most recently after coach Julien Stephan tried a 4 3 3.
While Camavinga mostly played as a deep lying midfielder in a 4 4 2 or a 4 2 3 1, he now finds himself in a more offensive, n°8 position, with recently acquired Steven Nzonzi filling the regista position in the midfield trio. Well, the kid might even be better in that box-to-box role. He’s able to break lines by his runs and dribbles, making him a force to reckon with. One of his first outing as a n°8 was against my dear Montpellier, and he absolutely destroyed us, being instrumental in the 5-0 spanking they gave us.
With an overall rating of 7.14 on WhoScored, he’s the 4th best U23 player in Ligue, behind Mbappé, Chouiar and Osimhen (see below). Rennes has always been good at growing young players, but with Camavinga, they have a once in a generation talent, already bossing the league at 17 years old.
Why do my club need him ? If you’re not a top club, you might want to steal him this summer to secure a future 100+M€ transfert in a couple of years. Think Borussia with Dembelé a few years ago. But other than that, Camavinga will be football royalty, and only the best club should be able to get him in the future. We’re talking Real Madrid wanting to replace an aging Casemiro or City doing the same thing with Fernandinho, nothing less. Kid is already playing the Europa League (and might play the Champions next season), so Uniteds of this world, get your dirty hands off him.
Victor Osimhen (NIG) / 21 / Lille OSC / Center Forward - Transfermarkt value : 30 000 000 €
Don’t take that value into account, there is no way Osimhen isn’t worth at least 50M€. We’re talking about a guy who scored 13 goals in 25 games in Ligue 1, and 2 goals in 5 Champions League games. At 21. Ok, he might not be Haaland or Mbappé, but he is still a very impressive center forward : fast, powerful, technically decent, he's easily been Lille's most dangerous player offensively. He has the highest contribution of xGoals per 90 (and the 8th highest in the Ligue overall), the highest contribution to shots per 90 and the second highest xAssist per key passes, behind Luiz Araujo.
Despite those great numbers, he still has some margin of progression. For example, he scored 13 goals for 14.8 xGoals, so there is room for improvement in the efficiency department. But rest assured, the progression is there : last year, he scored 12 with Charleroi in the Belgian League, this year he would have probably reached 17 or 18 if Ligue 1 hadn't been interrupted. All season long, Osimhen has been one of the best center forwards in the league, only surpassed by established players like Icardi, Mbappé and Ben Yedder.
Why do my club need him ? Let’s be fair : Victor Osimhen isn’t ready to play at Madrid or Barcelona yet. I’m not sure he would be a great fit in heavy-possession based teams like Manchester City, and he probably doesn’t fit the requirement to play as Liverpool main forward. But apart from those elite teams, he could be of value anywhere else. I can’t help but think that he would be perfect at Chelsea in a “Drogba’s reborn” kinda player. Clubs like Juventus or Atletico could also need to rejuvenate their attacking line and Osimhen is a great gamble on the future.
Gautier Larsonneur (FRA) / 23 / Stade Brest 29 / Goalkeeper - Transfermarkt value : 7 000 000 €
Yes, I know, he’s older than the threshold. But I had to make an exception for him, because he was virtually unknown a year ago, and he’s now one of the very best GK in the league. Playing at Brest in a free-flowing, attacking team, Larsonneur is probably the most exposed GK in Ligue 1 this season, which gives him plenty of opportunities to shine.
As an indication, Brest is the team with the 3rd highest PSxG, basically conceded xG only taking shots on target into account. And when subtracting actual goals from that tally, you get PSxG+/-, which describes how good a keeper is to stop shots on target. Larsonneur is ranked 3rd in the Ligue with that metric, behind Reims’ Rajkovic (another great GK this season) and Nice’s Benitez.
He’s also no slouch with his feet, with some of the highest percentage of completed long passes in the league and good numbers when it comes to defensive actions outside the penalty box. Now, he doesn’t have crazy clean sheets or goals conceded numbers, but don’t let that deter you. As I was saying, Brest is here to play, there is no parking the bus when your coach is Olivier Dall’Oglio. So Larsonneur is extremely exposed, more so than keepers who have comparable advanced statistics, like Benitez or Geronimo Rulli.
Why do my club need him ? Because French keepers are good. Right now, Larsonneur is still a bit green, having only played one season in the elite; so I wouldn’t recommend him to Champion’s League teams. But if you’re, let’s say, a Europa League contender in Germany, where GKs tend to be quite exposed, he might very well be your man. Also, if you don’t get him now, you can be sure that there will be several French clubs looking into him this summer, like Marseille, Saint-Etienne or Montpellier.
Jonathan Ikoné (FRA) / 21 / Lille OSC / Attacking Midfielder, Right Winger - Transfermarkt value : 40 000 000 €
It’s hard to talk about Ikoné. Statistically, he isn’t exactly shining this season. In Ligue 1, he scored 3 goals and gave 6 assists. Even when you go into the advanced stats, he’s 4th in xAssists per 90 (behind Yazici, Sanches and Bamba), 4h in key passes and 4th in xA per key passes in Lille. Yes, he’s second in Assists per 90 but you kinda expect more for a player with a 40M€ price tag. But, like Aouar two years ago, you need to see Ikoné to understand : the kid oozes talent.
His touch is brilliant, he’s technically gifted, has a great vision and gamesense. I suspect that his relatively underwhelming stats are mainly due to the fact that he plays on the right wing, whereas he’s a natural n°10 : he’s not very fast, not very physical and lacks efficiency in front of the goal, but you want him at the heart of your team. He reminds me of a rare breed of players, the Mesut Ozil of this world, the traditional playmaker. Small bonus, he’s already played and scored with the French NT, which as many of you know, doesn’t have any shortage of attacking talents.
Why do my club need him ? Let’s be clear : Ikoné won’t be able to play everywhere. But send him to a League where small, technical players are cherished and he will bloom. Please, Spain, have him if we can’t keep him, I know you will appreciate him for what he is : a beautiful player.
Mounir Chouiar (FRA) / 21 / FCO Dijon / Attacking Midfielder - Transfermarkt value : 8 000 000 €
In that list, there are two types of players : the one that are already sorta famous and the one that even Ligue 1 fans might have missed. But rest assured, I’m bringing you the good stuff. Coming out of the brilliant Lens academy (home of Varane, Kondogbia, Aurier and many others), Chouiar has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting prospects in Ligue 1. On Whoscored, he’s in the top 10 of the best players in the Ligue, with the likes of Neymar, Ben Yedder and Payet, and the second best rated U-23 player after Mbappé. At Dijon, he’s by far the main offensive thread, with almost 2.50 key passes and 3.5 dribbles per 90.
Able to play on the left wing and in the center, Chouiar is the X-factor of Dijon, with the highest percentage of shots on target and the highest xAssists per 90 of his team. Let me be clearer : without Chouiar, Dijon would probably be struggling with Toulouse at the bottom of the table. Yeah, instead they are 16th, which isn’t anything to gloat about, but still, Chouiar is the main reason for Dijon surviving so far.
Why do my club need him ? For me, Chouiar is one of the most exciting players in the list, mainly because he’s still quite unknown. I’m not sure he’s ready to leave yet, especially if Dijon ends up staying in Ligue 1. But remember the name, because in a couple of years, when people are gonna sign 40M checks for him, you’ll be able to say “yes, I’ve heard about him, he’s supposed to be pretty fucking good”. That being said, many clubs in Spain, Italy or Germany could use his profile. I’m thinking the likes of Betis, Valencia, Atalanta, Napoli, Dortmund, etc.
Gabriel (BRA) / 22 / Lille OSC / Central Defender - Transfermarkt Value : 22 000 000 €
Lille again ? Yes, Lille again. Turns out, getting one of the best scouts in Europe (Luis Campos), even if only for a few years, can really help with getting wonderkids left and right. One of them is the quiet Gabriel, a sturdy central defender from Brazil. Usually playing alongside the veteran Jose Fonte, Gabriel has shown great promise at his position, being instrumental in Lille defensive solidity this season. While not super impressive, his stats line is more than decent, with 1.8 tackles, 1.2 interceptions and 3.3 clearances per 90 minutes. Moreover, towering at 1m90, Gabriel is really good in the aerial game.
So where does that bring us ? In my opinion, Gabriel isn’t as good as a Boubacar Kamara, or even a Jules Koundé from last season. But he has shown great stuff, especially in a Lille team that is definitely more offense-oriented that it used to be under Galtier. The defense is higher, there are more attacking players on the field, which makes the tasks of the defenders harder.
Gabriel is also no slouch with the ball, being able to play long balls and to break lines with his passing. And in that environment, Gabriel is shining. As a bonus, he also played every Champions League game. And even if Lille ended dead last of their group, if you saw the games, you know that they were far from ridiculous, especially against Seville and Ajax.
Why do my club need him ? You want a solid, reliable and promising central defender. Is he the next Raphael Varane ? No, probably not. But in an era where the best CB are more expensive than forwards, being able to get a good, young and still progressing player at that position for less than 30M€, that’s a bargain many clubs will want.
Ludovic Blas (FRA) / 22 / FC Nantes / Central Midfielder - Transfermarkt value : 10 000 000 €
Finally, Ludovic Blas’ time has come. Part of the promising Guingamp squad, along with Marcus Coco and Marcus Thuram, Blas was always overshadowed by his more spectacular teammates. But in this renewed Nantes squad, he finally found his footing and has positioned himself as one of the most interesting midfielders in our League. Beneficiating from the attacking 4-4-2 of coach Christian Gourcuff (yes, the father of Yoann, the ex-future Zidane), he is the key player of Nantes this season.
Blas is a very complete player, able to play as a central midfielder, an offensive midfielder, a right winger and even, sometime, a center forward. He’s a strong dribbler, with 2.5 successful dribbles per 90 minutes and it’s not unusual to see him running in the penalty box to support his forwards. Some might say that his teammate Imran Louza has an even bigger potential, and while that might be true, I feel like Blas deserved a mention. For the last 2 seasons, he was always in contention for my lists but he always seemed to lack a little something. But this season, he fully deserves to make the list. See ya next year Louza !
Why do my club need him ? Because your coach likes to have his midfielder running with or without the ball in the penalty box. At only 22 y/o, he’s already played 127 games in Ligue 1, which makes him one of the most experienced youngsters in the roster. Honestly, I could see him thrive in Germany right now : the spaces, the runs, the intensity, it’s like he’s made for the Bundesliga.
Rayan Ait Nouri (FRA) / 18 / SCO Angers / Left Back - Transfermarkt value : 17 000 000 €
If you play Football Manager, that name probably rings a bell. For the last few years, Ait Nouri has been a reliable early game buy for anyone wanting to fill that dreaded left back position. In real life, Ait Nouri, only 18, is still playing at Angers, one of the less spectacular teams in Ligue 1.
But in this marasm, Ait Nouri has been a ray of light, setting his left wing on fire. He’s obviously a modern left back, which means he’s very, very offensive. With only 16 games, he gave 2 assists, and feeding numerous crosses to his forwards. To gauge those crosses quality, you should know that he’s the 4th best player in Angers in terms of xAssists/key passes.
Defensively, he’s also pretty good, with 1.7 tackles and 1.1 interception per 90 minutes, allowing only 0.6 dribbles past him per game. Having seen him play against my own Montpellier team, I can tell you he was by far one of the best players on the field, and he caused quite the headache to my beloved Pailladins. Still young, he also has games where he drowns, like against Paris, where he was benched at half time. But still, for a 18 y/o, Ait Nouri is very promising, especially since left-backs can be quite hard to get.
France is pretty stacked at this position, with Ferland Mendy, Benjamin Mendy, Lucas Hernandez and possibly Theo Hernandez. But for many clubs, the shortage of good, reliable, attacking, young left-back is real, and Ait Nouri might solve all your problems for the next 10 years.
Why do my club need him ? Because you’re a good team wanting to secure your left flank for the years to come. Right now you have a quality squad, you might even be playing some European cup, and yet your left back is absolutely garbage. Yes, you guess it, you’re Lyon.
Joris Chotard (FRA) / 18 / Montpellier HSC / Central Midfielder - Transfermarkt value : 7 000 000 €
Am I biased toward him because he’s from my home team ? Yes, absolutely. But still, I think you need to know about him. Last fall, Montpellier suffered a string of injuries that crippled its midfield, with newcomers Jordan Ferri and Téji Savanier being sidelined. In this context, coach Michel Der Zakarian was forced to promote some academy players, something quite unusual for him. The main beneficiary was Joris Chotard, barely an adult, a frail deep lying playmaker.
It didn’t take long for us fans to realize that we were witnessing something out of the ordinary. With little to no experience at the highest level, Chotard was confident, mature and quite at ease. His idol is Sergio Busquets and it’s quite obvious how the Spaniard has influenced his game : Chotard isn’t fast, nor physical, and yet he seems to never lose the ball. Now let’s be honest, since Ferri and Savanier came back, Chotard is back on the bench, which is fair since Savanier is an absolute monster.
And Chotard also went off during a few games, costing us precious points. But the potential is here. Not for this year, maybe not even for the next season, but this kid has something and was able to display his skills every time he was given a chance.
Why do my club need him ? You shouldn’t. You should leave him in Montpellier and get your dirty hands out of him. At least wait a couple of years, please, and you’ll be able to buy him for next to nothing, since we’re such shitty sellers.
Now to the honorable mentions, for players with less than 15 appearances, or who were just below the cut for the list. Note that many of them would have made the list if they had more than 15 appearances, because they are obvious future talents, like Yacine Benrahou (AMC, Nimes on loan from Bordeaux), Rayan Cherki (Winger, Lyon), Bruno Guimares (DMC, Lyon), Maxence Caqueret (MC, Lyon), Nicolas Cozza (DC, Montpellier), Jeff Reine-Adélaïde (AMC, Lyon), Aurélien Tchouaméni (MC, Monaco) and Zaydou Youssouf (MC, Saint-Etienne).
Other honorable mentions include Yacine Adli (MC, Bordeaux), Boubakary Soumaré (DMC, Lille), Faitout Maouassa (LB, Rennes), Imran Louza (AMC, Nantes), , Stanley N’Soki (DC, Nice), Mohamed Simakan (DC, Strasbourg), Axel Disasi (DC, Reims), Alexis Claude-Maurice (LW, Nice), Lucas Tousart (DMC, Lyon), Samuel Kalu (Winger, Bordeaux), Benoit Badiashile (DC, Monaco)
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2020.03.07 18:42 displacedindavis Notable one-hit wonder league title winners across leagues worldwide aka my stupid quest to mention some truly obscure football teams (Part V: CAF)

Part 5 is in! We're heading to Africa for some more one-hit wonder title teams. Admittedly, Africa was a bit of a black hole as I didn't know much about football from the continent outside of some North African storylines. So this one was a bit of a nice one to do. Hope you enjoy!
Data does start getting a bit chippy when we start getting into some of the smaller nations. Unfortunately, war and conflict in Africa has also caused some seasons to get cancelled in certain countries as well. Nevertheless, there's still a lot of gold to be found. As always, please feel free to suggest anything more!
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2020.01.31 18:08 Tsubasa_sama [OC] The Twenty Most Dominant League Seasons in Europe’s Top 5 Leagues

Liverpool have broken records already for their frankly unprecedented accumulation of points at this stage of the season. Currently their 70-point haul is five points more than any English side has managed after 24 games, but where could they rank amongst Europe's greatest league seasons when all is said and done?
To find out I went through nearly 500 years of football history through various data sources comprising 121 seasons in England, 88 seasons in Spain, 81 seasons in France, 56 seasons in Germany and 117 seasons in Italy. I then aggregated the teams that accumulated the greatest Points Per Game after converting to Three Points for a Win where necessary to produce the following top-20 list.
I’m sure there will be much debate about team x being better than team y so I will stress now that I am not saying one team on this list is better than another. I am simply ranking them by the number of points they accumulated in their respective seasons. Now without further ado let’s begin!

#20 FC Barcelona - 1958/59 La Liga

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Barcelona 30 24 3 3 96 26 +70 75* 2.500
*adjusted to 3 points for a win
Between 1950 and 1971 there were only 16 clubs competing in La Liga, as a result Barcelona played just 30 games in this campaign, though that didn't stop them racking up a monster season that saw them win 80% of their matches and score more than three goals a game on average! With that said they still had to dig deep to fight off title rivals Real Madrid who came a close second in the final standings. Barcelona would win the league and Copa Del Rey double in this campaign.

#19 AS Monaco - 2016/17 Ligue 1

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Monaco 38 30 5 3 107 31 +76 95 2.500
Prior to this season PSG had won the title for four years on the trot and many would have tipped them as heavy favourites to make it a fivepeat, but then along came AS Monaco who won their first title in seventeen years, and in style nonetheless! Their 95-point haul was just one point away from the all-time French record. Fired by a young Kylian Mbappe and a Radamel Falcao at the peak of their powers they finished the season with twelve straight wins. By winning the first four games of the 2017/18 season they set a new Ligue 1 record for consecutive wins that stands at 16.

#18 Juventus - 2017/18 Serie A

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Juventus 38 30 5 3 86 24 +62 95 2.500
Also entering the list with 2.5 points-per-game is the Juventus side that edged Napoli in a thrilling title race to be crowned 2017/18 Serie A Champions. Napoli led the division for most of the season until matchday 27, which saw Juventus finally clinch the top spot after twelve straight wins. In the end they would win by just four points and claim a League and Coppa Italia double.

#17 Chelsea - 2004/05 Premier League

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Chelsea 38 29 8 1 72 15 +57 95 2.500
In the summer of 2004 José Mourinho became the manager of Chelsea and English football was never the same again. Backed heavily in the transfer market, Chelsea would set a new points record in English football. Losing just once against Manchester City, and conceding just fifteen goals all season many consider them to be the greatest defensive side to ever play in England. Chelsea would win a League and League Cup double in 04/05 and continued their excellent form into the 2005/06 season which saw them retain their title.

#16 Paris Saint-Germain - 2015/16 Ligue 1

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. PSG 38 30 6 2 102 19 +83 96 2.526
PSG's 2015/16 league campaign is the stuff of legends, they finished a staggering thirty-one points clear of second place (a European record) in what is by far the most dominant season in French Football history. Not only did they dominate the league, PSG also won every trophy France had to offer by adding the Coupe de France, the Coupe de la Ligue and the Trophée des Champions to their title win. It is for this reason that AS Monaco's title victory in the following season was so surprising! Zlatan Ibrahimovic topped off his final season at the club with a whopping 38 goals in the league and 50 in all competitions.

#15 Real Madrid CF - 2009/10 La Liga

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
2. Real Madrid 38 31 3 4 102 35 +67 96 2.526
This was Cristiano Ronaldo's debut season at Real Madrid, and he did not disappoint! Scoring 26 goals in 29 games, he trailed just his teammate Gonzalo Higuaín and Lionel Messi in the hunt for the Pichichi. The 96 points accumulated by this Real Madrid side is the highest by a runner-up in La Liga history. Unfortunately for Manuel Pellegrini's men they had to go up against Pep Guardiola's Barcelona side that many consider the greatest of all time and were ultimately pipped to the title by three points. Losing both of their games against their Catalan rivals proved to be their downfall and this Real Madrid team somehow ended the season without a single trophy, the only team on this list to do so!

#14 FC Barcelona - 2010/11 La Liga

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Barcelona 38 30 6 2 95 21 +74 96 2.526
We're straight back in Spain for the following season as the saga between early 2010s Barcelona and Real Madrid starts to heat up. Pep Guardiola's men once again managed to hold off a José Mourinho managed Real Madrid to retain the title by four points. Ultimately it was a string of sixteen straight wins, a La Liga record, that won them the title. The cherry on the cake for Barcelona fans was the 5-0 demolition of arch-rivals Real Madrid at the Camp Nou in front of 97,000 supporters.
However most football fans will remember this team for winning the 2011 UEFA Champions League by beating Manchester United 3-1 in the final. The Supercopa de España completed a treble-winning season that cemented Pep Guardiola's side as one of the greatest football sides to grace the planet.

#13 Real Madrid CF - 1960/61 La Liga

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Real Madrid 30 24 4 2 89 25 +64 76* 2.533
*adjusted to 3 points for a win
Two years after Barcelona's record breaking season, a Real Madrid side under new manager Miguel Muñoz broke their Catalan rivals record by a single point in a season that saw them go 14-1-0 at home. Miguel Muñoz would go on to become arguably the greatest Manager for Real Madrid. In his fourteen-year spell at the helm he would win them fourteen major trophies including two European Cups.

#12 Internazionale - 2006/07 Serie A

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Inter 38 30 7 1 80 34 +46 97 2.553
Following the 2006 Italian football scandal Juventus were relegated to Serie B. Juventus had won the previous Scudetto with 91 points and so a power-vacuum had been created in Serie A for the 2006/07 season. Step up Inter Milan who feasted on the corpse of the Old Lady by signing Patrick Viera and Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Juventus in the summer of 2006. Zlatan would score 15 goals in the league campaign and Inter would utterly dominate Italian football by setting a new points record of 97, finishing twenty-two points above second-placed Roma.

#11 Liverpool - 2018/19 Premier League

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
2. Liverpool 38 30 7 1 89 22 +67 97 2.553
The 2018/19 season is still fresh in the memory of every Liverpool fan, though they would like to forget the heartbreak of missing out on their first Premier League title and remember their sixth UEFA Champions League victory that followed the league campaign. However for this piece I'm going to focus on the league campaign only; the 97 points amassed by Liverpool is the highest number of points ever accumulated by a runner-up in all of Europe's top 5 leagues. Jurgen Klopp's men managed to win the last nine games of the season but it was all in vain as their title rivals Manchester City won their final fourteen to clinch the title on the final day.

#10 Manchester City - 2018/19 Premier League

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Manchester City 38 32 2 4 95 23 +72 98 2.579
After an epic title-race with Liverpool that tied the European record for most combined points by a champion and runner-up (195 in the 2009/10 La Liga), Manchester City finally ended it with a 4-1 win over Brighton on the final day of the season to reach 98 points. However most City fans will look back to the Kompany wonder-goal against Leicester as the moment that ultimately won them the title.
Fine margins was the story of the season in a title race that had many twists and turns. Mahrez missing a penalty against Liverpool early on in the season looked to have cost them as they trailed by seven points before the return game at the Etihad, but goal-line technology and some incredible football won them the match 2-1 and from there they never looked back.
Domestically Manchester City had a stranglehold on the trophies; along with the Premier League they won the FA Cup, League Cup and FA Community Shield to complete a domestic quadruple.

#9 Bayern München - 2015/16 Bundesliga

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Bayern München 34 28 4 2 80 17 +63 88 2.588
This list wouldn't be complete without the German juggernaut that is Bayern Munich! The 2015/16 title win was their 26th league title out of 53 seasons, though they still had to work for it as the 78 points amassed by Borussia Dortmund was the record by a runner-up. Bayern started off the season in style with ten consecutive home wins. 30 goals from Lewandowski and 20 from Müller proved that their firepower was just too much for other teams to handle, but ultimately it was their defensive record that particularly stood out. 17 goals conceded is the lowest in Bundesliga history and is almost up there with the great Chelsea side of 2004/05 when considering Europe as a whole. Bayern would add a DFB-Pokal to their title win to complete a double for the season.

#8 FC Barcelona - 2009/10 La Liga

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Barcelona 38 31 6 1 98 24 +74 99 2.605
Just like the 2018-19 Premier League, the 2009-10 La Liga was a legendary season in terms of the title race. Runners-up Real Madrid amassed 96 points but their inferior defence let them down as Barcelona romped their way to their 20th League title using the power of tiki-taka. Fresh off a Champions League win in the season prior, Pep Guardiola's men would win four major trophies in the 2009/10 season: the La Liga, UEFA Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup and the Supercopa de España.

#7 Manchester City - 2017/18 Premier League

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Manchester City 38 32 4 2 106 27 +79 100 2.632
The Centurions, as they shall forever be known broke multiple English records in a season that only ever had one winner. It may have taken a year to acclimatise to Guardiola's football philosophy but it was sure worth it as Man City defeated all nineteen other sides in the division and in doing so set the following records that still stand in English football:
  • Most Points (100), Most Goals (106), Highest GD (+79), Most Wins (32), Most Consecutive Wins (18), Earliest Title Win (five games remaining), Biggest Points Gap to 2nd Place (19).
In addition to their record-breaking League title City also won the League Cup, which was Guardiola's first ever trophy in England. Combined with the following season Man City amassed 198 points over two seasons, which is a European record and eclipsed only by 2012/13/14 Bayern Munich in terms of PPG.

#6 FC Barcelona - 2012/13 La Liga

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Barcelona 38 32 4 2 115 40 +75 100 2.632
Barcelona's own Centurions are the next on the list - Tito Vilanova replaced Pep Guardiola at the start of the season and in doing so was given the most formidable squad in world football at the time. Barcelona scored an eye-watering 115 goals in the 12/13 league campaign, of which 46 came from Lionel Messi. The Argentine scored twelve goals more than his great rival Cristiano Ronaldo in the league. He hit 60 goals in all competitions and documented an earth-shattering 91 goals in the 2012 calendar year - six more than the previous record held by Gerd Müller from 1972.
2012/13 was the season of Messi, from the 11th December 2012 until the 5th May 2013 he scored 33 times in 21 consecutive games, a record that nobody has since come close to matching in any league.

#5 Real Madrid CF - 2011/12 La Liga

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Real Madrid 38 32 4 2 121 32 +89 100 2.632
Roll back the clocks one year and you get to 2011/12 Real Madrid, a team that had to deal with three years of frustration at finishing runners-up to their hated rivals Barcelona. In 09/10 and 10/11 they broke 90 points but couldn't take the title off of Guardiola's men, in 11/12 under José Mourinho they finally went one better and produced some astonishing football in the process.
Levante and Barcelona were the only teams to defeat this Real Madrid side in the league as they became the first Spanish side in history to break the 100-point barrier. Their tally of 121 goals scored is a Spanish record, as is their staggering Goal Difference of +89, which is the highest on this list. Whilst Lionel Messi may have taken home the Pichichi with 50 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo (46), Gonzalo Higuaín (22) and Karim Benzema (21) provided more than enough firepower to win Real Madrid's 32nd title.

#4 Preston North End - 1888/89 Football League

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Preston North End 22 18 4 0 74 15 +59 58 2.636
*adjusted to 3 points for a win
Yes, that Preston North End side that only come up in pub quizzes have made the list! 1888/89 was the very first season of professional league football and it would take more than one hundred years before a more dominant season would arise in any of Europe's top five leagues! Whilst 22 games is a little on the small scale to be branded "invincible" (quite a few teams in Europe have made it to 22 unbeaten in the past), it's hard to argue with those stats; 74 scored and only 15 conceded in 22 games is crazy and would extrapolate to the following 38-game season:
Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
38 31 7 0 128 26 +102 100
Interestingly Preston are the only invincible team to make the top 20, here is a list of all the other invincible teams in Europe's top 5 leagues:
Team Country Season Matches
Preston North End England 1888/89 22
Athletic Club Spain 1929-30 18
Real Madrid Spain 1931-32 18
Perugia Italy 1978-79 30
AC Milan Italy 1991-92 34
Arsenal England 2003-04 38

#3 Bayern München - 2013/14 Bundesliga

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Bayern München 34 29 3 2 94 23 +71 90 2.647
After a one-year sabbatical Pep Guardiola returned to the highest level of football management by taking over Bayern Munich before the 13/14 season, and it's safe to say he hit the ground running! 90 points from 34 games is an astonishing return that saw Bayern finish nineteen points clear of 2nd place Dortmund.
Bayern's start to the season was frankly ridiculous and on-par with the current Liverpool season ongoing right now. In their first 27 games they went 25-2-0 and had a run of nineteen wins in a row, a Bundesliga record. Consecutive losses to Augsburg and Dortmund followed but the title was already won by that point along with a DFB Pokal, UEFA Super Cup and a FIFA Club World Cup.

#2 Bayern München - 2012/13 Bundesliga

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Bayern München 34 29 4 1 98 18 +80 91 2.676
If you thought 13/14 Bayern was impressive, the iteration a season prior was arguably even better. Managed by the legendary Jupp Heynckes, the 2012/13 Bayern Munich side broke the points record for the Bundesliga that was previously set by Borussia Dortmund (81) the season prior. In doing so Heynckes had created a team that would dominate Germany for years to come. 91 points in a 34-game league is almost equal to a 102-point season in a 20-team division.
The single loss came in matchday 9 against Bayer Leverkusen at home, after which they went on a 53-game unbeaten run stretching over two seasons, a Bundesliga record. This side also broke league records for the Most Wins (29) and Highest Goal Difference (+80), but is most remembered for winning the 2012/13 UEFA Champions League by defeating rivals Borussia Dortmund in an all-German final. In fact 2012/13 Bayern München are the only team to win the quadruple in German football as they did a clean sweep of every trophy on offer by adding the DFB-Pokal and DFL-Supercup to their trophy cabinet.

#1 Juventus - 2013/14 Serie A

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Juventus 38 33 3 2 80 23 +57 102 2.684
Taking the crown for the most dominant league season is none other than the 2013/14 Juventus! Amassing an awe-inspiring 102 points in 38 games for a PPG just shy of 2.7 this side comfortably won the league by seventeen points ahead of Roma. Compared to other teams on this list they boast more modest stats in the offensive and defensive department, but take nothing away from their sheer determination to find three points on the day. Like 2019-20 Liverpool this Juventus side were the masters of grinding out close wins - 14 out of their 33 wins were won by a single goal. Their two losses were a 4-2 away defeat to Fiorentina and a 2-0 away defeat to Napoli. They managed to add a Supercoppa Italiana to their League title but curiously didnt even get out of their Champions League group as they finished third behind Real Madrid and Galatasaray.
So where do Liverpool rack up compared to these sides from yesteryear? The season isn't close to being completed yet, but their 70 points amassed so far is the highest haul from an opening 24-games in any of Europe's top five leagues, with 2013/14 Bayern Munich coming in 2nd with 68 points.

Liverpool - 2019/20 Premier League (after 24 games)

League Table
Pos. Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG
1. Liverpool 24 23 1 0 56 15 +41 70 2.917
If they can somehow maintain that insane 2.917 PPG until the end of the season they would shoot straight to the top of the list and undoubtedly claim the crown for most dominant league season in Europe's Top 5 Leagues, however there is still a lot more football to be played and the Champions League qualification for next season isn't even secure yet!


  • transfermarkt for Best Season starts in Europes top leagues.
  • Wikipedia individual season articles for in depth searching for older teams that make the list.
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2019.11.03 12:04 2soccer2bot League Roundup: Ligue 1 (France) [2019-11-03]


Ligue 1


All times shown in GMT.
Fri 24/05/19 Nîmes 2 - 3 Olympique Lyonnais
Amiens SC 2 - 1 Guingamp
Angers SCO 1 - 1 Saint-Etienne
Rennes 3 - 1 Lille
Nantes 0 - 1 Strasbourg
Dijon 2 - 1 Toulouse
Olympique Marseille 1 - 0 Montpellier
Reims 3 - 1 PSG
Caen 0 - 1 Bordeaux
Nice 2 - 0 Monaco


Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 PSG 38 29 4 5 105 35 +70 91 LWWDL
2 Lille 38 22 9 7 68 33 +35 75 LWWDW
3 Olympique Lyonnais 38 21 9 8 70 47 +23 72 WWWDW
4 Saint-Etienne 38 19 9 10 59 41 +18 66 DWLWW
5 Olympique Marseille 38 18 7 13 60 52 +8 61 WWLDL
6 Montpellier 38 15 14 9 53 42 +11 59 LDWDW
7 Nice 38 15 11 12 30 35 -5 56 WLDDW
8 Reims 38 13 16 9 39 42 -3 55 WWLLD
9 Nîmes 38 15 8 15 57 58 -1 53 LDWWL
10 Rennes 38 13 13 12 55 52 +3 52 WWDDD
11 Strasbourg 38 11 16 11 58 48 +10 49 WLLDD
12 Nantes 38 13 9 16 48 48 +0 48 LDDWW
13 Angers SCO 38 10 16 12 44 49 -5 46 DLLWD
14 Bordeaux 38 10 11 17 34 42 -8 41 WLLLL
15 Amiens SC 38 9 11 18 31 52 -21 38 WLDDD
16 Toulouse 38 8 14 16 35 57 -22 38 LLDDL
17 Monaco 38 8 12 18 38 57 -19 36 LWLLD
18 Dijon 38 9 7 22 31 60 -29 34 WLWLL
19 Caen 38 7 12 19 29 54 -25 33 LLWDW
20 Guingamp 38 5 12 21 28 68 -40 27 LDDDL
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League Qualifiers
UEFA Europa League
Relegation Play-off

Top Scorers

Player Team Goals
K. Mbappé PSG 33
N. Pépé Lille 22
E. Cavani PSG 18
F. Thauvin Marseille 16
Neymar PSG 15
M. Dembélé Lyon 15
R. Falcao Monaco 15
A. Delort Montpellier 14
J. Bamba Lille 13
W. Khazri Saint-Étienne 13
Á. Di María PSG 12
E. Sala Nantes 12
S. Bahoken Angers 11
M. Gradel Toulouse 11
G. Laborde Montpellier 11
● data from ● generated by 2soccer2bot ● requested by Hippemann
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2019.08.17 23:50 karmahorse1 How Atlanta United might place if they played in other leagues around the word

It should come as no surprise that the reigning MLS champions also have the most valuable players. According to Transfermarkt, Atlanta United leads MLS with an average player market value of 2.27 million dollars.
While market value is by no means an exact measure of a team's ability (there'll always an occasional club like the Philadelphia Union who performs much better than the sum of their parts), there is still a very strong correlation between it and final table position from league to league. Thus, it makes for a great way to compare clubs and leagues that would otherwise never play each other.
With that in mind, I decided to use transfermarkt's data from five other popular international leagues, and see how Atlanta might stack up if they played in them:
  1. Atlanta United $2.27m
  2. LAFC $1.91m
  3. LA Galaxy $1.52m
  4. D.C. United $1.41m
  5. NYC FC $1.40m
  6. Toronto FC $1.28m
  7. Seattle Sounders $1.20m
  8. Portland Timbers $1.11m
  9. Chicago Fire $1.09m
  10. Columbus Crew $1.08m
  11. New York Red Bulls $1.05m
  12. Orlando City $1.04m
  13. New England Revolution $951k
  14. Minnesota United $849k
  15. Philadelphia Union $840k
  16. Sporting KC $825k
  17. Houston Dynamo $807k
  18. FC Dallas $775k
  19. Montreal Impact $767k
  20. Real Salt Lake $701k
  21. FC Cincinnati $696k
  22. Vancouver Whitecaps $663k
  23. San Jose Earthquakes $649k
  24. Colorado Rapids $627k
Liga MX
  1. Monterrey $3.83m
  2. Tigres UANL $3.20m
  3. Club América $3.18m
  4. Cruz Azul $2.63m
  5. Pachuca $2.33m
  6. Atlanta United $2.27m
  7. Santos Laguna $2.10m
  8. León FC $1.84m
  9. Deportivo Guadalajara $1.76m
  10. UNAM Pumas $1.63m
  11. Atlas Guadalajara $1.39m
  12. Deportivo Toluca $1.39m
  13. Querétaro FC $1.28m
  14. Club Tijuana $1.23m
  15. Club Necaxa $1.17m
  16. Monarcas Morelia $1.14m
  17. Puebla FC $979k
  18. Atlético de San Luis $947k
  19. FC Juárez $741k
  20. Tiburones Rojos $722k
Super Liga
  1. River Plate $5.70m
  2. Boca Juniors $4.76m
  3. Vélez Sarsfield $3.29m
  4. Independiente $3.15m
  5. Racing Club $3.07m
  6. San Lorenzo $2.74m
  7. Atlanta United $2.27m
  8. Talleres $2.06m
  9. Lanús $2.02m
  10. Banfield $1.53m
  11. Defensa y Justicia $1.33m
  12. Estudiantes $1.16m
  13. Rosario Central $1.12m
  14. Argentinos Juniors $1.05m
  15. Colón $1.02m
  16. Huracán $996k
  17. Deportivo Godoy Cruz $985k
  18. Newell's Old Boys $953k
  19. Unión $806k
  20. Gimnasia y Esgrima $603k
  21. Aldosivi $530k
  22. Tucumán $525k
  23. Arsenal $432k
  24. Patronato $426k
  25. Central Córdoba $362k
  1. Ajax $13.68m
  2. PSV Eindhoven $8.75m
  3. Feyenoord $3.14m
  4. AZ Alkmaar $2.60m
  5. Atlanta United $2.27m
  6. FC Utrecht $1.90m
  7. Vitesse Arnhem $1.37m
  8. FC Groningen $1.22m
  9. SC Heerenveen $819k
  10. PEC Zwolle $791k
  11. Heracles Almelo $682k
  12. Willem II Tilburg $646k
  13. Twente Enschede $631k
  14. Sparta Rotterdam $594k
  15. ADO Den Haag $545k
  16. VVV-Venlo $508k
  17. Fortuna Sittard $505k
  18. FC Emmen $416k
  19. RKC Waalwijk $321k
Sky Sports Championship
  1. Fulham $5.90m
  2. West Bromwich Albion $4.47m
  3. Stoke City $4.31m
  4. Huddersfield Town $4.24m
  5. Leeds United $3.56m
  6. Middlesbrough $3.23m
  7. Cardiff City $3.11m
  8. Nottingham Forest $2.43m
  9. Derby County $2.36m
  10. Bristol City $2.28m
  11. Atlanta United $2.27m
  12. Swansea City $2.09m
  13. Brentford FC $2.03m
  14. Hull City $1.87m
  15. Blackburn Rovers $1.85m
  16. Sheffield Wednesday $1.79m
  17. Reading $1.77m
  18. Birmingham City $1.39m
  19. Queens Park Rangers $1.28m
  20. Millwall $981k
  21. Preston North End $935k
  22. Wigan Athletic $788k
  23. Luton Town $664k
  24. Charlton Athletic $538k
  25. Barnsley FC $344k
Ligue 1
  1. Paris Saint-Germain $43.14m
  2. Lyon $14.37m
  3. AS Monaco $11.44m
  4. Olympique Marseille $9.95m
  5. Lille $7.70m
  6. Nice $5.43m
  7. Girondins Bordeaux $5.17m
  8. Stade Rennais $5.12m
  9. Saint-Étienne $4.81m
  10. Strasbourg Alsace $4.10m
  11. Montpellier $4.00m
  12. Nantes $3.38m
  13. Toulouse $3.18m
  14. Angers $2.61m
  15. Stade Reims $2.60m
  16. Amiens $2.51m
  17. Nîmes $2.38m
  18. Atlanta United $2.27m
  19. Dijon $2.00m
  20. Metz $1.62m
  21. Stade Brest 29 $1.47m
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2019.08.09 14:01 usernamesareshorther [OC] Ligue 1 Season 2019/2020 - Complete Preview

Ligue 1 is coming back this Friday, so with some French users of this sub, we have decided to make a preview of the season for everyone to get to know Ligue 1 better ! We used u/Boolouloubi ‘s post from last season, so big shoutout to him for the beautiful presentation of this post that is absolutely not mine !
2018/2019 winner : Paris Saint-Germain
Qualification/Relegation: [1] Winne UEFA Champions League Group stage [2] UEFA Champions League Group stage [3] UEFA Champions League Third qualifying round [4] UEFA Europa League Group stage
[18] Relegation Play-off [19-20] Relegation
For the rest it's pretty classic. 20 teams, each team face every other teams 2 times. 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a defeat.
Rules for classifications are: 1) Points; 2) Goal difference; 3) Points in head to head games; 4) Head-to-head goal difference; 5) Goal scored in direct confrontations; 6) Goal scored away in direct confrontations; 7) Goal scored; 8) Goal scored away; 9) Most goal scored in one game; 10) Fairplay ranking. As you can see, Ligue 1 places a lot of importance on direct confrontations.


# Club Pts P W D L GF GA GD
1 Paris Saint-Germain 91 38 29 4 5 105 35 +70
2 Lille OSC 75 38 22 9 7 68 33 +35
3 Olympique Lyonnais 72 38 21 9 8 70 47 +23
4 AS Saint-Étienne 66 38 19 9 10 59 41 +18
5 Olympique de Marseille 61 38 18 7 13 60 52 +8
6 Montpellier HSC 59 38 15 14 9 53 42 +11
7 OGC Nice 56 38 15 11 12 30 35 -5
8 Stade de Reims 55 38 13 16 9 39 42 -3
9 Nîmes Olympique 53 38 15 8 15 57 58 -1
10 Stade Rennais 52 38 13 13 12 55 52 +3
11 RC Strasbourg 49 38 11 16 11 58 48 +10
12 FC Nantes 48 38 13 9 16 48 48 +0
13 Angers SCO 46 38 10 16 12 44 49 -5
14 Girondins de Bordeaux 41 38 10 11 17 34 42 -8
15 Amiens SC 38 38 9 11 18 31 52 -21
16 Toulouse FC 38 38 8 14 16 35 57 -22
17 AS Monaco 36 38 8 12 18 38 57 -19
18 Dijon FCO 34 38 9 7 22 31 60 -29
19 SM Caen 33 38 7 12 19 29 54 -25
20 EA Guingamp 27 38 5 12 21 28 68 -40
Ligue 2
# Club Pts P W D L GF GA GD
1 FC Metz 81 38 24 9 5 60 23 +37
2 Stade Brestois 74 38 21 11 6 64 35 +29
3 ESTAC Troyes 71 38 21 8 9 51 28 +23
4 Paris FC 65 38 17 14 7 36 22 +14
5 RC Lens 63 38 18 9 11 49 28 +21


Transfermarkt is doing it better than I would


Reddit community: ligue1 Medias: official website Twitter Twitter EN youtube channel: Fixtures: Link Competition begin the 9th of august
Official international broadcasters




- -
Full name Amiens Sporting Club
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Luka Elsner
Ground Stade de la Licorne (12097)
2018/2019 rank 15th
Best showing 13th (2017/18)
Seasons in Ligue 1 2
Key players Moussa Konaté, Thomas Monconduit
Amiens is now entering its 3rd season In the top flight, and has lost its best asset : their coach Christophe Pelissier. To replace him, they chose Luka Elsner, the son of a former OGC Nice player, who speaks perfectly French and coached the Belgian second division team Union Saint Gilloise last season. He apparently wants to play an offensive playing style that might be interesting to see against the usually defensive Ligue 1 teams. The team has played in a 4-3-3 during the preparation, but the coach aims to play a 4-2-3-1 once Amiens will buy some offensive players, most likely financed by the 10m€ they will get from the sale of Ndombélé to Tottenham.


- -
Full name Angers Sporting Club de l'Ouest
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Stephane Moulin
Ground Stade Raymond Kopa (18000)
2018-2019 rank 13th
Best showing 3rd (1966/67)
Seasons in Ligue 1 27
Key players Jeff Reine-Adélaïde (possible departure to Monaco), Rachid Alioui
  Angers has scored the most goals since their promotion last season, with 44 goals scored, and they have managed to gain one place up in the ranking compared to their previous season. They lost their best player, Flavien Tait, to Rennes but they can count on new talents coming up this season. The French Youth player Jeff Reine-Adélaïde might leave to Monaco for what would be the biggest sale made by Angers (18m€). That’s a lot of people leaving, and for the moment they count on Rachid Alioui (coming for free from Nimes Olympiques) to score some goals. Angers usually plays a rather defensive 4-1-4-1 system with two wingers and two box-to-box, and they are more famous for their physicality than their technicality. Some people like to compare them with Burnley.


- -
Full name Football Club des Girondins de Bordeaux
Medias official website Twitter
Manager P. Sousa
Ground Matmut-Atlantique (42115)
2018/2019 rank 14th
Best showing 1st (x6)
Seasons in Ligue 1 66
Key players Samuel Kalu, Nicolas de Préville, Laurent Koscielny, Benoît Costil
  After being purchased by an American investment fund, Bordeaux has decided to have a meme year, that started with their former coach going full drama in a press conference (honestly watch it), one of their player being out because of a complication following a beard implant, Kalu got his mom kidnapped in Nigeria, and the new owner thinking they will make the club profitable by selling more sandwiches.
The arrival of Koscielny will bring some much-needed professionalism into the club, which is according to me their main issue, they have the talent but they do not look much concerned by the game.
Fun fact : last time Marseille beat Bordeaux in Bordeaux, Star Wars didn’t exist


- -
Full name Stade Brestois 29
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Olivier Dall’Oglio
Ground Stade Francis-Le Blé (15097)
2018/2019 rank 2nd of Ligue 2
Best showing 8th (86/87)
Seasons in Ligue 1 14
Key players Charbonnier, Grandsir, Perraud
There always need to be several Brittany teams in Ligue 1. With the relegation of Guingamp, Brest has stepped up and gained promotion with a well-deserved second place of Ligue 2. Brest has changed coach this summer, and they picked Dall’Oglio, former coach of Dijon, who had brought some success to Dijon thanks to an offensive playing style. Used to a lot of possession in Ligue 2, Brest will probably have to adapt to the higher level of Ligue 1 and will have to take more individual risks and play more directly. Grandsir is expected to bring this creativity on the wing, while Charbonnier will need to keep the good form he had last season with 30 goals in 42 games.
The mercato led by the sports coordinator, Gregory Lorenzi, seems to have succeeded so far. Between youth (Perraud, Diallo, Grandsir), experience (Baal) and reinforcement at a lower cost (Bain). But as always, the justice of the peace will be the field.
During his previous move to Ligue 1 in 2010, Brest had only survived three years in the elite. Knowing the difficulty of climbing back up after a downhill run, the Finisterian club must now be sustainable at the highest level, and follow the example of a club like Angers that has grown and made its place over the seasons.


- -
Full name Dijon Football Côte-d'Or
Medias official website Twitter
Manager S. Jobard
Ground Stade Gaston Gérard (18796)
2018/2019 rank 18th
Best showing 11th (2017/18)
Seasons in Ligue 1 4
Key players Julio Tavares, Mama Baldé
Dijon gave up on their offensive playstyle this season, but they still managed to be the second worst defense. After winning all their first games, they started to lose every game and they sacked the coach that has brought them success. They replaced him with the newly sacked Guingamp’s coach Antoine Kombouare and they saved their ass at the 70th minute of the second leg of the playoff against Lens at the end of the season, which was a bit miraculous as they only got into the playoff because Caen managed to lose at home against Bordeaux (a team that barely ever won away last season) on the last day of the season.
With the departure of the two good players that are Sliti and Saïd, I don’t think the future is very bright for the Burgundy team. They will most likely try to improve their defense and maybe adopt a defensive playing style (arrival of Bruno Ecuele Manga from Cardiff).


- -
Full name LOSC Lille Association
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Christophe Galtier
Ground Stade Pierre Mauroy (50157)
2018/2019 rank 2nd
Best showing 1st (x3)
Seasons in Ligue 1 59
Key players Ikone, Bamba, Yacizi, Weah
  From 17th to 2nd, Lille perfectly embodies why Ligue 1 is an interesting league. Except PSG, all teams have relatively similar level, and they all try to improve by developing talents, and when it works, a club can quickly become stronger than the rest. That’s what Lille did, and seeing the quick development of Nicolas Pépé was one of the highlights of last season.
A lot happened to Lille in the transfer market, they lost a lot of important player : Pépé to Arsenal, but also their back-up striker Leao to AC Milan, without forgetting the less shiny but very important Thiago Mendes to Olympique Lyonnais, and their fullback Youssouf Koné to Lyon as well. However, it would be wrong to think that Lille got stolen of all their jewels, they kept their playmaker Ikoné, as well as Bamba (the three of them with Pépé formed the Bip-bip, one of the best offensive line of Ligue 1, known for their pace and deadly transition football).
The team has also reinforced, with the arrival of the experienced midfielder André from Rennes, as well as the two young talents Yusuf Yazici from Trabzonspor and Victor Osimhen from Charleroi. The young American Timothy Weah has also arrived from PSG and will most likely take Leao’s job as the back-up striker. Lille has also bought a lot of different players to replace the departure, and with 70m€ spent this summer on 10 players, Lille seems to be strong enough to keep a European ticket at the end of the season.


- -
Full name Olympique Lyonnais
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Sylvinho
Ground Groupama Stadium (59186)
2018/2019 rank 3rd
Best showing 1st (x7)
Seasons in Ligue 1 60
Key players Memphis Depay, Houssem Aouar, Moussa Dembélé, Martin terrier, Andersen, Thiago Mendes, Juninho
  Révolution à Lyon ! To replace the tactically inept jellyfish that was Pep Genesio, Lyon has hired a foreign coach for the second time of their history, and the first time under Aulas’ reign ! Sylvinho was chosen by the newly appointed Director of Sport Antônio Augusto Ribeiro Reis Junior more famous under the name Juninho. Juninho is a Lyon legend, he brought Lyon his most successful run with 7 Ligue 1 titles in a row, 100 goals and 44 free kicks.
Their preparation was somewhat bad, with only one victory against Arsenal, so we can’t say much about their upcoming season, but Sylvinho will favor a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 depending on the situation. This is favored by the departure of Nabil Fekir, that required to be played in a central position as an offensive 10, and required the team to be made around him. Lyon will have to find new systems and adapt to the departure of the essential Ndombélé, Mendy, and Fékir. For the moment, their midfield looks a bit weak, and a new arrival is to be expected.


- -
Full name Olympique de Marseille
Medias official website Twitter
Manager André Villas-Boas
Ground Stade Orange-Vélodrome (67394)
2018/2019 rank 5th
Best showing 1st (x9)
Seasons in Ligue 1 69 (le nombre du sexe)
Key players Florian Thauvin, Dimitri Payet, Luiz Gustavo
  For the 4th year of the Champion’s project, which aimed to bring Marseille back to CL, Marseille has managed to not get into a European competition. The season was quite a nightmare for Marseille, with jealousy between the players because of wage differences (Strootman is one of the best paid, yet can’t even make the main squad), Payet disappointed by his injury that made him miss the World Cup. Marseille only managed to get one point in the EL pool after making the finale the previous year. Now the club has issues with FFP due to a lot of spending, no value players to sell, and high wages for old players.
Hopefully, André Villas-Boas will manage to do something with the squad he has. The players are good enough, but he will need to be a good man-manager to make them give their best. Hopefully the arrival of the much-awaited center forward they have been lacking for years might improve their results. However, the choice to take a 29 years old, recently injured, Boca Junior player that has never played in Europe can be a bit surprising, but who knows, maybe Benedetto will save the club.

FC Metz

- -
Full name Football Club de Metz
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Vincent Hognon
Ground Saint Symphorien (25636)
2018/2019 rank 1st in Ligue 2
Best showing 2nd (1997-1998), but my FC Metz fan friend tells me it’s “1st ex-aequo”
Seasons in Ligue 1 60
Key players Habib Diallo
For the third time in five years, Metz will start the L1 season as a promoted player. This year, however, the people of Lorraine seem to be well equipped to maintain their position: the staff has put their faith in continuity and the players of the big 2018-2019 season are all there. While Metz has recruited young players, he has not made any major strikes and his attack may lack an experienced striker. The Moselle club will logically fight for its survival but the 2018-2019 season of the two promoted (Reims 8th and Nîmes 9th) should give it some ideas.


- -
Full name Association sportive de Monaco football club
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Leonardo Jardim
Ground Stade Louis II (18523)
2018/2019 rank 17
Best showing 1st (x8)
Seasons in Ligue 1 60
Key players Aleksandr Golovin, Rony Lopes, G. Martins
  Monaco sold too many important players and had a disastrous season, from 2nd to 17th. They fired Jardim and had a short spell with Henry, but Henry couldn’t do miracle and they rehired Jardim. They saved themselves at the end of the season. I can see them improving this season, but I doubt they will get a European ticket.
Leonardo Jardim varied the systems on Saturday for the last ASM preparatory match against Sampdoria (1-0). In the second half, Monaco restarted in a 4-3-3-3 with Benjamin Henrichs in a sentinel position with Cesc Fabregas on his right and Alexandre Golovine on his left; in front, Falcao was alone, and the wings were occupied by Gelson Martins on the right and Rony Lopes on the left. However, it is with the first half play scheme, a 4-4-2, as in the season of its last title (2016-2017), that the majority of the Rock team should play.
The problem for the moment is that Falcao is on the departure, as he confirmed this weekend, and that we already had to find a second striker to support him in front. The ASM has offensive ammunition in its overabundance of players, but not necessarily those that give hope of a return to the podium, the objective set by the management. Although it has not yet been made official by the club, the arrival of Henry Onyekuru (22 years old) has already been completed. The Nigerian was playing in Galatasaray last season. It will replace the eleven Rony Lopes, which is expected to be sold for between €25 million and €30 million.


- -
Full name Montpellier Hérault Sport Club
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Michel Der Zakarian
Ground Stade de la Mosson (32900)
2018/2019 rank 10th
Best showing 1st (2011/12)
Seasons in Ligue 1 27
Key players Teji Savanier, Andy Delort, Florent Mollet
Long in the fight for a place in the European Cup qualifying round, Montpellier finished last season in sixth place in Ligue 1. The club had not known such a ranking since its title of French champion won in 2012 after several exercises completed in the midtable This shows how convincing the MSHC season has been, driven by a very effective attacking duo Laborde - Delort (27 goals between them), and a rather promising first season for attacking midfielder Florent Mollet (6 goals, 5 assists).
The challenge for Montpellier will be to repeat its performance from last season and get involved in the fight for the European Cup. The MHSC was strengthened during the mercato by the services of Téji Savanier, best Ligue 1 setter last season with Nîmes and Jordan Ferri, an experienced Olympique Lyonnais midfielder who is used to playing in the European Cup every year.
The main black spot: the start in the goals of Benjamin Lecomte, a masterpiece from Montpellier for two seasons. Monaco had to pay 13 million euros to recruit the Montpellier goalkeeper who has not yet been replaced.


- -
Full name Football Club de Nantes
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Christian Gourcuff
Ground Stade de la Beaujoire (37473)
2018/2019 rank 12th
Best showing 1st (x8)
Seasons in Ligue 1 51
Key players Marcus Coco, Valentin Rongier, Coulibally
While Nantes is just coming out of a challenging season in terms of sports and tragedy (Sala’s death), its bumpy preparation is causing some concern. In addition to executives who have left or are leaving, there isn’t good prospect for this season. The new coach Christian Gourcuff has just arrived so we can’t say much on how the team will play this season.


- -
Full name Olympique Gymnaste Club Nice
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Patrick Vieira
Ground Allianz-Riviera (35624)
2018/2019 rank 7th
Best showing 1st (x4)
Seasons in Ligue 1 60
Key players Benitez, Atal
The OGC Nice had a transitional season last season, finishing 7th in the championship. With a new coach in the person of Patrick Vieira, the Eaglets have had a mixed season with some serious offensive breaches. Nice finished as the 18th Ligue 1 attack just ahead of the last two in the Caen and Guingamp league. Mario Balotelli's failed first half of the season and his departure for OM did not make the coach's task any easier. Despite this, the Nice game was rather pleasant to follow based on strong possession. Nice was able to rest on a strong defensive base with a very high level season from Walter Benitez. The Aiglons finished with the second defence of the championship tied with the PSG.
Despite a lacklustre season and worrying preparation, last season showed some reasons for satisfaction. The buyout of the club, which should be formalized in the coming days, will give the Eagles club more resources. Even if the project has some grey areas, Jim Ratcliffe is known for his ambition, such as the takeover of Sky and the success of his team at the 2019 Tour de France. With a mercato taking time to emerge, Nice should recruit some reinforcements with the end of the transfer period. Despite strong competition, Patrick Vieira's men will certainly want to play first place and why not qualify for the Europa League. This record takeover can take OGC Nice into a new dimension.
Player to follow: Walter Benitez
Despite his omission from the list of the UNFP Trophies for the best goalkeeper in Ligue 1, the Argentinean goalkeeper has had a very successful season. Walter Benitez can even boast the highest percentage of saves among goalkeepers who played more than one elite game last season. With a team that is struggling to see an eleven-man squad break free, the Argentinean keeper is a leading figure in a relatively young team. If the Nice attacking problems persist this season, Vieira will be able to count on her goalkeeper to score points.


- -
Full name Nîmes Olympique
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Bernard Blaquart
Ground Stade des Costières (18482)
2017/2018 rank 9th
Best showing 2nd
Seasons in Ligue 1 34
Key players Bobichon
Just promoted after 25 seasons in Ligue 2, the Crocs have succeeded in their season by now, and in what way, ranking in the first part of the draw (9th). With 57 goals scored, the second best total of a promoted player since 2000 behind Monaco, the Gardois managed to win against the likes of OM (3-1) and hold their ground against Bordeaux, Monaco or Saint-Etienne. Better still, all these performances were achieved with the smallest Ligue 1 budget (€20 million).
Although the budget for the coming season should amount to 25 million euros, the performance is not guaranteed due to the large number of departures. First of all, that of Laurent Boissier, sports director, for personal reasons. On the players' side, it was a hecatombe with no less than 11 transfers or end of contract. In the lead was the departure of Téji Savanier, best assister in Ligue 1 and in the typical team last season. Denis Bouanga (€4.5M), Sada Thioub (€3.5M) and Umut Bozok have also packed their bags.
With only five arrivals so far and a new loan from goalkeeper Paul Bernardoni, coach Bernard Blaquart will have a lot to do on the first day with a trip to the Parc des Princes (August 11).
The coach will have to rely on Ripart, Briançon and Paquiez who have just extended until 2023 for the first and 2022 for the last two. And Lucas Dias, Kelyan Guessoum, Théo Sainte-Luce and Lucas Buades, who have just signed their first professional contracts, should be used.
While ambitions are currently measured, a continuation in Ligue 1 would be necessary since the club has presented its project for a new stadium, which should see the light of day in 2024.
Croco captain Antonin Bobichon has had a good season and will have to continue. With seven goals and two assists, the decisive midfielder must continue to take on his role as leader and even more so in a decimated group. He will be able to be helped by the child and darling of the Costières, Renaud Ripart. Others will also want to prove, like Pablo Martinez, that they have returned to his academy club after two seasons in Strasbourg.


- -
Full name Paris Saint-Germain
Medias official website Twitter Twitter EN
Manager Thomas Tuchel
Ground Parc des Princes (48583)
2017/2018 rank 1st
Best showing 1st (x8)
Seasons in Ligue 1 46
Key players Neymar (?), Kylian Mbappé, Edinson Cavani, Thiago Silva, Sarrabia, Di Maria, Verratti, Marquinhos
You already know about it.


- -
Full name Stade de Reims
Medias official website Twitter
Manager David Guion
Ground Stade Auguste-Delaune (21127)
2018/2019 rank 8th
Best showing 1st (x6)
Seasons in Ligue 1 34
Key players Rémi Oudin
With a regularity of wins and draws more than impressive, Reims made it to European places for most of the season. Unfortunately for the Grand-Est club, the victory of Strasbourg in the League Cup, then that of Rennes in the French Cup, will make the 5th place non-qualifying for the Europa League play-offs.
4th place being out of their reach, a no-stakes end of the championship will finally bring them down to a solid 8th place, well representative of their season. Indeed, the Reds and Whites were above all a more than solid defence, with an impressive total of 14 "clean sheets" for the 2018-2019 edition.
For Ligue 1, aspiring to Europe will be a complicated task... The Rémoise ambition will be much more realistic, i.e. to play firmly in the middle of the championship table.
There is no big start to report on the mercato side, unlike other clubs who will fight for the maintenance. Reims with a group almost similar to last year, the soft-belly will surely be the credo of the whole next season.
The player to follow: Rémi Oudin
The academy striker and already undisputed starter, Rémi Oudin, shone brightly last year with Stade de Reims. Only 22 years old, he was the best Remois with a total of 10 goals and 4 assists in all competitions. As Reims did not shine offensively last season, the young Frenchman brought spectacle with often spectacular goals.


- -
Full name Stade rennais football club
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Julien Stéphan
Ground Roazhon Park (29778)
2018/2019 rank 10th
Best showing 4th
Seasons in Ligue 1 62
Key players E. Mendy, Bourigeaud, Niang, Flavien Tait
Stade Rennais is simply emerging from one of the best seasons, if not the best in its history. The Red and Black first managed to get out of the Europa League pools for the first time in five appearances, while at the same time getting fans who were waiting for it to happen.
After a life-to-death match in Jablonec (1-0) and a home win over Astana (2-0) to confirm the group's second place, the Rennes qualified in the Round of 16 of the C3 at Betis Seville (3-1 after the 3-3 draw in the first leg) in an evening that the Bretillians should not forget shortly before defeating the Arsenal Gunners at home (3-1 and then losing and eliminating 0-3 in the return).
But the 2018-2019 season at Stade Rennais definitely took a historic turn on 27 April. That evening, in a red-filled Stade de France, the Bretons put an end to a 36-year drought (if you count the Division 2 title in 1983) by winning their third French Cup against PSG. Otherwise, it was necessary to go back to 1971 to find a record of the last major trophy won by the Rennes, also a French Cup.
Julien Stéphan knows that it is in the league that he will have to confirm his good first half season as a professional coach. To do so, it will have to deal with a workforce that is slow to strengthen despite the definitive purchase of M'Baye Niang (€15 million) and the arrivals of Romain Salin, Flavien Tait and Jérémy Morel. Julien Stéphan is waiting for reinforcements at each line since, like the symbol of a team that has performed, the Stade Rennais is attacked for several of its players. Former Captain Benjamin André has already left the ship to join Lille and the Champions League as well as Ismaïla Sarr (Watford) and Ramy Bensebaini (Borussia Mönchengladbach?) could do the same.
The start of the championship will be crucial for the Rennes team, which is well handicapped in preparation for the absence due to CAN (Ramy Bensebaini, Hamari Traoré, Souleyman Doumbia, M'Baye Niang and Ismaïla Sarr) or the Euro Espoirs (Romain Del Castillo).


- -
Full name Association sportive de Saint-Étienne
Medias official website Twitter
Manager G. Printant
Ground Stade Geoffroy Guichard (41965)
2017/2018 rank 4th
Best showing 1st (x10)
Seasons in Ligue 1 66
Key players Wahbi Khazri, Yann M'Vila, Stephane Ruffier
In 18 months, the Greens have regained a standing they had left. Jean-Louis Gasset has a lot to do with it. While the club of Le Forez is adrift in mid-season 2017/2018, Laurent Blanc's former assistant arrives as a fireman and straightens the club until it caresses a European hope at the end of the season. With a fine fourth place, Europe will make its return to the Cauldron. But it will be without Gasset, who didn't want to return. After many weeks of negotiations and hesitation, it was finally his assistant, Ghislain Printant, who replaced him.
ASSE aspires to continuity. The aim of this season will be to repeat last year's performance and to secure a new qualifying spot for Europe in the spring. In Europe too, we will have to shine, because the Greens will have to play on two sides. And historically Saint-Étienne has a history that its supporters demand to honour.
On paper, it was unclear for a long time. There are the players who had linked their destiny to Gasset and who could finally remain, like M'Vila, the call options not yet exercised when they should have been, like Kolodziejczak... And there were also departures, Cabella in the lead, well replaced by Boudebouz. Saliba was also sold, but Arsenal left it to the Greens on loan for the season. The turn was scary. For the moment, it seems to be well managed. The season will tell us the rest.  


- -
Full name Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Thierry Laurey
Ground Stade de la Meinau (27500)
2017/2018 rank 11th
Best showing 1st (1978/79)
Seasons in Ligue 1 59
Key players Kenny Lala, Jonas Martin, Adrien Thomasson, Ludovic Ajorque
Maintained at the last minute in the top flight in 2017-2018, RC Strasbourg has emerged from a much more successful 2018-2019 season. The club has built an ambitious team thanks to its summer mercato, the starting eleven being mainly composed of summer recruits. The Strasburgers finished in a fine 11th place in the championship with 49 points, three points behind the Top 10. Strasbourg, the sixth best attack in Ligue 1 with 58 goals, was able to count on Lebo Mothiba, the club's top scorer with 10 league goals.
Racing has also added a trophy to its roster, winning the third League Cup in its history - after 1997 and 2005 - by beating Lille, Marseille and Lyon in particular. Above all, this title, synonymous with reaching the second preliminary round of the Europa League, allows the Meinau to return to the European stage, 13 years after leaving it (2005-2006 season).
Strasbourg is starting its third consecutive season in Ligue 1, after nearly 10 years of hardship, including a bankruptcy and a round in CFA2. After having passed this obstacle course, the Alsatians are determined to remain in the elite. This year, the Strasbourg mercato was rather calm, compared to previous summer periods (more than twenty arrivals in two years since the rise). The group will therefore work in continuity.
But Racing will also be keen to enjoy the European adventure, even if most players will discover the Europa League. Their ability to cope with the repetition of matches is therefore unknown. In August, for example, if they qualify for the C3 play-offs, Thierry Laurey's men will play eight matches, one every 3.5 days. A real marathon to manage for organizations. In fact, to be up to speed, the Alsatians took over almost a week before all the other L1 clubs.  


- -
Full name Toulouse Football Club
Medias official website Twitter
Manager Alain Casanova
Ground Stadium (33150)
2018/2019 rank 16th
Best showing 3rd
Seasons in Ligue 1 31
Key players Max Gradel
If there is one thing that persists on the pink city side, it is the relative indifference of media opinion around the TFC. Hidden in the shadow of the Stade Toulousain, winner of the Brennus Shield in 2019, the Violets will try to do better than last season, finishing in a pitiful 16th place. Close to relegation in the 2017-2018 season, the club coached by Alain Casanova will try to climb back up with a mercato who promises to be ambitious.
Exit Christopher Jullien, transferred to Celtic Glasgow, Yannick Cahuzac or Steven Fortes, the TFC will find new men, starting with Efthymios Koulouris, the top scorer in the last Greek league will be one of the attractions of the upcoming Ligue 1 season. Another newcomer, experienced midfielder William Vainqueur, who has worked for FC Nantes, OM and Monaco, will have the difficult task of strengthening the midfield.
More complete post about TFC by u/THZHDY
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2019.07.22 21:43 ATLCoyote MLS Payrolls vs. the World

(Disclaimer: Data updated to correct for website default to "net" payroll vs. gross payroll).
We all know that MLS isn't in the same stratosphere as the European superclubs that we see in Champions League every year, many of whom have payrolls well over $100 million (or even in excess of $200 million). But I was curious to see how MLS really stacks up vs. the middle and lower-table teams in the Big 5 European leagues, as well as the other top leagues outside of the "Big 5," at least in terms of what we're able to pay players.
First, here's the average player salary per league (MLS ranks 11th globally, but 2nd in the western hemisphere behind only the Brazilian Serie A):
Rank League Avg Player Salary in USD
1 England Premier League $3,935,197
2 Spain La Liga $2,896,151
3 Italy Serie A $1,999,865
4 Germany Bundesliga $1,837,613
5 France Ligue 1 $1,302,342
6 China Super League $1,051,603
7 Russia Premier League $877,071
8 Turkey Super Lig $864,053
9 Brazil Serie A $670,740
10 Saudi Arabia Pro League $507,933
11 USA/Canada MLS $414,803
12 Belgium First Div A $402,941
13 Mexico Liga MX $402,566
14 Argentina Primera Div $379,054
15 Portugal Primeira Liga $357,540
16 Switzerland Super League $324,020
17 Netherlands Eredivisie $323,488
18 Japan J-League $315,043
19 Austria Bundesliga $233,110
20 Scotland Premiership $231,891
21 Ukraine Premier League $222,682
22 Greece Superleague $170,612
23 Denmark Superliga $158,020
However, many of the top league averages are skewed by a handful of super-clubs that dwarf everyone else. In La Liga and Ligue 1 for example, clubs like PSG, Barcelona, and Real Madrid spend literally 20 times as much on payroll as the teams at the very bottom of their league. So, I was curious about how median team payrolls might break down.
League Median Payroll in USD
EPL $83,901,802
Bundesliga $36,814,925
Serie A $34,438,820
La Liga $36,844,612
Ligue 1 $17,943,494
MLS $10,702,046
Note: MLS has average payroll of $11,406,035 with a high of $22 million and a low of $7.6 million, but a median of just over $10.7 million. But the key point here is that MLS would need to get its median payroll into the $20-30 million range to truly become competitive with the European leagues, but it wouldn't need to be in the $100+ million range as those levels of payroll are only prevalent among a dozen or so super-clubs across Europe.
I've also heard many fans claim that even the top MLS teams would quickly be relegated from any of the Big 5 European leagues. That's likely true in EPL, but may not be the case in other leagues.
Here are some examples of teams with MLS-level payrolls that have survived relegation just this past season...
League Team Payroll in USD
Bundesliga Dusseldorf $16,548,480
La Liga Valladolid $16,352,261
Ligue 1 Nimes $9,974,891
Granted, any comparisons to Champions League caliber clubs is pretty silly given the huge gap in payroll. But when you consider what the middle and lower-table teams are spending, not to mention the other top leagues around the world, MLS stacks-up better than you might think and is nearing a point where it could quickly climb up the pecking order with the next CBA and especially with the 2026 World Cup.
Key sources of data include:
submitted by ATLCoyote to MLS [link] [comments]

2019.05.07 01:23 2soccer2bot League Roundup: Ligue 2 (France) [2019-05-06]


Ligue 2


All times shown in GMT.
Fri 03/05/19 Ajaccio 1 - 0 Orléans
Auxerre 1 - 2 Châteauroux
Béziers 1 - 0 Brest
Le Havre 2 - 2 Gazélec Ajaccio
Metz 3 - 0 Valenciennes
Paris 1 - 0 Grenoble Foot 38
Sochaux 1 - 2 Red Star
Troyes 2 - 1 Nancy
Sat 04/05/19 Lens 1 - 0 Clermont
Mon 06/05/19 Niort 2 - 2 Lorient
Fri 10/05/19 Ajaccio 20 : 45 Lens
Gazélec Ajaccio 20 : 45 Châteauroux
Brest 20 : 45 Niort
Clermont 20 : 45 Troyes
Grenoble Foot 38 20 : 45 Auxerre
Lorient 20 : 45 Sochaux
Nancy 20 : 45 Metz
Orléans 20 : 45 Béziers
Red Star 20 : 45 Paris
Valenciennes 20 : 45 Le Havre


Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 Metz 36 23 9 4 59 22 +37 78 WWDWW
2 Brest 36 20 11 5 61 34 +27 71 LWWWW
3 Troyes 36 20 7 9 47 26 +21 67 WWWWW
4 Paris 36 15 14 7 34 22 +12 59 WDDLD
5 Lorient 36 16 11 9 48 39 +9 59 DDWLD
6 Lens 36 16 9 11 42 26 +16 57 WLLWD
7 Le Havre 36 13 15 8 43 36 +7 54 DLWWW
8 Orléans 36 15 6 15 49 48 +1 51 LLLLW
9 Grenoble Foot 38 36 13 10 13 42 44 -2 49 LWDLW
10 Clermont 36 11 14 11 40 31 +9 47 LDDDL
11 Niort 36 10 14 12 33 38 -5 44 DWDLD
12 Châteauroux 36 10 14 12 33 39 -6 44 WWDWL
13 Auxerre 36 10 9 17 33 35 -2 39 LDLWD
14 Valenciennes 36 10 9 17 50 60 -10 39 LLDLD
15 Nancy 36 11 6 19 35 47 -12 39 LWWDL
16 Ajaccio 36 9 12 15 29 43 -14 39 WLLDL
17 Gazélec Ajaccio 36 9 12 15 29 51 -22 39 DLDLL
18 Sochaux 36 10 7 19 24 42 -18 37 LWDLL
19 Béziers 36 8 10 18 30 50 -20 34 WLDWL
20 Red Star 36 7 9 20 28 56 -28 30 WLLDW
Promotion Play-off
Relegation Play-off

Top Scorers

Player Team Goals
G. Charbonnier Brest 25
H. Diallo Metz 25
P. Hamel Lorient 18
F. Aye Clermont 17
A. Claude Maurice Lorient 14
R. Armand Gazélec 13
A. Dona N'Doh Niort 13
A. Gomis Lens 13
Y. Touzghar Troyes 13
F. Sotoca Grenoble 12
F. Raspentino Valenciennes 11
K. Fortuné Lens 10
B. Mbeumo Troyes 10
I. Niane Metz 10
G. Robail Valenciennes 10
● data from ● generated by 2soccer2bot ● requested by mattisafootballguy
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2019.05.07 01:22 2soccer2bot League Roundup: Ligue 1 (France) [2019-05-06]


Ligue 1


All times shown in GMT.
Fri 03/05/19 Strasbourg 1 - 1 Olympique Marseille
Sat 04/05/19 PSG 1 - 1 Nice
Bordeaux 0 - 1 Angers SCO
Guingamp 0 - 0 Caen
Reims 0 - 3 Nîmes
Sun 05/05/19 Montpellier 1 - 1 Amiens SC
Nantes 3 - 0 Dijon
Toulouse 2 - 2 Rennes
Monaco 2 - 3 Saint-Étienne
Olympique Lyonnais 2 - 2 Lille
Fri 10/05/19 Saint-Étienne 20 : 45 Montpellier


Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 PSG 35 27 4 4 98 31 +67 85 DLWLL
2 Lille 35 20 9 6 61 30 +31 69 DWDWD
3 Olympique Lyonnais 35 18 9 8 60 45 +15 63 DWWLL
4 Saint-Étienne 35 18 8 9 55 39 +16 62 WWWWD
5 Montpellier 35 14 13 8 51 40 +11 55 DWWWL
6 Olympique Marseille 35 16 7 12 54 47 +7 55 DLWWL
7 Nice 35 14 10 11 27 31 -4 52 DWLDW
8 Nîmes 35 14 7 14 52 53 -1 49 WLWLW
9 Reims 35 11 16 8 33 38 -5 49 LDLDD
10 Strasbourg 35 10 16 9 56 44 +12 46 DDLDD
11 Nantes 35 13 7 15 46 45 +1 46 WWWWW
12 Angers SCO 35 10 15 10 42 41 +1 45 WDLWD
13 Rennes 35 11 12 12 49 50 -1 45 DDLDL
14 Bordeaux 35 9 11 15 33 40 -7 38 LLLLW
15 Toulouse 35 8 13 14 32 50 -18 37 DLDLW
16 Amiens SC 35 8 10 17 29 49 -20 34 DDLDD
17 Monaco 35 7 12 16 36 54 -18 33 LDLDD
18 Caen 35 6 12 17 26 47 -21 30 DWWLL
19 Dijon 35 7 7 21 27 54 -27 28 LLWDW
20 Guingamp 35 5 10 20 24 63 -39 25 DLLDD
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League Qualifiers
UEFA Europa League
Relegation Play-off

Top Scorers

Player Team Goals
K. Mbappé PSG 30
N. Pépé Lille 20
E. Cavani PSG 17
Neymar PSG 14
A. Delort Montpellier 14
R. Falcao Monaco 14
M. Dembélé Lyon 13
W. Khazri Saint-Étienne 13
F. Thauvin Marseille 13
J. Bamba Lille 12
E. Sala Nantes 12
S. Bahoken Angers 11
Á. Di María PSG 10
M. Gradel Toulouse 10
F. Kamano Bordeaux 10
● data from ● generated by 2soccer2bot ● requested by mattisafootballguy
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2019.03.02 03:08 yummycoot SBC Spreadsheet. If you are feeling reluctant about buying packs, here are some sbcs that you can do for cheap


Bookmark this link for future updates and checkout the other sheets too. Below are about 60 SBCs with a VFC of 2.9+
Guys the sbc spreadsheet has been there from the start of the game and it has been since FIFA 17. So please stop saying it drives the prices high.
There's currently a limited time sbc which is causing price rise due to its 1 club only requirement.
Also it will be hard for me to update this post everytime the price changes, therefore visit the sheet which is updated daily. Remember a difference of less than 500 coins is minor. FUTbin's STC (source of data) wont update everytime there's a minor difference. Since solutions are made by users, if you bid on market, you can get sbcs done for cheaper than its shown by the sheet or STC.
Previous post for more information regarding the document

If you would like to show your support, here's my patreon page

VFC Stands for Value for coins, the higher it is the higher the savings if you were to buy the pack with coins upfront.
Honorary mention: Humble beginnings and Rising Talent are must.
As always, thanks to FUTbin!
VFC Club Set name Reward Min Squad Cost Reward Value Profit/Loss
6.77 Beşiktaş Superlig Prime Gold Players Pack 6,650 45,000 38,350
6.47 Athletic Club LaLiga Santander Prime Gold Players Pack 6,950 45,000 38,050
6.00 Roma Serie A TIM Prime Gold Players Pack 7,500 45,000 37,500
5.56 Napoli Serie A TIM Prime Gold Players Pack 8,100 45,000 36,900
5.03 Valencia LaLiga Santander Prime Gold Players Pack 8,950 45,000 36,050
5.00 Bologna Serie A TIM Small Rare Gold Players Pack 5,000 25,000 20,000
4.76 Sheffield Wednesday EFL Championship Rare Gold Pack 5,250 25,000 19,750
4.65 Milan Serie A TIM Rare Electrum Players Pack 6,450 30,000 23,550
4.57 Chelsea Premier League Prime Gold Players Pack 9,850 45,000 35,150
4.55 Newcastle Utd Premier League Small Rare Gold Players Pack 5,500 25,000 19,500
4.51 Sporting CP Liga NOS Rare Electrum Players Pack 6,650 30,000 23,350
4.35 Dortmund Bundesliga Rare Electrum Players Pack 6,900 30,000 23,100
4.20 Middlesbrough EFL Championship Rare Gold Pack 5,950 25,000 19,050
4.13 Brighton Premier League Small Rare Gold Players Pack 6,050 25,000 18,950
4.11 Ajax Eredivisie Rare Electrum Players Pack 7,300 30,000 22,700
4.10 Celtic Scottish Premiership Rare Gold Pack 6,100 25,000 18,900
4.10 Lazio Serie A TIM Premium Gold Players Pack 6,100 25,000 18,900
4.00 Alanyaspor Superlig Small Prime Gold Players Pack 3,750 15,000 11,250
4.00 SC Braga Liga NOS Prime Electrum Players Pack 5,000 20,000 15,000
3.97 Atlas LIGA Bancomer MX Rare Gold Pack 6,300 25,000 18,700
3.96 Werder Bremen Bundesliga Prime Electrum Players Pack 5,050 20,000 14,950
3.91 Atalanta Serie A TIM Small Rare Gold Players Pack 6,400 25,000 18,600
3.91 Villarreal CF LaLiga Santander Premium Gold Players Pack 6,400 25,000 18,600
3.90 Spurs Premier League Prime Gold Players Pack 11,550 45,000 33,450
3.85 SD Eibar LaLiga Santander Small Rare Gold Players Pack 6,500 25,000 18,500
3.82 Huddersfield Premier League Rare Gold Pack 6,550 25,000 18,450
3.76 V. Guimarães Liga NOS Small Rare Gold Players Pack 6,650 25,000 18,350
3.70 Crystal Palace Premier League Premium Gold Players Pack 6,750 25,000 18,250
3.67 Paris Saint-Germain Ligue 1 Conforama Prime Gold Players Pack 12,250 45,000 32,750
3.67 Buenos Aires Argentine League Prime Electrum Players Pack 5,450 20,000 14,550
3.66 Pachuca LIGA Bancomer MX Jumbo Premium Gold Pack 4,100 15,000 10,900
3.60 D. Alavés LaLiga Santander Small Rare Gold Players Pack 6,950 25,000 18,050
3.60 Sporting KC MLS Rare Gold Pack 6,950 25,000 18,050
3.57 Leverkusen Bundesliga Premium Gold Players Pack 7,000 25,000 18,000
3.45 Göztepe Superlig Small Prime Gold Players Pack 4,350 15,000 10,650
3.41 Guadalajara LIGA Bancomer MX Jumbo Premium Gold Pack 4,400 15,000 10,600
3.36 Torino Serie A TIM Small Rare Gold Players Pack 7,450 25,000 17,550
3.33 Liverpool Premier League Rare Electrum Players Pack 9,000 30,000 21,000
3.31 Sampdoria Serie A TIM Small Rare Gold Players Pack 7,550 25,000 17,450
3.28 Frankfurt Bundesliga Prime Electrum Players Pack 6,100 20,000 13,900
3.28 Sevilla FC LaLiga Santander Prime Electrum Players Pack 6,100 20,000 13,900
3.26 Real Betis LaLiga Santander Rare Electrum Players Pack 9,200 30,000 20,800
3.25 Levante UD LaLiga Santander Prime Electrum Players Pack 6,150 20,000 13,850
3.25 TSG Hoffenheim Bundesliga Prime Electrum Players Pack 6,150 20,000 13,850
3.16 Galatasaray Superlig Premium Gold Players Pack 7,900 25,000 17,100
3.06 FC Porto Liga NOS Rare Electrum Players Pack 9,800 30,000 20,200
3.06 Independiente Argentine League Jumbo Premium Gold Pack 4,900 15,000 10,100
3.05 Watford Premier League Prime Electrum Players Pack 6,550 20,000 13,450
3.03 Impact Montréal MLS Small Prime Gold Players Pack 4,950 15,000 10,050
2.99 Inter Serie A TIM Rare Electrum Players Pack 10,050 30,000 19,950
2.94 Atlanta United MLS Rare Gold Pack 8,500 25,000 16,500
2.94 Hertha BSC Bundesliga Small Rare Electrum Players Pack 5,100 15,000 9,900
submitted by yummycoot to FIFA [link] [comments]

2019.02.16 15:08 2soccer2bot League Roundup: Ligue 1 (France) [2019-02-16]


Ligue 1


All times shown in GMT.
Wed 13/02/19 Saint-Étienne 2 - 1 Strasbourg
Caen 0 - 1 Nantes
Fri 15/02/19 Nîmes 2 - 0 Dijon
Olympique Lyonnais 2 - 1 Guingamp
Sat 16/02/19 Olympique Marseille 17 : 00 Amiens SC
Angers SCO 20 : 00 Nice
Monaco 20 : 00 Nantes
Sun 17/02/19 Bordeaux 15 : 00 Toulouse
Caen 15 : 00 Strasbourg
Lille 15 : 00 Montpellier
Reims 17 : 00 Rennes
Saint-Étienne 21 : 00 PSG


Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 PSG 22 19 2 1 68 13 +55 59 WLWWW
2 Lille 24 15 4 5 42 22 +20 49 WWWWW
3 Olympique Lyonnais 25 13 7 5 40 28 +12 46 WLWWW
4 Saint-Étienne 24 11 7 6 35 30 +5 40 WLDLW
5 Montpellier 23 9 10 4 31 19 +12 37 DDWDD
6 Olympique Marseille 24 11 4 9 38 34 +4 37 WWLLW
7 Nice 24 10 7 7 19 23 -4 37 WLWDD
8 Rennes 24 10 6 8 34 31 +3 36 WWLDL
9 Nîmes 25 10 6 9 37 35 +2 36 WWDLW
10 Strasbourg 24 9 8 7 40 29 +11 35 LLWWW
11 Reims 24 8 11 5 21 22 -1 35 DWWDD
12 Angers SCO 24 7 9 8 26 28 -2 30 WWDLW
13 Bordeaux 23 7 7 9 23 25 -2 28 LLLWW
14 Nantes 24 7 6 11 30 33 -3 27 WLDLL
15 Toulouse 24 6 9 9 23 34 -11 27 DLDWD
16 Amiens SC 24 6 3 15 19 38 -19 21 WLLLL
17 Dijon 24 5 5 14 20 38 -18 20 LLLWL
18 Monaco 24 4 7 13 23 41 -18 19 DWLLD
19 Caen 24 3 9 12 20 33 -13 18 LLLLL
20 Guingamp 24 3 5 16 17 50 -33 14 LLLLW
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League Qualifiers
UEFA Europa League
Relegation Play-off

Top Scorers

Player Team Goals
K. Mbappé PSG 18
E. Cavani PSG 17
N. Pépé Lille 16
Neymar PSG 13
W. Khazri Saint-Étienne 12
E. Sala Nantes 12
F. Thauvin Marseille 11
J. Bamba Lille 9
A. Delort Montpellier 9
R. Falcao Monaco 9
M. Gradel Toulouse 9
G. Laborde Montpellier 9
N. Fekir Lyon 8
F. Kamano Bordeaux 8
L. Mothiba Lille 8
● data from ● generated by 2soccer2bot ● requested by sachin_1211
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2019.02.08 22:33 LuLujan Comprehensive ranking of all Barcelona transfers under Rosell + Bartomeu era

Since Laporta left presidency in summer 2010, some culés say the transfers have not been good enough. Let's attempt to rank the signings since then (for those that don't know, current president Bartomeu was vice president to Sandro Rosell from 2010-2014 before taking the main presidency role following Rosell's resignation in 2014)
Some notes:
33) Arda Turan
  • From: Atlético Madrid
  • Fee: €34m
  • Year: 2015
I think most fans were okay with this deal when it happened. A La Liga proven player with great technical ability who proved himself under Simeone's system. He was a controversial players but after Suarez cleaned up his act after coming to Barca it wasn't a big worry. Unfortunately things went south quickly for Turan, his performances left a lot to be desired and he never appeared to put forth his maximum effort. By the end of his time here he had fallen out of favour with seemingly everyone at the club and was loaned to Turkey until the end of his contract. Recently he has been accused of violent acts in Turkey and faces severe charges. Good riddance.
32) Douglas
  • From: São Paulo
  • Fee: €4m
  • Year: 2014
I said I take into account the transfer fee, and trust me, I am. Even at 4m though, Douglas is amongst the worst signings in Barca history. At a time where many were calling for a Dani Alves replacement, a young Brazilian RB didn't seem like a bad option. Except even Sao Paulo fans were confused when the deal was announced because Douglas is a remarkably mediocre player who had no business wearing the Barca shirt. He played a grand total of 8 games for Barca before going off on an endless series of loan spells until his contract expires.
31) Alex Song
  • From: Arsenal FC
  • Fee: €19m
  • Year: 2012
On paper, signing Alex Song seemed like a decent idea. Seydou Keita had left the team and we needed a backup CDM to rest Busquets. He came from a great season at Arsenal playing possession football, but when he came to Barca it was clear he wasn't a fit. He wasn't terrible, but he didn't have the quality required to play as a pivot in Barca's system. He left after 2 years of mostly sitting on the bench. That 19m could have been very useful for a Barca team that needed to evolve.
30) Philippe Coutinho
  • From: Liverpool
  • Fee: €135m
  • Year: 2018
After an impressive opening 6 months, Coutinho's performances have dropped drastically this season. His performances have certainly been better than those around him on this list, but being the record transfer in Barca history demands more. Nobody doubts his technical ability, but he has struggled to find a role in Valverde's system. Having thrived under a free LAM role at Liverpool, Coutinho hasn't shown the physical ability to play the Iniesta role in midfield, neither the direct clinical ability to replace Neymar on the front line. Let's hope Coutinho proves to everybody why Barcelona made him their record signing - he still has plenty of time.
29) André Gomes
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €37m
  • Year: 2016
He had a decent league campaign at Valencia and a decent EURO campaign with Portugal before moving to Barca. Decent doesn't cut it at Barca. I struggle to recall a single match where I was genuinely impressed with Gomes, but at the same time I don't remember him having a shockingly poor match. He was consistently mediocre, an option off the bench to rest starters when the result was wrapped up but nothing more. I will say nobody doubted his ability to complete a horizontal pass. For the most part his playing time would have been better spent on younger players. On the positive side, he seems to have found his level at Everton and Barca will be able to make back most of what they paid for him.
28) Paco Alcácer
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €30m
  • Year: 2016
His transfer made sense at the time. A young Spanish forward who had consistently scored goals in La Liga, brought as backup for Suarez. I don't think many of us were complaining when he came. But here we see why only specific players succeed at Barca. Despite his success at Valencia and now Dortmund, Paco did not fit in the Barca system. When he did start games, he went most of 90 minutes beyond sight, not being connected to the play and failing to impact matches bar an odd goal here or there. His finishing wasn't bad, but he did not contribute to anything else. Not a terrible signing but perhaps misinformed, nevertheless Barca made back most of the transfer fee from Dortmund.
27) Aleix Vidal
  • From: Sevilla
  • Fee: €17m
  • Year: 2015
Brought with the intention of playing as a RB, an early injury scuffed Vidal's integration into the team. He impressed playing RB at Sevilla the previous season, and looked comfortable in the position when he first arrived. After his injury he never really looked the same. He was later used as a makeshift winger but really didn't have the quality necessary. Sold back to Sevilla for 10m in the summer, Vidal made neither a positive nor negative impression on Barca fans.
26) Marlon
  • From: Fluminense
  • Fee: €5m
  • Year: 2017
Marlon has only played 3 times in competitive matches for Barca so it is hard to rank him. He is only 23 and has time to develop, but he clearly hasn't left a remarkable impression on the coaching staff. With the arrivals of Lenglet and Todibo with the pending pursuit of De Ligt, it is hard to see a future at Barca for Marlon. Nevertheless, there is still opportunity to make profit on his transfer as he has been a regular in Ligue 1 and Serie A during his loan spells. I think most cules will not mind signing cheap, young players even if they don't work out. He clearly had talent in Brazil and was worth taking a bet on him. Good luck to him wherever he ends up.
25) Ibrahim Afellay
  • From: PSV
  • Fee: €3m
  • Year: 2011
After a very impressive time in the Eredivisie, shelling out the 3m for Afellay seemed like a no-brainer. I think we were all excited by his arrival. He never looked out of place when he played, but unfortunately his body held him back as injuries continue to plague his career. He was worth the transfer fee alone when he skinned Marcelo to assist Messi in the CL semi final at the Bernabeu in 2011. What could have been...
24) Yerry Mina
  • From: Palmeiras
  • Fee: €11.8m
  • Year: 2018
Buy Yerry for 12m --> play him in a few league games where he performs abysmally --> sell him for 20m profit six months later. Thank you, World Cup. He would definitely be lower on this list if Everton didn't bail us out.
23) Paulinho
  • From: Guangzhou Evergrande
  • Fee: €40m
  • Year: 2017
I think all cules were shocked when Paulinho was officially announced. Buying a 30 year old player from China who had failed in Europe before for 40m was a joke to most of us. Surprisingly he turned out to be a reliable source of goals from the midfield and didn't look out of place. Some might even rank him higher but personally besides his goals I never saw him as a starting quality midfielder for Barca. Perhaps even more surprising than signing him was selling him back to China for profit. This for me goes down as the most bizzare transfer in Barca history.
22) Cesc Fàbregas
  • From: Arsenal
  • Fee: €34m
  • Year: 2011
The origin of "Barca DNA" meme. Another signing that made sense at the time. His connection with Messi at times was incredible to watch, but besides that it never really worked out for him. Fans had high expectations for Cesc as a player that could take Barca to an even higher level, but like Coutinho now, Cesc struggled to create a role for himself in the first team. Eventually sold on a small loss to Chelsea after 3 seasons.
21) Thomas Vermaelen
  • From: Arsenal
  • Fee: €19m
  • Year: 2014
When we were desperate for CB coverage nobody was fond of buying an aging injury prone CB who was never top class. While his injuries haven't improved, in a weird way he has been worth the fee. Most 4th choice CBs would not be happy to sit out for so long, but when they are injured they can't complain. When he has played, he has always looked comfortable on his LCB spot. He has even had extended periods of playing time where having his experience was useful. Sadly this will likely be his last season at Barca at the age of 33 as his contract expires in the summer. A good servant.
20) Lucas Digne
  • From: PSG
  • Fee: €16,5m
  • Year: 2016
Maybe the most unremarkable signing of recent history, the middle of the list seems a good fit for Digne. He was brought as backup to Alba. When he played he did "good enough" for what was required. A good locker room player and great professional. Eventually wanted more playing time and was sold to Everton for small profit. Can't dislike him.
19) Jérémy Mathieu
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €20m
  • Year: 2014
Brought alongside Vermaelen, Mathieu was another surprising signing. Most Barca fans weren't happy to see 2 older non-elite CBs brought in, but Mathieu was impressive on his first season. He was reliable in defense and even scored some crucial goals on route to the treble. Left on a free transfer 3 years later having done his job.
18) Malcom
  • From: Bordeaux
  • Fee: €41m
  • Year: 2018
You might think I put Malcom too high and was influenced by the recent clasico. But Malcom is the type of signing I like to see the club making. He's young, exciting, reasonable priced, and we could make our money back on him any time if we wanted. Let's hope Malcom can climb up this list over the next few years.
17) Arturo Vidal
  • From: Bayern Munich
  • Fee: €18m
  • Year: 2018
Another transfer that just made sense. He's not young but I think many of us had our views change on him when the price was revealed. You know what you get with Vidal. He's a warrior who is always going 100% and will never let up. In a team full of technically astute ballers, this is a good complimentary profile to have. While he doesn't have the technical ability of some of our other midfielders, he does not look out of place an is an upgrade on Paulinho. His time at Barca won't be long but I think it will be memorable.
16) Jasper Cillessen
  • From: Ajax
  • Fee: €13m
  • Year: 2016
Every time he plays he seems to pull off miraculous saves. He's only played 28 games but already lead us to 2 Copas. We have an opportunity to sell him for good profit, but until then he remains the best reserve GK in the world.
15) Claudio Bravo
  • From: Real Sociedad
  • Fee: €12m
  • Year: 2014
Only spent 2 seasons at Barca but helped win 2 Ligas in the process. Always came up with crucial saves. Unfortunately he had to make way for MATS. He was not only a bargain at 12m, but sold for profit 2 years later.
14) Nélson Semedo
  • From: SL Benfica
  • Fee: €35,5m
  • Year: 2017
This was one of the most relieving signings I remember hearing about. We were desperate for a RB after Alves left and Semedo was the chosen one. In a window where we were also linked to Bellerin, most of us were so relieved when we got Semedo for a reasonable price. Reportedly one of the most reliable and hardworking players in training, Semedo has gradually developed his skill and lately seems to be Valverde's preference for the RB spot. There's more to come from this man.
13) Clément Lenglet
  • From: Sevilla
  • Fee: €35,9m
  • Year: 2018
Originally signed as a backup, 35m for a young Liga proven left footed CB seemed like a good deal at the time. Little did we know he would become the most important signing of the season. Even if this is his only season as a starter, Lenglet has already made up for his fee by being a exceptionally good stand in for Umtiti. He may not be on the same level as Samu but it is rarely noticeable. To perform on his first season on the most stressful position is remarkable.
12) Ousmane Dembélé
  • From: Borussia Dortmund
  • Fee: €120m
  • Year: 2017
Might be controversial to have such an expensive young player who has only played consistently for 12 months this high, but I'm confident the board got this one right. He has absolutely exploded this season and his performances have made us all a bit more calm for life after Messi. Arguably the most gifted young attacker in the world, this kid is going to be amongst the elite. He was a big risk and he still has a lot to prove, but we have to credit Bartomeu for betting on him.
11) Adriano
  • From: Sevilla
  • Fee: €9,5m
  • Year: 2010
Maybe a player some will be surprised to see so high, but Adriano was the original Sergi Roberto. Signed as a LB, Adriano ended up playing wherever was needed including RB, CB, and even as a winger. For 10m it's hard to beat his value for money. Without doubt an underrated part of Guardiola's Barca.
10) Alexis Sánchez
  • From: Udinese
  • Fee: €26m
  • Year: 2011
Although he was inconsistent during periods, he was entertaining and never lacked effort. He only spent 3 years here before being sold for a profit to Arsenal, but he definitely developed made a name for himself as one of the best wingers in the world at Barca. I will never forget his cracking goal on his last game with us vs Atleti that could have won the league.
9) Arthur
  • From: Gremio
  • Fee: €31m
  • Year: 2018
Okay, why am I including a player in the top 10 who has only played here for 4 months? I think you all know why. Personally, I have never been more confident that a young signing will make it at Barca than when I first saw Arthur play. He was born to play for Barca and has finally fulfilled our need for an orchestrating midfielder since Xavi left. King.
8) Samuel Umtiti
  • From: Lyon
  • Fee: €25m
  • Year: 2016
Umtiti was THE CB signing Barca fans had been calling out for for years. He was well worth the wait as well, ticking all the boxes necessary for a Pique partner - young, left-footed, athletic, good in the air, and great with the ball. Although Lenglet has done well to mask his absence this season, make no mistake that Umtiti is crucial to the future of Barca's defense. Already amongst the best CBs in the world when he's fit and a crucial piece of France's WC run, Barca need Umtiti at 100% to reach their best.
7) David Villa
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €40m
  • Year: 2010
Villa's performances spoke for themselves. He cemented his place in the starting XI immediately in what would become the single greatest football team of all time. An absolutely perfect fit with Guardiola football, which is next to impossible to find in center forwards. So many memorable moments; 5-0, Wembley, Milan remontada... El Guaje was truly special. Unfortunately the board didn't see him as such in 2013 when they decided to send him to Atletico Madrid for a measly 2m. In classic Villa style, he made himself a key member of Simeone's team, scoring 13 league goals as Atleti beat Barcelona to the title.
6) Luis Suárez
  • From: Liverpool
  • Fee: €81,7m
  • Year: 2014
Signed after a controversial summer and a lengthy ban from football, there were many doubts about Luis Suarez when he was first signed. After a brief adjustment period, Suarez single-handedly turned Barca's abysmal start to the season into a treble winning campaign. His connection with Neymar and Messi will go down as possibly the greatest front 3 football has ever witnessed. Whenever people doubt him he seems to keep finding goals in him. A rare breed of striker and a risky investment that went about as well as possible.
5) Neymar
  • From: Santos
  • Fee: €88m
  • Year: 2013
When he was first signed, many fans were nervous and unsure of Neymar. Paying so much for a flashy Brazilian who had never played in a top league was a huge risk. After taking a season to adapt to Europe, Neymar quickly defined his name as one of the world's best. His dazzling skills were reminiscent of Ronaldinho and he was nothing short of unplayable for most of his stint at Camp Nou. Of course, it didn't have a happy ending as he was drawn to the money of PSG who doubled the transfer fee record to bring him to Paris. He may not be fondly remembered by all Barca fans, but it's difficult to reminisce about Neymar's time at Barca without smiling.
4) Ivan Rakitic
  • From: Sevilla
  • Fee: €18m
  • Year: 2014
I don't think many people expected Rakitic to turn out as well as he did. Since the day he walked into the club he made the starting CM spot his own and hasn't looked back. He has easily adapted to whatever role the manager requires of him thanks to his complete skill set with no real weaknesses in his game. 247 matches played contributing 13 trophies speaks for itself. For a fee of just 18m, Rakitic is certainly one of the bargains of the current era.
3) Javier Mascherano
  • From: Liverpool
  • Fee: €20m
  • Year: 2010
Originally signed as a backup CDM, Mascherano ended up earning his claim as one of the best CBs in the world. After struggling in the midfield when he first came, Guardiola decided to place him at CB to stand in the for the injured Puyol and the rest is history. Masche won the hearts of Barca fans through his unrivaled passion and commitment to the team, a Puyol successor if there ever could be one. One of the greatest tacklers of the 21st century combined his defensive skill with his ability on the ball and football IQ to develop into an essential piece of Barcelona's defense until the arrival of Umtiti.
2) Marc-André ter Stegen
  • From: Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • Fee: €12m
  • Year: 2014
By the time ter Stegen leaves this club he will go down as the greatest keeper in Barcelona history. I said it, and I'm sure of it. His flawless passing from the back along with his monstrous 1v1 ability makes him the ideal goalkeeper for Barca. One of the most consistent performers for Barca since his arrival, MATS impresses us more with every game he plays. 12m is pocket change for the best goalkeeper in the world. A final parting gift from Zubi that will live long in memory.
1) Jordi Alba
  • From: Valencia
  • Fee: €14m
  • Year: 2012
Announced during his breakout EURO 2012 campaign with Spain, Jordi Alba and Barca were the perfect match since the beginning. Alba fulfills such a unique skillset that makes him the perfect Barca fullback - any other player in the world would be a clear downgrade for his position. Not only has he developed an unbelievable partnership with Messi in attack, but his speed has helped prevent counterattacks countless times. The best part is he seems to get better and better with age. For just 14m, Barca struck gold with this one.
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2018.12.07 02:21 AlcoholicSocks Olivier Giroud: Quietly Class

Following on from my posts about Fellaini and Murray, I am going to this time be taking a look at Giroud. This was requested by ilaughallthetime.
Olivier Giroud is a strange player, he is widely criticised within England for this league form with many pundits and fans feeling he should score more. While over in his home nation of France he is loved by all for his national team performances, despite the fact that 22 of his goals came in friendlies and he famously didn't score in the 2018 World Cup. Imagine the hate he would get if he was English for that.


Giroud started his career out in the second tier of French football for Grenoble Foot 38. he made 25 appearances for them and managed to get more bookings than he did goals; getting shown 3 yellows and only scoring twice. After clearly failing to impress he was sent down to the third division on loan to FC Istres.
At FC Istres he would get game time and gain the confidence he needed. Making 33 league appearances and netting 14 times.
After this season long loan, Ligue 2 side Tours FC saw something in him and made him a permanent fixture in their side. This is where he would really catch the eye of the bigger clubs. He scored 13 goals and assisted 2 in 26 games (2,159 minutes). 1 goal contribution every 144 minutes. Tours would finish 6th that season, only 5 points away from promotion and 7 away from the title. The following season was his breakout year, he played 41 games for Tours and this includes all 38 league matches. He managed 23 goals and 7 assists in these 41 games (3,614 minutes) a goal contribution every 120 minutes. 21 of these goals came in the league, leaving him the seasons top goalscorer, beating Anthony Modeste by 1 goal. His 7 assists also left him the joint 5th best assister in the league, showing that he was more than just a goalscorer and is able to bring teammates into play. Something that not all strikers can claim.
Despite his exploits Tours could only finish in a disappointing 11th and Giroud was awarded the Player of the Year and sold to Montpellier. His first season was outstanding, managing to make 14 goals and assist 5 in 43 games (3,481 minutes), giving him a goal contribution every 183 minutes, or just over 1 every 2 games. In this season Montpellier managed to get to the final of the Coupe de la Ligue, however they were defeated 1-0. In the tournament Giroud only managed 1 goal, a 117th min winner against PSG in the semis. The he would go goalless for nearly 2 months. This is a theme that follows Giroud throughout his career, he will have runs of not scoring for many games then suddenly for fun again out of nowhere. He finished the season at Montpellier's top scorer and in all seriousness probably was the reason they didn't get relegated. Finishing above the drop by 3 points.
Montpellier would extend his contract and the following season would be his bet he will ever have in terms of output. 25 goals and 12 assists across 42 games (3.698 Minutes). That's a goal contribution every 99.94 minutes, lets call it 100. Just under 1 goal a game for a team that least season dodged relegation by 3 points. That's seriously impressive. 21 of these goals came in the league, making him joint top scorer with Nene. Nene was given the award though due to more goals in open play. His 12 assists also ranked him 3rd on the assist table. This insane season he managed helped Montpellier to win the league title. This was a side that only just avoided relegation just a season earlier.

Move to England

This kind of form was always going to attract attention and Arsenal came calling. He played scored 17 and assisted 12 across 47 games in his first season in England. (3,201 Minutes). That's a goal contribution every 110 minutes. That's only 10 minutes less between contributions than he had in his best season. He clearly started life in England very effectively. That being said, he was purchased to replace Robin Van Persie. So he had massive shoes to fill and RvP netted 26 in the league alone for United that season as he helped them lift the title. So Arsenal fans will have been feeling like he wasn't good enough despite his impressive output.
The next season saw Giroud net 22 times and assist 12 in 52 games (4,092 minutes). 1 goal contribution every 120 minutes. 1 every 2 games. Still an amazing output for 99% of strikers. He managed 16 of these goals in the league and he finished 5th top goalscorer , tied with Bony and Dzeko. Arsenal would also go on to win the FA Cup this season, beating Hull 3-2 in the final with Giroud assisting twice.
The 2014/15 season is a good one for this post as we are able to for the first time use some extra stats. From now on the Expected Goals and Expected Assists stats will be used (xG and xA). Giroud netted 19 times and assisted 4 from 36 games (2,379 Minutes) an output of 1 goal contribution every 103 minutes. Lets just zoom in on the league for a moment though as this is where I can find the data for xG and xA. He made 27 league appearances (1,865 minutes), netting on 14 occasions and assisting on 3. A contribution every 109 minutes. He was averaging 3.37 shots a game over the course of 27 games. We can work out from this he would have had around 91 shots in the league this season so his conversation rate was 15.38%. Now this alone doesn't sound that good, however his xG was only 8.85. So it seems like he wasn't getting many strikes from effective areas and was having to make do with Arsenal's lackluster attack at the time. He still outperformed his xG by just under 6 goals and that is impressive. It shows he was scoring chances he really shouldn't have been while still finishing the ones he should. His xA this season was 3.86 and he made 3 so this is basically where it should be. Also fun fact I found while researching this, he only took 4 shots with his right foot all season. Scored 1. Wasn't able to find that goal though. Edit: OnMeEdSon found it! Here it is
The 15/16 season was another solid one for the big man. Scoring 24 and assisting 6 in 53 games (3,373 minutes). That's 1 contribution every 112 minutes. Again, we will focus on the league. 16 goals, 6 assists in 38 games (2,425 minutes), that's 1 contribution every 110 minutes. Now in this season he had 101 shots, 10 more than last season and netted 2 more goals. The difference is how many were taken from inside the box. 95 shots inside the box this season compared to 53 in the season before. This made a massive difference to his xG with it now being at 14.5, that's a 6 goal increase from last season. He still out performed it, but only by 2. Now this isn't because he was worse at finishing. Infact it's because he was taking more shot's from better places, so he won't outperform it as much as he did last season since he is expected to score more. xA for this season is 5.76 and he made 6 so that's bang on again. Giroud was 6th top scorer in the league and Arsenal again won an FA cup and came 2nd in the league. Do I need to say who won it?
In the 16/17 season Giroud didn't see that much game time. He netted 16 times and assisted 7 in 40 appearances but he managed only 1,780 minutes. That though is 1 contribution every 77 minutes! Over 1 a game and his best season to date. The reason he didn't play that much was mainly injuries. Focusing on the league yet again and he scored 12 and assisted 4 in 29 games (1,194 minutes). That's 1 contribution every 74 minutes. He only had 39 shots this season and scored 12, giving him a conversion rate of 30.76%. That is simply staggering. Out of these 39 shots, 33 were from inside the box. He had an xG of 7 this season and netted 12. Once again outdoing it by 5. Now it should be pointed out that unlike last season he wasn't getting into better positions, with only 4 shots outside the box and none of them lead to goals. Instead he won a lot more headers, 41% of his shots were with his head. By being dominant in the air he was able to outperform his xG. He was expected to get just 2.49 goals with his head but he managed 6 and got an assist. Curiously enough only 1 of these goals came from a set piece, so he was finding space in open play to win these headers. Arsenal would win a 3rd FA cup in a row this season.
We are going to split the 17/18 season in half as Giroud moved to Chelsea on Deadline day in the winter window. This season is his worse. In the first half he scored 7 goals and assisted 0 in 26 games (1,226 Minutes). That's a contribution every 175 minutes. In the league that's 4 goals and 0 assists in 16 games (374 Minutes). 1 contribution every 94 minutes. So in the league he was actually getting just under 1 goal a game but his play time was restricted to coming off of the bench. His xG for this half was actually 3.55 and he has 4 so he performed about how he should. His xA was 0.84 and he didn't get any. Giroud would move to Chelsea, and Arsenal would finish 6th, the worse final position for them since Wenger had arrived 23 years before.

Chelsea Come Calling

Girouds second half was much better, he was able to adapt to Chelsea and only managed 5 goals 3 assists in 17 games (865 Minutes). That's a contribution 8 goals every 108 minutes, which is back to his normal best. In the league he had 3 goals and 1 assist in 13 games (611 Minutes). That's a goal every 152 minutes so clearly something isn't happening for him in the league this season. At Chelsea his xG this half of the season was 4.05 and he only managed 3. While his xA was 2.16 and he managed 1.
Overall for this season he made 12 goals and 3 assists in 44 games (2,157 minutes). A contribution every 144 minutes. In the league this was 7 goals and 1 assist in 29 games (984 minutes). A slightly better contribution of 1 every 123 minutes. For the first time since we have been able to track it, Giroud has underperformed his xG. He was expected to get 7.6 and he got 7. So really he missed it by one. So his finishing was still there and he was scoring when he should have been, the issue seems to be his ability to get into these places.
Now we get to this season. He has 4 goals and 4 assists in 16 games so far (757 minutes). That's a contribution every 94 minutes. In the league though he has only 1 goal yet all 4 assists in 12 games (493 Minutes). That's a contribution every 99 Minutes. So this season Giroud looks like he is actually on track to have one of his best ever seasons! He xG this season in the league is 2.44 and he has 1 so he is underperforming by 1.44, however his xA is 2.11 and he has 4 so he is overperforming that by 1.89. Throughout the course of the season these should level out so we can expect him to keep this 1 in 99 minutes output.

National Summery

For his national side, Giroud has 87 caps, making him the 11th most capped player and his 33 goals makes him the 4th highest goalscorer. he is 1 behind 3rd placed Trezeguet and 2 ahead of Zidane. He has won a World Cup and finished as runner up in a EURO's. It's already easy to see why he is loved among the French. He has 33 goals and 10 assists for France in 87 games (4,820 Minutes). This is a contribution every 109 minutes which is about inline with the rest of his career.

Career overview

So to summarise. Giroud had made 465 Club appearances (31,341 Minutes) and scored 191 goals while assisting 74. Giving him a goal contribution every 118 minutes.
For Country he has He has 33 goals and 10 assists for France in 87 games (4,820 Minutes). This is a contribution every 109 minutes.
In total he has 552 games spread over 36,161 minutes. In this time he netted 224 times and assisted 84, leaving him with a career total of 1 contribution every 117 minutes.


Lets put this in context, I have calculated the career totals of a few other well known strikers to see where Giroud places.
Lionel Messi - 1 Contribution every 70 minutes
Cristiano Ronaldo - 1 Contribution every 82 minutes
Robert Lewandowski - 1 Contribution every 97 minutes (That surprised me)
Didier Drogba - 1 Contribution every 113 minutes.
Olivier Giroud - 1 Contribution every 117 minutes.
Wayne Rooney - 1 Contribution every 120 minutes.
Michael Owen - 1 Contribution every 137 minutes
Fernando Torres - 1 Contribution every 144 minutes


I think the summarize this is fair to say that Giroud is a fantastic striker that is perhaps under rated for his club form. His output allows him to mingle with some of the best of our time and it's easy to see why he is love for France. Other than the 17/18 season he has been performing at a very consistent rate for all of his career and he looks like he will be back to that rate this season. Also he has scored some bangers
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2018.09.30 22:58 soccerbot League Roundup: Ligue 1 [2018-09-30]


Ligue 1


All times shown in GMT.
Wed 26/09/18 Amiens SC 2 - 1 Stade Rennais
Bordeaux 1 - 0 Lille OSC
SM Caen 2 - 2 Montpellier
Dijon 0 - 3 Olympique Lyonnais
Olympique de Marseille 3 - 2 RC Strasbourg
Nîmes Olympique 0 - 0 Guingamp
Paris Saint-Germain 4 - 1 Stade Reims
Fri 28/09/18 Saint-Étienne 2 - 0 Monaco
Sat 29/09/18 OGC Nice 0 - 3 Paris Saint-Germain
Angers SCO 0 - 1 Guingamp
SM Caen 1 - 0 Amiens SC
Olympique Lyonnais 1 - 1 Nantes
Stade Reims 0 - 0 Bordeaux
RC Strasbourg 3 - 0 Dijon
Sun 30/09/18 Stade Rennais 1 - 1 Toulouse
Montpellier 3 - 0 Nîmes Olympique
Lille OSC 3 - 0 Olympique de Marseille


# Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 Paris Saint-Germain 8 8 0 0 27 6 +21 24 WWWWW
2 Lille OSC 8 5 1 2 14 6 +8 16 LWWLW
3 Montpellier 8 4 3 1 11 6 +5 15 WDWDW
4 Saint-Étienne 8 4 3 1 10 9 +1 15 DLWWW
5 Olympique Lyonnais 8 4 2 2 14 7 +7 14 LDWWD
6 Olympique de Marseille 8 4 1 3 19 16 +3 13 WWLWL
7 Toulouse 8 3 3 2 9 11 -2 12 WDDLD
8 RC Strasbourg 8 3 2 3 14 11 +3 11 LDWLW
9 Bordeaux 8 3 2 3 10 11 -1 11 LDWWD
10 SM Caen 8 2 4 2 10 11 -1 10 WDLDW
11 Angers SCO 8 3 1 4 9 10 -1 10 WWDWL
12 Dijon 8 3 1 4 9 12 -3 10 LLDLL
13 OGC Nice 8 3 1 4 6 12 -6 10 WWLWL
14 Nîmes Olympique 8 2 3 3 13 16 -3 9 LDDDL
15 Stade Reims 8 2 3 3 4 9 -5 9 LDDLD
16 Stade Rennais 8 2 2 4 10 13 -3 8 WLLLD
17 Amiens SC 8 2 1 5 10 13 -3 7 DLLWL
18 Monaco 8 1 3 4 8 11 -3 6 LDDLL
19 Nantes 8 1 3 4 8 13 -5 6 WDLLD
20 Guingamp 8 1 1 6 5 17 -12 4 LLLDW
UEFA Champions League UEFA Champions League Qualifiers UEFA Europa League Relegation Play-off Relegation

Top Scorers

Player Team Goals
Neymar Paris Saint-Germain 7
F. Thauvin Olympique de Marseille 6
E. Cavani Paris Saint-Germain 5
F. Kamano Bordeaux 5
Nuno Da Costa RC Strasbourg 4
W. Khazri Saint-Étienne 4
K. Mbappé Paris Saint-Germain 4
D. Payet Olympique de Marseille 4
N. Pépé Lille OSC 4
E. Sala Nantes 4
B. Traoré Olympique Lyonnais 4
J. Bamba Lille OSC 3
Á. Di María Paris Saint-Germain 3
R. Falcao Monaco 3
V. Germain Olympique de Marseille 3
● data from ● generated by soccerbot ● requested by Belshyre
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2018.09.27 17:53 soccerbot League Roundup: Ligue 1 [2018-09-27]


Ligue 1


All times shown in GMT.
Sun 23/09/18 Stade Rennais 1 - 3 Paris Saint-Germain
Guingamp 1 - 3 Bordeaux
Olympique Lyonnais 4 - 2 Olympique de Marseille
Tue 25/09/18 Monaco 0 - 1 Angers SCO
Nantes 1 - 2 OGC Nice
Toulouse 2 - 3 Saint-Étienne
Wed 26/09/18 Amiens SC 2 - 1 Stade Rennais
Bordeaux 1 - 0 Lille OSC
SM Caen 2 - 2 Montpellier
Dijon 0 - 3 Olympique Lyonnais
Olympique de Marseille 3 - 2 RC Strasbourg
Nîmes Olympique 0 - 0 Guingamp
Paris Saint-Germain 4 - 1 Stade Reims
Fri 28/09/18 Saint-Étienne 18 : 45 Monaco
Sat 29/09/18 OGC Nice 15 : 15 Paris Saint-Germain
Angers SCO 18 : 00 Guingamp
SM Caen 18 : 00 Amiens SC
Olympique Lyonnais 18 : 00 Nantes
Stade Reims 18 : 00 Bordeaux
RC Strasbourg 18 : 00 Dijon
Sun 30/09/18 Stade Rennais 13 : 00 Toulouse
Montpellier 15 : 00 Nîmes Olympique
Lille OSC 19 : 00 Olympique de Marseille


# Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 Paris Saint-Germain 7 7 0 0 24 6 +18 21 WWWWW
2 Olympique Lyonnais 7 4 1 2 13 6 +7 13 WLDWW
3 Olympique de Marseille 7 4 1 2 19 13 +6 13 DWWLW
4 Lille OSC 7 4 1 2 11 6 +5 13 WLWWL
5 Montpellier 7 3 3 1 8 6 +2 12 DWDWD
6 Saint-Étienne 7 3 3 1 8 9 -1 12 DDLWW
7 Toulouse 7 3 2 2 8 10 -2 11 WWDDL
8 Angers SCO 7 3 1 3 9 9 +0 10 LWWDW
9 Dijon 7 3 1 3 9 9 +0 10 WLLDL
10 Bordeaux 7 3 1 3 10 11 -1 10 WLDWW
11 OGC Nice 7 3 1 3 6 9 -3 10 LWWLW
12 Nîmes Olympique 7 2 3 2 13 13 +0 9 LLDDD
13 RC Strasbourg 7 2 2 3 11 11 +0 8 LLDWL
14 Stade Reims 7 2 2 3 4 9 -5 8 LLDDL
15 Amiens SC 7 2 1 4 10 12 -2 7 WDLLW
16 SM Caen 7 1 4 2 9 11 -2 7 DWDLD
17 Stade Rennais 7 2 1 4 9 12 -3 7 DWLLL
18 Monaco 7 1 3 3 8 9 -1 6 LLDDL
19 Nantes 7 1 2 4 7 12 -5 5 DWDLL
20 Guingamp 7 0 1 6 4 17 -13 1 LLLLD
UEFA Champions League UEFA Champions League Qualifiers UEFA Europa League Relegation Play-off Relegation

Top Scorers

Player Team Goals
F. Thauvin Olympique de Marseille 6
E. Cavani Paris Saint-Germain 5
Neymar Paris Saint-Germain 5
F. Kamano Bordeaux 5
K. Mbappé Paris Saint-Germain 4
D. Payet Olympique de Marseille 4
N. Pépé Lille OSC 4
E. Sala Nantes 4
B. Traoré Olympique Lyonnais 4
J. Bamba Lille OSC 3
Nuno Da Costa RC Strasbourg 3
Á. Di María Paris Saint-Germain 3
R. Falcao Monaco 3
V. Germain Olympique de Marseille 3
M. Gradel Toulouse 3
● data from ● generated by soccerbot ● requested by Belshyre
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2018.09.25 14:52 Hitlers_Art_Teacher Expected Goals Data for the Top 6 leagues

For those that don't know what Expected Goals (xG) are, Expected Goals (xG) is a measure of chance quality;
Shot-based expected goals are an estimate of how many goals a team “should” have scored, given the shots they took in that match. Each shot is assigned a probability of scoring based on its distance and angle from the goal, as well as the part of the body the shot was taken with. These individual shot probabilities are added together to produce a team’s shot-based expected goals for that match, which may be bigger or smaller than the number of goals it actually scored.
In essence, it can been seen as a more accurate look at how teams are performing. Here are two videos from Opta and Tifo Football who explain it a bit better if you're still trying to get your head round it all.
The data that I use is provided by FiveThirtyEight for free (you can download all their data here, within the spi_matches.csv file). From this data I have created tables to show the current Expected Goals (xG), Expected Goals Against (xGA), Average Opponent faced so far (based off of 538's team rankings - which is how the teams are ranked postionally), Goals per Game (Gpg), Goals Against per game (GApg) and finally the +/- ratio from xG to Gpg.
For the +/- column, in goal terms, a negative number means that a team is performing well and scoring more than the chances they have had, while a positive means they're not as clinical as the chances they've had. In terms of goals against, a negative number means they're conceding more than the chances they're letting the opposition have so are being sloppy defensively, whilst a positive means that the defense is doing well as they conceding less goals than the chances they've faced. Essentially a team would want a '-' in G and '+' in GA but a large number in either way in either category would suggest that it is possibly unstable long term.
For an alternate website, this is also Understat which is a great site as it also provides Expected Pts (xPts). Their xG numbers differ as they get their data not from the same place as 538 (I believe 538 use Opta).
Pos. TEAM xG xGA Avg. Opp. Gpg GApg G +/- GA +/-
1 Manchester City 3.108 0.598 14.00 3.167 0.500 -0.06 0.10
2 Liverpool 2.393 0.632 10.83 2.333 0.333 0.06 0.30
3 Chelsea 1.948 1.000 14.17 2.333 0.667 -0.39 0.33
4 Tottenham 1.843 1.490 10.00 2.000 1.167 -0.16 0.32
5 Arsenal 1.383 1.295 11.00 2.000 1.500 -0.62 -0.21
6 Manchester Utd 1.638 1.367 10.17 1.500 1.500 0.14 -0.13
7 Watford 1.338 1.073 13.13 1.833 1.000 -0.50 0.07
8 Leicester City 1.192 1.227 10.00 1.833 1.667 -0.64 -0.44
9 Wolverhampton 1.475 0.772 10.33 1.000 1.000 0.48 -0.23
10 Crystal Palace 0.990 1.467 12.00 0.667 1.000 0.32 0.47
11 Bournemouth 1.852 1.377 12.83 1.667 1.833 0.19 -0.46
12 Southampton 1.483 1.615 11.00 1.000 1.500 0.48 0.12
13 Everton 1.133 1.368 12.17 1.333 1.833 -0.20 -0.47
14 Newcastle 0.745 1.583 7.00 0.667 1.333 0.08 0.25
15 Brighton 1.413 1.842 8.00 1.333 1.833 0.08 0.01
16 West Ham 0.965 2.032 7.17 0.833 1.833 0.13 0.20
17 Fulham 1.138 2.455 9.17 1.333 2.167 -0.20 0.29
18 Burnley 1.283 1.882 10.33 1.167 1.667 0.12 0.22
19 Cardiff City 0.865 1.955 9.00 0.500 2.333 0.37 -0.38
20 Huddersfield 0.617 1.820 9.00 0.500 2.333 0.12 -0.51​
LA LIGA (5 Games in)
Pos. TEAM xG xGA Avg. Opp. Gpg GApg G +/- GA +/-
1 Barcelona 2.615 0.983 13.67 3.200 1.000 -0.59 -0.018
2 Real Madrid 2.597 0.745 11.58 2.400 0.600 0.20 0.145
3 Atletico Madrid 1.408 1.020 12.33 1.000 0.800 0.41 0.220
4 Sevilla 2.091 1.564 12.75 2.000 1.200 0.09 0.364
5 Real Sociedad 1.221 1.449 7.38 1.400 1.400 -0.18 0.049
6 Valencia 1.443 1.047 9.42 0.600 1.000 0.84 0.047
7 Espanyol 1.131 1.008 10.33 1.000 0.800 0.13 0.208
8 Getafe 1.062 1.116 7.50 0.800 0.800 0.26 0.316
9 Celta Vigo 1.423 1.596 12.58 2.000 1.600 -0.58 -0.004
10 Athletic Bilbao 1.195 1.378 11.33 1.750 1.500 -0.56 -0.122
11 Villarreal 0.882 1.145 9.58 0.400 0.600 0.48 0.545
12 Real Betis 1.117 1.095 11.00 0.600 1.000 0.52 0.095
13 SD Huesca 1.072 1.718 10.42 1.200 2.600 -0.13 -0.883
14 Eibar 1.048 1.678 8.58 1.000 1.200 0.05 0.478
15 Girona FC 1.113 1.815 8.00 1.400 1.600 -0.29 0.215
16 Levante 1.772 2.218 7.92 1.600 2.200 0.17 0.018
17 Leganes 1.316 1.723 8.33 0.800 2.000 0.52 -0.278
18 Alavés 0.878 1.529 11.42 1.600 1.000 -0.72 0.529
19 Real Valladolid 0.871 1.202 10.08 0.600 1.000 0.27 0.202
20 Rayo Vallecano 1.593 1.748 9.50 0.750 2.500 0.84 -0.753​
BUNDESLIGA (4 Games in)
Pos. TEAM xG xGA Avg. Opp. Gpg GApg G +/- GA +/-
1 Bayern Munich 2.450 0.533 6.00 2.750 0.500 -0.30 0.033
2 Borussia Dortmund 1.525 1.035 7.75 2.000 0.750 -0.48 0.285
3 Bayer Leverkusen 1.085 2.075 8.75 0.750 2.000 0.34 0.075
4 TSG Hoffenheim 2.145 2.018 9.25 1.500 1.750 0.65 0.268
5 RB Leipzig 2.188 1.620 10.50 1.500 2.000 0.69 -0.380
6 Borussia Monchengladbach 2.118 1.985 8.25 1.750 1.500 0.37 0.485
7 Schalke 04 1.315 1.603 8.50 0.500 2.000 0.82 -0.398
8 Eintracht Frankfurt 1.045 1.775 8.00 1.250 1.500 -0.21 0.275
9 Werder Bremen 1.390 1.350 12.50 1.750 1.250 -0.36 0.100
10 VfB Stuttgart 1.053 1.370 12.00 0.750 1.750 0.30 -0.380
11 FC Augsburg 1.648 1.698 11.50 1.500 1.750 0.15 -0.053
12 Hertha Berlin 1.400 2.103 11.25 2.250 1.000 -0.85 1.103
13 Mainz 1.280 1.235 10.25 1.000 0.750 0.28 0.485
14 Hannover 96 0.693 1.380 6.17 0.750 1.500 -0.06 -0.120
15 VFL Wolfsburg 2.052 1.322 7.33 2.000 1.750 0.05 -0.428
16 SC Freiburg 1.665 1.720 9.25 1.750 2.250 -0.09 -0.530
17 1. FC Nürnberg 1.300 0.653 12.00 1.000 0.750 0.30 -0.097
18 Fortuna Düsseldorf 1.518 1.878 7.50 1.000 1.000 0.52 0.878​
SERIA A (5 Games in)
Pos. TEAM xG xGA Avg. Opp. Gpg GApg G +/- GA +/-
1 Juventus 2.482 0.858 13.50 2.200 0.800 0.28 0.058
2 Napoli 1.757 0.853 8.42 1.800 1.400 -0.04 -0.548
3 AS Roma 2.027 1.526 11.25 1.400 1.800 0.63 -0.274
4 Inter Milan 1.465 0.815 13.92 1.200 0.800 0.27 0.015
5 Atalanta 1.626 1.316 12.75 1.800 1.600 -0.17 -0.284
6 Lazio 1.966 1.276 9.50 1.400 1.000 0.57 0.276
7 AC Milan 1.960 1.305 6.50 1.750 1.750 0.21 -0.445
8 Fiorentina 1.377 0.753 10.92 2.200 0.600 -0.82 0.153
9 Torino 1.117 0.938 6.92 1.000 1.400 0.12 -0.463
10 Sassuolo 1.608 1.951 9.42 2.400 1.600 -0.79 0.351
11 Udinese 1.057 0.998 13.17 1.200 0.800 -0.14 0.198
12 Genoa 1.110 1.715 12.00 1.750 2.500 -0.64 -0.785
13 Sampdoria 1.200 1.230 9.83 1.800 0.600 -0.60 0.630
14 SPAL 1.085 0.991 11.92 0.800 0.800 0.29 0.191
15 Empoli 1.349 1.612 12.17 0.800 1.200 0.55 0.412
16 Cagliari 0.898 1.641 10.92 0.800 1.400 0.10 0.241
17 Bologna 0.881 1.608 11.25 0.400 1.000 0.48 0.608
18 Chievo Verona 1.216 2.255 7.25 1.000 2.600 0.22 -0.345
19 Frosinone 0.588 2.538 7.92 0.000 2.400 0.59 0.138
20 Parma 0.968 1.621 9.17 1.200 1.000 -0.23 0.621​
LIGUE 1 (6 Games in)
Pos. TEAM xG xGA Avg. Opp. Gpg GApg G +/- GA +/-
1 PSG 2.472 1.072 13.17 3.333 0.833 -0.86 0.238
2 Lyon 1.450 0.941 15.00 1.667 1.000 -0.22 -0.059
3 Marseille 1.777 1.200 8.83 2.667 1.833 -0.89 -0.633
4 AS Monaco 1.440 1.448 10.00 1.333 1.333 0.11 0.115
5 Dijon 1.500 1.132 15.50 1.500 1.000 0.00 0.132
6 Stade Rennes 1.185 1.135 8.33 1.333 1.667 -0.15 -0.532
7 St Etienne 1.110 0.975 13.50 0.833 1.167 0.28 -0.192
8 Lille 1.618 1.033 13.17 1.833 0.833 -0.22 0.200
9 Bordeaux 1.053 1.490 10.50 1.500 1.833 -0.45 -0.343
10 Toulouse 1.082 1.393 10.33 1.000 1.167 0.08 0.227
11 Montpellier 0.635 1.024 13.50 1.000 0.667 -0.37 0.357
12 Strasbourg 0.948 0.677 10.83 1.500 1.333 -0.55 -0.657
13 Nimes 1.126 2.100 5.75 2.167 2.167 -1.04 -0.067
14 Nice 0.923 1.378 10.00 0.667 1.333 0.26 0.045
15 Angers 1.268 1.248 7.17 1.333 1.500 -0.07 -0.252
16 Reims 0.765 0.910 11.33 0.500 0.833 0.27 0.077
17 Nantes 1.140 1.383 10.83 1.000 1.667 0.14 -0.283
18 Guingamp 1.270 1.578 6.33 0.667 2.833 0.60 -1.255
19 Amiens 0.938 1.163 9.33 1.333 1.833 -0.40 -0.670
20 Caen 1.094 1.480 7.75 1.167 1.500 -0.07 -0.020​
PRIMEIRA LIGA (5 Games in)
Pos. TEAM xG xGA Avg. Opp. Gpg GApg G +/- GA +/-
1 FC Porto 2.146 0.776 9.42 3.000 1.000 -0.85 -0.224
2 Benfica 1.724 0.700 11.50 2.400 0.600 -0.68 0.100
3 Sporting CP 1.428 0.967 7.33 1.400 0.800 0.03 0.167
4 Braga 1.022 0.913 11.92 2.400 1.200 -1.38 -0.288
5 Feirense 0.638 0.918 8.50 0.800 0.400 -0.16 0.518
6 Belenenses 0.836 0.965 10.17 0.800 0.800 0.04 0.165
7 Rio Ave 1.419 1.251 12.42 1.800 1.200 -0.38 0.051
8 Chaves 0.901 1.357 8.08 1.000 1.800 -0.10 -0.443
9 Guimaraes 0.693 0.913 8.17 1.600 1.800 -0.91 -0.887
10 Boavista 0.826 1.115 8.00 1.200 1.800 -0.37 -0.685
11 Vitoria Setubal 0.748 0.875 8.08 0.800 1.200 -0.05 -0.325
12 Maritimo 1.316 1.063 11.08 1.000 0.800 0.32 0.263
13 Portimonense 1.082 0.959 9.42 1.200 2.000 -0.12 -1.041
14 Moreirense 0.920 1.799 7.92 0.800 2.000 0.12 -0.201
15 Santa Clara 0.913 1.495 9.75 2.000 2.200 -1.09 -0.705
16 C.D. Nacional 1.400 1.297 7.33 1.000 2.200 0.40 -0.903
17 Tondela 0.775 1.242 11.25 1.000 1.000 -0.23 0.242
18 Desportivo Aves 1.137 1.554 10.08 0.600 2.000 0.54 -0.446​
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2018.09.24 16:04 soccerbot League Roundup: Ligue 1 [2018-09-24]


Ligue 1


All times shown in GMT.
Fri 21/09/18 Monaco 1 - 1 Nîmes Olympique
Sat 22/09/18 Lille OSC 2 - 1 Nantes
Angers SCO 0 - 0 Toulouse
Montpellier 1 - 0 OGC Nice
Stade Reims 0 - 0 Dijon
Saint-Étienne 2 - 1 SM Caen
RC Strasbourg 3 - 1 Amiens SC
Sun 23/09/18 Stade Rennais 1 - 3 Paris Saint-Germain
Guingamp 1 - 3 Bordeaux
Olympique Lyonnais 4 - 2 Olympique de Marseille
Tue 25/09/18 Monaco 17 : 00 Angers SCO
Nantes 17 : 00 OGC Nice
Toulouse 19 : 00 Saint-Étienne
Wed 26/09/18 Amiens SC 17 : 00 Stade Rennais
Bordeaux 17 : 00 Lille OSC
SM Caen 17 : 00 Montpellier
Dijon 17 : 00 Olympique Lyonnais
Olympique de Marseille 17 : 00 RC Strasbourg
Nîmes Olympique 17 : 00 Guingamp
Paris Saint-Germain 19 : 00 Stade Reims


# Team P W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 Paris Saint-Germain 6 6 0 0 20 5 +15 18 WWWWW
2 Lille OSC 6 4 1 1 11 5 +6 13 DWLWW
3 Montpellier 6 3 2 1 6 4 +2 11 WDWDW
4 Toulouse 6 3 2 1 6 7 -1 11 WWWDD
5 Olympique de Marseille 6 3 1 2 16 11 +5 10 LDWWL
6 Olympique Lyonnais 6 3 1 2 10 6 +4 10 LWLDW
7 Dijon 6 3 1 2 9 6 +3 10 WWLLD
8 Saint-Étienne 6 2 3 1 5 7 -2 9 DDDLW
9 RC Strasbourg 6 2 2 2 9 8 +1 8 DLLDW
10 Nîmes Olympique 6 2 2 2 13 13 +0 8 WLLDD
11 Stade Reims 6 2 2 2 3 5 -2 8 WLLDD
12 Angers SCO 6 2 1 3 8 9 -1 7 LLWWD
13 Stade Rennais 6 2 1 3 8 10 -2 7 WDWLL
14 Bordeaux 6 2 1 3 9 11 -2 7 LWLDW
15 OGC Nice 6 2 1 3 4 8 -4 7 DLWWL
16 Monaco 6 1 3 2 8 8 +0 6 DLLDD
17 SM Caen 6 1 3 2 7 9 -2 6 DDWDL
18 Nantes 6 1 2 3 6 10 -4 5 LDWDL
19 Amiens SC 6 1 1 4 8 11 -3 4 LWDLL
20 Guingamp 6 0 0 6 4 17 -13 0 LLLLL
UEFA Champions League UEFA Champions League Qualifiers UEFA Europa League Relegation Play-off Relegation

Top Scorers

Player Team Goals
F. Thauvin Olympique de Marseille 6
Neymar Paris Saint-Germain 4
F. Kamano Bordeaux 4
K. Mbappé Paris Saint-Germain 4
N. Pépé Lille OSC 4
B. Traoré Olympique Lyonnais 4
J. Bamba Lille OSC 3
E. Cavani Paris Saint-Germain 3
Á. Di María Paris Saint-Germain 3
R. Falcao Monaco 3
M. Konaté Amiens SC 3
D. Payet Olympique de Marseille 3
E. Sala Nantes 3
Júlio Tavares Dijon 3
M. Thuram Guingamp 3
● data from ● generated by soccerbot ● requested by Belshyre
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