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Fuck i so fucking restless and i dont understand

2020.10.24 01:28 ScarSpeed Fuck i so fucking restless and i dont understand

I’m doing everything right
I’m meditating. I’m working out. I’m practicing French. I got my license. I got a job. I’m having good family relations. But I’m stuck somehow. I haven’t written a song in about 20 days. I’ve been working on concepts for music videos and an album and a verse and such and such. I have a date next week. But I’m fucking never satisfied with my days anymore.
I’m doing fine in school. I have a way better social life. But every now and then I get stuck on some fucking app wasting my time and I hate it. When I’m like okay fuck enough of this shit. And decide to work on something I just sit down and I can’t fucking get shit done. And when that happens nothing can fix.
I can’t sleep. I get filled with rage. And everybody around me tries to say chill out. But that’s the opposite of what I need. I’m not a fucking loser. I’m not gonna be. I’m gonna be somebody. I hate sitting still. How can I get my momentum back? I was on a roll.
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2020.10.23 23:54 know_it_none The new grad job starts in 9 months, what should I do in 6 months "vacation"?

I accepted a developer offer from a pretty known company. The start date is in July 2021. I'll graduate in December and get my degree in January or February. That means I have 5 to 6 months of vacancy that I don't know what to do. I thought about taking some extra courses and graduate one semester later but the international student tuition is very high. I don't want to watch Netflix for 6 months and forget how to write for loops on the first day of work.
I am currently planning to:
  1. Pass exams for immigration (both English and French, I am in Canada);
  2. Move to the city where the company is in;
  3. Start to build some side projects which might be beneficial for the future career (I am thinking of a web app);
  4. Travel, if there will be no travel restriction at least in Canada or between the US and Canada.
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2020.10.23 23:37 know_it_none The new grad job starts in 9 months, what should I do in 6 months "vacation"?

I accepted a developer offer from a pretty known company. The start date is in July 2021. I'll graduate in December and get my degree in January or February. That means I have 5 to 6 months of vacancy that I don't know what to do. I thought about taking some extra courses and graduate one semester later but the international student tuition is very high. I don't want to watch Netflix for 6 months and forget how to write for loops on the first day of work.
I am currently planing:
  1. Pass exams for immigration (both English and French, I am in Canada);
  2. Move to the city where the company is in;
  3. Start to build some side projects which might be beneficial for the future career (I am thinking of a web app);
  4. Travel, if there will be no travel restriction at least in Canada or between the US and Canada.
Any other suggestions would be helpful for me!
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2020.10.23 12:46 MassiveStallion Reboot thoughts, Frasier and new media

Frasier ended before the advent of smart phones and social media, online dating wasn't a thing. Radio was still a thing.
For me the most interesting thing is how Fraiser and Niles would adapt to all the new tech. In the show they seemed to do a pretty good job moving from the 1990s to the early 2000s. We saw him move from the 1980s and pretty much stay 'on trend' with tech and society.
Does Frasier get a podcast? Youtube star? Does he make an app? What would his online dating profile look like? The show takes a pretty dim view of things like online dating, geek culture and nerds...note Frasier's extreme antipathy for Noel and his love of Star Trek.
With geek culture now becoming dominant, along with hipsters taking over much of Frasier's hobbies (Opera, sherry, french food) how does he react?
Frankly, I think it would be hilarious for him to make a 180 on all of these things and become a really noxious, Marvel Movie spouting steam punk craft beer brewer, for at least one episode. "Frasier goes Hipster" He was always jumping on dumb trends and compromising his likes in order to fit in with high-society. Along with antiques, would he now be collecting and showing off geek memorabilia too?
Another thing I'd like to see is more multiculturalism..or at least a more diverse cast. Cam Winston was one of my absolute favorite characters on the show. I'd really love to see more "Black Frasier", "Asian Frasier" and "Hispanic Frasiers". Frasier classically has some issues dealing with black people as we see in "Doctor Mary" and it would be fucking hilarious to see him go "Woke", which we all know he would go so hard woke it would be obnoxious. Frasier first and foremost had an affinity for French and English culture...the whole "foraging", "gastronomy" and "bizarre foods" movements brought by Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern certainly would not be missed by the Crane boys. Would love to see them trying eat crickets or live octopus or something like that. The caviar episode was one of my favorites and I'd love to see how Frasier deals with stuff like Cronuts
Finally, there's the idea of Frasier's women. Back then he was always dating opera singing supermodels and stuff like that, but the modern 'ideal' of the intellectual woman has changed from someone like say Lilith or Claire. What if he started dating 'geek girls' and that sort of thing, women that would have normally earned his derision 20 years ago? I'm guessing women like Lucy Lawless, etc would be appropriate..basically older women who would have worked on sci-fi/tv shows or in tech that would have completely fallen off old Frasier's radar for being far too 'nerdy'.
Speaking of nerdy, Frasier was always the CLASSIC self-hating nerd, complete with issues stemming from childhood. How does he react to "The Age of The Geek"? Suddenly all those terrible highschool experiences and episodes make him more relatable and appealing..turning episodes like his reunion and membership in the chess club's barbershop quartet into things that make him more 'mass appealing' than as some gross pathetic nerd.
Frasier was always THE representative of the coastal elite, and the notion of coastal elite has changed from well..Frasier, to something more like AOC. Frasier, always being the elite of the elites would probably change and I'm just curious how that looks like. The show has always been about 'the good life', travel, wealth, technology have all changed over the years and I'm really to see how Frasier would have changed and stayed the same.
Of course, other than Frasier it would be curious to see how the other cast members adapted to modern life as well.
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2020.10.21 18:54 Unwritten89 Dating in France as an expat

I have been in France for an Year (30F). Was focused on school for so long, didn’t really consider dating. But have been trying since past 4 months or so. Landing dates have been easy through apps, finding someone who speaks English has been quite a challenge though. But when I do go out, I get the sense that dating is not a serious thing in France, meaning, people are more into casual relationship. No one seems to want to date exclusively, and are still wanting to meet other women even after getting intimate. I was seeing a guy, who was apparently seeing other women as well, and told me about it after one month of knowing him. My friends who are expats have had similar experiences too. Is it because French doesn’t see long term potential with expat women? Then there is the language. Although the people I have gone out with have gone out with me fully knowing I don’t speak French, they try to get me to have a conversation with me in French quite forcefully. They speak decent English, so I don’t understand the added pressure on the first date itself. I’m willing to try but I feel judged by the way it happens, “why didn’t you learn the language since you got here?”. Sorry, but I was busy studying finance and business and school was taking way too much of my time to have spend hours on language learning. I’m open to learn the language, it’s a beautiful language indeed. But I won’t be able to speak the language overnight. I’m almost reaching an A2 level.
I also feel objectified to the point as an “exotic” product. I feel as if no one really sees who I am, they just see my dark eyes/haitan skin and that’s all I am to them. Compliments are beginning to feel as if, my personality doesn’t matter. I have lived in another countries before, but I never felt this way?
Where I come from, dating is quite serious with the potential to turn to marriage/having kids etc..I see having children outside of marriage is the norm here. Marriages are not common either. Should I even bother dating inter-culturally? Would love to hear perspectives from both French as well as expats.
My apologies if this post comes across as stereotyping, that’s not my intention. I would like to date with purpose that’s all.
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2020.10.21 13:14 Crone_Johnson The Midnight Radio Show

The Midnight Radio Show
The headlights emitted bright beams of light, which illuminated the empty mountain road. Each bump my car went over shook the tree-shaped air freshener under the rear-view mirror. Casting their shadows over the road, a web of crooked branches protruded from the leafless trees on both sides. The hood of my car scattered piles of dead leaves in all directions as I sped through the night.
A few minutes away from midnight and the thirty first of October, the night was young. My nephew’s favorite day of the year, Halloween was something he had been looking forward to for months. I planned on keeping my promise, and being the first thing he saw in the morning, along with a special costume I bought from the neighboring city.
Some music would have helped the time fly faster. Being far away from a city, I couldn’t find a single station. Just as I planned on giving up, something came up.
A short catchy tune passed, signaling the beginning of a radio show, and a man spoke out with his calm soothing voice.
“The clock hit the one-two-zero-zero, it’s midnight, and we are live. As always, shoutout to the nightshift, everyone with insomnia, the night owls, all of you underaged folk who should be in bed, and knowing it’s Halloween... everyone and everything supernatural. This is your host Mark, ready to keep you company throughout the night. A quick word before we start; each night of the year, we sit down, and for a tiny fragment of our daily life, we go to another world. Forget the troubles that await our return, and we laugh, cower, and cringe together. It’s the time when the barrier between that world and ours is the thinnest, so let’s enjoy it.
You know me, I love stories, and each night we have a topic. Can you guess what tonight’s is?
Since it’s Halloween, we will be telling each other anything supernatural we’ve experienced. Anything from your socks mysteriously disappearing, to the ghosts you see in your selfies.
Good thing the night is long; there are a lot of people lining up. Caller number one, first come, first served.”
A quick beep signaled someone was on the line.
“I knew you’d pick me first, I just knew it!” a woman shrieked.
“I’m excited to meet you too,” Mark answered in a friendly tone. “But have in mind that some people are wearing headphones.”
“Oops. Sorry,” she lowered her voice.
“What is your name, and what story do you have for us?”
“Name is Tania. It’s about this pen pal. I’ve been single for almost a year, and everyone on the dating apps were intimidated by my good looks, so I couldn’t find a soulmate there. Then a friend told me prisons have this program where you can write to prisoners. It’s like a dating app, but with a bunch of felons.”
“So a normal dating app?”
“Haha, yeah. I did some searching, and found this really hot guy, whose only crimes were tax evasion and battery. After trading a few letters, I realized we had a lot in common. We were both animal lovers, liked art, liked music; the list goes on, so I wanted to arrange a date. He told me when the visiting hours were. Wearing my hottest attire, I arrived at the prison. The visiting room was this big place with a bunch of tables and chairs. Wouldn’t you know it, he was talking to another woman! Supposedly he hooked up with some bitch, and forgot our date. Could you believe that?”
“How is any of that supernatural?”
“If you saw me, you’d agree that not finding a soulmate is not natural.”
Mark cut the line.
“Caller number two, remember the topic, please.”
“This one is definitely supernatural,” a man answered.
“What is your name, sir?”
“Anthony. Night shift construction.”
“Much respect for your profession; what have you got for us?”
“Thanks, Mark. This is something that happened last week. My team of four finished repairing a small road at the park, and we thought we were done for the night. Our boss, who was always a chill guy, called and sounded stressed. Without giving us any details or time to prepare, he ordered us to repair a road in the outskirts. ‘No need to be a good job, just cover it up’ were his exact words.
The team and I jump in our truck. Getting there fast wasn’t a problem since there isn’t a lot of traffic at night. The old houses were spread a quarter mile apart; the neighborhood, if you can call it that, looked dead. On our arrival, we see chunks of asphalt scattered everywhere. I’m talking big pieces torn out of the single-lane road. A tole truck with a destroyed car moves past us towards the city. I’ve seen car crashes, but that vehicle was something else. I shit you not, it looked like a chewed up dog toy.
We park our ride and get out. Aside the headlights and flashlights, there aren’t any lights. The road looked horrible, I swear I saw gashes and claw marks. And they were big.”
“A monster, which hates roads?”
“Once examined closely, we found a tunnel big enough to fit a grown man. Whatever did that to the road, it came from beneath. Wish I could tell you what it was, but we repaired the road and didn’t discuss it. Guess it will stay a mystery.”
“Giant moles under the city; thanks for the story, Anthony.”
“No prob Mark, enjoy Halloween.”
“You as well,” Mark cut the line. “Much better than the last one. Caller three, keep the ball rolling.”
The beep followed.
“Hey,” the tired voice of a boy answered.
“Hello young sir, past our bed time, are we?” Mark joked.
“Sadly, yeah. My evil teacher brought down a hellish tsunami of homework on my ass. Listening to your show to keep my sanity.”
“Good on you for doing your schoolwork, name and story?”
“I’m Harry. I just finished writing this paper and celebrated, then remembered it was double sided.”
“Sounds really scary.”
“Just messing around. That story is true, but I’ve got a better one.”
“Go on.”
“This happened at school. To draw the scene: my school is big, and this takes place in the cafeteria. There are lots of people and tables. I’m waiting in line to get lunch. You can pick some small side things on the way, but the main course is the same for everyone. My turn comes, and this monster faces me. Our kind old cafeteria lady is replaced with this fat, ugly troll. Doesn’t even wear a hairnet to hide her slimy, short hair. Her stained tank top reveals tattoos and scars all over her arms.
She stares at me as if I’m a cockroach, and slaps a pile of crap on my tray. The old lunch lady wasn’t a five star cook, but the food she served looked like food, and was edible. I sat at the table I usually sit at with my friends, and start digging in the pile, trying to understand what it is. I glance at the lunch lady, and she is staring at me from the other side of the hall. I quickly take a bite out of it, and she looks away. It tasted like a salty banana dipped in barbecue sauce. A few moments passed before a sharp pain ran through my stomach. It felt as something was burning and stabbing my insides.
I got up and bolted towards the toilet. Halfway there, in one of the corridors, I vomited all over the floor. I was feeling dizzy, and my vision was blurred. I collapsed next to my vomit and stared at the ceiling. Then the lunch lady appeared above me. She extended her hand towards me, but grabbed what I threw up next to my head. She lifted the disgusting waste and dropped it in a bucket. Half-awake on the floor, I watched her walk away.
Right before I blacked out, I saw something I’ll never forget. The bucket was shaking, as if something was trying to get out. I heard nails click against its metal interior, and this creepy hiss. I never saw the lunch lady again. Turns out two other guys suffered the same thing, but we’re all fine now. They checked us, and we are healthy.”
“Sentient vomit... doesn’t sound fun.”
“Whatever it was, I’m just happy it’s over.”
“Glad you are ok.”
“Me too Mark, me too. Thanks for having me, but I gotta finish that homework. Wish me luck.”
“Good luck, Harry.”
The beep sounded.
“What an experience that would have been, poor kid. Next caller. Number four, name and story?”
“Name’s Balthasar, barman,” a man answered with his low pitch voice.
“What have you got for us, Balthasar?”
“You ever heard of body modification?”
“I have, but some of the listeners haven’t. Fill them in, will you?”
“Oh I will. Body modifications can be many things. As an example, the most common are piercings and tattoos. Then come contraptions, which deform your limbs, metal rods you stick through your body, getting parts of you cut and sewed back into something entirely different, injecting different substances under your skin to give your body a... different shape; definitely not for everyone, but it is art. I’m personally a tattoo guy with a little piecing here and there.
With that lesson out of the way, I work in an underground establishment for everyone with different tastes. I see all kinda people, but most of them are pretty cool. This nice couple comes each Friday; they mostly stick around the bar for a bit, and leave. I’ll call them Luke and Leia; not to give away names.
This happened last Friday. It’s around midnight, the club is pretty full, and everyone is having a blast. Then suddenly this strange sensation hits me, and judging by their looks, it hits everyone. I was close with my grandad, and when he died a few years back, I couldn’t leave my room for a month. I was depressed. That night, I felt the same way; I could smell the stench of death.
Some people begin to leave. Then this guy shows up, and sits at the bar next to Luke and Leia. Pale as snow, cosmetic lenses, which make his entire eyes grey, and dressed in all black. He casually orders a drink. He had his teeth chiseled; I had seen other guys sharpen, but never a full set. I’ll call him pale man.
While I’m preparing his drink, he is ignoring me. His eyes were locked on the couple. Guy didn’t blink a single time. I couldn’t quite hear him due to the loud music, but the couple sure could. Luke and Leia looked enraged but sat completely still. Really still, like statues. He is talking, then all of a sudden Leia smiles and sits on his lap. Luke is now terrified. And here comes the crazy part...
Pale man whispers something in Luke’s ear and French kisses him. And the kiss is long, like half a minute long, while Leia has this empty smile. He pulls back, and blood pours down Luke’s mouth. A piece of meat is hanging from pale man’s mouth, as he slowly slurps it in, and chews it. Hands all over Leia, he gets up and walks away with her. Luke is sitting alone, paralyzed in fear, blood pouring from his mouth.
At this point, I have no idea what I should do. They didn’t fight back, and the girl looked like she was liking it. I had seen people do kinky things there, but this looked wrong. I’ll call him Han, a huge guy who works at the establishment, came and dragged Luke out. I don’t know what happened to him, but he wasn’t outside when I was closing up a few hours later.”
“Eating someone’s tongue with a kiss, ouch. Sorry you had to see it.”
“Pale man looked pretty frail. If he ever comes back to the club, I told Han to kick his ass.”
“Glad you solved that problem. Thanks for calling.”
“Watch out for crazy tongue eaters, Mark, later.”
“Stay safe,” Mark cut the line.
“Nasty story, all kinds of things happen out there. Caller number... let’s skip the five, caller number six, my unlucky number.”
The beep was shortly followed by muffled noise from the other side.
“Caller number six?”
Heavy breathing became audible.
“Caller number six, do you have a story?”
The breathing continued for a few seconds, and stopped.
Mark cut the line. “Caller number five, we’re going back to you.”
The beep sounded.
“Yo Mark. It’s Fred.”
“Well hello Fred, is this the... sixth time you’re calling? Been a few months.”
“Dude, that’s so rad you remember.”
“What do you have for us?”
“Dude, I found the mermaid!”
“Here we go. Before you start, there might be new listeners.”
“Sure thing. Dudes and dudettes, a few months ago, I hooked up with a mermaid, but she kinda dumped me. Been searching for her since... found her a few days ago.”
“Were you high then?”
“Maybe, why would it matter?”
“Curiosity. But go on, the floor is yours.”
“Thanks my dude. I had her name and a sketch I drew, so I put up fliers, ads in the newspaper, and questions in Internet forums. I also walked up to people and asked them, but nobody knew her. One time I was asking this dude about her, when two huge dudes came and kidnapped me.”
“You are calling in so I’m guessing that ended well for you.”
“It sure did, my dude. They brought me up to this cliff at the coastline, and said I knew too much. Turns out my mermaid ran away from her father, who is now chasing her. He saw the ads, and sent his dudes to check me out. The dudes were actually mermaids too. Or merman. There are a bunch of mermaids who live in the sea as well.”
“Apologies for interrupting, but you should cut back on the drugs.”
“My dude, marijuana isn’t a drug, and all of this is real. They kicked me off the cliff... and my mermaid was there! Just like I remembered her. She kissed me.”
“Im glad you got a happy ending.”
“Not quite. I woke up on the beach again... without her.”
“You kissed a mermaid twice, who can beat that?”
“Yeah, I guess dude. Going to get high and listen to the rest of your show.”
“I know you will,” Mark let out a friendly chuckle. “Next caller. Number seven.”
“Markie, what up?” a woman sluggishly asked.
“Doing fantastic as always. Name and story?”
“Johana. My name is Johana. Second year in college. Do you know Bloody Mary?”
“The legend or the cocktail?”
“The legend. Say her name, spin three times in front of the mirror, and she is there.”
“A classic, would love to hear it.”
“Well... I didn’t summon Bloody Mary, I summoned a similar spirit. Her name is Acid Mary.”
“Acid Mary?”
“You take acid, spin three times in front of a mirror, and boom.”
“Does Acid Mary look like a burst of colors?”
“Yeah, did you summon her too?”
“Wild guess,” Mark cut the line. “Next caller. I feel like a seventeen, caller seventeen, you’re up.”
“Buenas noches.”
“Good evening to you as well. Could you speak in English?”
Mark cut the line.
“Caller number twenty. Name and story?”
“Who am I? If I told you my real name, I might as well sentence you to death. Only the highest of ranks in the most secret of secret organizations know my true identity. Low ranks call me The Carnage Cougar, a nickname I received for successfully completing over ninety-five missions. And by missions, I refer to ones, which usually require an army of hundreds. Assassinations, espionage, cyber warfare, defensive and offensive operations, you name it. I have driven anything and everything, from baby bikes and ice cream trucks, to nuclear submarines and spacecraft. All kinds of entities keep attempting to end my life, from the generic human assassins and hit squads, to eldritch beings and aliens. I know what you are asking yourself, why would someone like me call. Well it is simple, my job doesn’t legally allow me to talk about these things, but telling it here as a fictional story is a loop hole. And why would I want that? I want people to know how amazing I am. So don’t hold back on the worshiping.”
“Alright Carnage Cougar, amaze us.”
“I am currently undercover as a stripper. A biological warfare mutant escaped from the local secret government base, and infected a human. As always, I have to fix the problem. Sounds easy enough, right? Just kill them and get it over with. Well, that’s just it, they act and look entirely human. The special locator device, installed in the zebra themed speedo under my pants, can detect them up to a foot.”
“I’ll have to stop you right there; we’ll be forever grateful you shared this story with us, but this isn’t that kind of show,” Mark cut the line. “Hmm... a lot of people have a story to tell. Let’s look at the back of the line, number eighty-one, what can you bring to the table?”
A few seconds of muffled speech went by before a man answered. “Hey. First time caller.”
“A hey back to you, name and story?”
“My name is Ca-ugh.”
“Your name is Ca-ugh?”
“Ugh... no, I meant to say my name is Conor.”
“Sure thing, Conor. What kind of story do you have?”
“It all happened at the coast.”
“I love coast stories; the floor is yours.”
“My job doesn’t pay well, so to earn some extra money, I own a small boat I’d take out to fish in the sea, just far enough to still spot the city lights. The night this happened was different. I was there to... ugh... enjoy the view. Just as I was about to stop... ugh... enjoying the view... a distant pop focused my attention on the horizon. Opposite the city, far in the sea, a red dot blasted through the air. Someone had fired a flare gun.
While there were other boats closer to the shoreline, the chance they saw the signal was very low, and with no information, the coastguard wouldn’t have known to search there.
I hastily turned the engine on. My boat was definitely not a yacht, however I had mounted a small roof to partially protect myself from bad weather. Since I couldn’t tell the exact location the flare was fired from, I slowed down after relatively closing in, and unpacked a heavy flashlight.
'I’m here to help!' I yelled and moved the bright beam of light through the darkness. 'Say anything!' I kept shouting.
The further I moved away from land, the bigger the waves became. A shiny surface reflected moonlight. I illuminated a yacht.
For some reason back then, I expected a sinking boat or drowning people. Engine problems were far more common and likely to happen.
I was close enough not to have to yell, so I explained I saw their flare, and asked if everything was alright. The well-kept, seemingly new boat, didn’t have any lights on. This creeped me out a bit, so I proceeded to speak in a quieter tone.
The silhouette of a person appeared behind the windows.
'I can see you, I won’t hurt you,' I tried to sound funny and playful, but since no one answered, it came off as creepy. I was anxious. The sea had calmed down, and the only audible thing was my boat’s engine.
Suddenly, quiet, gentle humming came from the dark boat. There was something calming, and welcoming to it.
'Ugh... hi?' I asked. The two boats were getting very close to each other. I said that if they are alright, I’ll be leaving. It felt wrong when I said those words. I didn’t want to leave. Something forced me to turn my engine off, and listen. And not like some evil mind control; it felt calming. The moment I came closer, and the humming could be heard better, it moved away as if it was teasing me. The two boats bumped against one another.
I tried to jump to the yacht, but hit my toe, which in a way, snapped me out of whatever state I was in. The smile I didn’t know I had faded.
The humming stopped, and a figure exited the interior of the yacht. I instantly moved the beam of light on it. A young, pale woman in a blue dress greeted me with a calm monotone voice.
I lowered the flashlight’s brightness, and asked if everything was alright.
A single yes was all she said.
Before asking her anything else, I realized there was blood around her mouth. At first it appeared she was hurt, so I asked if she needed help.
She told me not to worry, since it wasn’t hers. The woman then took a step forward. Her hands, and long, brown hair also had blood.
Scary thoughts filled my head. I asked her whose blood it was.
She said it belonged to those who owned the boat. The woman hadn’t broken eye contact. It felt as if there was nothing behind her bright, blue eyes.
Her answer was in the past tense, meaning they weren’t there anymore. So I asked where they were.
And this is what she answered. ‘A vicious animal tore them apart.’
I turned the engine on, and escaped as fast as possible. The woman calmly watched me the entire time.”
“Killed a ship crew, but let you leave?” Mark asked skeptically.
“I’ll never know why,” Conor coughed, and cut the line.
“Strange fellow. So little night, so many callers. I don’t know about you, but I need a drink. Enjoy some music, while I take a small break. Don’t worry, I’ll be back...”
“This is your host Mark, the clock hit the zero-two-zero-zero, and we are back. Friendly reminder to those who are joining, the topic is anything supernatural-related. It’s Halloween after all. Caller forty-two, pick up where we left, would you?”
“Only if you ask nicely,” a woman cheerfully answered.
“Would you, please?”
“My name is Rose. I hunt cryptids.”
“Interesting. Go on.”
“I have a team of two. Bill takes care of all the tech: cameras, GPS, vehicles, that kinda stuff. Linda does the research, she pretty much knows everything about any animal on our planet. And I’m the one who gets her hands dirty. My job is to hunt the creature, and tranquilize it.”
“How many cryptids have you caught?”
“Well... we have a lot of footage. But we haven’t caught anything.”
“Has the world seen this footage?”
“It has, but not many people believe it. People call it fake because it tends to be blurry. The story I’m telling has solid footage, and we actually caught something.”
“I think this is something everyone wants to hear.”
“We travel to all different kinds of places. The latest one was up at the desert north of Santa Bacia. Aside a few festivals ones or twice a year, nobody goes there. We picked up on some rumors that the government has been doing secret experiments. Problem is, a lot of other cryptid hunters picked up on it as well, so we had to hurry. We got on the off-road van, and off we went. The desert is a really big place, and we didn’t know the exact location of where these government experiments were being held.
Bill used two drones to scout ahead, which made it much easier. We didn’t think something would come up quickly, but it did. An hour in, the camera caught a big hole in the sand. Perfect square tunnel; led to a busted trapdoor. Complete darkness underneath. We dropped flares, which illuminated this large chamber. It was the real thing. Since there were no stairs, we dropped down ropes. Bill left me and Linda to climb down. First thing we saw was a busted metal detector. It was out of place, recently brought there. We faced a big reinforced door, covered in multiple dents and holes, one of which barely big enough for a human to fit. One after another, we squeezed through.
Now on the other side, we could see claw marks on the door. As if something had been trying to escape...
We found ourselves in a long corridor with doors on each side. Water drops leaked from busted pipes, which ran along the ceiling. The entire floor was slippery and wet.
Even though we had flashlights mounted on our foreheads, it was hard to see in the dark. Linda set up a motion-detecting camera. The place was trashed. A file cabinet was bent into a wall, as if it flew out of one of the rooms. Tranquilizing rifle in hand, we entered the room. Complete mess. Furniture slammed all over the place. File cabinets, desks... and they were metal. No human could have lifted them.”
“Hmm, I’ve got to give it to you Rose, you sure sound brave. This... secret government base sounds scary.”
“Oh it was, but I’m conditioned. I’ve been to worse places. So I’m in the destroyed room, and Linda points out something. Under a pile of metal cabinets, we could see a human arm. It wasn’t normal... it was sickly pale, and had blades protruding from its fingers. Metal blades! We tried to pull off all of the furniture, but it was just too heavy. We didn’t get an answer when we asked whoever was there if he was alright, so...”
“Since you found a corpse, I presume you called the police.”
“We tried, but our phones didn’t work. We called the cops later; I’ll get there. We took pictures of the arm, and kept searching. All of the folders on the floor were in some strange language. There were a few scattered pictures, and they were really creepy. Detailed pictures of bodies. They weren’t entirely human. Some had out-of-proportion limbs, others were unnaturally muscular or skinny. We kept some pictures and folders, and checked the other rooms. More and more useless cabinets. In the end of the corridor, there was a large double door. Of course, it was locked. So we climbed back up the ropes, got in the van, and left. We called the police, and they just told us to stay out of the desert. We came back and the square tunnel was full with sand. Lots and lots of sand. When we returned with some heavy machinery the next day, cops had blocked off the road. There is definitely something down there, and we have proof.”
“A picture of a Halloween costume hand?”
“I’m being serious!”
“Thanks for being on, dear,” Mark cut the line. “Next caller. I’ll keep this number secret. Number you-know-who, care to share a story?”
“Everyone here is a liar. You know it, I know it, they know it,” a man stated.
“You don’t believe in the supernatural?”
“Not at all, Mark. Stories are all cool to listen, but pretending this is reality is complete and utter bullshit.”
“There is no way of knowing.”
“Yeah there is. No proof, therefore not real. Rosie from the last call, you’re a liar, go get a real job. Cryptid hunter, pff, what a joke. Boat guy with the pale girl, get a girlfriend; maybe you’ll stop seeing imaginary people. Mark, listening to you is fun, but all of these peeps talking they’ve seen real ghosts and goblins is pissing me off.”
“Everyone has an opinion,” Mark replied in a friendly tone. “Real or not, taking a break from reality for a second hasn’t hurt anyone.”
“I get where you’re coming from. Love your show, but tonight’s topic is lame. Peace out.”
The line cut.
“Next caller. Caller thirty-seven, lighten the mood a bit, will you?”
“George here, and I’m with the last guy. Supernatural life doesn’t exist, but hear me out before you cut me off. Everything has an explanation. Wendigos? If they exist, they aren’t magical, they are probably some animal. Ghosts? In time, science will explain them.”
“Mystery carries its charm; logical explanations, answers, we always search for them, but maybe we should leave some things unknown.”
“I’ve got a story.”
“Go on, friend.”
“I’m a biologist, and there have been certain sightings in a certain swamp. I can’t mention its name, cryptid hunters might come, and disturb what is potentially a living fossil.”
“A living fossil?”
“Alligators have always been intriguing. They can grow a lot, but the one we’ve found... judging by shedded scales, and prints... it might be as big as a bus.”
“A bus-sized alligator? Wouldn’t that be hard to miss?”
“There have been sightings-”
“Caller forty-two wants to rejoin,” Mark interrupted. “Why don’t you two have a discussion?”
Both Rose and George were on the line.
“I’m a cryptid hunter as well, would you like my assistance?” she asked.
George let out a frustrated sigh. “I’m a scientist. I don’t go on wild goose chases. The creature I am studying is not a supernatural... cryptid as you put it... it is an undocumented species.”
“That’s what a cryptid is!”
“With all due respect, you keep filming people in Halloween costumes, I have research to do.” George cut the line.
“Research? Is that what you-“
Mark cut her off as well.
“Enough with the productive debates. Caller number... number thirteen. You’ve been waiting for a while.”
“Thought my turn would never come, chief,” a man answered.
“Lucky you, it did come. Name and story?”
“Paul. I don’t want to sound insane, but in a way, my story is a warning.”
“Ok Paul, warn us.”
“I’ll just give a quick explanation how I got into my predicament. Basically, law enforcement thought I did a few very illegal things, which I didn’t do, and they sent their guys after me. Late at night, by accident, they stormed into my neighbor’s apartment. I heard screaming and bashing, and got a head start. I’ll skip the part where I climbed a few roofs, had a chase through alley ways, and stole a motorbike.”
“You stole a bike?”
“I panicked. They know I’m innocent about the other thing now, but I’m going to court next week for the theft.”
“Good luck with that.”
“Thanks. So that was the intro. I’m on the bike, speeding through a suburban neighborhood, while three cruisers and a helicopter are on me. Out of nowhere, the brakes stop working. I crash into a pile of trash and bushes, and thank the people in the neighborhood for littering. I get the bike up, and its engine doesn’t want to turn back on. The three cruisers behind me also have that problem. Their headlights and sirens turn off, and they crash into each other. The helicopter can’t be heard anymore as well. My confusion is quickly replaced with fear when I see the officers exit. One of them has my biggest fear... a police dog.
This part of the neighborhood has houses packed really close to one another. I begin to climb over fences, run through backyards, duck in trash and bushes. I hear them shouting and releasing the dog. All of the sounds suddenly disappear. I burst out of some bushes, and find myself around more houses, but they are different. There are absolutely no lights inside. The street lights are also really dim. I can’t hear a sound...
At this point, I’m both happy I escaped in a way, but I’m also freaked out. I start to check the doors and windows, but they are all locked. Not normal locked, felt like they were superglued. Then one of the street lights in the end of the street flickers. I take a step closer to see better. It slightly wiggles like a string. That freaks me out even more. Then two long protrusions emerge from its sides. Its bottom half splits into two, forming legs. The street light takes a super, sluggish step towards me, and transforms back into a normal light. I glance back for a moment, and see the distance between street lights is uneven. They’ve been moving closer... they are gathering around me! I run back at the fences and trash. The creatures jump out of their lamp form and sprint after me. Just as they were about to catch me, all of the houses lit up, the sirens come back, and I feel the dog’s teeth sink into my leg. It tackles me to the floor, and in a second three officers are around me. I was happy a dog caught me, and not the street lamps.”
“What an... intriguing story,” Mark couldn’t find the right words.
“Thanks for having me, chief,” the man cut the line.
“Well, that was weird. I think there is time for one last caller. Number one hundred and one, you’re up.”
The beep sounded.
“Happy Halloween!” a boy yelled.
“Someone likes Halloween, why are you up so late, young sir?”
“My uncle brought me my costume!”
“Your costume?”
“Yeah. Arrived twenty minutes ago. He got me this glow-in-the-dark skeleton suit. It’s awesome. Uncle, say hello to Mark!”
“Apologies,” a man with my voice said. “My nephew loves your show.”
Mark chuckled. “And Everyone here loves him, am I right listeners?”
I could hear my nephew laugh.
“Made his Halloween even better, thanks for answering. Good night everyone," my voice spoke for the last time before the caller hung up.”
I looked at the glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume on the backseat. I was nowhere near the city and my nephew.
“So many people with so much to say,” Mark spoke. “Who knows what stories will be left untold... but hey, we have time. This one is for all the little moments we let ourselves forget reality, and dive into the unknown. Happy Halloween, listeners.”
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2020.10.21 09:38 socgrad157 33F [F4M] SF Bay Area/PNW - Just looking for my equal without using apps.

Greetings and thanks for taking a look at my rather detailed post! Considering that I refuse to use dating apps (I don’t trust any of them, along with the fact that Match is a monopoly and Bumble isn’t any better), and because I sincerely do not want any children, I believe this may be my only outlet for finding a future partner. Aside from meeting people in person (but you know, COVID and all). I’m also only looking for other monogamous people and it’s hard to find people on apps that fall into these specific categories.
As the title states, I do live in the SF Bay Area. However, settling here all depends on how it will affect my goals, hence the PNW addition. I’ll explain further in this post. But, enough fluff, let’s get to the intriguing stuff.
I’m a 33, 5’9”, 165lbs black female with shoulder length, curly hair, (not coily, there is a difference), glasses and fit. When I say fit, that doesn’t mean I’m ripped and built like a tank. It means I take my health seriously and I’m active. I hike several times a month, run 4-5 times a week, do a HIIT workout right after, boulderock climb (pre-COVID; hard to do that now), road cycle and slowly getting back into roller blading. I have never smoked or done any drugs (that includes weed), and I no longer drink. No issues related to it, I’ve just decided not to drink because I really care about my body and keeping it in a good condition. Aside from fitness, I do try my best to eat healthy (I have a weakness for my grandmother’s cooking and I will always eat whatever she cooks). I actually meal prep and do intermittent fasting.
I’m very ambitious and have been my entire life. I come from humble beginnings and it has shaped my perspective on life tremendously. I set goals (Short and long) and try my best to achieve them in all aspects (career, academic, financially, personally). For example, I keep a monthly/yearly spreadsheet of my budget with goals in mind. I set 6-12 month, 3-5 year long goals that I constantly work towards.
However, with the changing environment of the Bay area and its unreasonable real estate prices (I really want to own a home and that is hard here in the Bay), I will more than likely relocate in another 2-3 years. Seattle is my next choice in the PNW. That is the only other city I would be comfortable settling within the US. So, this means I am open to talk to people who live in the SF Bay area, as well as the Seattle area.
Personality-wise, I can say that I am indeed an introvert, but I do enjoy being social. However, I know that I will need a day or two for recharging. I like going to concerts, performances and shows, as well as chatting with small groups of friends in an intimate setting. But I also enjoy a night on the couch, reading a book, listening to music with headphones on or working on a hobby. I am a lady who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and express herself. I am direct, open and blunt, yet respectful. I strongly value communication and expect someone who feels the same. That doesn’t mean I’m not empathic and warm when needed. I can be goofy and funny when the time calls for it, but logical and rational. I expect my boundaries to be respected, and I will do the same in return. If you’re into love languages, mine are (in order of ranking): quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts. I absolutely love cats. Nothing against dogs, but I only prefer certain breeds (I would love to have a Shiba). But, I do not have a pet at this time, as it didn’t seem practical.
Not to go into a lot of detail (because it is the Internet), but in the realm of sexual activity, I would describe it as the following: I’d much rather you take the lead, so to speak. Considering that I am a dominant, strong-willed person in regards to other aspects of my life, I have learned that I would like a partner who is comfortable with me not being in that role in the bedroom. If you want more clarity on this, I’d been willing to chat about it up to a point. That’s all I’ll say openly for now.
I’m liberal politically and have more of an agnostic/atheist view on religion. I have both a BA and MA (with a published thesis) in 2 social science fields I passionately love and can talk about at length. I’m a senior level researchestatistician/analyst working at a wonderful nonprofit managing a team that handles all of the data for the entire organization. I geek out over spreadsheets, quantitative visualizations (Tableau is my favorite tool, aside from Stata) and surveys, as well as how the work we do can truly impact the community we serve.
To not make myself sound like such a robot (I’ve been called Spock several times in my life. That’s the INTJ in me), I do have hobbies I’m passionate about. I write novels and short stories under a pseudonym. I play the violin. I speak French and want to learn more languages. I enjoy indie movies. I can gush about books and music for hours. I also enjoy video games that make me think or feel (such as Portal, Don’t Starve, or Detroit: Become Human). I absolutely love board games. While I don’t watch a lot of TV, I do have favorite shows, such as Orphan Black, Star Trek (I love TNG and DS9), Black Mirror, and Lovecraft Country, just to name a few.
I think that’s a good place to stop, as I feel this was already a pretty long post. I’m always up for a message if you have questions. Please note that if you use the chat feature, I won’t respond. If you suggest Kik, Whatsapp or any other messaging service, I also won’t respond or will end the conversation. I’d much rather you send me an actual message and get to know you that way. Thanks and have a good rest of the week!
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2020.10.20 21:32 NinjaAssassinKitty v1.3.6 - General Reminders in-app, filtering of agenda per widget, and more!

Download Now!
New Features:
Bug Fixes:
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2020.10.20 16:45 AndrewStartups How To Do your own Public Relations Marketing (PR) For $0

I've been in early-stage startup marketing/growth roles for over 14 years (with 3 exits as HoM) and I can tell you that over that time I've seen consistent $0 wins from doing my own PR at every project. Without a doubt that if you’re an early-stage startup you need to learn how to hack PR yourself because Agencies can charge about $5000-$10,000 a month. Timing is important here, but what I'm about to teach you is a longterm process, that you only unleash once you have data proving that your product/market is ready.
Hacking PR is all about building relationships with the media related to your industry and getting them to tell your story. Over the past 12 years, I’ve worked with startups all over the world and at all different budgetary constraints and you’ll hear me say this over and over again, I believe that early-stage stage startups should NEVER hire a PR agency, if they’re cash-strapped.
PR agencies are simply too expensive for an early-stage startup so you need to know how to generate your own buzz so that once you have the funds to hire a professional PR agency, they can expedite your growth, and build on the PR program you already put in place yourself. Here are the 6 steps to hack PR for your startup that I have used time and time again for companies all around the world:
Step 1. Figure out your keywords/topics: What is your business relevant to? What keywords and topics are people writing about that your business’ news can apply to. For most projects, I’ve been fortunate enough to be working with I’ve aimed to find 3 categories/topics/key phrases for relevancy. For example, a travel app that uses AI to help with travel booking will be interesting to reporters who write about Tech, Travel, and Business, not just travel. Think about these keywords and terms and run over to to set up alerts for them (don’t worry I’ll explain why in a second). So again, going back to the travel app I’m going to set up alerts for “ AI startup” “Artificial Intelligence Apps” “travel startup” “travel industry news” “ digital nomad trend” and so on….Why do this? Simple, because I want to see which writers are writing stories that I can be a part of. Every day I check these alerts and also visit Google News to see if I missed any terms (customizing your google news saves hours here monthly).
Step 2: Create relationships with Reporters: So now I’m seeing everyone whois writing relevant stories about my industries. The beauty of PR Hacking is that 90% of these articles have the writers’ contact information on the article.
If they don’t have their direct email, they’ll usually have their twitter. So everyday, I will grab the relevant email addresses and names and go on over to my excel sheet or Google doc and drop them in…building this list during product development, or in expectation of a launch. If it’s a large enough contact I will email them immediately saying that I loved the article and I’d love to offer them an exclusive to be featured in the next piece. The focus here should be about creating value for the writer. Not just asking for free promotion. My favorite personal quote of mine I’ve ever said is “Spam isn’t spammy if there’s enough value for the recipient”. If there’s no email, I’ll go add that person on Twitter and tweet to them immediately to follow-back and then I’ll DM. I will continue doing this until my PR Hacking List has reached 300–500 entries. Now you’ve got a solid list for Press Release Distribution! Most reporters put their email address on their publications directly, to entice people like me to send them stories! Utilize this to start building a relationship with them. Don’t be spammy, but create value for them.
Step 3- Make Your Own Milestones! This is another one of my favorite quotes. Often times when I work with early-stage startup founders on PR Marketing they tell me they don’t have anything newsworthy. To that, I immediately call BULLSHIT! Just because you don’t have a $1,000,000 revenue stream yet or 500k monthly uniques doesn’t mean you don’t have something newsworthy. Think about your mission that you initially set out to complete, are you further along than when you started? Think about your data, is your product solving the problem it set out to? Have you mapped your millionth datapoint? At another travel startup I headed PR for, the founder told me he had nothing I could use for PR, so I sat for an afternoon with the engineering team to see what they were working on. Turns out they had created the world’s largest database of categorized hotel review sentiments. That might sound boring to you, but to a writer who writes about hotels, travel or big data that’s sexy as hell. I spun it up into a PR Marketing campaign and we got 4 nationwide articles with no spend. This company got acquired 4 months later. Find some sexy, relevant news story based on what you ARE doing, even if you haven’t fully done it yet. Try to push out at least 1 story per quarter even if you’re heads down into product development, just to maintain thought leadership and industry awareness. NOTE: If your startup is going for fundraising try to do 1 per month!
Step 4- Create your own Press Release! This doesn’t have to be a scary mountain to climb. Writing a press release is all about making it very easy for reporters to do their job. They are usually quite LAZY. They want relevant, copy-pasteable chunks of writing that they can simply regurgitate onto their article to look like they’re amazing at their job. If you can help them be lazier, you’ll win more. Just remember three main rules: Focus on the value for the reader, keep it simple, and include a lot of numbers, quotes, and facts. Also include a sexy title, a subtitle that goes further in-depth and make sure your date is the day you email the release out. Reporters will insta-delete your email if the PR is outdated. They need fresh news.
Step 5- Distribute your Press Release. This is the fun part. Start blasting that baby out. There are two main tasks here: 1 send your PR with a short and succinct paragraph in an email to your press list you’ve been cultivating ( I use a free Mailchimp Account with every company email address). Be sure to personalize the email subject with first name and organization so the open rates are higher. The second task is to send direct emails to the biggest press contacts a few days prior. I like to title said direct emails with the word EXCLUSIVE, and yes, in all caps. Always offering the big dogs the exclusive will no doubt create more value for them, and therefore make it more likely you’ll get that big nationwide press release marketing push your company needs. Work with them, see what they need to be better at their job and then provide it. We’re all just people trying to work. Remember that. They need you too, so help them out.
Step 6- Stay on top of reporters. I recommend using a free ESP like MailChimp (free under 2k email list) to send out your press emails so you can easily track opens. You do this so you can see which reporters opened the email more than once and follow up with them directly. A lot of times they will open it, start working on your content and forget and move on…so if you stay on top of them you 10x your chances of getting featured. I also recommend copying the email campaign in your ESP, and resending to the segment that didn’t open the previous email every 3 days. Just keep hammering them until they either say “Please remove me from your list, unsub or respond to set up a time to chat. More often than not, the response will be just a Thanks. Will be in touch one-liner but even that is good enough. The goal is to start building a foundation with the people who tell the story in your industry. Get noticed, become a go-to source and eventually a thought leader in your industry.
Pro Tip: Also spend some time distributing your press release on free sites like, Reddit (The Startup Subreddit for instance), Flipboard, StumbleUpon etc. You can even repurpose your press release into a blog post and post it on your blog, which can then be shared on social media etc. Just be sure to wait a few days after sending to the PR contacts, before you post publicly.
There you have it. That's all you need to do to get press traction for your project. And then once you raise a round, you can hire an agency to expand on what you've done.

Some recent huge articles I've gotten clients using this method this year:
If you're interested in proof of who I am, google my username or check here where I'm literally writing a book on how to do PR and so many other startup marketing growth hacks. I look forward to answering more questions!
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2020.10.20 02:45 obi_onyemaobi 8th Canadian Federal Election - Information

Introduction The writs have dropped for the 8th Canadian Federal Election, to be held on October 28th 2020, 22 seats will be contested from 11 ridings.
In this guide is listed information about the election, the campaign, and how to participate. If you have any questions, feel free to send a support ticket to the team.
Schedule All times are in eastern, Please note that any deadlines mean the end of that day.
October 19th: Candidate submissions open. October 20th: Campaign strategy feedback. October 22nd: Candidate submissions close // Campaign Day 1. October 23rd: Campaign Day 2. October 24th: Party platforms due // Campaign Day 3. October 25th: Campaign Day 4. October 26th: Leaders Debate (Tentative) // Campaign Day 5. October 27th: Campaign Day 6. October 28th: Election Day.
Recruitment Having more candidates will greatly help your campaign. In order to push recruitment, bonuses will be given to parties who manage to recruit more members. Parties who recruit new members who register in the sim and are placed in a riding group by the recruitment deadline (October 22nd @ 11:59pm) will receive a bonus (there is a limit to this, but we will try to spread out the bonus to riding groups where it's needed instead of just limiting it). Remember to follow the sim's advertisement rules - don't spam servers and don't post without permission. Link every player to the registration thread, NOT the subreddit's main page.
Documents **Campaign Strategy Plan - Highly Recommended:** All parties may optionally submit documents or messages to the moderation team laying out their campaign with regards to placement, spending, agendas, etc. Some of the things that could be included in this should be:
If a party does not submit this strategy plan by the deadline, they won't receive any comprehensive help from game management with their campaign. Remember: we're not going to give you all the answers - we're just going to make sure you're on the right track. It's still up to your candidates to follow through and produce a good campaign. Parties should begin working on this now.
Each party should, but is not required to, submit a platform. If a party does not submit a platform, its campaign must hit on the key issues that would be in a platform and be cohesive enough to substitute for a platform, or else the party will incur losses in the polls. A platform does not have to be very in-depth or high-effort, and design does not count as long as the platform is readable and well organized. A platform should cover the following:
Campaign Agenda: Campaign Agenda Template - GE8 The campaign agenda is the focal part of the campaign. It lists out your major engagements for each campaign day and what you will do to appeal to voters. Every candidate must submit a campaign agenda by the deadline if they want to be considered as campaigning the following day.
It will be marked for how well it is tailored to the demographics of the riding group and how well it addresses issues they care about in a way they appreciate. It is a document posted to /ElectionsCMHoC prior to the start of the campaign.
Before day 1 begins, you must update your agenda with your plan for day 1 of the campaign. Prior to day 2 beginning, you must update it for day 2, and so on for each campaign day. You must update the same document for each campaign day.
You must update the same document for each campaign day. Do not post new documents for each campaign day. Only edits made by the deadline will be marked for each campaign day, anything later will be scored with a penalty, barring reasonable exceptions resolved with the Game Management team ahead of time. Remember to follow sim rules.
The campaign agenda includes...
Post your campaign agenda to ElectionsCMHoC prior to the deadline in the schedule in the above date calendar. You may update it as the campaign continues, day-by-day. It may be in English or French.Each candidate is given $60,000 to spend. Parties are given an extra $20,000 to give to candidates in need. Candidates must record this on their sheet as a negative amount of spending (so, if your party leader gives you $2000, add a "Transfer" event and enter "-2000" for the cost). All funds must be accounted for.
Event Types:
Riding Groups From:
Seats are contested from 11 ridings, for a total of 22 Seats in the House of Commons, using the following map:
A note from the moderation team, we wish you luck in the election. Myself and the team are all here to assist you when and if you need it.
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2020.10.19 14:19 Geek_Dad_FR Nokia 2720 Flip many bugs...

Nokia 2720 Flip many bugs...
Hello to you all! (and sorry for the long read ;) )
I've just bought a Nokia 2720 Flip to detox from my smartphone. I got it mainly for the 4G hostpot capability, and still staying connected to maps and the web if needed (and just Whatsapp in case).
First of all I love the idea, and the hardware (keys are great, and I find the device quite responsive, plus the screen is clear and big enough) (though we've got used to better cameras, i'd argue that my 2007 Nokia E65 takes the same pictures :) ).

=> I've let the KaiOS update to 2.5.2, and (I'm in France if it makes any difference).
**Firstly the alarm doesn't seem to go off when wanted. I set it to 6am, and it only went of at 6:27am when I opened the flip (wasn't late for work ;) ). Another time it didn't go off altogether... (I must add I am not on battery saving mode, both 4G and WiFi are off, and I set the phone to vibrate, but that doesn't prevent the alarm from going off when I test it during the day)

**Secondly the 4G connection is stable, but the WiFi seems buggy. I turn it on, browse the web and it'll work. But if I close the phone, leave it for a minute, and open it, browsing won't work although the wifi icon is on in the top right of the screen. I've found a "My IP address" app from the KaiOS store, and tried it out. When the wifi is stuck this app doesn't show an IP address. I have to turn WiFi off and turn it back on again for it to work. (Just as a note, my household has many other devices on the WiFi, mostly Andoid phones or tablets, and laptops, and I've never had a connection loss problem on any device).

**Thirdly the CalDav sync doesn't seem to work completely. On Android or on iPhone it works flawlessly, but here not all appointments are synchronized. Some appointments in some calendars just don't appear on KaiOS. At first I thought it might come from strange characters in the name of the appointment (french specific) but no. Some "all day" events appear, some not. Some dated (with a start time/ end time) events appear, some don't, and I just can't figure out what they have in common... (I host my own CalDav server on a Synology NAS at home) (this works the same way either through 4G or WiFi, if you are thinking internal routing might be a problem)

These are really device-specific problems and it's quite annoying, like if I had was beta-testing a product...

Having a more finished version of Whatsapp would have been nice too: it is neither a web version asking for a QRcode (like on the PC), nor a "normal" (ie like on Android or iPhone) client in the sense that is it capable of reading a QRcode. So if you log in to Whatsapp on KaiOS, you just can't use another device, and that is really a pity. It would have been nice to use the KaiOS version when I'm mobile, and when I get home and want to write proper answers use either the PC or a tablet web based version authenticated using QRcode given by the KaiOS device...

Just another note/query, a CardDav sync would have been nice for the contacts, not just Google or ActiveSync, if anyone has an idea on how to do this :)
Thank you all, I think KaiOS has a bright future ahead! :D
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2020.10.18 19:37 AnastasiaBeavrhausn Old Hollywood Mystery - The Mysterious Disappearance Of Jean Spangler.

This is the second of what may be a series on Hollywood mysteries.
Jean Spangler:
Jean Elizabeth Spangler was born on September 2, 1923, to Cecil Martin Spangler and Florence Morris Spangler in Seattle, Washington.
The Spangler family moved around quite a bit before they settled in Los Angeles, California in the 1930s. Jean graduated from Franklin High School in 1941.
Jean Spangler had big dreams and ambitions to be in show business. Jean wanted to be a star.
Jean usually worked two jobs at a time, one at a department store and the other at any temporary job she could get at the same time. She was well-liked at her jobs. She was described as having inexhaustible energy, always happy, friendly, smart, and beautiful.
When Jean was 18, she got a job at the famous Earl Carroll Theatre. Her friends at work said she never sat still. She was always working as many shifts as she could.
During her time as a dancer at Earl Carroll, Jean met Hollywood stars, members of the mob, important people in show business, politics, and law enforcement.
Jean met her husband, Dexter Benner when she was dancing at Earl Carroll. Dexter graduated USC and was in plastics manufacturing. Although Dexter had dreams of a life in the suburbs and Jean dreamed of being a star, they got married in 1942. Their marriage was not a happy one.
Jean gave birth to her daughter, Christine, on April 22, 1944.
Dexter was drafted into World War Two. While he was stationed in the South Seas, Jean began having affairs.
One of her affairs was with a serviceman known as “Lieutenant Scotty”. He was physically abusive and Jean would show up at work with bruises and black eyes. When Jean tried to leave him, he threatened to kill her.
When Dexter came back from the war in 1946, he found Scotty and Jean had drained their bank account and wrecked their car. Dexter filed for divorce.
This began a heated custody battle over Christine. Dexter claimed Jean abandoned their daughter. The court gave custody to Dexter but arranged for Jean to see Christine, but Dexter missed 23 visits.
In 1948, Jean regained custody of Christine, but Dexter immediately began a second custody battle. He would claim Jean was an unfit mother because of her affairs and she was a ”Hollywood Glamour Girl”. The judge sided with Jean.
Their custody battles played out in the press.
Jean lived with her daughter, her mother, Florence, her brother, Edward, her sister-in-law, Sophie in the La Brea Park Complex. Her brother was killed in action in 1945.
Jean made a few uncredited roles in movies and she joined the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Jean not only wanted stardom, she had to support her daughter.
It was during this time that Jean started telling friends that she was going to be getting a large sum of money. Her friends thought maybe she was going to extort money from one of the important men she dated. Jean also confided to a friend that she was 3 months pregnant.
Jean was dated a lot of men during the months before her death. Her former attorney said, ”she must have dated fifty men in three months”.
Whenever Jean went out, she called Christine at bedtime without fail.
On October 7, 1949, Jean told Sophie that she was meeting Dexter about increasing his child support payments and to ask why his payment was late. After that, she had a night shoot for the latest movie she had a walk-on role for.
She left the house wearing a wool sweater, green pants, and a white coat. With a wink and a “wish me luck”, she walked out the door at 5:00 pm.
A clerk at the farmer’s market down the street said that Jean wandered around the market for approximately 2 hours. She appeared to be waiting for someone.
At approximately 7:30 pm, she was sighted at The Cheesebox on Sunset Boulevard. She was said to be eating hotdogs with a tall man, he was clean-cut, with a neat appearance.
Jean called Christine at approximately 7:30 pm to say good night. This was the last time she would speak to her family.
There were 2 unconfirmed sightings:
At approximately 2:00 am, still at The Cheesebox, Sheik Lazar, a local DJ saw her arguing with 2 men. As he approached the table, he was waived away.
The final sighting was Art Rogers, a gas station attendant. He said an unknown man pulled up in a “blue-gray convertible.” The male driver had Art fill his tank and said they were headed to Fresno. He described the woman as silent and slumped over in the seat. Art said as the car pulled away, she suddenly sat up and yelled, “Get our license plate number and call the police!” Art called the police, but they weren’t able to find the car. He identified Jean from a photo the police showed him.
When Jean failed to come home the following day, Sophie went down to the Wilshire Division of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and filed a missing persons report. The police took down the details but thought that the young starlet was probably just out on a date and would probably show up in a day or two.
On October 8, 1949, a Griffith Park employee found Jean’s purse, close to the Fern Dell entrance to the park. The police were called immediately.
The inspection of the purse found that the handles had been ripped off as if someone tried to steal it. Inside her belongings were still intact. Along with her identification, they found her lucky silver dollar, her SAG card, her address book, and a curious note.. It read, ”Kirk: Can't wait any longer. Going to see Dr. Scott. It will work best while mother is away,”. It was not signed and ended with a comma, leading the police to believe she didn't have a chance to finish the note. Jean’s mother, Florence was away visiting family in Kansas at the time.
Speculation went from an angry ex to an illegal abortion. There were hopes if they acted quickly, they could find Jean still alive.
Since they found her purse in the park, they decided to search the 4,000 acres. Over the following days, the search for Jean would be one of the largest in LAPD history. There were 200 searchers on foot and horseback scouring the terrain. They didn't find any further clues in the park. The media made a connection to the Black Dahlia case.
Griffith Park was a popular destination and law enforcement didn't want to scare the citizens of Los Angeles, so they released a statement that suggested Jean had a slight illness and would be back when she was feeling better.
Lead detective Thad Brown had to find the identity of Kirk and Dr. Scott, interview Jean’s estranged husband, and her many lovers. In her address book he would say he found “a lot of prominent names.” At the time he offered no theories, but stated ”This girl really got around.”
LAPD found that there was no night shoots scheduled for the night Jean disappeared.
Actor Robert Stack contacted LAPD after her disappearance to say on the night of October 7, he passed by her apartment and he saw a shadowy figure outside appearing to try to get in a window. LAPD would find one of her earrings.
On October 8, actor Robert Cummings told police that he had seen Jean two weeks before. He said she was very happy with a new romance, nothing serious but she was having the time of her life. Further investigation showed the new man was likely writer Peter Brooks. Brooks was removed from suspicion.
Florence told LAPD that Jean had dated a man named Kirk briefly. She was unable to identify him because he never came into the apartment. The two times he picked her up, he waited for her in the car.
Kirk Douglas came forward and preemptively contacted LAPD Chief Brown twice by phone. At first, he said he didn't know Jean. Then he said he was reminded by a friend that she was an extra on his latest movie, Young Man with a Horn.). He said he kidded with her like he did every woman working on his films, but they weren't friends. He told them he was in Palm Springs, California recovering from the flu. He was never interviewed in person and was not considered a suspect by police. The media and the gossiping public, however, did view him as a suspect and the father of her baby.
Another lead was an actor Kirk Alyn who was the first actor to play Superman. No connection between the two could be found.
Dexter Benner
Dexter told LAPD that he was home with his new wife, Lynn Laskey, Lynn had been married before to Ely Lasky, an associate of Mickey Cohen. He told police that he hadn’t seen or spoken to Jean in some time.
Sophie revealed to the public for the first time in 1979, that Dexter came to the house when he learned that Jean was missing to take custody of Christine. Sophie had told the LAPD at the time, that Dexter had scratches all over his face. He told her he dropped a crate of glasses at work resulting in the scratches. She didn't believe him.
The LAPD found what they referred to as a dated ’boating document’. Dexter had taken his boat out on the night Jean disappeared. This boating trip was never mentioned to the LAPD by Dexter or Lynn.
Lieutenant Scotty
Although his identity was never released to the public, Florence was able to identify him to law enforcement.
Scotty’s lawyer claimed the affair ended in 1945 and they had not spoken since. Investigators dropped him as a suspect.
Dr. Scott
LAPD learned there was a young man on Sunset Boulevard who went by ”Doc” or ”Scotty”. He was suspected of performing illegal abortions. He was never found.
Based on the note found in her purse, police checked with local medical care providers, and never located a Dr. Scott or Dr. Kirk who had a patient named Spangler or Benner. The theorized his name may have been an alias.
David Ogul
In the weeks before her disappearance, Jean was seen several times with David Ogul. David ”Little Davy” Ogul worked for Mickey Cohen.
David Ogul disappeared 2 days before Jean. He had been indicted on conspiracy charges shortly before he disappeared.
Johnny Stompanato
Jean was known to have dated Johnny Stompanato shortly before she disappeared. ”Johnny Stomp” was a known enforcer and bodyguard for Mickey Cohen Johnny was known as one of Hollywood's most prolific womanizers. He was also known to be physically and verbally abusive to women.
The investigation into Johnny became difficult years later when he was stabbed to death by Cheryl Crane, Lana Turner’s daughter.
Serial killer
LAPD looked into a possible connection between the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short, the disappearance of Mimi Broomhower, the death of Jeanne French, and the death of a wealthy real estate agent Gladys Kern. Gladys was included because her purse was found in a phone booth with a note that read, ” Police Dept - We found this at the beach on Thursday night.” They were unable to make a connection between the victims.
George Hodel
George Hodel is a new suspect thanks to his son Steve Hodel. Like Elizabeth Short, Steve thinks his father killed Jean Spangler.
You can read more about Steve’s theory on the murders he believes his father committed.
Dexter would not allow Florence and Sophie to see Christine because they talked about Jean. Florence attempted to get custody of Christine, but Dexter fled to Florida with her. Florence didn't have the resources to fight an interstate custody battle.
Florence Spanger died in 1991. She never found her daughter and never saw her granddaughter again. Florence died convinced Dexter killed her daughter.
Dexter had two more children with Lynn. He died in 2007.
Some people questioned the LAPD’s desire to solve Jean’s disappearance. She knew a lot of prominent people and they had the clout to stop the investigation. They wondered if that is what happened and if Jean’s case will ever be solved.
As of today, Jean Spangler has never been located.
Additional Sources:
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2020.10.18 03:24 j21w91 Tdarr not picking up commentary tracks

As title says. I have my plugin set that works for most films.
It does the following:
Now, this has worked for a majority of films fine. But there are a certain few where it doesn't detect commentary or foreign language. Nor does it set the 2.0 audio as the default.
I know for sure that none of the above happened (apart from HEVC transcode) on Black Panther.
Here is the info given for that file. The AC3 audio is French/Spanish and then Eng Commentary, respectively.
 { "_id": "/home/TdarMedia/Movies/Black Panther (2018)/Black Panther (2018) .mkv", "hasClosedCaptions": false, "container": "mkv", "ffProbeRead": "success", "ffProbeData": { "streams": [ { "codec_name": "hevc", "codec_type": "video", "tags": { "language": "eng", "title": "Black.Panther.2018.1080p.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.7.1-FGT", "BPS-eng": "23599557", "DURATION-eng": "02:14:33.149000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "193562", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "23815342771", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "ENCODER": "Lavc58.77.101 hevc_nvenc", "DURATION": "02:14:33.356000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "24000/1001", "width": 1920, "height": 1080 }, { "codec_name": "dts", "codec_type": "audio", "channels": 8, "tags": { "language": "eng", "title": "Black.Panther.2018.1080p.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.7.1-FGT", "BPS-eng": "4980859", "DURATION-eng": "02:14:33.152000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "756858", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "5026404652", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "DURATION": "02:14:33.151000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "0/0" }, { "codec_name": "dts", "codec_type": "audio", "bit_rate": "1536000", "channels": 6, "tags": { "language": "eng", "title": "Black.Panther.2018.1080p.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.7.1-FGT", "BPS-eng": "1509000", "DURATION-eng": "02:14:33.152000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "756858", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "1522798296", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "DURATION": "02:14:33.151000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "0/0" }, { "codec_name": "ac3", "codec_type": "audio", "bit_rate": "320000", "channels": 2, "tags": { "language": "eng", "title": "Black.Panther.2018.1080p.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.7.1-FGT", "BPS-eng": "320000", "DURATION-eng": "02:14:33.152000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "252286", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "322926080", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "DURATION": "02:14:33.152000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "0/0" }, { "codec_name": "ac3", "codec_type": "audio", "bit_rate": "192000", "channels": 2, "tags": { "language": "eng", "title": "Black.Panther.2018.1080p.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.7.1-FGT", "BPS-eng": "192000", "DURATION-eng": "02:14:33.152000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "252286", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "193755648", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "DURATION": "02:14:33.152000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "0/0" }, { "codec_name": "hdmv_pgs_subtitle", "codec_type": "subtitle", "tags": { "language": "eng", "title": "English-PGS", "BPS-eng": "32556", "DURATION-eng": "02:14:07.978000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "3670", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "32751431", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "DURATION": "02:14:13.754000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "0/0", "duration": "8073.356000" }, { "codec_name": "hdmv_pgs_subtitle", "codec_type": "subtitle", "tags": { "language": "fre", "title": "French-PGS", "BPS-eng": "27446", "DURATION-eng": "02:14:16.487000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "2946", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "27640446", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "DURATION": "02:14:22.263000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "0/0", "duration": "8073.356000" }, { "codec_name": "hdmv_pgs_subtitle", "codec_type": "subtitle", "tags": { "language": "spa", "title": "Spanish-PGS", "BPS-eng": "26947", "DURATION-eng": "02:14:16.487000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "2906", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "27138178", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "DURATION": "02:14:22.263000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "0/0", "duration": "8073.356000" }, { "codec_name": "hdmv_pgs_subtitle", "codec_type": "subtitle", "tags": { "language": "eng", "title": "English-COMMENTARY-PGS", "BPS-eng": "78710", "DURATION-eng": "02:14:07.936000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "5252", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "79181649", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "DURATION": "02:14:13.754000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "0/0", "duration": "8073.356000" }, { "codec_name": "hdmv_pgs_subtitle", "codec_type": "subtitle", "tags": { "language": "fre", "title": "French-COMMENTARY-PGS", "BPS-eng": "65480", "DURATION-eng": "02:14:16.445000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "5061", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "65942125", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "DURATION": "02:14:22.263000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "0/0", "duration": "8073.356000" }, { "codec_name": "hdmv_pgs_subtitle", "codec_type": "subtitle", "tags": { "language": "spa", "title": "Spanish-COMMENTARY-PGS", "BPS-eng": "65999", "DURATION-eng": "02:14:16.445000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "5020", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "66464787", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "DURATION": "02:14:22.263000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "0/0", "duration": "8073.356000" }, { "codec_name": "hdmv_pgs_subtitle", "codec_type": "subtitle", "tags": { "language": "eng", "title": "English-FORCED-PGS", "BPS-eng": "838", "DURATION-eng": "02:10:25.213000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "136", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "820331", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "DURATION": "02:13:53.859000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "0/0", "duration": "8073.356000" }, { "codec_name": "hdmv_pgs_subtitle", "codec_type": "subtitle", "tags": { "language": "fre", "title": "French-FORCED-PGS", "BPS-eng": "1235", "DURATION-eng": "02:12:36.011000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "194", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "1229085", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "DURATION": "02:14:22.263000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "0/0", "duration": "8073.356000" }, { "codec_name": "hdmv_pgs_subtitle", "codec_type": "subtitle", "tags": { "language": "spa", "title": "Spanish-FORCED-PGS", "BPS-eng": "1009", "DURATION-eng": "02:10:53.617000000", "NUMBER_OF_FRAMES-eng": "152", "NUMBER_OF_BYTES-eng": "991100", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_APP-eng": "mkvmerge v22.0.0 ('At The End Of The World') 64-bit", "_STATISTICS_WRITING_DATE_UTC-eng": "2018-05-05 03:12:18", "_STATISTICS_TAGS-eng": "BPS DURATION NUMBER_OF_FRAMES NUMBER_OF_BYTES", "DURATION": "02:14:22.263000000" }, "avg_frame_rate": "0/0", "duration": "8073.356000" } ] }, "file_size": 21602.479801, "video_resolution": "1080p", "fileMedium": "video", "video_codec_name": "hevc", "file": "/home/TdarMedia/Movies/Black Panther (2018)/Black Panther (2018) .mkv", "DB": "FmSdE8A48njm52MWk", "lastPluginDetails": "none", "processingStatus": false, "createdAt": "2020-09-19T09:54:15.305Z", "bit_rate": 21406195.689623993, "statSync": { "mtimeMs": 1518480000000, "atime": "2020-09-18T16:04:23.697Z", "mtime": "2018-02-13T00:00:00.000Z", "ctime": "2020-09-19T09:33:29.547Z" }, "HealthCheck": "Success", "TranscodeDecisionMaker": "Not required", "lastHealthCheckDate": "2020-09-19T23:05:33.483Z", "cliLog": "_Plugin_MC93_Migz5ConvertAudio - Pre-processing\n☑File contains all required audio formats. \nTdarr_Plugin_c0r1_SetDefaultAudioStream - Pre-processing\n☑ Default 2 channel audio stream already exists. \n ", "bumped": false, "history": "title
", "lastTranscodeDate": "2020-09-23T21:33:24.097Z", "tPosition": 0, "hPosition": 0 }
What could be causing this and how do I resolve?
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2020.10.16 04:31 snowyrose112 How do I know if I'm being too picky or if these are acceptable needs and I haven't found the one?

I am finding myself connecting to several people in a week on an app, and I go on about one date every 2-3 weeks, for the past couple months. I have rejected almost all second dates, except for 2 guys, and then I rejected all third dates.
I am 30yo, an average attractive, 5'6" Asian female with a bachelor's degree and currently a project manager at an engineering firm, fluent in English, Korean, and French. On paper, I think I look fairly normal.. in person, my personality is introverted but nice, I do try to pay half on the meal unless they truly push me not to or pay before I notice, and we usually have 1-2 drinks, never too much.
What I'm looking for is someone who has a stable career plan (doesn't matter if they are in the middle of looking for a new job, as long as they know what they want to do), must be taller than me (5'8" and up), higher education (bachelors and up), no hardcore drinking, smoking, drugs, or gambling/casino interests, and generally prefer if they are also Asian/Korean, though other races are okay as well.
On dates, I usually already know what they are on paper (education, height, career) but I am far more critical about their personality and our chemistry. If I don't feel a spark on the first or second date, I just can't go any further and don't feel like there is any reason to find out. Is that a huge mistake? Am I cutting people out before they can "shine?"
And are my needs above just too strict and picky? Decent? Do I somehow come across as intimidating? I am fairly soft-spoken so I've never heard that I'm aggressive, but maybe I still look a certain way in person?
Basically, do I need to be more open-minded while dating or is this fine and I'm just not connecting with the right people? And I accidentally being intimidating somehow?
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2020.10.15 19:14 ObiEff The homemade Chicken Shawarma manual, a guide to making the best home made chicken shawarma of your life using just a grill or broiler. Recipe inside

Reddit law dictates pictures first, so here's how my shawarma turned out. As usual if you'd like to support me or prefer video guides, here's the link to the recipe and technique. I've also linked to all my past cooking posts in the comments below.
The sight of a Shawarma spit rotating slowly while grilling is breathtaking and majestic. The meat slowly bubbles and fries up on the exterior, while melted fat and juices trickle down the assembled shawarma cone. Then like a trained violinist, the shawarma meister shaves the exterior of the cone into thin strips of grilled meat before wrapping it in some flatbread. It is a true site to behold, and the experience of eating shawarma that was shaved seconds before is one you'll likely never forget. So what is one to do when you have no shawarma shops nearby and the craving strikes. Well the answer is to make your own but the problem with that is it's near impossible to get the correct grilled flavor and texture without a rotisserie, that is until today. I'm going to show you how to make the best homemade chicken shawarma of your life, using a technique that I developed that requires no special equipment (except some skewers) and can be done in any grill or broiler equipped oven.

What is Chicken Shawarma

Shawarma is the name given in the Middle East to a dish of layered meat which is grilled on a rotating spit, it commonly comes in two forms; Chicken or Meat (either beef, lamb or a mix of both). It's served throughout the middle east with every country putting their own unique twist on the marinades and sauces that are used. For the most part shawarma is eaten as a sandwich, but it's also sometimes served with rice, on hummus or with a salad. The popularity of shawarma and it's appeal as a quick delicious street food has lead to it spreading all over the world particularly as a late night meal.
There are a number of international variants of shawarma such as Turkish Döner (this is actually the historical origin of shawarma), Greek Gyros, and Mexican Al pastor (invented by Lebanese immigrants to Mexico), though today we will be focusing only on Levantine (specifically Syrian and Lebanese) style Chicken Shawarma sandwiches. These sandwiches are put together using the freshly shaved chicken, Toum (Thick garlic sauce, see my last post for this, link in notes), salty pickled cucumbers and Shatta (Chilli sauce, also in my last post), all wrapped together in a thin stretchy flatbread called Saj. Some people opt to add in slices of Tomato, lettuce, French fries or potato chips (crisps) for additional flavors or textures, but I feel it's unnecessary and the shawarma sandwich can shine without them. Once wrapped in the bread, the sandwich is toasted on a panini press for a minute, to crisp up the exterior of the bread and seal the sandwich shut.
The issue with cooking chicken shawarma at home is that it's really hard to get the right texture without the assistance of a rotisserie. As the rotisserie spins, the meat cooks from the outside inwards, and attains a glossy grilled char on the outer surface. Once shaved you'll end up with pieces that on one side are perfectly juicy and tender soft meat, and on the other side are crisped and lightly charred with an amazing grilled flavor. That texture is essential for correctly made chicken shawarma, and unfortunately it's really difficult to get using most home cooking methods. Although the marinade adds the majority of the flavor to the dish, it won't taste or feel right without the grilled exterior.
The simplest method to use for home cooked shawarma is to cut your marinated chicken into strips and then pan fry them. It works in a pinch and will give you chicken strips that taste similar to shawarma, but I've found that this method doesn't give you any resemblance in terms of texture and crucially the meat is missing a charred/grilled flavor. Another method that is quite simple, is to grill whole chicken thighs or breast fillets (slices about 1 cm thick) in a griddle or grill pan, then slicing it into strips before serving. This will give you a better texture and some char, and is my preferred method if I'm in a rush. However the texture is still quite different from that of genuine shawarma and the reason for that lies in the direct contact the chicken pieces will have with the pan. It will cause the meat to cook a lot quicker on the outside than it will on the inside, so you'll end up with a larger variation of doneness across a cross section of the meat.
One strange technique I've seen a lot recently, involves stacking your whole chicken pieces on some skewers, and baking it upright in the oven. Although this might look closer to a traditional shawarma cone, it's absolutely illogical, as you have to bake the whole thing until cooked through to the center. Although well intentioned, this method will basically give you over done and dry outer edges with some browning, and a well cooked center with 0 color. So what can you do to get realistic shawarma at home?
My technique is designed to grilling steak in a restaurant setting, to ensure that we get a perfectly cooked center in our meat, while still ensuring we get a crispy grilled outside. We will use the grill or broiler function to obtain a nice crust and grilled flavor. First the marinated chicken is sliced into thin strips about 1/2cm or 1/4in thick, then its suspended between two skewers. The filled skewers are placed on the edge of a baking tray or dish so that the meat is suspended in mid air and isn't touching the base. The tray is then placed under the broiler or grill in the oven to cook and is rotated every few minutes until lightly charred and cooked through. This is the best technique I have found for cooking chicken shawarma at home, and it really does mimic that of rotisserie shawarma. The direct heat from the grill or broiler allows you to develop char and crispiness, without the meat constricting and shrinking as it would in a pan.


The origins of Shawarma is one of many stories and timelines, and has been claimed by many nations. The name Shawarma may have come from the Turkish word çevirme, which some sources say means turning, though my google-fu has said it means translation (technically this still is a form of movement). But all indicators do point to this being an ottoman food, and that's mainly due to its importance and stature in the countries that make up the former ottoman empire. One very important clue on its ottoman origins was discovered in the background of a painting from 1616 which the food historian Priscilla Mary Işın discovered and wrote about in her book 'Bountiful Empire: A History of Ottoman Cuisine'. It dates the rotation method of cooking kebab to at least the 17th century.
Shawarma is thought to have first gone vertical through the work of Iskender Efendi in the 19th century (1867 to be exact) in the city of Bursa. He is also the inventor of the Iskender Kebab, which consists of meat shawarma placed on a bed of bread, then topped with a tomato sauce, browned butter and yoghurt. His descendants still run a restaurant in the city of Bursa to this day. Speaking of vertical shawarma, nearly all shawarma is now cooked vertically, but over the past decade there has been a resurgence in horizontally cooked shawarma. This is usually done over a coal fire pit and is honestly one of the best things I have ever eaten.
The spread of shawarma through the rest of the middle east is not clear and there aren't any credible stories of how it got transformed into a sandwich nor how it came to be combined with Toum and Shatta. However given that Toum is very much a Levantine invention and is a main component of chicken shawarma sandwiches, it's likely that it spread from either Syria or Lebanon. One clue to the Syrian origins of Chicken shawarma sandwiches also lies in the stores that sell shawarma throughout the Arab world. One of the oldest shawarma stores in Egypt is called Abo Ammar El Sory, which literally means Ammar's Father - The Syrian. There are also lots of other Syrian joints that specialize in shawarma throughout Cairo, though I'm unsure if this is just a phenomenon in Egypt.
One thing that we can say for sure is that Shawarma has spread throughout the world over recent years, and this is mostly attributed to the rise in Syrian refugees opening restaurants in the countries they now call home. London, UK is home to dozens of these, some of which put out shawarma that can rival any I've had in the Middle East. Europe has been a hotbed for Turkish Doner Kebabs for a long time, but the shawarma sandwich is now posing a new challenge to their dominance.

Flavor Profile

The chicken shawarma itself has a mild but complex spiced flavor due to the varied amounts of spices in it. You can easily pick up the flavors of Bay, cloves, cardamom and turmeric. The paprika and tomato paste add some depth to the shawarma and much needed umaminess. Adding lemon and vinegar to the marinade give it acidity but at the same time they serve to tenderize the chicken in conjunction with the yoghurt. Once cooked the flavors in the marinade mellow down slightly and you also get the grilled flavor coming through. Finally the great thing about cooking the shawarma with this method, is that you are still able to taste the chicken itself.
As a sandwich, it has quite a great and well rounded flavor. The first flavor you notice is the grilled bread, which I think is a step that gets left out too often. The freshly baked flavor you get from toasting it is essential to the shawarma experience. The next thing that cuts through is the garlic sauce, with its strong and pungent garlic flavor. You then get the flavors of the chicken mixed with the salt and sourness of the pickles. It's very much a memorable experience eating real shawarma for the first time as the flavors all blend together so well. If you add some chilli sauce as well then you will get a background heat in your sandwich that is really pleasant.


For the Chicken Shawarma:

Sandwich Ingredients:


Marinade directions:

  1. Butterfly or pound your chicken thighs until they are 1/2 cm or 1/4 inch thick, even thickness is crucial for a great cook. If you are using chicken breasts then butterfly them and then pound to an even thickness
  2. Crush your bay leaves using a pestle and mortar or a spice grinder (you can use some of the salt to help with this), then add to a bowl with the remaining spices
  3. Mince your garlic and mix with the Yoghurt, Tomato Paste, Lemon Juice, Olive oil, white vinegar and the spice mix. Stir until well mixed and then add your chicken in to the bowl and mix to ensure each piece is well coated in the marinade
  4. Place your chicken in the fridge for a minimum of 12 hours so the marinade can really take effect

My oven grilled/broiled chicken shawarma technique:

I highly recommend checking out my video for this as the steps are kind of hard to translate into words
  1. Slice your marinated chicken thighs into strips about 1/2 cm or 1/4 inch thick
  2. Using a skewer, pierce your chicken strips all along one side and slide them onto the skewer until the entire chicken thigh has been threaded on to the skewer
  3. With a second skewer, pierce the opposite end of the chicken, so that the chicken strips are suspended between both skewers, it will kind of resemble crochet. Push the thigh together so it's slightly compressed then repeat until you have filled all your skewers. Leave about an inch clear on both tips of the skewer.
  4. Line a deep baking sheet with foil or dish with foil, then place the skewers across the edge of the sheet. Either end of the skewer should be resting on opposing walls of the baking sheet, with the meat suspended between them, floating above the sheet not sitting in it (you may need to use a deep baking dish if your trays are shallow).
  5. Place your tray in the oven with your grill or broiler set to medium and cook for 3-5 minutes. Rotate the skewers to the second side and cook for another 3-5 minutes. Place them back in the over for 2-3 more minutes until slightly charred. Cooking times will really vary with each broiler or grill, but you should basically flip when it starts to develop a sear then flip when it happens on the other side. Your chicken should read 74c or 165f when done. If your broiler or grill only has one strength setting, try rotating it more often such as every minute.

Pan Grilled directions:

  1. Heat a grill pan or griddle and place a few chicken thighs in it, but don't overcrowd the pan
  2. Cook them on medium high heat, flipping them every 2-3 minutes until cooked through, this should only take a few minutes
  3. Remove and let cool slightly before slicing into thin strips

To make a shawarma sandwich:

  1. Place a piece of bread on your work surface and slather on a couple of tablespoons of Toum
  2. Add your chicken pieces on top, as well as some pieces of sliced cucumber pickle
  3. Add some chilli sauce to the sandwich then roll it up and seal
  4. Place your sandwiches in a grill pan of griddle, and weigh them down with something heavy. Allow them to sear for 30-60 seconds per side until grill marks form. You may find that wrapping the sandwiches in greaseproof paper before grilling helps keep them from splitting open.

Notes and tips

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2020.10.14 15:03 ouaqaa Dating in the age of covid and apps

Hello bros and brosettes;

About a year ago, my ex and I parted ways after ten years together. It was a somewhat mutual decision and I took the time to process it, grieve, learn self acceptance, learn to grow, find a new place, handle the covid apocalypse and whatnot.
I now feel like I'm ready to start dating again. Ten years ago, I had a flip phone and meeting people was (supposedly) as easy as going to a party/pub and talking to strangers. Today feels very different.
I'm 36, saw the rise of dating apps and websites while I was in a relationship and I would think to myself "maaaaan if this had existed while I single, my shy-ass would've been a proper Don Juan". But fantasies and reality are quite different...
I don't really know where to start, what to do, post or anything. I'm looking for any pointers to help me getting in the dating pool. I'm thinking of trying out bumble and maybe tinder but I'm very lost.
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated and if context helps by any means, I'm a french bro living in France.

Thanks for reading, and actually posting this is my first big step as I've been tinkering with this idea for weeks now
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2020.10.14 12:43 Throwawayfriendokay Is my(32M), friend(21F), being scammed or worse at risk of human trafficked from her Korean boyfriend(24M)?

I have a friend from work Priscila who has something of an Asian fetish. She's what I'd describe as young and immature. She loves anime, kpop, korean, dramas, mukbongs, the whole nine yards. She's a very attractive young woman. We're both black and one of the few black people where we work. Between this, our mutual enjoyment of anime and our shared experience being black nerds we get along pretty well.
Because of her fetish and her self described lack of received interest from black and white men Priscila likes to date online. While she's very picky in my opinion about the attractiveness of black and white men, this same scrutiny does not seem to apply when it comes to asian men. While I can't speak to any of her dating boyfriend her last boyfriend was 43, fat, Chinese, and not conventionally attractive. His Spanish was fairly poor (we're Dominican) and when I met him him and I spoke in Chinese (Mandarin) more than the two of them spoke in Spanish. They have since broken up.
Which brings us to our current situation. About two weeks she met a Korean gentleman living in Switzerland. He's younger and much more attractive. Were he here I'd say the two of them would be a good match based solely on looks. However he lives in Switzerland and doesn't speak English or Spanish very well, and despite being a self-described deokjil (Korean fangirl) her Korean is bad. I've spoken to him in French on WhatsApp and he seems real enough.
This week she excitedly told me he's invited her to Switzerland and sent her $10,000 US to get herself a ticket, her passport (she doesn't have one), and visa. He also sent her clothes from Fenty, Savage and some other brands I don't recognize. This is where my alarm bells rung off. She was obviously excited. The median Dominican income is ~4500 USD a year and she makes ~9200 USD. I immediately thought he's either "flewing" her out or worse getting her into a human trafficking trap. I'm not familiar with how prevalent human trafficking is in Switzerland and there are currently no travel restrictions I'm aware of the between the Dominican Republic and Switzerland. I can't but help think something is off. I don't want to rain on her parade. I asked her if she knows what he does for work and she doesn't even know.
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2020.10.14 12:11 Throwawayfriendokay Is my(32M), friend(21F), being scammed or worse at risk of human trafficked from her Korean boyfriend(24M)?

I have a friend from work Priscila who has something of an Asian fetish. She's what I'd describe as young and immature. She loves anime, kpop, korean, dramas, mukbongs, the whole nine yards. She's a very attractive young woman. We're both black and one of the few black people where we work. Between this, our mutual enjoyment of anime and our shared experience being black nerds we get along pretty well.
Because of her fetish and her self described lack of received interest from black and white men Priscila likes to date online. While she's very picky in my opinion about the attractiveness of black and white men, this same scrutiny does not seem to apply when it comes to asian men. While I can't speak to any of her dating boyfriend her last boyfriend was 43, fat, Chinese, and not conventionally attractive. His Spanish was fairly poor (we're Dominican) and when I met him him and I spoke in Chinese (Mandarin) more than the two of them spoke in Spanish. They have since broken up.
Which brings us to our current situation. About two weeks she met a Korean gentleman living in Switzerland. He's younger and much more attractive. Were he here I'd say the two of them would be a good match based solely on looks. However he lives in Switzerland and doesn't speak English or Spanish very well, and despite being a self-described deokjil (Korean fangirl) her Korean is bad. I've spoken to him in French on WhatsApp and he seems real enough.
This week she excitedly told me he's invited her to Switzerland and sent her $10,000 US to get herself a ticket, her passport (she doesn't have one), and visa. He also sent her clothes from Fenty, Savage and some other brands I don't recognize. This is where my alarm bells rung off. She was obviously excited. The median Dominican income is ~4500 USD a year and she makes ~9200 USD. I immediately thought he's either "flewing" her out or worse getting her into a human trafficking trap. I'm not familiar with how prevalent human trafficking is in Switzerland and there are currently no travel restrictions I'm aware of the between the Dominican Republic and Switzerland. I can't but help think something is off. I don't want to rain on her parade. I asked her if she knows what he does for work and she doesn't even know.
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2020.10.14 01:00 discoskyline LqWWu1Vm8UU

hi this is Paul and in this video we'll be talking about the ixg series IP multi-tenant intercom system the ixg series supports up to 9999 physical devices as well as 9999 cloud-based apps the ax G Series components consists of the Hayek's G - D m7 - hid entry panel the ixg - tv7 tenant station the IX gwgw gateway adapter used for our cloud-based apps not shown is the HP WLC lift control relay this is primarily used for elevator control the ixg series works with the IX series components such as the IX mv7 in IX TV the entry panel has some unique features it's got a built in hid reader that supports procs in dala iCLASS and bluetooth it also has a 26 bit we can output the motion detector brings a screen to life the camera is a 720p camera which keeps the bandwidth low but offers a great image on the tenant station as well as the app the entry panel also has a couple dry contacts on the back of it that are rated at three amps for door release or gate release the tenant station the ax GT c7 has a seven inch touchscreen as well and a couple outputs on the back of it that can be used with the GTR Y relay to provide contacts to trip an external strobe or sounder when it receives a call both the entry panel and the tenant station also have a micro SD card slot for storing imagery so if somebody calls in you can see who's come to your door who's called you the gateway adapter supports up to eight different app call groups at the same time meaning you can have eight different doors calling eight different apartments at the same time and all those apps will still receive the call let's go over operation of the system I can touch the entry panel here I have ListView shown I can have up to 100 different stations in ListView this case I hit the call button it rings the station video will pop up I can see who's there decided to answer it I will mute the microphone so we don't get any feedback hit the door release button I can terminate the call now when I go to the interest panel there's a keep out up here so if I'm in keypad mode and any of these screens can be changed to whatever default you want it to be so once i dial the station number it again calls the station i can go to answer it release the door if I want to or not if I go to the search screen I can dial in and it'll bring up a list so I can call say the i-x nb7 see who's there answer it there is a there's a key here so if I hit the key I can punch in a code you know release the door you can have as many codes as you act actual tenants lastly there's a screen here a globe that you can press and by touching the globe you can choose whatever language you want at that point the instructions will appear in in this case French I go through it it's all in French as it as it were the language will change back to the default language after the screen is timed out the IHG - to see seven also has some unique features you can call you need to call mobile apps I can call other stations in my residence the ixg tc7 if I have a big condominium or a big residence I can have up to eight physical ixt to see seven tennis stations in one tenant and they can call each other amongst themselves by hitting the buttons the other option I have is guard call button in this case we've had a program to call the ixg to see Center had to call the IX mv7 I can answer it see who's calling talk to them they can see the the video there is there's monitor where I can monitor the entry panel now as I'm monitoring the entry panel if someone were to come up and use the entry panel the call is going to override my ability to monitor this can also be turned off and during programming there is history where I can view who's come up to my door who's called me if I had the micro SD card installed I could then view the the video associated with those calls there's the settings where I can change the language ringtone brightness date and time the volume or I can register the app so let's do that now the I've already downloaded the app to my phone and installed it so if you have an Android device or an Apple device go to the respective stores and download the I extreme mobile app I'll hit next it'll say it's looking for a QR code yeah they'll say hey do you want to register to this station I do I'll hit connect he'll say confirmation I'll hit OK I'll agree to the privacy terms it's send says I'm now registered this is what my app will look like so I have the ability to monitor the entry panel just like the to c7 does I have a recording list to see who's the recalls I've recorded a history of what's happened so now if I go up to the TC 7 and hit the call hit the mobile app my mobile app will then receive a call from the to c7 I'm gonna answer it talk to the to talk to the to c7 from my app communicate back and forth terminate the call so now if I'm at the entry panel and I hit to c7 it's gonna ring the to c7 Tenet station as well as the mobile app now whichever one answers first is the one that's going to receive the call we're gonna answer it it'll pop up on the screen I can then hit the slider to release the door I can also turn on on its side to view the more of the screen so that's how simple it is to register an app and how the system works if you have any questions please visit
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2020.10.14 00:11 ScantiH How can I 28(f) become more attractive to men?

I've realised I may have aged myself out of the dating market especially for decent guys around my age. I have been so focused on ensuring that I have financial stability, that I have completely neglected the relationship side of things and learning how to be attractive to men and I am starting to feel quite a bit of regret. I grew up incredibly poor in the North of the UK and because of this getting a good job and earning money has been my main focus throughout my 20s. Now that I feel secure in all aspects of my life I am ready to dip my toe into the dating world, but worry I have aged myself out. When all my friends in university were dating and finding their partners, of whom many were in their late 20s, I had my head stuck in my books because I wanted to ensure I left with the best degree possible to get a good job.

Positives about me:
- I am physically in fantastic shape, due to eating well and exercising often, I've never not been in good shape.
- I have a lot of hobbies that keep me occupied: Netball, Fell Running, Swimming, French language classes, volunteering at my local food bank (and solo travelling in pre-covid times).
- I am mentally stable, despite feeling a bit lonely at times I don't have any issues surrounding my mental health.
- I am a good listener and enjoy socialising with new people in all of my hobbies.
- I am financially stable and earn very well for my age compared to the average in London, UK.

Negatives about me:
- I would say facially I am very plain looking, I look nothing like the Instagram model look that is fashion now - I just have an average face.
- I'm 5ft9 which is as tall or taller than the average male, which I've realised is seen as a negative to guys that are my height or shorter.
- I'm quite a reserved/introverted/shy person and I don't have a large friendship group or go out partying often, though I am happy and content with this.
- I don't have any personal social media accounts besides Linkedin. I had Facebook but deleted it a while ago.

How can I become more attractive to guys around my age, especially considering that I am very plain looking facially? I've downloaded dating apps like Tinder and despite the fact I'm not looking for anyone spectacular, just an average guy like myself, I'm not having any luck. So I'm just after some advice as to how I can be more attractive to men or at least market myself in a better way.
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2020.10.13 22:53 mrchochaud How long to text before meeting in person?

Dear French people,
What's the norm in your country? How long do you text a girl that you matched/met online before asking out for a date? I know the perfect answer is: "it depends from person to person". But, I'm looking for a general thumb rule to make sure am not asking out too early or too late.
I had 2 very different experiences. In both the cases we moved from dating app to texting on whatsapp on the first day. Also, in both cases, the conversation about meeting in person came on 3rd day. In one instance, I met the girl on the 4th day and on another the girl said 'Sorry. Not interested' and stopped texting me.
My understanding is that the whole point of a dating app/site is to meet people rather than having a pen-pal. My rationale is to use dating app to know if someone is just interesting enough to meet in person.
Would I be wrong in assuming a potential interest on a French girl's side if we are texting for 3 days on whatsapp and sharing interests? Am I doing something wrong? Or is there a cultural difference that I'm failing to understand here?
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2020.10.13 10:14 confusedhubby123 Please help! My wife thinks I'm trance

Hi All.
I'm really lost and looking for help and advice. My wife thinks I'm trans and she's left me for 6 weeks.
This is quite personal so I'm sorry if it's too much info but I'm just looking for help so please excuse my misdemeanors. There is so much context to this story but I'll try be as brief as possible
My wife and I have been married for almost 3 years and from the start of our relationship we were very experimental and open to sharing new things. This all happened over the course of our relationship.
After hearing where the male gspot is my wife was curious to try anal with me. I said I had played with myself but it was never something I put into my regular masterbation but it was fun to try.
When we tried it it was great we both had fun and we even got a strap on and would have some gender role play.
For me it was an amazing space for me to be able to let go and be submissive for a while. I had never had this with anyone and it was really special.
I have always been quite emotional in the sense that if I feel disconnected from my partner it is difficult for me to reach organism. I have always been like this and only one other partner made me feel connected enough to let go and be able to organism.
My wife knew that I had this delayed ejaculation issue but we worked with it.
We have been having quite bad arguments about a bunch of stuff and have been going to couples therapy for conflict management.
During this my wife has questioned my sexuality due to my ejaculation issues and that I come most frequently when having anal play and or role play situations.
By this time I had found TG erotica and was starting to masterbate quite frequently readying the stories. I was worried that my wife wouldn't understand what I had found as a kink and see that I had was confused about my gender and sexuality so I didn't know how to talk to her about it.
Then lock down happened. She said in therapy that she didn't like anal play anymore and I felt so shamed. It then became a huge source of stress because I started getting confused whether or not I was transgender or just getting into a kink.
I was to embarrassed and scared to talk to anyone to the point where I thought the only way I would know is if I explored this world more and get fully x dressed and see how I felt. So I ordered French maid outfits and a whole bunch of stuff. I downloaded transgender dating apps just to try understand the trans world a bit better- I never chatted to anyone nor was my intention to cheat on my wife I was just confused and wanted to talk to someone about their experience to draw comparison.
Lock down ended and things were getting better between my wife and I. I was beginning to feel like I could talk to my wife again and I thought I had figured out that I was just stressed and not transgender. I deleted all the dating apps and was looking forward to being able to try talk to my wife.
Then I went out to a friend's birthday which my wife was unable to attend. I got too drunk and decided to sleep at my friend, I told my wife and she freaked out.
She then went through my computer and found everything.
She jumped to the conclusion that I was trans and cheating on her.
She didn't tell me what she had found, instead she phoned our marriage counselor who couldn't help her without me present. She said she couldn't speak to me.
She ended up keeping me in the dark and partly moved back in with her mother. We arranged a therapy session for that weekend where she dropped the bomb of her discovery on me.
She had told her mom and brother everything and they are quite conservative... they came to the conclusion that I was having an identity crisis and living a double life.
I was in complete shock and she didn't believe me when I said I wasn't trans. She said she needed space for a month to concentrate on an exam she has coming up and then we can talk after.
I feel as though my wife should have been here for me over this time. Although with everything we've been through I understand that she wants space.
I just don't know how to get my wife to understand I'm not trans and I don't want to be with anyone but my wife.
Sorry for the long post or any offense I might have caused I'm just looking for any advice...
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