Tyra b dating

singer Tyra B [Bolling] is SINGLE. She never dated Kelly from B5. They are just friends. His real myspace has his status as single. He just logged into it a few days ago. He said he's looking for ... See all Tyra B.'s marriages, divorces, hookups, break ups, affairs, and dating relationships plus celebrity photos, latest Tyra B. news, gossip, and biography. Known as Tyra B, she is an American singer and songwriter who released her first single Country Boy in 2005. It reached number 35 on the Billboard U.S. R&B chart. She featured Soulja Boy on her 2008 song “Get It Poppin’.” Tyra Bolling attended Petersburg High School. Tyra Bolling is turning 35 in . Tyra was born in the 1980s. According to the publication, the duo has been dating for over a year and is said to be 'pretty happy.' Apparently, when he isn't travelling for work, he's always by Tyra's side and even her ... Tyra Banks, 45, has basically shacked up with her new boyfriend Louis Bélanger-Martin, a source close to Bélanger-Martin told Page Six. Tyra Bolling (born June 27, 1985), better known as Tyra B, is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. She's best known for her top 40 R&B singles 'Country Boy', 'Still in Love', and 'Givin' Me a Rush' which is her biggest single to date. Tyra Banks is a former model, actress, producer, author and TV personality. Many people are familiar with her competitive reality show, America’s Next Top Model, as well as, her daytime talk show, Tyra. She got her start in the modeling industry at the tender age of 15, making her the first African-American woman to be featured in popular magazines such as, GQ and Sports Illustrated.

Looksmaxxing with your lifestyle- part one

2020.09.06 02:31 kittyaphrodite Looksmaxxing with your lifestyle- part one

Hi guys! I just wanted to make a post about how I am looksmaxxing with my lifestyle. I have always had trouble going fully out of my way consistently for looksmaxxing. Putting on lashes, full beat, too much Bath and Body works perfume (cringe), inconsistent skin care, and illfitting but “trendy” clothes was my routine. I was always too “on” and it looked like I was trying too hard (which I was) and too little. It was also unsustainable. I just didn’t have the energy with school and full time work to be “on” all of the time. When college came around, I would roll out of bed with nothing done besides brushing my teeth and bounce. In quarantine I hit rock bottom with my self-esteem and sense of self-worth and since have been working hard to surpass my old self.
The main thing I have learned is that I need to have sustainable but doable lifestyle changes that work for me and aren’t super time intensive. I can get really into something short term but if I am not practicing it consistently long-term, it doesn’t matter as much. This guide is going to be split into about 4-5 different goal points because i am literally just going to put out every tip i know lol. The next one will be full of the more practical makeup/body/fashion stuff but already this is too long.
Step 1: Set your overarching realistic goals
It is incredibly important to know exactly what you want to do, and to verbalize it. My goals are to be the most beautiful, successful, and satisfied person I can be. And to also have my boyfriend eating out of the palm of my hand lol. Even though my goal is broad, to verbalize it helps tremendously because its central to me, my goal isn’t to look like Selena Gomez or Tyra Banks. I want to maximize myself to the fullest and not pursue some other persons perfections. Not to say that’s wrong for anyone, but it just helps me stay in a good and healthy mindset rather than tearing myself down for not being someone else.
Step 2: Personalitymaxx
It is so important to go into the process with a self-empowerment perspective as opposed to a self-negative perspective. You need to take care of yourself emotionally and physically and learn how to check in with yourself. If you feel you may have true body dysmorphia or depression/anxiety, or any other trauma I would highly recommend seeing a therapist or someone who can help you. That would be my standard across the board recommendation, get help. When I lost a bunch of weight in a short period of time (from fat to slim thick) I actually got depressed because of the renewed attention on me, I felt horrible and loveless and sexualized. Its not like those 90s movies where the nerdy girl becomes beautiful and everyone just loves you now. Learning how to check in with yourself is so important because your journey will reshift relationships with those around you. I used to be the “fat friend” and once I lost the weight a lot of my female friends became very jealous and I lost a few friendships there.
Step 3: Healthmaxxing
You need to work out. I’m sorry. I don’t like it either. The truth is, and models and actresses know it, you have to. Dieting only does so much. Ive been on and off 1200 calories for pretty much all of my teens and failed miserably every single time. Diets hardly work, not long term. Ive tried them all and always lost weight then cycled back even heavier within months. I did this just to avoid working out. The truth is, I love food. I love carbs. And the best thing to do about that is to work out and therefore have my calorie intake increase to about 1500 which is a good range for me. I can keep to 1500 and be happy and full and not feel like im restricting and want to binge on an extra 2,000 calories of pasta and pizza. A side note- on that calorie count I do allow myself to have some not-so-good meals. I do eat carbs, I do have a slice every now and then again. The key, as cliche as it is, is moderation but you really want to have a healthy relationship with food and not obsess over it.
Now the best thing to do is to find an exercise you like. I hate cardio with a passion, I really do. Every time I tried forcing myself to do cardio made me exhausted and completely unmotivated. In the end, I would quit within a week. What did I actually like? Pilates. Hiit. These are the things I chose to do everyday, 5 days a week, for one hour. Usually I’ll put on some combination of Chloe Ting, Blogilates, or Emi Wong on youtube and do their videos to pass the hour. For once in my life I enjoyed the workouts and I saw huge differences in my body within a week, even being overweight at the time (gaining muscle which is more metabolically active). Recently, I’ve added cardio in the form of bike riding, which is enjoyable for me and gets my heart rate up and helps to burn fat. So, I’ve been spending about an hour or so once a week just riding my bike around.
The other important point is calories in, calories out. There is no diet that will counteract that. If you ate 20 pounds of protein, you would still gain weight. Look up a calculator and determine how many calories youre burning at your height and weight and activity level. Try to aim for a calorie count that is good for whatever goal you have for yourself (gaining or losing) and track your meals. Myfitnesspal is standard. Most people have no real idea of how much they are eating at any given time. A great tip for me is to use the olive oil spray more often than me using copious amounts of olive oil per meal since im saving hundreds of calories. The best health and fitness youtuber for advice that I’ve found is this bodybuilder called Greg Doucette. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says, nor follow his advice 100%, but I think his views on nutrition is spot on.
Thank you for reading, i hope this helped! I'll be back for more soon. EDIT: Formatting
Recommended Reading list Your Beauty Mark by Dita von Teese https://www.nytimes.com/guides/smarterliving/how-to-be-a-better-friend
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2020.08.21 06:33 Laambs First time watching cycle 20... Halfway thru ep. 1 and I can't stop cringing

Let me start by saying I've watched cycles 1 - 19 pretty much as they aired and there were a few I watched multiple times when they were re-aired on other networks, and for the most part I enjoyed all of them. I noticed today Hulu has the seasons so I thought I'd give cycle 20 a try, as I haven't seen it yet and don't know anything about it.
I don't know if maybe this is an unpopular opinion or what, or maybe the season will improve if I keep watching but holy crap it's been so rough. Every confessional is like, "Watch out BOYS! A GIRL is going to win this year!" Or, "Sorry GIRLS, a GUY is taking it this year." Like okay, we get it, there's guys and girls together in the season. Or the other type of confessional is just swooning over the opposite sex like, "Where are the ladies?? I came to see some ladies!" And same with the women regarding the men. It feels so awkward to see these grown ass adults treating the experience like a real time dating app, instead of an opportunity for a career.
Lastly, I seriously can't believe all the comments that have been made regarding Virgg. I'm seriously only a half hour in and there's already been so many things that I can't believe they aired. First of all, when the one guy kissed her for the challenge he said, "There's a 37% chance I kissed a dude," and then during his time with the judges he brought it up again saying, "I kissed something other than a woman." At that point I really thought Tyra would correct him and say no, you kissed a woman because trans women are women, but NO! The judges just laughed and told him maybe he is bi now since he kissed her! I know it was 2013 but holy hell, that wasn't that long ago. I can't imagine them airing something like that now.
Anyway, TL;DR please tell me this season gets better and less cringe so I know whether to stick it out or not.
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2020.08.16 06:04 jebeebelle My All Stars Think Piece

Going in order of how the girls were eliminated, I'm going to give my opinion on each girl from her cycle, vs the All Stars cycle
Brittany (Cycle 4) - Deserved way better in All Stars, and actually deserved better in C4 too. Her photo was good imo, but it's just really unfortunate that the crowd didn't appreciate her enough. Alex unarguably had a MUCH worse photo but, as we all know, this isn't actually a modeling competition, it's a reality show and this season being all about "branding" was stupid, but whatever.
Sheena (Cycle 11) - I actually liked Sheena on both C11 and in All Stars, but she just didn't live up and it sucks to say but her elim was deserved.
Isis (Cycle 11) - She was DISGUSTINGLY mistreated by the transphobes on her cycle and I can see why she went home the way she did. I could tell the comments got to her and she was just so worried and aware I think. As someone part of the LGBT+ community, it made me really happy to see her return with more confidence. I think she could have stayed in All Stars a little longer, but I'm not sure that she had the potential to win.
Camille (Cycle 2) - I only slightly remember her from her cycle, and I just feel kinda neutral towards her. I did feel bad, though, that she had so much on her plate during the competition.
Bre (Cycle 5) - Looking back, I think I have a lot more appreciation for Bre on her cycle than I did while watching it. Seeing her in All Stars was.. strange? She was so mellow and toned down, but I don't dock her any points for that. People change as they age and that's okay. I loved her relationship with Bianca, and I wanted to see her go so much farther.
Kayla (Cycle 15) - I loved Kayla, and that didn't change on All Stars. I was rooting for her, but she just didn't have the same sparkle, spunk, and star quality that she did on C15. I wanted to see her do so much better but she just didn't deliver
Bianca (Cycle 9) - There were a lot of girls from C9 that I didn't care for because of blatant abelism towards Heather, and Bianca was one of them. However, seeing her return to All Stars, I actually liked her a lot more. She was in a lot of drama, but it's also fair to say there were a lot of moments that girls ganged up on her. I think she could have gone far enough to win if she didn't have the pressure of the other girls 24/7.
Alexandria (Cycle 16) - Didn't like her on C16, didn't like her on All Stars either. Hearing Bianca say "I now know why those girls treated her that way on her cycle" was very interesting. Alexandria always just struck a nerve with me and All Stars didn't help that. She makes for great TV, though. Not to mention her thinking she can sing... LOL.
Shannon (Cycle 1) - I was pretty neutral towards Shannon on her cycle, I just felt it was weird how she followed Robin like a lost puppy up until she got eliminated, but seeing Shannon alone with Adrienne made me like her a lot more, and Adrienne even said multiple times that her and Shannon were good friends after the show which made me like her a lot more. I didn't mind her on All Stars but I just think she didn't belong there. She was a big dated to me and her values and morals aligned with her own company, but not Tyra Banks. I don't blame her for the shoot she didn't do, but I think her elim was deserved considering that she just.. didn't do great like she did C1.
Dominique (Cycle 10) - I didn't like Dominique on her cycle, but I actually learned to love her on All Stars after she calmed down a bit. She also looked MUCH younger on All Stars and it's fair to say the soccer mom cut she got in C10 made her look OLD and not good at all. I do think Dominique could have won, but it just didn't play out that way.
Laura (Cycle 13) - Ahhhh! I love Laura!!! She really is a country cutie, and I strongly oppose the judges calling her "too sexy" in her photos. I personally thought it was just great versatility, to go from sweetheart to badass in a second. Considering her competition, I don't think she could have won, but I was happy to see how far she got and not to mention her catchy, adorable song.
Angelea (Cycle 14) - Now, if you read my last post on this sub, you'll know how I feel about Angelea. I was really flip-flop with her on her cycle, going from hating her to loving her within the same episode, but I was really rooting for her in All Stars. After hearing feedback off of my aforementioned last post, do I think she deserved to win? Against Allison? Probably not. However, we need to take into consideration that ANTM is NOT a modeling competition, it's a reality show and this particular season happened to be all about personality and branding. Allison has a portfolio that could beat anyone, but if we wanna talk about ""personality"", Angelea did deserve her win and its really, REALLY upsetting she got it snatched away.
Allison (Cycle 12) - Allison is my favorite contestant of all time, and no one else will beat that. If ANTM really cared about modeling, Allison should have won C12 in the first place, and she easily could have won All Stars if they cared about looking through past portfolios. Allison beats Lisa out EASILY for me. While Lisa wants to boost her singing career, Allison is actually doing this because she has a passion for fashion and modeling. Allison is a true winner in my heart <3
Lisa (Cycle 5) - I do not like Lisa. Not in her cycle, and not in All Stars. When Brittany was eliminated and said "Guess I wasn't memorable enough, sorry I didn't piss in a diaper on camera" it made me REEL. Lisa should not be someone to represent top model, and she should have stayed in the studio and kept making music because Tyson Beckford said it himself, Lisa is an entertainer and performer. Not to mention, she looks 50 and her outfits are all trash.
All in all, I liked this cycle. I loved the concept of bringing old girls back, but the amount of "branding and personality" they pushed REALLY pissed me off. Girls who were passionate about modeling got booted off in favor for a girl who was loud and crazy because of "personality" and this is where it set in the most that this isn't a modeling competition, it's reality TV and they do not give a single damn about the dreams they may be crushing of a girl, all they care about is their ratings.
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2020.08.12 18:27 jcisneros405 Ranking All 12 Drag Race Seasons

S5 - Right out of the gate Serena Cha Cha vs the world gave compelling television Week 1, Alyssa vs Coco's real life feud carrying into the show was revolutionary, Alaska proving she can carry her own weight over dating a winner, and the pure satisfaction of Jink's "underdog" storyline vs Rolaskatox makes this still top dog in terms of quality television.
S6 - Bianca del Rio is a drag queens drag queen, she's one of the most mainstream, easily accessible, and wittiest of all the queens and while it was no surprise Bianca had the season in the bag, the amazing cast comprised of Gia's cunty catchphrases, Adore's youthful charm, Laganga's everything, Trinity and Darienne's lip syncs as well as Darienne's confessionals made not a single moment of this season boring television. And THEN there's still Courtney Act, Ben de la, Ornacia, etc. Fantastic cast with amazing challenges that were either hysterical or gave satisfying tv for the "cringe" crowd due to Makeover and Chad.
S2 - This season benefitted from the cast not self-editing for the cameras due to a lack of social media back in 1994 when it aired and most of the drama this season was fueled by blunt critiques from Santino and Merle comparing the queens looks to cokewhores and 5 dollar hookas or from Tyra, Raven, Tatianna, or Morgan clashing and arguing with the cast in ways the newer casts would never do bar The Vixen and Yvie. The wedding dress episode remains peak quality gay drama television and the honest, raw attitudes of the cast unafraid of the audience backlash enabled them to tear into eachother (especially in Untucked) and secure this season as one of the best even all these years.
S12 - Recency bias not withstanding, S12 is similar to Season 6 in that the cast was comprised of all queens who had a wide range of distinctive personalities and looks, and the entire cast [ok maybe not Dahlia] is basically eligible for All Stars even today which is not something one can say about any other season. Editing around the scandal proved awkward at times and made some episodes frustrating, but the positive energy and All Stars worthy looks exuding out of queens like Crystal, Jan, Heidi, Widow and the rest of the cast did overpower that. Ru's homeless superhero mask at the reunion was questionable. Zoom call finale lacked oomph but a satisfying crowning.
S10 - This one really was the season people were HYPED for. Monet X Change was gonna be on drag race. Sharon Needles' daughter. Bob the drag queens daughter. Alexis Mateo's daughter. Eureka was coming back. Asia O Hara was going to compete. And then the first episode was a slam dunk w/ a shock elimination of a first out that even the producers and Ru didnt see coming that propelled the Movement that showed even the "first out" can make it just as big as the winners do. The audience fell in love with Monique Heart, got a weaker version of a Valentina "Greedy" moment, loved to hate The Vixen for ensuring that Untucked remained interesting when the producers had no problem booting the quiet, nice, drama-free Mayhem Miller and Blair St Clair the moment they could who weren't giving enough tv moments. Monet X Change, Mayhem Miller, and Kameron Michaels delivered some fantastic lip syncs. Was nice and satisfying seeing wins spread around to Miz Cracker and Kameron when they earned it, not like recently when they withhold them from Jan or Miss Vanjie when giving them wins made sense in terms of their performance and storyline. It was actually a tight race between Eureka, Asia, and Aquaria. The Lip Sync for the Crown was a mess but Aquaria and Kameron's Bang Bang saved it.
S9 - Best promo out of all 12 seasons by far, helped hype the season at the beginning. Lady Gaga was a smart choice and set the stage for the big-name pop diva to guest judge ep 1. Another fantastic cast as proven by all of the returning queens All Stars Runs [ok not Farrah] and continued success off the show. A lot of the episodes feel educational, or as if going through the motions to address "gay problem of the week" during makeup time which can sometimes drag. Also the purple runway lighting this season held back some looks and really washed out a lot of color on the girls. The lip sync for the Crown was brilliant as people were complaining how predictable it was by Season 8's promo videos that Bob would win and S9 had far too many underwhelming lip syncs and it seemed like the only girls that could deliver a performance were Trinity, Aja, Peppermint and Nina Bonina Brown by the end of it, so this finale solved two problems in one. Valentina was TV gold from entrance to exit. Sasha Velour is drag excellence and delivers some of the tightest lip syncs I've ever seen. Amazing Ball Episode and Nina's Finally performance will give you all the life you need to move on from that man who did you wrong.
S3 - Similar to S2 in that it's still rough around the edges, you got girls literally assaulting each other in the first lip sync, there's Delta's strong hatred toward the other big girls that felt sadly misdirected, the audience got to see Stacy surprise everyone and snag a Snatch Game win, the Heathers vs Boogers storyline the producers pushed gave the season an interesting Us vs Them dynamic at the Top 7 that has yet to be replicated. Raja, Manila, Alexis, and Yara give fantastic looks, and Carmen is the OG unclockable woman of the franchise. Manila, Raja, Alexis, and Shangela gave epic lip syncs and Shangela knew how to play the cameras and instigate things to give excellent TV (predominantly Untucked) but the Heathers were so easy to fall into it.
S4 - I know people think this season should be higher. It has some of the most long-standing and respected queens in the franchise. But it takes more than half a season to get to them because casting booked so many filler queens, not enough contenders or wild cards. The Untucked of this season is where the juice is thanks to Phi Phi and Willam. Sharon's look episode 1 won over Ru and won her the season right there. Dita Ritz's lip syncs are everything, Ru's eyes are mesmerized watching her. Latrice, Jiggly, and Milan thankfully served us some entertaining lip syncs as well. Chad's First Lady Look was so polished. Very satisfying seeing Sharon take down her arch nemesis of the season at the end from a television perspective.
S7 - Fantastic cast of girls, so many good lip syncs this season, Violets two-in-one. But her confidence split the audience in half on who to root for and by the end people really were uncertain who was going to take it, people even thought Pearl had a chance to win for a while there. Ginger was hysterical and clearly a talented singer but her Untucked edit split the audience. The audience was not kind to Jasmine but Jasmine's cocoon moment and her dress alone should've kept her safe as fuck from bullying. Mrs Kasha Davis and Jaidynn Dior Fierce's wins are stolen and given to frontrunners who don't need them for storyline. Katya teleports all over Untucked. They did a better job editing out Kandy Ho than Pie. Pearl loses a lip sync, twice because the second should have been a double elimination and #JusticeforTrixie is probably the reason Ru ain't shouldering the responsibility of eliminating Valentina, Manila, Tatianna, Shangela, Monique, etc on All Stars and is why you'll never get lip sync for your lifes on All Stars again. The cast has great chemistry and provide some of the funniest Untucked moments in all 12 seasons as it's in the in-between phase of the cattiness of the Untucked Lounge and the "Best Friends Race" Untucked has become post S8. But the cast is wasted on being forced into too many unfunny acting challenges and not enough challenges to push creativity or solo endeavors. This was the season where the runways really started to have that overdramatic, overblown budget pop to them thanks to Violet and Fame. One of the few seasons with an unpredictable winner without needing to resort to lip syncing for the crown. Katya, Ginger, and Kennedy save Untucked. This season could have been great with swapping some challenges out and giving wins where they deserved.
S11 - Brook Lynn vs Yvie is one of the best lip syncs of the franchise and they are both powerhouse performers with a unique aesthetic. A'keria was Southern pageant excellence, Silky embodied that personality is key and can take you to the top, Scarlet's personality was so likable, Miss Vanjie need I say more? But this season dragged and started out with too many queens who clearly were never destined to make it far, only now exacerbated by the extra 2/3 filler queens compared to normal. Even though its rated so low, this season still has a handful of extremely talented queens, make no mistake.
S1 - You can tell they're still testing things out. They even pulled a stunt and put two frontrunners in the btm together early on (Ongina vs Bebe) and DIDN'T pull a "shantay you both stay" for the twelfth time. Intentionally messed with Shannel and gave her win to Rebecca, who was clearly pushed by the producers to represent the modern, mall drag of early 2000s even though Jade beat her in the lip sync. Akashias lip syncs were fire, she brought a guest judge to tears, Tammie Brown pulled a Valentina before it was a thing and pulled a Pearl during the reunion, Tammie needs to be brought back again, she has more nerve than Willam. The filter, short length, and the rough around the edges, low budget look keep it near the bottom but it's still got its classic moments and queen interactions.
S8 - It's too short. Bob had no competition. It was amazing watching Chi Chi, Naomi, Derrick, and Kim Chis journeys, but Ru wasn't giving that crown to no one but Bob even before they flew all the girls in to film. Shoutout to Laila McQueen for delivering on Applause and Chi Chi giving Ru that twinkle in her eye during her And I'm Telling You that I hadn't seen on Ru since Dita Ritz. The Realness music video is perfect.
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2020.08.04 18:49 NotSoFlugratte On the story, The DLCs, and where we stand for now!

Hi! Today, I'm gonna take some time to talk about the story in Destiny 2, to talk about hat I want to see in the future of Destiny 2 storywise, What I want to see in the future, and what I could imagine where the story will go in the future. Lets start with a round-up of all the different Races in this post. This topic is so big, it will take several posts to be explained to the fullest.
The Hive and the Taken: Crota is dead. Oryx is dead. Xivu Arath is hidden, and, since the from her arranged raid for awoken relics, seems to not have taken much action since, except for commanding few Hive through the Dreaming City. Savathun is now obstructing our way to the forces of dark, who desperately reach out to us, and apparently has learned how to take. Nokris has survived in a way yet for us to know, and is now siding with Savathun, the cunning witch, of whose we cannot possibly trust a single mention.
Savathun is striving for forces outside of light and dark, Savathun has betrayed the Logic of the Sword, and Savathun is doing everything to obstruct us from gaining knowledge from the Darkness itself, and possibly learned the magics of Necromancy from Nokris.

The Fallen and the Scorn: THe fallen are scattered, destroyed in their forces. The House of Dusk is a shattered group of Survivors, no Kell to lead them into future. The Kells Scourge is disbanded, crippled.
The House of Dusk is just a bunch of bandits now, distracted from their culture, substracted from themselves, crippled in their forces. The Kells Scourge nowhere relevant no more. Now, there are five major fallen players:
Eramis, bound to reuniting the House of Devils, and rejecting the old ways of the fallen, to embrace the darkness as her house once already did with SIVA.
Variks, bound to showing the young Fallen of Sol the ways of the old Fallen, and keeping up their ancient ways and views.
Fikrul, the Fanatic, invincible for us to kill permanently, only to be inconvenieced by us - bound to exterminating every last of the fallen he sees so weak.
Mithrax, the Forsaken, who has betrayed his brothers and Sisters, for he has accepted the decision of the Traveller, the great machine, to move on to mankind, and, in the name of the great machine, supports his new understudies.
And Spider, the great Baron of Crime, the Shores greatest law, who we owe a last favor to.

The Vex: The undying Mind has fallen. The sanctified Mind has fallen. The Black Heart of the Black Garden has fallen long ago. The Infinite Forest is in the Hands of Guardians.

But the Sol Divisive, the fanatic group of Vex, faithful in the Darkness, is still existent.
The Vex of the Sol Collective, the common Vex in Sol, brownish in their color, are still there, and are still fighting the Guardian Forces, though weakened by the Fallen and the Cabal.
There is no much to say for the Vex, for they appear to be weakened - but we cannot forget about them, for their futuristic Powers are not to be underestimated.

The Cabal: Dominus Ghaul is dead, the great Emperor Calus in Exile.
The so strong Red LEgion lies in devastting defeat, broken, and ended in their great war campaign in Sol.
The remaining Legions once encountered in Sol are shattered, destroyed, The 4 Psion Sisters are finished and dead, or so 3 of them, for Amtecs fate is not to be known to us. But their majestic weapon, the Almighty, the destroyer of Suns, lies in broken, shattered pieces upon earths surface.
The last great forces of the Cabal are located in the great Cabal Empire, lead by Caiatl, the daughter of the exiled, hated emperor Calus. Yet, her plans are yet to be to our knowledge, for she does not yet strive in action of our doing. Yet, for these days, the Cabal forces are demolished in Sol.

The Ahamkaras:
The Ahamkaras are extinct, at least in the system of Sol. There is no present Ahamkara anymore, for the last was slain in the dreaming city. Beyond our Solar System there may remain more of them, but we are free of them, the wish granting dragons.

Now, that we have wound up where each race is in their forces, we must ask ourself: Where do we stand? Who is truly an ally of ours? What are our forces?
The Warmind: Rasputin is gone. The Darkness, upon its Arrival, has deactivated it. It may be that we can recover it's system, or at least something of it, something of the great Warmind. But for now, we must find a way to cope - and to survive - it's loss.

Mithrax and Spider: Our one true ally upon the Fallen forces is the House of Light, forged in the Claws of the Captain whose life we once spared: Mithrax. He is a deep supporter of our Light, and he intends to stay with that.
Spider, in his ways, is not our ally, he was. Our goals do not fully align anymore, though we cannot expect him to betray us either. He seeks his own businesses to flourish, as we seek our bare survival. We have no reason to exterminate Spiders Syndicate, He has no Reason to double-cross us - so our pths might cross again, at last when Spider calls in his last favor we owe him.
Uldren Sov, Petra Venj and the Awoken:
Uldren now is a Guardian, yet we have no sight of him. We do not know where he is, ever since his resurrection in the Dreming City. We do not know, what he is doing, though we do know, that he exiled himself. He is not conscious about what he did to our beloved Hunter Vanguard, though he is knowledgeable that the Guardians despise him for something he did earlier - for none of the encounters he ahd with other guardians, where he revealed his identity, has gone friendly.
Petra Venj and the Awoken are questionable about their allegiance to us. No Doubt they are strong, and will be of help to us in the future, though we cannot be assured that they will help us in the fight against the darkness. They have been created by declaring Neutrality between Light and Dark, and by that gained their ascendance. But we can expect Mara Sov, and by that well the Queens Wrath, Petra Venj, to be part of our fight against the Darkness, for Mara has already plotted with Eris Morn and Osiris long before we knew, back to the dates before the Taken King arrived in our Solar System, long before Mara sacrificed herself.

Osiris and the Infinite Forest:
Osiris is a supporter of our forces, but he does not partake in our fights by himself anymore. His aid is in Intel, his control over the infinite Forest will be helpful to predict the future - though, it has not helped the Vex of falling, it might just help us to see what we have done wrong, to change what apears to be a frozen line in time.

The Vanguard and the Guardians:
Cayde is dead. And for what soon have to be 2 years, There has been no successor. And we could not possibly elect one, for the dare is untracable to who it would be. As Ikora Rey put it so wisely once: " Were we to trace the chain of culpability back to its first link, I believe we would be obligated to elect a Hive god to our council".
And with no Representation in the council, the Hunters have deattached themself from the City and the Vanguard, for various reasons. They have been slacking off their duties, have been on personal business instead of guardian business.
And as if that was not yet enough, there have been too few Guardians around. Ever since the Battle of Ibrium Mare, the fatal loss of hundreds of Guardians at the Hands of Crota, the amount of new resurrections, of new Guardians was insufficient to keep up with the losses of such. The Guardian Forces are weaker than hundreds of years ago, but stronger than they have been for hundreds of years as well. And at last, we are one of the few kinds of beings directly interwired to the paracausality of light and dark, a force that was able to fight off the ultimate Taken Kind himself, and forge his heart into a weapon of fear. The Guardians may have not the forces they used to have, but by no means are they a force to be messed easily with.
For we have unquestionably great Warriors at the Hand of our disposal: Saint-14, Lord Shaxx, Ikora Rey, Zavala, Ana Bray, Sloane, and even the Guardian self.

The Last City:
Not only Guardians are the soldiers of the City. For long, there have been military forces: The Forces of the City. Though consisting of mainly frames and non-Lightbearers, they are a force at disposal for the Guardians adn the Council, and have proven to be successful support in fights, as for the battle on the Moon, shortly before we discovered the pyraming benath its surface.
And not only does the City have official Military Forces, but also are there paramilitarian forces, as for example the forces surrounding Hawthorne. Though not consisiting of Guardians, or relating to them, they have proven to be strong forces, as seen when the Guardian, the Vanguard and Hawthornes Forces reconquered the Last City and drove out the Red Legion.
To top these off, the Last City has several Weapon Foundrys, from the most renowned Black Armory, a forge of masterful quality, to large suppliers as Omolon. We have weaponry and manpower of Humanity, technology and Paracausality at our hands.

The Drifter:
The Drifter is no ordinary Guardian. Not only do we not know his actual name, but also does he not identify by what Guardians identify usually in their classes. He is no ordinary Hunter, Titan or Warlock. He is no Cryptarch. He has no Allegiance to the Last City, The Traveller, or the Light.
He has an Allegiance to no one but himself.
He has always been an advocate of using both the Darkness, and the Light, to our, but mostly his own benefit. In the deep bonds forged between The Guardian and The Drifter, we likely can expect the Drifter to support the Guardian, but we cannot expect him to fight the Darkness itself. Though his Intel from worlds we have not yet seen, from planets beyond Sol, will prove its worth in the Future.

The Iron Lords:
The Iron Lords are no more. For as far as we are concerned, there are none but three Iron Lords left: Saladin, the great Titan, who was spared by dying to SIVA, and Efrideet, a Hunter who servers how own enclave, but would aid Saladin again with certainty, adn Tyra Karn, who foremost is not a Warrior, but a Cryptarch.
Though their forces are small, we well can expect them to aid the young wolf and the City in any situation necessary, as it once already has been, and as it will be again.

Calus embraces the Darkness. When he, as he says, travelled to the borders our our Universe, it is said that he talked to the Darkness itself, and was witness to its massive power. From then onwards, he has gone on a conquest, to save those who try to fight back from the fate of darkness, and grant those who surrender the possibility of a life in excess before the Darkness comes. He sees everything as lost, the Darkness as a force we cannot overpower, though, as he says himself, will be amused to watch us.
Though he gives us means and weaponry to fight the darkness, we cannot expect him to be on our side. He is not our ally.

I hope you fellow Guardians think of this admittedly way too long post as helpful for the story. There are some smaller groups and sub-groups I conveniently left out due to their lesser importance for the story, and the Exo Stranger as well, though this is the what info we have about our enemies, and those we have to call allies for now. I hope it was helpful to keep up a bit what ´s regarding that. It's not gonna stay my last post on these matters, so, stay tuned if you liked it. May the Traveller protect us.
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2020.07.17 18:33 vonbayne First watch of Cycle 21 - my humble opinions

I stopped watching after Cycle 19 when it originally aired. I don't even think I finished the season. I binge-watched the seasons I'd seen a few months ago and decided to watch the ones I had not before I cancel my CBS subscription..!
I think it's fair to say my opinions will be slightly controversial considering the other posts I've read through.
***On a side note, can I just say what a shame it was for my boy-crazy ass to stop watching as I was turning 18/19! What was I thinking stopping when they were just introducing boys! Looking at you Don (C20), Jeremy (C20), Matthew (C21), Adam (C21)***
I personally liked this cycle a lot. I don't have a whole lot to say about Ivy, Romeo, Ben and Kari, so I'll move on from there.
Matthew - so hot, so beautiful. His attitude was so cool and I thought his pictures were good. I wish he could've stuck around longer, if not for his looks, then for his bright personality. I also thought it was absolute bullshit that Yu Tsai got all pissy because Matthew said he preferred Matthew to Matt. Like what?! That's his name...
Denzel - take a hike! I didn't mind Denzel, but once he made his comments about Will and his whole men-are-honest-about-their-feelings and women-hold-grudges-and-use-things-against-you (not quoting here), I was out. I had washed my hands of him. I hope he's done some learning/growing since then.
Mirjana (RIP) - her temper was her armour and I'm sure it was coming from a hurt place. That doesn't excuse her behaviour but I wish she had had some time to grow. I believe she could've been a strong woman. She obviously thrived when she had affection and I think it was very telling when she was eliminated right after Denzel left and was no longer able to find comfort in someone else. She was only 18 on the show after all.
Raelia - I was so confused by the judges opinions of her! Like she looked like a model and was so strong at the beginning and the judges referred back to those weeks like ho-hum. She had a positive attitude and deserved to stick around. And I liked her free-boob-shaking! Iconic.
Chantelle - I knew who Winnie/Chantelle was before watching the cycle so I was rooting for her, despite her "villian" edit. I do think editing and production came into play with this one. She reminds me so much of Yaya, her presence and poise, even her way of speaking. I don't agree with all of her behaviour and I think she was made to look worse than she really is. She's a beautiful woman and her video with Will for the finale was so perfectly commercial and friendly!
Shei - I looooved Shei. I hated her makeover at first but I think she pulled it off like only she could and made me love it. I was obsessed with the runway challenge episode (9) and thought that alone earned her a spot in the final 3. Alas, she was undeservedly eliminated. I could have seen her winning the whole thing. Her laid-back attitude was super attractive.
Lenox - unpopular opinion: I don't have a lot to say about Lenox. I thought she could model but I think she was so similar in terms of personality/style to Jourdan (C21). I don't think she deserved to be there after a lot of the other girls! I'm sorry! I don't root for people who don't try either.
Adam - he was my biggest surprise of this cycle! I disliked him on principle at the start because of his frat-boy ways but I liked him more and more every week. His drinking was absolutely problematic and I could not be happier that he got called out by Tyra during panel. However, I think Adam learned the most throughout the competition and he demonstrated that he was learning as a person even before the competition. He told his story about his antics in the past and how he had learned/was still learning from it. He impressed me most by refraining from engaging with Romeo, even after the "physical altercation". I thought for sure he was going to break. He looked like a model (after his makeover) and I thought he suited the Guess brand really well.
Will - love him. Love his look, love his personality. I would've loved for him to win. But I see him doing really well as a model regardless. I love that he wore the heels to panel directly after his confrontation of Denzel and spoke to his experience before Drag Race ANTM
Keith - I like Keith. He was never my favourite but he seems like the loveliest person. He's not my type romantically but oh my Heavens is he beautiful! He was the absolute look of a top male model. And composed and professional to boot! He was so together but still friendly and relatable. He was another who I could see working in the industry, no problem.
Overall, this may be one of my most watchable cycles. It wasn't as dating show-y as the previous cycle but still had lots of drama and some wonderful fashion moments. I'm glad they removed Bryanboy and more of the social media aspect. The best part was having Miss J again!
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2020.07.16 00:34 PinkFurLookinLikeCam Say Bible Podcast Discussion July 14, 2020 “Chance the Enabler”

Start-3:35: “...Podcast for the Kardashian mmm mmm mmmm I’m Natles” followed by Kathleen chiming in ..“Kardashian ......Koncerned”.
Nat mentions that someone said Kardashian Kodependancy and it reminds her of Co-Parenting (and their never ending hatred for such a thing). Kathleen says that someone wants her to discuss a certain Kardashian conspiracy but she has a “reddit hate thread” and doesn’t want to open herself up to the conspiracy business because she’s “nervous” of such a thing (I don’t really believe this- like at all).
Nat talks about how many kim perfumes she has and that their merch mugs are on sale. Their interview with Nneya will be posted up only for their highest paid Patreon levels; their longest interview, and she seemed the most interested in talking to them. Kathleen waxes about her media training and gives Nneya props for her interview skills (because Kathleen must interject herself and cant compliment Nneya outright but let me stop being negative).
3:35- 15:40: California is shutting down and Khloe wants everyone to take it seriously. Kathleen describes a gif someone used in their paid Facebook group that describes Khloe as toxic and Kathleen says she’s an “agent of chaos” and believes Khloe is trolling.
Natalie mentions that this past weekend Twitter was crazy with so many things like Naya Rivera’s body being found among other things (RIP to a brave brown woman who had probably the most impactful storyline on Glee playing a queer girl finding herself after figuring out her anger stemmed from denying her sexuality. This role was on national TV, in every home. This was a brave role for me and I always commended her for it) so she doesn’t understand why Khloe is coming on Twitter berating everyone about Covid when she was having parties the whole time and even had one this past weekend.
Kathleen claims that Khloe was paid by the governor to make this post and this isn’t an uncommon thing, especially proved by her tagging the governor and goes on to explain how attractive he is and what he’s like. Nat says Khloe should have just turned the offer down while Kathleen offers examples of better worded tweets. She goes on to say that what pisses her off the most is Khloe’s parties have lots of party favors and food and that requires staff (ok keep this energy when you get upset that Kimye and fam didn’t hoist the entire entourage out for a protest).
Nat says the trolling Khloe did of the baby shower was unnecessary and it ended up being a baby shower for an employee. Essentially she pretended that it was a baby shower for her and Nat says it was just dumb (honestly Khloe just let us know, you can’t do a secret pregnancy twice lmao)
15:40-25:35: Black twitter calls out Kylie for wearing a dress by black designer and not tagging the designer. After a day, she made a post addressing it. Nat feels that it was fake af for many reasons, Including not addressing the real reason for limiting comments, which is to reduce spam about Bangladesh factory (we’ve discussed this ad nauseum on the sub so I won’t address that) and Nat says that this sparked a debate about whether black owned brands must be tagged and therefore receive free advertising.
She points out that Aneya stated that we should “treat that black brand like you would treat Prada”. Clearly Prada would be tagged no problem, so why not tag these black designers? Kathleen says she’s not some online troll and didn’t need to make the whole stupid post and seemed to just tag her to shut everyone the fuck up already. Basically she says this was so easy, to just tag a brand and stand behind her previous words of support for the black Community. Discuss history of kardashians doing this and then gaslighting, like Khloe copying from a black designer and selling the design under Good American. Kathleen makes her point but can’t seem to let it go, so this segment runs longer than needed. Talks about the kardashians not passing the mic or acknowledging their financial privilege.
Nat points out that they also post and tag top designers who don’t even ask or pay them to do it so not being paid for such advertising isn’t an excuse. Kathleen says if a black designer can’t be tagged due to not paying a fee, that just exposes the broken system since black businesses are more prone to hardship and don’t always have a big advertising budget.
25:35-30:45: Meg Thee Stallian and Tory Lane pop up on Instagram live at Kylie’s house with no distancing. Couple days later an altercation happened nearby and Tory Lane got arrested for illegal gun possession and Meg had an injury on her foot which was bleeding and sent her to the hospital. Nat says she talks about this to say it looks like the famous kardashian curse was resurrected and it was ironic that they hung out with Kylie recently.
They discuss how TMZ handled it and shade Kylie for continuing to live her life. Nat says this is because she and Travis arent together anymore and that anyone who thought that this was a sign she and Jordyn are hanging out are mistaken because Meg was part of Jordyn’s “back to black” plan and nothing beyond that (Meg and Jordyn started hanging out at some point after the fiasco last year). Kathleen claims that she’ll lose her mind if Kim hangs out with Meg and was relieved when it was Kylie (I don’t see why...?) Nat also mentions that celebrities seem to be trapezeing around the world without masks like Drake.
30:45- 32:40: Kourtney on the cover of Vogue Arabia talks about leaving the show, they laugh and say they don’t believe it. Kathleen says Kourtney’s fed up but also She doesn’t know cause she doesn’t trust this family. (How many years she been telling us this? girl go! Get the fuck ASAP already we don’t care🗣)
32:40-1:09:49: Nat says that they’ve said what they needed to say about Kanye already, so they want to discuss his enablers. Hes bi-polar and having manic episodes and treating everyone like they’re crazy. Names off Kim, Chance The Rapper, Elon Musk, and the whole family. Talks tweets Chance posted about how kanye should be president and racism is to blame that people want to vote for Biden over Kanye and didn’t stop until Terry Crews called him out(Even though I seriously don’t think anyone took his bid literally. I never took it literally? That’s why I wasn’t getting worked up about it and he already “left” the race. And if you feel like you can be swayed to vote away from anyone who can beat trump then that’s on you tbh. This was never a real bid. Never.)
Kathleen likens Chance to a freshman in a philosophy class and for the next 30+ minutes they have a back and forth which seems a little ...irrational, because they pretend that of all people Chance The Rapper has some sort of political pull and they react like the entire 2020 election rests on him. Says that Chance “made it about him” because Kanye is his idol and he wanted to get a feature so he did this (he’s been had a feature since way back in 2016? And yeah Kanye is his idol, just like Jay Z is Kanye’s idol. Idols are a normal concept.) and that Kanye “doesn’t talk about this stuff deeply” claiming that Kanye said that slavery was a choice (which was not the direct quote so stop misquoting him, he never said that).
Kathleen goes on to judge Kanye’s actions in relation to racism (as if she has some sort of insider knowledge of what he says, feels, and does day to day. I mean she feels that she can control and berate a black man for everything he does so Im not surprised that he isn’t reacting to racism in a way that she would approve, as if black people’s entire lives aren’t a whole reaction to racism as it is. You don’t speak on how black people cope and that’s that on that.)
Kathleen gains control of the conversation and starts ranting, talking more about trump and the right (because we come to the podcast to hear about all that) and claims that no one is being racist against Kanye it’s just that it’s a cult (Literally no one is taking this serious but these two).
Then she starts making this about Kim, discussing how Kim should deal with her husband during a mental health crisis and says that she didn’t talk about him when he was in Wyoming but only started posting about him when he had good press (remember that social media is a direct measure of love to Kathleen and this isn’t the first time she’s said this) and that Kanye is controlling and forces Kim to dress a certain way (i don’t think he forces her to dress a certain way; I view it as him telling her what’s going to be in style very soon and creating fresh fits for her. I know he threw out her clothes in the past though so of course that’s a bad look.) she generally rants that they’re enabling him and gives examples such as the dictionary game and points to that as solid evidence of enablement. That they like him as a brand and Kim as the muse, but at what cost (aT wHaT cOsT).
Nat says Kim should leave because he’s not trying to get better and just makes zero effort towards better mental health and make excuses. She understands marriage vows but doesn’t think they should stay together at this point. Asks if the bi-polar makes him this way or if he’s just a terrible person. Kathleen says she knows bi-polar people who don’t act this way so she thinks it’s exasperating his issues but not causing them. Then says that hes similar to trump and has inner demons that inclined him towards that as well as the death of his mother, failed relationships, and fame may have played a part. Doubles back and says she wants to listen to the people in their comments and doesn’t want to assume the family isn’t doing anything but that the public behavior makes it seems as such (because publicly shaming your loved one for bad mental health is certainly a tried and true method of curing them). Says she doesn’t know what they’re doing behind closed doors and she’s still mad at Kanye and even more sad after the Forbes article (which I don’t wanna talk about. Im not going to suddenly hate him but I’m not defending what he said nor will I accept that the article is completely unedited so I’d rather not take a side. I will say that the comments, whether edited, that made it into the article were trash.).
Kathleen says she’s sad, there’s nothing else to do in the situation. You need to call out triggering behavior that sends him into manic episodes and it’s hard to be that person but it has to be done. Says celebrities have enablers and fall off and die and insinuates that’s Kanye right now (Huh? This segment is taking long now can we move on lmao we get it, he’s a bad person and isn’t perfect)
Nat says Forbes is using him for clicks (which makes me think the article was edited a certain way☕️) and that Kanye, being a black man, is being treated like a circus freak Versus Demi lovato who is able to relapse every so often and people just write beautiful come-back stories about her and that’s it (ok so let’s keep this energy about Kanye cause this is tea). Nat says interviewers should acknowledge that he seems to not be sound mind if they’re going to interview him and make him look a certain way. Kathleen says don’t publish these pieces if they don’t want bi-polar people to look awful. That the media only treats him like a side show or a genius but nothing in between (ok sooo why y’all can’t say this any other time).
She goes on to say that journalists are doing their job and writing pieces to blow air up his ass or make him look crazy are not journalistic. Says John Legend explained better how to deal and when to say something. Nat says she wants nothing to do with him but she thinks Forbes is making it worse while Kathleen says he sacrificed so much of who he was in order to go down this path, mentioning trump again (can we squash that he already explained why he did what he did oh my GOD can we move on??) rants a bit more about Kanye until Nat cuts her off and moves on (thanks bae).
1:09:49-1:26:38: TRIGGER WARNING this tyra Mail discusses and describes ED, I suggest skipping this section if you have ever or currently are suffering from this and if you are, please know that you deserve better ❤️
Tyra mail writes in talking about her difficult experience with ED and inpatient treatment for it, and that it led to infertility and further ED. She has had days of eating less than half of what Adele ate to lose weight, and that was already starvation levels at 1000 calories per day. She has moved from starving herself and suffering from physical health issues because of it, to starving all week just to eat over the weekend without guilt. She’s 23 now and only now is allowing herself to make healthy changes and taking treatment seriously, although she sometimes relapses. She says all this to say that Jameela Jamil may not seem necessary for those not suffering from ED, but it helped her realize that the kardashian body is not attainable without plastic surgery. She recalls an episode where Khloe told Kim that she appeared anorexic and that Kim thanked her. It still haunts her to this day that Kim thanked her.
Nat explains that Jameela is all performative and no substance, just like Steph Shep. She seems to only go after the kardashians and that’s cause everyone hates them. She calls Kim anorexic, yet refuses to acknowledge that if Kim is anorexic, she didn’t just become that way out of nowhere. There are things, people, actions, and feelings that lead up to that. She’s accusing Kim of having an ED, yet refuses to go after the bigger picture. For example, she’s mad that Kim promoted suppressant lollipops while refusing to go after the actual company. Nat also points out that Jameela claims to be a fighter for inclusiveness yet the show that she had a role in, The Good Place, is not inclusive in any way or shape. Why not go after them before attacking the kardashians? Nat says that she just hates them and that’s why she only attacks them (please God lee Kathleen be listening)
Kathleen gives her two cents, saying that Jameela or someone like her is still necessary but that she goes about it the wrong way. She brings up for example the ballroom competition and how the press made it seem like she was a bigger part of the show; she could have told the press not to do that and food for thought, maybe she’s not the best for that show. She just derailed the point by claiming to be part of the community so that behavior put her off a bit from Jameela. but it’s not for her to say because she’s not part of that community (am ...am I hearing this right? So Jameela can be an ass and insert herself into shit but she’s not going about it right, but Kim doing prison reform is literally the end of days. 🧐🧐🧐)
Kathleen says the source of the issue is that the kardashian talk about their bodies and they’re getting paid to promote dieting but they’re part of a system that finds those types of bodies more important. Nat says we can blame kris too. Kathleen says kris can talk about it with Jameela on her podcast alá red table talk and get to the root of it, because they have definitely contributed to it by making money off their bodies and being part of it.
1:26:38- 1:40:44: Tyra mail wants a deep dive in the Free Britney movement.
Nat does the run down, starting by explaining that if you look at Britney’s social media, she acts bizarre. (I had to unfollow her because I agree that her posts make me uncomfortable in the sense that she appears trapped and losing her sense of self, doing things that appear to be a cry for help, etc. I truly feel awful for her she doesn’t deserve this)
Nat goes on explaining that Britney is still under her father’s conservatorship and control since way back when she had a breakdown and may have needed professional help (I say may because they were entirely too invasive by shoving her on a 72 hour hold and taking her autonomy away forever) Nat mentions she has a boyfriend, who she also doesn’t trust. Her dad doesn’t allow her to see her kids and keeps her highly medicated. At one point Britney attempted to gain control and stop taking her medicine, to which they put her in a facility for several months as punishment. Britney fans started this movement to get her out of this conservatorship.
Nat draws parallels to Kanye and Britney; one having too much control, one having zero control. She talks about his boyfriend and says there’s something off about it. How can you date someone when you have zero freedom. Kathleen discusses people who have attempted to talk publicly about her freedom, such as a close friend/videographer who Britney snuck a letter to and was published. People comment on her Instagram saying they’re in fear for Britney’s safety, and they also protest at her court hearings. She says that it’s similar to the situation with Naya Rivera, with all the people talking conspiracy theories about her, which doesn’t help one bit; and all the commenters on Britney’s post and protesting her hearings aren’t helping (huh? Ok so have this energy for the kardashians then cause you do the exact same thing lmao I do think commenting and protesting is helping.)
Kathleens says she’s happier than she gets credits for, she just doesn’t care how she looks so she’ll post whatever. But one good thing came from this, that a podcast was able to obtain a voicemail that broke open the fact that Britney was stuck in that facility against her will, which helped push up her court case which was to reduce the conservatorship. Nothing has happened yet due to covid19.
Nat talks about Britney Spears documentary “For The Record” which shows how much control people have over her life. Talks about her Blackout album which was amazing (that album got me through some shit). They talk about how much they force her to work without taking time for herself, just work work work. Kathleen says stans are making conspiracy series and we don’t know what exactly is happening and people are too worried about her. Kathleen gets wishy washy here and keeps fighting herself by arguing both sides so its difficult to know exactly how she feels about it.
1:40:44 Tyra mail wants to know when one of the kardashians friends split up with her husband Because she doesn’t see her with her husband anymore and she’s dating a Laker (I have zero clue who the friend is). Nat boils it down to once you hang out with the kardashians you start banging NBA players; points out Jordyn and Malika as proof. Jokes that the NBA player could be leapfrogging from the friend to the get to the kardashians. They talk about reading another tyra mail while wondering why Khloe isn’t getting roasted on Twitter for her tweet.
1:45:30-End: Kathleen chooses and reads Tyra mail, who writes in stanning Nat and her friendship with Kathleen (which I think is toxic but ok) and that Kathleen is always here for a rant. Says she works prep at Chipotle while playing the podcast and commends them for handling so well the Tyra mail that asked if Malika is in love with khloe, because it’s hard to distinguish between romantic female love and codependency in this family. Writer is a lesbian and discusses this dynamic with her fiancé. The fam is so matriarchal and they always pull women into their bubble. Says she has never doubted Kim’s heterosexuality and thinks Kendall is gay. Wishes Jordyn and Kylie would just be together, they raised a baby together (lol) Khloe rides too hard for the men in her life (pun intended?) and Kourtney made out with that one girl (ehhhh I think she was hired I mean she’s an actress and what are the odds she would just so happen to be on the show organically). Says they’re all calculating about the men that carry their family further (I would hope they’d be? Wtf).
Kathleen says shoutout to gay women (thanks!🏳️‍🌈) and Nat says she’s sick of straight people right now. Kathleen says she thinks with the men there’s too much value placed on their relationship with men. If she’s going with Kendall being gay, coming out would be great for her career so she doesn’t understand and that Kourtney would be down to experiment. Khloe and Kylie are just codependent. Discuss how bad restaurant workers are being treated.
Nat talks about the above mentioned friend from previous Tyra mail saying the NBA player and how quickly it happened since they were just at the Christmas party so they’re thinking it’s set up for publicity perhaps.
Discuss where to follow on social media and snapchat shows, Khloe going to be on The View, and Kathleen reading off a tweet about a lesbian coming out having a hard time with friendships because a lot of friendships between women on based on their interest with men (ehhhh) and Nat and Kathleen say they can discuss astrology and other things while Kathleen says she and her friends always talked about online dating and it’s better with married people. They say RIP to Naya Rivera and point out that it was the same day that Corey passed.
Personal thoughts: I’m glad that they got it at just under 2 hours, and that’s a direct result of Kathleen ranting less often, and not as long. Nat’s version of a rant is clear and concise with direction and a clear ending. Kathleen is still repeating things and talking aimlessly while bringing up unrelated people but I see that this is happening way less often. I would like to see her leaving black people alone and not scold them anymore when they dare to approach their feelings differently then her or simply being human and learning along the way.
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2020.07.09 01:33 eg9178 Tyra is so tyrannical in cycle 5

Over quarantine, I’ve been keeping busy by binging ANTM.
I got around to watching cycle 5 and hollllly shit Tyra is significantly more harsh to contestants in cycle 5. In no other cycle previous or after cycle 5 is she this mean.
Multiple examples:
• the whole Cassandra saga Yes Cassandra was super dramatic about it but Tyra really seemed to be reaching on this makeover. She kept pushing Cassandra to her limits just because she was a pageant girl.
• Kim being out Holyyy shit I know the show is dated but between Kim’s initial casting panel in the first episode to Kim openly telling Tyra at panel she was struggling with her gender identity and Tyra dismissing it — OOOOH! This makes me so mad.
• her overall condescending tone when talking to every contestant at panel Most noticeable right after Cassandra leaves and Tyra asks the girls whether or not they really wanna stay.
TBH I’m only on episode 4 of the cycle watching in recent years. But the tone is still sooooo different than Tyra on other cycles .
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2020.07.08 23:45 PinkFurLookinLikeCam Say Bible Podcast Discussion July 7, 2029 “Things are getting weird(er)”

Edit: y’all, apparently I posted this 9 years in the future🤣
Start-10:55: “Say Bible Podcast, the podcast blah blah blah ...I’m Nat Natles” Kathleen chimes in “The podcast for the Kardashian ...Konspiracy theorist, and I’m Kathleen”.
They’re a Hamilton podcast now, Nat says she’s been watching it multiple times a day while Kathleen says she never liked it in the past but went with a friend recently and enjoyed it, then rewatched it. Plugs Disney’s release of Hamilton and how much better it is watching at home versus sitting in a crowd of people and the play itself is revolutionary. Randomly mention Kanye literally out of nowhere and shades his performing abilities versus producing (Sooo now we’re talking about plays just to shade Kanye? Lmao).
Continue discussing Hamilton on a Kardashian podcast while Kathleen claims to have been related to one of the actors but then claims she isn’t and gives an unsolicited history of her family that “immigrated” to America in the early 1900s to prove that shes not related to Robert E. Lee(Even though no one accused her this within the conversation and it has fuck all to do with the podcast. Also, I cannot help but point out that telling this to a black person who’s entire cultural history was most likely stolen and withheld from them is tasteless but yeah nice to know that she can recall her family history that no one asked for). Discuss more unrelated stuff like their history with high school theater, BRAVO channel, VHS tape recorders, TIK TOK, some old friend of kathleens.
10:55-22:40: Discuss report that Khloe and Tristan are back together, Nat says they shouldn’t respond to anything much like Kylie and Travis. Reads Khloe’s recent tweets where she’s seemingly denying the reports. (Ugh Khloe noooo) Nat says this is gaslighting because she’s acting like everyone else is crazy, and she keeps pretending like she somehow doesn’t have access to the internet while Kathleen points out that her tweets were just vague enough to not outright deny it but get people to pick up on the insinuation.
Talk about the party she threw with 60 people wearing a giant ring on her finger, mentioning covid and saying she made their relationship a main storyline of the show while Nat provides that Khloe, Kourtney, and Kris went to his house for 4th of July as some sort of proof that Khloes a conniving person. Kathleen mocks khloes voice and says she doesn’t believe her while Nat says the tired “co-parenting” line that we’ve heard already (again, even if they’re lying which they probably are, stop shitting on parents trying to make things work amicably for their kids. I personally am tired of the co-parenting jokes. I think the tweets were a lil pathetic of Khloe but they always go too far with the same exhausted jabs).
Kathleen says she realizes she’s shitting on Khloe but really she’s shitting on Tristan and it’s totally ok with her if they’re together it’s just that she hates Tristan and doesn’t know why they cut off Jordyn who’s done nothing wrong and is the only victim here, and she’s wearing a big ring and Tristan made that birthday post which she keeps saying was manipulative and indicative of a need to force emotional labor out of Khloe (even though that describes Scott☕️ because above all, black men must be perfect at all times and never fuck up ever, or even fuck up multiple times and make it right on the 10th try like any normal human /s See this line of thinking is dangerous and harmful but I guess that’s just me).
Kathleen goes on to say that Khloe can just be quiet and be someone who can’t quit a toxic person, to which Nat quickly agrees (and I have a chuckle myself at the irony) Nat points out that it’s just weird to not confirm anything at this point and that Larsa finally unfollowed everyone (ok.) and asks people to send them insider details, mentioning their faked and made up rumor of Kim’s side boyfriend. Talk theories about their relationship with foodgod. Kathleen says Kim followed her What Would Yeezus Wear insta, but unfollowed after Paris robbery and purged her following list in order to hide her tracks of who she was really unfollowing (for someone who hates kimye she sure does bring up that Instagram often and seems to make a lot of side projects and hobbies about them.)
22:40-47:07: Discuss Aubrey O’Day, first talking about her career as a singer and Kathleen of course relating it back to her claiming that she was friends with her cousin. Go on to talk about Aubrey in reality tv and how she’s a mess and had an affair with “sweet potato junior”. Nat says she never dates A-listers and Pauly D is probably the best she’s gonna get, Kathleen thought they were a kimye type. Spend a while talking about Aubrey in general but nothing serious or interesting.
Nat attempts to get on with the subject but then they spend a minute awkwardly mocking her voice and making random noises (I dunno I guess stuff like that makes me uncomfortable perhaps it’s a personal thing).
They finally get on with it and Nat reads Aubrey’s Worst 4th of July post saying that Aubrey doesn’t need to post all this since we been knew Kim clout chased early on and this post is clout chasing in and of itself. (I mean isn’t it common knowledge Kim called them paparazzi to photograph her? A personal assistant and closer organizer? Lmao)
Kathleen as expected defends Aubrey, saying that she knows she’s like this while Kim “pretends to be a social justice warrior” and claims to miss the chaotic clout chasing Kim, but then adds on a quick joke about Aubrey to make it seem like she wasn’t looking at the post through her narrow view clouded with hatred. Goes on to make more comments like that and believe the story wholesale as if this is Kim now and not Kim over a decade ago; while Nat points out that Kim likes famous men, not black men and that she thinks Aubrey was just trying to get trending. Kathleen says Kim likes “non-white” men because she gets access (even though she’s married and has 4 kids with Kanye so let’s just forget how they built a life together noooo she did all this for access...to a family).
This conversation went totally left and Kathleen goes off, saying that they only date black men and have mixed children to play into the white woman who wants to seem “interesting” for it. Nat chimes in to supposedly further her point by pointing out that in the past, Khloe has exclaimed that she’s “only ever had black dick” and that’s fetishizing black men (while this is a valid point on its own, it doesn’t actually further Kathleen’s point that people, specifically women, are intentionally having mixed race children to seem interesting; which in itself is actually fetishizing the mixed race children by denying them their humanity and calling them props and making bold claims about a lot of families which is harmful, especially when legal interracial marriage was only established a few decades ago and is still met with anger. There are many happy and healthy mixed race families who Kathleen should meet, maybe. I want to say that I agree with Nat on her point, Khloe’s comment was super dumb and unnecessary and I hope she’s grown since then.)
Kathleen doubles back and says that she’s talking about women (specifically women of course) who have children with a black man can claim that they’re not racist (even though this is a real phenomenon, what does this have to do with the kardashians? And for the record, Armenians are not white, and this explains why Americans think they are. I just scratch my head when they call her white🤔) Kathleen says she’s calling all white people to listen to her because you gotta check your peers, and then says Nat, being a black woman, can tell a white woman “Gotta learn how their shit works”, and then proceeds to make a sound that was like a cat in heat (?).
Nat goes on to provide further “proof” of Kim’s perceived wrong-doing, saying that Kim cites her children as inspiration for her work in prison reform and that Kim said North wanted her to wear braids once thereby “proving” Kim to be the aforementioned white woman screaming “I’m not racist, I have a black husband! I can say the N word, I have black kids!” (She’s inspired by her kids, so what’s so awful about that? I will say as a parent, both of my under 6 year olds do obsess over my hair and make many daily attempts emulate it, so it’s not really outside of the realm of possibility. That being said, she shouldn’t have worn any braids.)
Kathleen goes on to accuse Kim of using her kids to wear braids and claims that she’d be “ok” if Kim would only discuss her children more in depth and explain WHY she’s doing prison reform more (Kim has talked about her kids and what’s this obsession with nitpicking Kim’s reasons for doing prison reform?? maybe she pulled it out of her ass one day, like who gives an entire fuck why???)
47:07- 49:15: Kims retweets. Nat ponders if she has bots working her Twitter because she’s retweeting things too late for their liking and Kathleen complains that Kim isn’t specific about her retweet of the murdered solider from Fort Hood and she needs to look into the military and investigate this (🥱 y’all I’m bored of this old material they need to write new bullshit now it’s on KIM to fix the military 🥱) Shade her again for learning about how voting affects prison reform.
49:15-1:10:20: Says “people are asking them” to discuss Kanye’s new joint Wash Us in the Blood (real bop btw, been listening during my sprints) Nat says it’s “disguised as a gospel song” but it’s not inspirational (it’s a callback for his Yeezus era and she knew that) and that she didn’t like the visuals because he uses chaotic images from the protests and it doesn’t line up with the song and she’s sad Travis “had” to be in the song.
Cites lyrics such as “jezebelic”, claiming it not to be a word (even though it’s meaning is easily inferred sooo what’s your point) and that the word comes from witchy women in the Bible and it’s sexist and she also didn’t like the images of black women dancing along with the song.
Now for Kathleens take (because her opinion is important, being that the song is clearly aimed towards her demographic /s) claims that hes coopting a movement (a movement for his own self and any black man and woman). Kathleen goes on to trash Kanye’s donations again, as she did previously (same shit, telling a black man what to do and how to feel, I’m bored🥱).
About his bid for presidency, Kathleen made it about her again and said she left her phone somewhere while she floated in the pool and he tweeted while she was gone (because we care). Nat read off his tweet and said any year of him running for president would be terrible, and Kim retweeted it. Says the distractions and games aren’t helping and it’s also divisive and poor timing. She’s frustrated and wants him to leave us alone.
Kathleen says Kanye got positive PR and can’t handle attention, and he’s “like a gremlin” (yes let’s compare black people to monsters). Kathleen goes off with her same boring theories, absolutely nothing new from her. Conspiracies. Goes on to complain about be called anti-Semite for saying there’s a jewish conspiracy with Eric Kushner (discussed and explained on a previous post). They say that Kanye received illegitimate covid 19 small company relief funds and only donated money to small black businesses to get good PR. (For the record I wouldn’t vote for Kanye and I struggle to find a Kanye fan who would vote for him, we don’t take it seriously. On the record I voted for Bernie early on because I liked that he always had a black agenda. I’m requiring a president to provide reparations)
After discussing more theories about his bid, Nat says Kim should have gone to bed instead of retweeting and that Kanye did this just to prove he can tweet something like that and have news articles written about it. Kathleen brings up SKIMS manufacturing in Turkey, pointing out Kim isn’t dumb and she was “embarrassed” by fans and she wants her friends to leave her alone about it (no Kanye fans said they would vote it’s literally a joke to us lmaoooo but ok.) and that he didn’t actually file anything to run for President but also take this seriously. (Ok.)
1:10:20- 1:19:42: Tyra mail writes in asking their opinion of Khloe showing off her giant, expensive birthday party SO MUCH- and can’t think of a single other celebrity that does the same. Says there’s bigger issues at hand, and recalls tweets saying kardashians underpay their workers, even though they’re constantly telling us how rich they are.
Nat likes the glitz and glam, but feels that no one wants to see this while we’re in a pandemic and people are losing their jobs/getting less hours. Kathleen says the kardashians wanna seem both relatable (makes another Kim mocking voice) and Khloe pretends to be nervous about having a get together, yet there were 60 people there. Says they’re obsessed with being normal and does her whole routine again of claiming to be ok with them if they did x,y, or z.
Nat doesn’t understand why they’re still coming out with new makeup products even though no one is going out anymore (eh, I get it but I don’t mind since they’re not the only company doing this. It’s everyone, not just them). Kathleen mocks Kim’s visit to Wyoming and 14 horses. Says they’re pretending to be normal but also displaying wealth, while mocking her voice again. Nat says it’s fine to have and enjoy nice things but just stop showing it all the time and that she feels this way about Kourtneys diabetic strips test; not a big deal, but stop showing everyone your ability to afford it. Kathleen goes on talking about “unpaid” balloon decor staff and other random shit. They compare the fam to other celebrities display of wealth and accuse Kim of recently posting throwbacks for attention (remember Kathleen is Personally Harmed™️ if Kim does anything for attention and she’s the only celebrity to do something for attention.)
1:19:42-1:21:43: Tyra Mail says Jemeela Jamil is definitely Pisces because she’s a martyr and always a victim, and she has the same birthday of a Pisces she knows who’s exactly the same (should look up her moon and rising, Pisces are a special kind and I would describe them as a mix between Cancer and Taurus with high empathy and self-care traits.)
Nat responds that her aunt and cousin are Pisces so “nuff said”. Kathleen says she doesn’t know a lot of Pisces, she knows mostly Virgos and Leos and some other signs. Says she’ll need to learn more, her recent ex was an Aires and she “learned a lot” about them.
1:21:43-1:27:52: Tyra Mail is a long time listener who was once Kathleens roommate and asks Nat if she’s tried any of Kims perfumes and how do they compare with others?
Nat replies that Kim’s fragrances (she was actually cut off and talked over as she was replying ughhh) says her Crystal Gardenia is completely panned and she should have restocked it during a recent sale. Also her other Kim fragrance is her dads favorite on her. Kathleen describes the similar notes between Crystal Gardenia and their mothedaughter collab fragrance. Nat says she still has Kim’s very first perfume and she still uses it, and that she does fragrance very well. Kathleen has said before that perfume gives her migraines but not Kim’s, when Nat wears it. Nat attempts to read the next tyra mail for a few minutes, but Kathleen hijacks several times.
1:27:52- 1:46:31: Tyra mail says Steph Shepp is very quiet on BLM, even though she’s surrounded by black people and claims to be an activist. She finds it weird that Ariana Grande has spoken up more than her. If she has to question her stance on BLM, then there’s a problem.
Nat says that activism comes in many shapes and forms and she doesn’t see Steph doing any activism in any shape or form. Kathleen almost immediately makes this about Kim, saying that Kim doesn’t like to advocate for anything If other people are or she’ll do it later when there is no risk. Says she feels Steph is taking time to educate herself and maybe she’s just confused, because information isn’t hard to find.
Nat explains that Steph has another informational insta related to environmental racism and she doesn’t consider this to be the action part of activism, reiterating that Steph was the one calling herself an activist and hasn’t done anything. Kathleen discusses environmentalism in her hometown and how they’re great about environmentalism but not “socially conscious about all this other shit”, explaining that racism is prominent in her town.
Says animal rights and environmentalism is a “safe bubble” and a “toe in the safe water”, mentioning that social justice aimed at protecting black people is often ignored. Nat moves in by mentioning the charities that Steph is involved with while also bashing them for their laziness. (I neither agree nor disagree with this since I don’t really follow Steph so I won’t form an opinion, Nat may be correct on all accounts) and Kathleen says she feels like she’s always failing as an activist so she doesn’t want to be called one. (If activism is attacking a celebrity for investing in prison reform to help black and brown people wrongfully in the prison system or given ridiculous sentences) they go on to shade Steph for a while longer and laugh at a POOSH article about using “reusable coffee cups” (aka a coffee cup) and other dumb shit.
1:46:31- 1:54:26: Tyra mail doesn’t see anything wrong with Kendall’s Pepsi commercial because it seems positive.
Nat laughs her ass off (as did I) and Kathleen doesn’t even let Nat say anything and cuts in first, saying maybe a certain time or place at a very surface level, the concept of humanity being a unifying factor isn’t wrong but the real problem is it was lazy af and sensationalized protests and made police seem friendly when they’re not.
Nat agrees (Kathleens assessment is correct but I feel that it would have been appropriate to let the black person speak first and get her thoughts out) Offers that it also minimizes the act of protesting when there are people really fighting for their lives at these protests; Pepsi REALLY thought it was ok to claim that soda can bring everyone together (😂🤣🤣) and Kathleen says Pepsi knows good business, citing those Britney Spears commercials (I agree, I hate Pepsi but their Britney Spears joints were 👌🏼) so this didn’t make sense since they know how to make relatable commercials, and it was just plain lazy since they had somewhat of a budget and could have made something great. It was offensive that they didn’t even take a stance in the commercial.
Discuss other socially conscious ad campaigns that worked. Nat offers that someone in the room should have said not to make this commercial, it was very very bad.
1:54:26- 2:04:03: Two Tyra mails write in explaining KKW Beauty’s valuation. Writer watched shark tank and says the way it works is they take the percentage of what they’re buying and paying, and then take those numbers to evaluate the company as a whole.
So Coty paid $200 Million for a 20% stake (or 1/5 stake), multiply that by five, and if 1/5 of the company is worth $200 Million then the company as a whole is worth $200 Million x Five, and that explains the new valuation.
The other Tyra mail explaining this says that by buying 20% for $200 Million, Coty is establishing the company as $1 Billion and this is how stock prices are valued. Nat claims to still not understand but sure she’ll take their word for it (because she was praised so highly on social media for her “math ain’t mathin’ comment last episode that she won’t take it back). And that it’s further confirmation that Kim isn’t a billionaire (yes it’s KKW Beauty).
Kathleen discusses how crazy high valuations of certain websites like Facebook has skewed the Silicon Valley tech industry (she mumbles a bit here and I rewound like 10 times trying to decipher it and gave up) and valuation doesn’t mean anything and is an estimate. (Wow Kathleen what new and completely unheard information, companies estimate worth based on a shared societal agreement of capitalism and profit and not actual worth. This is completely brand new information, and it only relates to Kim and KKW Beauty of course. Except...1/5 of her company is confirmed worth $200 Million with cold hard cash so by process of proportions her company is worth $1 Billion so I don’t get your point.)
she repeats five times that Kim doesn’t have the cash in the bank and it’s all fake, then mentions the show succession and how behind the scenes stuff is shady. Mentions companies she’s worked for cutting back on employees and using stock to make money and that all these companies have all these fake numbers. Accuses Kris of cooking financial books with Coty (why she so god damn pressed lmao to even make up shit out her ass over a company valuation that doesn’t affect her life lol)
Nat attempts to move on, Kathleen swiftly cuts her right off and keeps on saying all the same things and how shady it all is, accusing them of making shady deals and describes all this and makes up a whole conspiracy on how Kim and Kris came up with this evil scheme. (Ok can we move on tf? Who cares🗣)
2:04:03- 2:05:00: Tyra mail wants to submit new tag lines. Suggests the following:
Writer says she’s still enjoys the Kardashian Konnesseur tagline and wishes whoever is recapping on reddit would lighten up.
Kathleen says she’s on the Kardashian Konspiracy Theorist train but also likes but Koncerned and Kabal.
2:05:00- End: Mention socials. They mention that they’ve been under emotional distress these people have caused them. Kathleen says to the reddit listener (there are many so I suppose this is for whoever is recapping) that it helps they have social media, especially the paid Patreon group because she can contain rants there (THANK. GAWD. People who are paying monthly to be in this group will be interested in those rants so that makes sense). Mention interviews and Patreon giveaways as well as merch.
Thoughts: I know that it looks like Kathleen can’t say a god damn thing without me commenting on it but ::throws up hands:: she just keeps it up with the most random unnecessary shit. The attack on interracial families, the constant Tristan bashing ...it’s not adding up to anything positive for me. The obsession with Kim. Just because she’s not going on multiple 30 minute rants doesn’t mean she’s actually made any concrete changes. The rants are just going on for less time lmao.
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2020.07.08 18:23 oppoflose Official Rewatch Discussion Thread: Season 2, Episode 2: Katie

Episode Description: Out of work, Jess continues zany pursuits such as felt art and cooking unusual dishes. At the bar, a guy mistakes Jess for the blind date he is to meet. They have great sex and she continues to pretend she is Katie. Winston's mother visits.
Date Aired: September 25, 2012
Directed by: Larry Charles
Written by: Elizabeth Meriweather, Rebecca Addelman, Robert Snow, Christian Magalhaes, Kim Rosenstock
Run Time: 20 Minutes
* * * * * *
Episode Trivia:
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2020.07.02 07:12 tsukiwav Voice Actor Discussion (Inara, Imani, Io, Seris)

Who is the new voice actors for the new skins? I missed it during the live stream if they mentioned it but I am curious on who the voice actors for the new Radiant Star skins.
I also thought it would be nice to show off some of the previous voice actors just to add some flare.
Seris (Too many skins, heck it)
If there's any more notable rolls that you know about any of these actors, let me know so I can add them in. Honestly, this was way longer than I wanted and more than just the question but I think you might all be interested in this. The point of me was trying to find who the voice actor for Inara's new skin is.... If I find more cool things, I'll link them in the comments.
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2020.07.02 00:35 PinkFurLookinLikeCam Say Bible Podcast discussion June 30, 2020 “Keeping Up With the Billionaires“

Start-4:10: “We need to come up with another word, our Reddit friends don’t like ‘Konnoisseur” ...”cause they probably can’t Fucking spell, they cant even spell ‘Larsa’ right” (lol I’ve been spelling it correctly so calm down)
Kathleen says “Kardashian Afflicted” works better. They’re not haters, but that it’s a toxic relationship. Claim to not be haters of Kim due to defending her sex tape (even though on multiple episodes they’ve shamed her body, her sexy fashion choices, and made up a rumor about having a side piece but noooo they are NOT haters). Kathleen goes on that they’re extremely fascinated by the family and emotionally attached due to nostalgia and likens them to a sibling, a toxic ex, or a narcotic and they’ll try and change the name. They realize the podcast “has evolved”.
Nat talks about Instagram comments she argued in an unnamed instagram, the post says that GAP is trying to pit two black designers against eachother (more on this later) and they shouldn’t be in black spaces (I mean they kinda seem to be doing this, more info later).
4:10- 11:40: Tee republic (where they do their merch) is having a sale and they say that they don’t actually do the sale themselves, that this company picks the products on sale. This website has been selling the masks the whole time, and since it’s all custom, it’s always been available since they began. (They’re selling mask after attacking Kim for the same so-) claim the company told them to promote their face masks since the site has a sale and they say they’re not making much money off them. Kathleen says her white guilt has her donating her money.
Nat says “some Fucking moron” in the Instagram comments asks “Wasnt this what they were criticizing Kim for?”. Claims they never criticized Kim and instead were only wondering from the beginning why she wasn’t selling face masks and that they promoted her face masks (you know I always find it so entertaining when they change up the story. I KNOW Nat can’t possibly believe this load of shit. Girl.)
Kathleen goes on that Kim “took too long” and that it was somehow wrong for her to put them out with skin tones and goes on to say that the deepest shade is straight up black (because Kathleen clearly doesn’t recognize that there are deeper complexions of black than she’s accustom to). Nat agrees with the sentiment. If you look at these swatches the deepest one is only on the model as a swatch, and clearly the model has a matching skintone in the swatch to her left. Also take note of the first model. Her face mask is lighter than she is so there’s no singling out anyone with these masks. There’s five shades and anyone has the option of either a flesh tone or neutral tone. I’m just not convinced that I should bash anyone for these face masks and find it interesting how they’re now able to sell face masks but it’s okay because they were forced to do it. Girl bye, y’all know this looks bad after all that trash talk).
Kathleen says it’s ok because she’s not trying to make money and that she “never” told Kim not to sell them and she “doesn’t know why” anyone thought they were telling Kim not to sell masks. Nat points out an insta comment dated 11 weeks ago of Kathleen urging Kim to sell face masks (even though they routinely attacked her for selling face masks). Mentions the Breonna Taylor shirt and where the proceeds will go and giveaways to paid Patreon members.
11:40- 15:49: “Khloe’s Fucking birthday party”. Begin by blurting out a mish mash of words “directions...guest list...decorations... blow up doll looks like Vicky Gunvalson (Of Real Housewives of Orange County)...tik tok...slide...”
Says Stormi’s blow up was weird and this one was just like that, and “the nose was so over the top”. Nat explains the photoshop is jarring but new brown hair is pretty, Kathleen agrees. Says Khloe looks great so they don’t understand the photoshopping and there are people who compare her lives with photos, showing the difference and that she looks great in her lives. Nat says everyone photoshops a bit, but Khloe look completely different in her photos even though she’s pretty in person. Kathleen says the recent photo of her laughing looked great. Then goes on to mock Kim and khloes for how they pose their lips in photos (wow wonder why they photoshop it’s so crazy guys, it’s not like they’re picked apart or anything)
15:49- 47:30: Discuss Rob. Kathleen says they’re Rob stans now and Nat says he got photos from many different angles so he must be feeling himself and he’s looking snackish. Kathleen offers that we’re intoxicated by nostalgia and that Kim could “take away” from this that we barely see him so we want to see him (noooo I’m sure this is totally Rob’s choice and not due to years of depression and drug addiction wtf is wrong with you). Nat says she still thinks he has issues with women and is treated like a baby, but he at least he didn’t look like he was forced to take the photos and seems genuinely content and thicc. Kathleen reiterates that Kim needs to take notes (yeah Kim needs to go through what Rob went through y’all are just something else). They exclaim that they love Corey and to unblock them.
Discuss Scott and FoodGod’s hair. Nat attempts to end by saying if Rob got over his tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants he’ll be A-ok. Mention his Rita Ora era.
This last comment sparks a side conversation that last for exactly 13 minutes and has fuck all to do with the podcast, discussing Rita Ora and Britney Vs Cristina. At the very end, Nat brings it back around and mentions that Kim is the only celebrity who’s famous for being famous (the ONLY one? this is laughably untrue, but I’d say she’s a rare “famous for being famous” type who went on to higher levels of fame and actually built business and works in prison reform and all that.) Says that Kylie is not even close to that (well I guess let’s give her time but she is a “famous for being famous” type for sure)
Nat swings it back around to Khloe and says she and Tristan are back together (I mean they say this twenty times per episode but thanks for the tea guys! Go head, give us nothing🙌🏼) and that Tristan was the only one dressed up at the party so something my have happened. That he deleted his “My Queen and My Princess” because E! Has a storyline rollout. Kathleen kept repeating “knocking boots” after saying that no ones hanging out with their ex not trying to have sex and khloes trying for another baby (so co-parenting really doesn’t exist for them. I mean both of their parents are still married and that’s considered a luxury to many, so have some empathy for broken families in general or something...?) Nat says fuck him already and get the sperm from the tap. Kathleen does her same boring line about how Tristan saw no consequences and never publicy apologized and yadda yadda yadda I got bored listening to this same garbage 🥱
Nat says that Scott got cut off for 2-3 years and wasn’t invited to family stuff while Tristan hasn’t missed anything (actually Kourtney set boundaries as a victim of abuse but let’s just make it about how Scott is a victim right. And Khloe and Kourtney are different people so what’s the point of comparing..? Tristan did not abuse Khloe or their daughter so cut it the fuck out).
Go on to say that they don’t mention Jordyn and insinuate that it’s somehow Khloe’s complete responsibility to talk to Jordyn and make amends and that Jordyn is a child (uhhh no sis sorry this ain’t it. and child? Where? So if she’s a child why y’all ain’t screaming statutory? Cause she was definitely in her 20s, so stop it) Says Tristan is a master manipulator, (completely bypassing Scott’s years of gaslighting) and goes on to repeat the same old same old about Tristan versus Jordyn 🥱🥱🥱 that have a push and pull until Kathleen finally shuts Nat up to completely dominate the conversation and rant about Tristan for 5 minutes while Nat attempts to recover control. Kathleen just keeps shutting her up (we ain’t gonna silence black people y’all!!!111 /s) Nat just agrees and hahas and finally takes advantage of a pause to quickly transition.
47:30-1:08:25: Discuss Jameela Jamil and her last round of body policing Kim after she posted a throwback photo wearing the famous Met Gala corset. She first tweeted that there are more important things in the world and Kim needs to talk to her friend Trump (🙄) Nat says she should have left it like that, sat there and ate her food but nooooo the very next day she makes an insta post that was super long and ranty, accusing Kim of having body dysmorphia (which is BEYONDDDD gross on so many levels you don’t “accuse” someone of this, ever. If there’s a concern then the person needs to be directed to therapy but publicly in front of millions? Fuck you Jameela wtf)
Nat says she thinks women are attacked simply for wanting to look good and that women shouldn’t be accused of having body dysmorphia just because. Kathleen says Jameela steamrolls right past this and women in society have a level of expectations so maybe thats part of it but she liked the Trump call-out (🙄) and that if something she’s consuming is causing harm then it’s ok to stop consuming it, even if that’s Kim’s body. Basically Jameela should stop looking at Kim if it hurts her so much. Nat reads the end of Jameela’s insta rant, where Jameela tells followers that they have control and should unfollow people that don’t make them feel good about themselves. Calls out the patriarchy and to block and delete everything and only follow activists. Nat says she seems to have completely lost it and Jameela insinuates that activists are devoid of any desire to look attractive (and also strips them of any humanity) Kathleen says Kim drives her up the wall but Jameela doesnt get to say what is the right type of feminist and this opens up the floodgates for people to be criticized for using their body to express art which is fucked up and she doesn’t want a brand of feminism where women are not allowed to be sexual or look attractive. Also she says she’s bi in response to criticism of hosting a ballroom contest and overall doesnt know when to take a step back (so as a bi, fuuuuuck her. You don’t come out as a way of cleansing your mistakes or shall we remember Kevin Spacey did this fuck shit too?).
Nat says the patriarchy line may have worked have if she discussed the history of corsetry but not in this context and overall doesn’t understand where the fixation originated from (YOU GUYS....) Kathleen hijacks the podcast and keeps repeating the same things already said for another while. At some point she’s finished and they both mock her prison reform work.
1:08:25-1:21:24: KKW beauty in business with COTY, who bought a stake in the beauty brand. Says COTY purchased a part of the company for $200Million and now the company is valued at $1Billion. Nat says the math ain’t mathin’ and she doesn’t understand how these numbers worked and after Forbes she doesn’t trust them. Go on to talk about how it’s all so shady. (here’s the announcement which explains that due to COTY purchasing a 20% stake in KKW Beauty, their stock rose quite a bit. That 20% rise in turn caused KKW Beauty to be estimated to have more value. Y’all just trash her for anything god damn it’s not that serious).
Kathleen does this really cringy attempt at a clapback I guess? Says “I have one thing to say” and then awkwardly plays the theme to the show Succession (really awful audio the moment was really weird you’d have to hear it yourself) and how “it’s all related and planned and they knew” (You...you ok girl?) Nat explains that Kylie and Kim probably got the deal at the same time, they just announced it at different times. Kathleen talks more about the show Succession and does a pretty uncomfortable attempt at a British accent (my skin crawled). They go on to claim that they “like” the kardashians but they “do fucked up stuff” and have trust issues. More random comments. Kris has 8% stake in KKW Beauty. Says 20 more times they’re shady etc etc etc k we get it
1:21:24-1:36:31: Deal between GAP and Kanye, 10 year partnership. Say GAP was crying about being broke but now this large buyout; but in truth they have everything to gain from it since apparently anyone will buy whatever from kanye, even a white tshirt (the Shadeeeee). Says a good thing coming out of this is a black woman will be the lead designer for this partnership. However Nat mentions that @Diet_Prada pointed out that GAP already had a collab with another black designer, Telfar which was announced a while ago so they essentially ghosted the designer. GAP postponed via email and offered an advance of funds given the postponement and that was the last time they contacted him. Supposedly they’re not putting that on Kanye but GAP already had a black designer they were working with so why this? (I think it’s GAP who fucked up and it’s neither Kanye nor Telfar’s fault but it’s ugly I’ll say that ...this don’t seem right)
Kathleen goes on to make it about her and that the husband of her partner at the now defunct What Would Yeezus Wear insta was a fashion designer who used to give them clothes for the Instagram and now he’s on the team for this partnership (I find this tidbit very interesting as Kathleen as insisted since day one that they used to throw on whatever clothes they had and take really quick photos...for whatever reason she hid the fact that she had help with the wardrobe.) says it’s surreal and weird how he’s on the team and she would have loved this but doesn’t care now. Goes on to repeat this a few more times and says that “despite reddit hater threads” she’s just a normal person (ummm no one has hurled hate at you the way you’ve hurled at Kim I promise you couldn’t take the same shit you throw and I don’t sink as low as you but ok ma’am) random gibberish about their colleges and Nat says hers still uses a photo of her for diversity reasons, while Kathleen says she’ll write them an email (because only SHE has the power 💪🏻)
1:36:31-1:46:05 Plug new Netflix movie (this podcast guerrilla marketing is sooo cool tbh they always have the podcasters slip it into random conversation and make it seem natural). Talk about country music and Osama Been Hiding’s assassination announcement at a Rascal Flatt’s concert Kathleen was at. (Lots of filler this episode like it really didn’t have to be 2 1/2 hours lmao)
1:46:05-1:52:01: Tyra mail side eyes Kourtney for hanging out with Tik Tok girl who copied a dance created by a black girl. Says you can’t do them tik tok dances at the club and arrest the killers of Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClain.
Kathleen says that white girls do the dances terrible and gross and she feels weird watching it and would rather see Meg Thee Stallian or Teyanna Taylor twerk (but only twerk, cause were gonna put black women in a box). Ask if Kourtney moved in with her cause she’s always over there?? Kathleen says “I know listeners are aware of my alabaster hue” and her body moves awkwardly but she was sOoOoOo obsessed with pop, lock, and drop it (girl we get it you’re White jfc) Nat says her ancestors didnt equip her for that shit.
1:52:01-1:57:43: Tyra mail again talks about Kourtney and her tik tok friend and that got her thinking how many friends she’s stolen over the years from the family, and now she’s taking her own kids friends and Penelope better watch out. Says maybe Kourtney isn’t as annoying as they portray her and she’d love to see a spin off with Rob and Scott working on their problems. That it’s strange Kanye tweeted Kim congratulating her billionaire status but can’t tweet her to say happy Mother’s Day. (It’s the company value not her and same goes for Kylie too)
Kathleen says she never went to Wyoming this year and they’re sharing pics from the same trip from last year (but imagine the shitstorm Kathleen would rain upon her if she flew over there 🤣 the rant she had over some florists dropping off flowers was pretty twisted so I don’t get the complaint here?) Nat points out that Kim said Kourtney is more fun than her so it makes sense. Kathleen describes her sisters friends taking to her better. Goes on talking about herself and complain about Kim and calls out reddit jokingly.
1:57:43-2:02:56: New listener observes that Kylie and fam have a fetish for black culture and surround themselves with key black friends/partner to elevate their status. Says Kylie consistency likes Saweetie’s pics but doesn’t see any evidence that they’re friends and finds it strange so she thinks Saweetie is everything she wishes she was.
They theorize that Kylie’s doing damage control due to drama between Stass and Cuervo and Saweetie and Kylie. (I checked the last 3 pictures and didn’t see a single like from kylie btw) Nat says celebrities just gravitate towards eachother and she also mentions that Saweetie’s dad is also super hot👀 (I checked and WHEW🥵 I need to fan myself 🥵)
2:02:56-2:08:26: Tyra mail says is so obsessed with Kylie and wonders if now that she has a daughter does she look at her relationship with tyga differently and would she let that happen to Stormi too. Also what’s going on with Sofia as she wasn’t at Stass’ birthday but she’s still in her comments and she mentions how Sofia ditched her friends for kylie. Mentions Stass has her own friends and won’t move in with Kylie anytime soon.
Nat replies Stass has her own friends and Kylie just pulled her closer. Kathleen says they just rushed Stass out the door after Jordyn and joked that maybe they’re breaking up because Stass wasn’t at khloes birthday party but doesn’t see her betraying them, she just has her own life. Says that there will come a day where she’ll be older and reflect on that relationship much like Kim reflected on her first marriage, just that not enough time has passed. Nat has her doubts because the family normalized the relationship.
2:08:26-2:13:24: Tyra mail says she’s grossed out by kourtneys last story where it seems like Khloe is trying to finger her over her clothes and wants to know if this is normal in Hollywood? Because it sends the wrong message.
Nat says she’s not wrong, as Rob use to talk about having sex with khloe and in a video Kylie tries to put her hand down Kendall’s pants and other weird shit they’ve done. Kathleen mentions two sister on her softball team that punched eachother in the last bits all the time and that it’s a weird sister thing and they see it as normal. (It’s not normal) Nat offers the time that Kourtney waxed Khloes vajayjay and how comfortable they are. Mention Lena Dunham (she sexually molested and penetrated her own sister cause she’s a monster). Go on to mention other examples of the fam being too comfy.
2:13:24-2:16:25: Tyra mail hates Kim’s Wyoming outfits, that they’re too early 2000s in a bad way and the hair looks bad.
Nat says oddly enough the designer of those clothing are the same designer of the Yeezy GAP line so hopefully it’s not a sign of what it’ll look like. Kathleen says the clothing doesn’t make sense and it’s too hot because it’s june (but remember that Kathleen just said they’re old photos so why is she saying they’re recent? Lol)
2:16:25- Tyra mail rants about “Trashtin” because he called Khloe a queen and she hates Khloe because she always has to stamp her approval on people within the fam and it’s funny how she got mad at Kourtney for taking Scott back and she laughed really hard rewatching Tristan cheating on her with she was pregnant. Complains that she lied on the show about fillers but admitted to fillers on Kocktails with Khloe and cant stand her pit bull nature. Email goes on and on complaining about Khloe but you get the gist. Rants that Khloe only took Tristan back to prove to the world she can keep a man and they deserve eachother.
Kathleen starts talking about Tristan cheating timelines and I guess Khloe is trash because he’s cheated a lot so let’s blame her over and over again because victim blaming is so healthy and healing. Discuss their socials and Kourtney was on that one Cattle Drive show.
Sorry this upload was late guys!! I had a migraine last 24 hours 😩 seems that Kathleen is trying to replace ranting about Kim with talking aimlessly about unrelated things, and that points to a problem of fear of silence or fear of ending a sentence. She added at least 45 minutes to the episode and there wasn’t even an episode of KUTWK to discuss!! Like I know she has anxiety about ending sentences but she meanders through it until she’s exhausted, but she’s exhausting us too!!!! She never has any idea where she’s going with a sentence; she just remembers stuff, people, or things and adds it onto what she’s already talking about. I had to take many many breaks and rewind many times just to try and understand what she was saying half the time cause it don’t make sense!! Nat seems as if she’s experiencing her first criticism in her entire life so it’s agitating her, but Apple reviews say otherwise.
Edit: grammar...blame it on the migraine 😭
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2020.06.29 16:04 shoemilk Help Wanted

Melvin was never really into D&D in his youth. He'd played it once with a neighbor, but he wasn't really a good fit with the group; they never asked him back and he never inquired. Reading-wise, he was more into SF than fantasy, but he still read the occasional offering that his favorite authors put out. When the Lord of the Rings movies came out, he played along with his friends like he'd read all the books. Truth was, they'd bored him just as much as the movies did (to date they were still the most expensive naps he'd taken). He considered himself familiar with the fantasy genre and its tropes and species, no more, no less. However he never understood people like... "Princess Lyran Highrool?"
"That's 'Your highness Princess Lyran Highrool' to you, boy."
Melvin glanced at the girl. She wore a white gown and her long blonde hair that flowed down to her waist. She'd surgically altered her ears to come to little points. That or she spent an inordinate amount of time every morning attaching prosthetic tips. Her red lips contrasted her pale skin and complemented her vibrant blue eyes. If her aura weren't so arrogant, aloof, and just flat out weird, she might have been beautiful. "I see. Our hostess said you were looking for work?"
"I told the wench at the door that I require sustenance."
"Mmmokay... Have you ever waited tables before?"
She looked at him as if he'd called her mother a whore right after kicking her dog. "Do not think of me as some lowly peon. I am the rightful ruler or Ayvandali."
"I'll take that as a no. How old are you?"
"I am 170 years old, boy."
Melvin made a note in his notebook. "Seventeen, okay. How about your parents, do they know you're applying for work?"
The girl's facade quivered. The arrogance gave away to a look of sorrow, then vanished as soon as it appeared. "My parents were heinously murdered in the coup that saw me banished to this desolate realm. What do you call this place?"
"Uggh, the name is as revolting as the stench. Forgo with any more questions, boy. Bring me some of the sustenance in which you so obviously have been partaking."
"Excuse me?"
Lyran pointed to his pot belly. "How else have you become so rotund? I can only assume your larceny from the hearth is only out-done by your sloth."
Melvin blinked at the girl. Then he laughed. "Oh, this is too rich." He waved his hand back and forth. "No, I'm sorry, I don't think I have anything for you. I am in the need of some help. If you think you can ever drop the silly act, come back. I'm sure you could pick up a lot of regulars with that look you've got going, but your attitude isn't worth the headache it will cause."
Lyran stood up, "You dare have the audacity to dismiss me?" Melvin stood up with her. She was tall, taller than he was at least. He moved over to her side of the table. "You don't dismiss me, I dismiss..." She fell silent and her mouth fell open as Melvin put his hand on the small of her back to guide her out of the restaurant.
He felt self-conscious as the young girl gave him a frank appraisal from his thinning hair and growing bald spot down to his cheap, off-brand black shoes. She shook her head and muttered, "No..."
"Yes, I'm afraid I must ask you to leave. The dinner rush is starting soon and I need to see some things." By this time he'd led her to the doors. "Have a good evening, miss," he said as he held the front door open for her.
She didn’t make a move to leave. Something inside of her appeared to have melted; she no longer stood so stiffly. She looked at him. Confusion, wonder, and a tinge of revulsion crossed across her face, one after another. It was the revulsion that hurt him the most, more than the haughtiness that she'd shown him earlier. Whatever had changed inside her had softened her features and he was struck by her radiant beauty.
Melvin felt immediately repulsed at himself. Damn it, man. She's half your age.
His head whipped around to see his head waitress come running out of the kitchen.
"What is it Jenny?"
"We've got a problem. Can you come to the kitchen?"
Melvin never saw the girl leave. When he looked back, she was gone. He sighed and let the door close. He followed Jenny back to the kitchen.
Pre-prepared pasta for the evening was scattered all over the floor. The deep fryer hissed and sizzled, occasionally exploding from the moisture in the noodles that had wound up in it.
Two days worth of marinara sauce had been dumped out in another area. Carl and Tim, the busboys for the evening were wrestling in it: both of them covered in red. Erin, the hostess, stood a bit away from them, yelling at them to stop. The rest of the crew stood around cheering them on.
“What the fuck?” Melvin said. The servers scattered, making themselves busy in the front of the restaurant.
Digging into the cause of their fight, Melvin learned they'd both been sleeping with Erin. He was already short-staffed, but as they’d destroyed several days worth of food and were covered in it, he had no choice but to send them home after they cleaned up the mess. As a punishment for her part, he made Erin spend the evening splitting the hosting and busing. His plans for catching up on some paperwork in the office were dashed as he had to recreate the destroyed sauce and pasta. Throughout the horrid mess of the night, Princess Lyran Highrool never left his mind.
Five minutes before closing time, Melvin was wrist deep in soap water. Erin came back into the kitchen area. "Hey, Melvin. I'm really sorry about tonight. I promise to keep it in my pants from now on."
"That's nice, Erin, but unless you're coming back here to finish washing these, I'd like you to get to work shutting down the floor."
"Oh, no I came back here because there's some cop out there for you."
Sighing, Melvin flicked the water off his hands exactly twelve times before wiping them off on a towel. "You take over here and I'll shut down the floor after I deal with the police."
"Eww, it'll be hell on my nails."
"It'll be hell on your job here if you don't," Melvin said as he pushed his way past her and out of the kitchen.
At the hostess station a city cop stood with his thumbs hooked in his gun belt. He looked around the restaurant and made no apparent note of Melvin as he approached. "What can I do for you this evening, officer?"
"Are you Melvin?"
The cop narrowed his eyes. "You have a daughter?"
Melvin shook his head. "No, I've never even been married."
"So you don't know a 'Your Royal Highness, Princess Lyran Highrool'?"
Melvin's heart skipped a beat. He wanted to say no. He needed to say no. He'd never understood pedophiles. They disgusted him, but the feelings that girl gave him confounded him.
The cop continued on, "She said you're her guardian and the only address she would give us is for here."
"Yes, yes I know her. I'm her guardian. Yup, that's me. Uh huh. Good old Uncle Mel."
The cop gave him a sideways glance. Melvin smiled nervously.
Seeming to make up his mind, the cop waved and a second one came in with Lyran following behind him. If she looked down her nose at the two policemen any more, it would have been perpendicular with the ground. "Outside of being odd and annoying, she hasn't done anything wrong. If she's got some sort of mental disability, you need to make sure you take better care of her."
"Thank you, officer, I will."
The head cop nodded and left, the second following close behind him.
Melvin looked at Lyran. She wouldn't meet his gaze. That disturbed Melvin more than anything, but didn’t stop the pounding in his chest.
"Thank you for claiming me," she said, still not looking at him.
"I didn't claim you."
"Yes, you did. I heard. The peacekeeper asked you if you would claim guardianship of me and you agreed to it, multiple times."
Melvin blushed. "I did. I don't know why, but I did."
Still down cast, Lyran said, "When you touched me, I felt the bond. Though my arrogance to accept a higher quality mate than you ultimately led to the overthrow of my kingdom, the death of my parents and my ultimate banishment, I have offered myself to you through the peacekeeper as a surrogate of my father. You have accepted me. I am now yours."
Lyran's dress fell to the floor. Melvin looked away and covered his eyes, but the image of her perfect body was already burned in his mind. "Girl, don't be ridiculous, get dressed."
"You do not wish for my body?"
"No. I don't want those cops coming back here and taking me away. Get dressed."
Doing as she was told, Lyran pulled her garment over her body. At last she looked at Melvin. The revulsion from earlier was replaced by what looked like respect. "Why would the peacekeepers jail you for taking that which was offered to you?"
"You can offer it, but it doesn't make it legal."
"Why not?"
"Because you're 17. I'm over double your age."
Her laughter was musical. "I told you, I am 170 and I am probably five times your age."
Before Melvin could reply, there was a loud bang from in the kitchen. "Erin?" Melvin called.
Heading into the back, Melvin found it empty. Neither Erin nor the two waiters left were in sight. Lyran followed him. The hanging pots and pans above the short order swayed in a breeze.
"Lyran," A gruff voice called out.
"Tyras," she answered. A tall man with long hair and pointed ears like Lyrans stepped out of the manager's office. Two more men followed him. All three had giant broad swords strapped to their backs.
Melvin blinked. More of them. “Look, kids, I’m afraid you can’t be here. I need to ask you to leave.”
They all ignored him. The one Lyran had called Tyras said, "Emperor Dyllin requires that you return to him. He has taken your kingdom and requires you to give yourself to him."
"I would soon rather die. There was no bond. I felt nothing in our meeting. After he slaughtered my people and my parents, I now only feel hatred."
Tyras shook his head. "It matters not. He wants you, and he will have you. I will make sure of it."
Even when she laughed with scorn, it sang to Melvin's ears. "He is too late. I have given myself and been accepted by a guardian."
One of the other men narrowed his eyes and asked, "To whom?"
Lyran pointed to Melvin. All three of them focused stares of death at him. "Is this true?" the one who hadn't spoken yet asked.
Melvin swallowed, "Kinda, yeah. But you, know, not in that way..." All three drew their swords and moved to surround him. “Kids, look… wow those swords look real.. And sharp.”
Lyran shot him a glare. “You… peasant, what was your name again?”
Tyras stopped, leaned his head back and laughed so deep that it shook his body. “What is this? The Princess Lyran Highrool has bonded to a peasant whose name she doesn’t even know!” Tears rolled out from the corners of his eyes. He wiped them away with the back of his hand.
Lyran turned her gaze of death from him to Tyras. “Memalvin, odd name. What sort of training do you have?”
“I have a BS in Computer Science…”
“I have never heard of that form of combat.”
“It’s not a combat sty…” he started, but Lyran pushed him out of the way as one of Tyras’s nameless companions swung his sword through the space Melvin had previously occupied. The sword lodged into the countertop, splitting it partly in two.
“What the fuck!”
The other elvin goon made his move. Out of desperation, Melvin grabbed a skillet and held it like a baseball bat. The man lunged at him. Melvin sidestepped the attack and smacked the man in the face with the backside of the skillet. A vortex appeared where the pan made contact with his face. Wind ripped through the kitchen and the man was sucked through the vortex face first. The wind stilled.
“What the fuck?”
"What majiks is this? What manner of weapon do you wield?" Tyras asked.
"An aluminium pan?"
Tyras looked at Lyran, his eyes wide. "Peasant? Liar! How did you find such a powerful sorcerer so quickly? One so brilliant as to know the exact mineral required to return us to our realm?"
Melvin had no idea what was going on. He looked at the frying pan in his hand. He shrugged. The first thug was still trying to free his sword from the countertop. Melvin moved in behind him and cracked him on his butt. Another vortex appeared and the henchman disappeared, ass first.
He and Tyras squared off. The sneer Tyras gave him would have given Lyran a run for her money. Tyras charged. Melvin squealed and threw the pan at his attacker. It frisbeed through the air.
Unprepared for his opponent’s decision to throw his only weapon, Tyras didn’t even try to duck as it smacked him on the bridge of his nose. For the third time hurricane winds tore through the kitchen as Melvin’s final opponent disappeared through a vortex.
When the wind died down, Melvin stood there panting, more adrenaline was running through his veins than every other time in his life combined. He turned to look at Lyran. Gone was the look of revulsion. The adoration that showed from her startled Melvin and he wasn't ready for when she planted her lips on his. He melted, but his morality won out and pushed the girl away from him.
“While you may not be very appealing to the eye, I see I have chosen well for my guardian.”
“Yeah… That was more luck than anything.”
“Those were Dyllin’s top three solders! It was no luck.”
A loud crash and moaning came from the office. "What is that?" he asked. “More of them?”
"Tyras probably gave your staff Lust to keep them busy."
“It is one of Tyras’s majiks. It is how he would assure my obedience to Dyllin.”
Melvin asked and opened the office door. Inside his three remaining employees for the evening, Erin, Jenny and Steve were deep into a threesome with each other. Melvin sighed. "What the fuck?"
This was the first WP I responded to, about a year ago. I'd taken a two year break from writing before this. Some things that I would like to know:
When I first wrote this, I rushed the fight at the end because I was tired and was called on it. I've expanded it. How do you feel it works?
Does Lyran's character seem consistent enough?
How would you describe Melvin?
I see this as chapter 1 in a 9 to 10 chapter story, is there too much in there? Should I slow the pace down some more?
Thank you very much for reading.
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2020.06.24 23:24 PinkFurLookinLikeCam Say Bible podcast discussion June 23, 2020 “Kim Gets a Podcast”

Start- 16:30: Begin by referencing the “jew conversation” (Tyra Mail from last week), saying they’ve received more emails about it, but don’t want to continue the conversation. Someone emailed telling them they’re unsubbing from their podcast (claim to not have read it, and go on to explain the email) the Karen’s mad because Nat said in another episode that she swipes left on anyone who has American flag in their bio (I would do the same) due to the inherent stereotype that those people are usually racist.
Kathleen goes on to explain this again, shouting (again) that she’s white and even she understands (I think I need to start a counter for the amount of times she mentions she’s white) and that she doesn’t want to start a conversation about politics off jump (I’m not sure I believe her here) and that her brother served in the Air Force and talks about his experience being around people like that at sporting events. Nat says racists have weaponized the American flag (I agree) and that her father claims that no one in other countries act like that about the flag (hmmm not sure about that but I digress, let’s stick to how the American flag is weaponized cause that’s tea).
Kathleen goes on that all they’re doing is “questioning” Kim and Kanye, and supposedly people are attacking them simply for “questioning” (umm...no maam. You do wayyyy more than question). Nat says the Instagram comments are a “warzone”, simply because people are pointing out that Kathleen needs to calm tf down (I checked insta and these comments came after she herself decided to post a long rant under a shady Kim post, so clearly even replying to a rant posted by her is an “attack”.) mentions other commenters claiming she can’t “question” Kim due to her husbands race (I checked this and that wasn’t really the context of those comments, people were saying that she has black people she cares about and wants to get involved to make it a better world for them)
Nat mentions some random celebrity who’s reading books on lots of subjects (mentions he read about fatphobia so clearly he’s relevant to this) acts like he deserves many accolades, but shades Kim (even though they were literally upset just last week that Kim is learning about how the voting affects prison reform and they even mention it again in this episode)
16:30-44:53: discuss Kim getting a Spotify deal for a podcast shade, shade, shade. They denounce this into a just another true crime podcast, while missing the whole entire god damn mother Fucking point. (The point is to tell a story start to finish, show what these people are going through. How they’re suffering. Nah. Shading Kim is of the utmost importance. Fuck the victims stories.)
Kathleen claims it to be “vague by design” and that she’s not nitpicking (even though it’s not vague and she is nitpicking). Claims that Kim is late and out of touch (how so? How? Where?) and she just wants attention (remember that with her, she’s quite worried about others seemingly “wanting attention” and this assumption personally traumatizes her) says Kim is “in her face” and “this was coordinated” (I don’t ..see the issue of coordinating something...?)
Read a tweet from a YouTube channel that claims kim getting this podcast is “white supremacy”. (I ..huh? White supremacy is alive, active, and well but it’s a very far jump to make this.) then they claim to not be discrediting Kim (even though all they’ve done is discredit her involvement with prison reform). Nat makes the argument that a trans podcast wouldn’t be handled by a cis person so why would kim handle this? (Because she wants to. She’s working the prison reform and wants to discuss a personal story, one doesn’t have to do with the other; in fact it’s just more uplifting of these horrible stories).
Kathleen gets herself worked up into another rant and says that the announcement was big and planned and she knew it was going to be announced and they had a PR team (girl ...stop lmao none of that is abnormal), that people were “afraid” to tell Kim not to do this (wtf🤣) and that “there’s gotta be a reason Shes doing this (yeah...it’s called prison reform hello?) and generally shades and mocks her existence. Nat insinuates that Kim is a horrible person because she’s probably getting a check for the podcast and then lists other podcasts and documentaries about true crime. Discuss “When They See Us” and that Kim must discuss that one (even though it has a series and she’s going to discuss a story that no one knows, no let’s discuss one that’s common knowledge) and say that she “won’t” discuss it because trump is involved (kay.) Nat claims that Kim is only announcing this because protests have been going on for a while (it’s probably been working out for a while now before it was announced but ooookkayyy) and Kathleen says she’s doing it because she didn’t get attention for wearing a white outfit at the White House.
in an attempt to appear like shes made positive changes, Kathleen closes by saying that she “knows Kim can do better” and that’s why she complains (no that’s not why you just deadass hate her)
44:53-1:03:41: Kourtney and Scott, people want a reunion and they’ve been seen vacationing together, not to mention the “nice shirt” comment. Nat says it could have been a flirty comment and Kathleen says it’s the second time Kourtney wore a shirt of his. Also the Father’s Day shout out had all of them in the photo. Nat says he’s matured and Kathleen says they have undeniable chemistry (yup I could feel that chemistry between his hand and the wall or between his cash and a waiters mouth or between his dick and another womans Body, or between his nose and cocaine or between his false promises and kourtneys need to not be abused anymore yup tons of chemistry).
Kathleen mentions that Tristan is revolting to her because ...and she doesn’t finish the sentence. Nat steps in to save her and finishes the sentence with “time heals all” and Kathleen goes on to say Scott is a bad habit you cant quit while Nat feels that he’s redeemed himself and was punished (if punishing is just not inviting him somewhere or you know, Kourtney setting boundaries yes SCOTT is the one who was punished /s) says Tristan “didn’t suffer” (I believe that he did get a lot of backlash and his image suffered which affects him as an athlete in terms of contracts and promotion deals not to mention the dragging he got and still gets).
Kathleen says Kim and Khloe suck or whatever because they refuse to bad mouth their partners (umm they both have and also they don’t have to ..?) but kourtney didn’t mind bad mouthing Scott so she’s a ~Queen~. Kathleen says she supposedly liked Tristan at first and that Khloe is trying so hard to convince others he likes her (what type of middle school nonsense line of thinking is this lmao).
Scott scrubbed his insta of Sofia and they want Sofia to win elseware (I can only imagine the package she had with him Jesus Fucking christ) says he got with Sofia to get revenge for Kourtney being with Eunice (I thought they said he’s matured?) and they claim that they’re pretending Tristan didn’t do anything because they’re not dragging him every episode (because they were annoyed with them dragging him last year for so many episodes but now they’re mad that she stopped ?) go on to complain that when the show returns they won’t bad mouth him (because fuck forgiving a black man but white Scott? He’s MaTuReD!!) Insinuate that Kim has a crush on Tristan and mock her voice (no energy for all the times Khloe and Scott hung out post Kourtney breakup) at this point I pressed fast forward several times, Kathleen started ranting about Kim.
1:03:41-1:14:45: factory in Bangladesh is not getting paid for many orders from many companies, people are dragging kylie and Kendall because their brand is one of those brands (second link is most up to date information as of today. States that their brand hasn’t had a relationship with the company that uses those manufactures for years. If this is true, I don’t see where there’s an issue. If it’s not true and they’re blatantly lying or covering something up, that’s honestly super fucked up.)
Kathleen goes on to say that kylie is benefiting, getting credit and money, off of these workers (as opposed to giving the entire clothing line away for free like all other brands do /s). Talk about a bunch of non-relevant stuff and then says that Kim will be fine without “you” defending her (it’s not defending her it’s stop attacking someone who’s not gross and actually gets off her ass to do something unlike half the other celebrities you worship.) says “you don’t have to spend so much energy of your time defending her” (way to go Kathleen finally got a mirror! Although must have confused “defend” for “attack”)
1:14:45- 1:26:47: Tyra mail wants a Larsa drag because she unfollowed the kardashians and has a fitness website (good reason as any I guess) Nat says they usually let people leave quietly and Kathleen says it was all about getting close to Scottie Pippen (dammit Kim was just one week away from getting close! Ah damn, years of friendship work down the shitter) theorizes that Larsa got too confident and was looking too pretty. Also says that Larsa posted a photo with “good vibes only” during the protest (which is beyond tone deaf and fucked up, Why doesn’t Kathleen just mention this and not all the other stupid bullshit?) Nat mentions her doing interviews for the family was a problem too and that Kim didn’t seem to really care for her anyway. Also the episode when Larsa was trying to meet up with all these guys and it was all on camera and she looked like a psycho. Mention that Stass can get kicked out at any time (just like Jordyn, who has don’t nothing to deserve being cut out
1:26:47-1:37:18: Tyra mail commends them for being amazing sweetie and wants to know how they met. Says brother worked for kanyes publicist and says Kanye didn’t talk to his publicist ever. Nat replies that they have a mutual friend that Nat met in college, she met kathleen through that friend. They hung out a few times and have gone to vegas a few times and they both love pop culture, so here they are. Talk about taxi versus ubeLyft in the city and how much they miss having a fun night out (ughhh same af SAME AF)
1:37:18- Tyra mail asks why their black partners aren’t saying anything about the kardashians wearing braids and do they encourage it.
Nat explains that black men are not ridiculed or harassed at work for their hair, while black women constantly have to be very careful how they do their hair to prevent backlash citing that a literal law in California had to be passed just to allow black women to wear their natural hair texture at work. Black men don’t deal with this she says (I believe black men do deal with this however it’s just not anywhere near the same severity or scale as black women).
Says that everytime a black man is shot black women are out here protesting meanwhile Dave Chappelle practically erased Breonna’s murder from his recent stand up. So Nat is saying that black men do not stick up for black women, and Tristian/Kanye don’t care about how it affects black women. That she believes that their partners are gassing them up, telling them they look good and that Kim is wearing a wig and not even braiding her hair. That black men seem to completely deny black women as viable partners while black women are criticized for dating outside their race, even though they have less options and sort of have to do that.
Kathleen discusses white supremacy and how every group is trying to figure out how to get up on a higher rung while pushing someone lower. Talks about seeing POSE tv show and finding out that a black trans woman started the famous stonewall riot and not a white man, which was depicted in a stonewall movie as such. Kathleen says that white feminists are terrified to admit that other groups have it worse than them, and that Latin people think they’re minorities (I swear she goes so god damn close to the sun only for her wings to melt, she’ll say something really good and then keep talking and fuck it up. I’m Latinx and I am a minority and I have been abused by this government but also why bring US latinxs into this ?? black people have been abused systematically for hundreds of years and have trauma in their DNA related to their enslavement. They are born already traumatized because of this countries horrific past. How about talk about that and leave us the fuck alone).
After Nat discusses history of voting and shades Kanye for hating on amber rose (who’s not black, even Nat says that debatable) Kathleen talks about memes mocking black kids with white moms who don’t know how to care for their hair, and that Khloe is one of these moms (I’m soooo confused where was True’s hair ever questioned? Huh?) and then realizes she was going off the rails so brought it back, saying uplift black women. Nat says that black men don’t even do their kids hair so that’s why the mother is always blamed (I have no idea If that’s true I haven’t seen anything to confirm it). Fast forward a few times, another Kathleen rant.
Talk about random subjects from Nicole Richie to Juneteenth and their Breonna Taylor shirt, which proceeds go to their chosen charity TGIJP. End episode.
I’ve decided that this is just a Kim hatred podcast and the amount of bullshit I point out makes me look like the biggest super fan, but you also don’t have to be a super fan or even a fan to see that she isn’t the sack of shit they make her out to be. And will someone tell me what’s the deal with Kathleens hatred of Tristan? Is Khloe somehow the first woman to forgive cheating? This and more, on the next Dragon Ball Z.
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2020.06.22 18:18 missfleet2019 bored so here's america's next top male model cycle 4. who is your winner and why is it definitely kahlen?

top: Keenyah, Naima, Tiffany, Becky, Brittany, Kahlen. middle: Michelle, Christina, Noelle, Brita. bottom: Sarah, Tatiana, Brandy, Lluvy.
bored so heres a shitpost. I love how these look like varying degrees of queer eye hosts lmao. all 14 of these men have definitely been to a gay club once or twice or 32 times.
Brita look like wentworth miller. He’s balding but that’s ok we stan regardless. He would’ve gone halfway at best bc they would’ve clocked him for looking older than all the other guys, rechecked his file and found out hes actually 42
Sarah would’ve deff had a much better shot here lmao he looks like that one weird looking guy that’s always scowling like he had a bad lunch from gossip girl (edit: Ed Westwick). He still would’ve gone home early bc he didn’t know how to walk in a straight line. He would’ve blamed Brittany and called him porn prince bc he looked like a whore that week
Brandy look like he does hair for a living. I like the fit he looks like he’s going for THE job interview. He slays the dog shoot but gets disqualified for throwing that tennis photographer into a fence “IF WE DIDNT GET KICKED OFF FOR FIGHTING SOMEBODY TITOS ASS WOULDA BEEN TORE UP RIGHT NOW”
Noelle would’ve talked about his son 25 hours a day. He looks great here but he would’ve left like week 2 bc turns out he’s like 4’7” in person and wears flats. They randomly tan him for the 1-800-flowers shoot which is in no way a foreshadowing to the blackface the week after. this is his let me speak to the manager face
Lluvys cross eyed but we love him regardless. Great person, interesting face, comically bad pictures. He looks like the 14th guy didn’t show up so they just grabbed an intern. He spends his five weeks looking varying degrees of cross eyed - minnie mouse drag king - lluvy as alaska thunderfuck as shelly duvall as alaska thunderfuck - pewdiepie - there are no words - lluvy please.....
Becky is giving me Iowa farmer boy who can’t count to six but loves fishing & jesus. He faints in week 2 after he gives you republican dog walker that sees you selling water without a permit and is about to give you the viral video of a lifetime. Gets eliminated halfway bc he’s more way too chris Pratt actor teas than model but he does win some wicked sneakers after he wins the runway challenge and everyone thinks he’s an asshole. “It’s a pedestrian photograph. It just doesn’t register.... virgin.”
Tiffany looks really good here actually. He tries to calm brandy down and give him some tough love about not being so angry all the time bc he went thru anger management after he piledrived some guy at the bar into the ground after he poured beer on his perm in cycle 3. they cut his hair off and everyone lost their minds Everyone in the house likes him but gets cut halfway after tyra realizes he can’t say magenta and screams at him
Tatiana is definitely the prettiest but he’s really boring and everyone forgets he’s there. Tiffany mistakes him for a couch in week 5. He looks like he surfs 24/7 and eats fish raw. He slays the dog shoot but gets cut when tyra notices him for the first time since Bootcamp. Also bc he does this
michelle being the trade of the season I could not believe it. Everyone thinks he’s gonna win after he gets a bleach dye job that destroys his scalp but then he gets scabies and they think he’s gonna kill everybody. He comes out as straight in week 4 and Tiffany/brandy are supportive. Brandys gonna need y’all to know he’s had some fantasies.
Michelle thinks he’s ugly the entire season and the guys don’t help matters bc they lock him in his room until his sores go away. Tiffany’s grandma tells him to read a book.
Christina gets hit on by everyone the entire season and he begins and ends every single sentence with “actually”. He keeps putting cherries in kahlens mouth for like 4 weeks. gets cut after tyra thinks he’s been Nigel competing the whole time - hes staring at something part 1 - he’s staring at something part 2 - christina chill
Brittany looks like a typical goofy Floridian frat douche here but he actually (Christina) kills it in like every shoot. Do you see the potential.
He drinks at any giving opportunity and streaks around the house. He knocks back 5 beers at the covergirl party challenge, hangs upside down from the ceiling and wins bc of “tenacity” and takes Keenyah as his plus one. Him and Keenyah are bffs the whole season until Keenyah can’t remember who Nelson Mandela is and Brittany screams at him in the van. He comes second to kahlen and he pulls a leila and falls off the runway.
Keenyah look like Rubio from hook. He does decent for the first half until he gains like 3 pounds and loses a tiny bit of muscle and everyone starts fat shaming him. brittany yells at him for not knowing who nelson mandela is so keenyah starts attacking naima and naimas just like wtf. kahlens crying in the corner during all this big surprise.
Naima is quiet and talks about being a ballerino and how he used to be a ~ bAaAd bOy ~ but now he’s a vegan so it’s ok. He has a unibrow. He’s constantly spinning around the house asking everyone how theyre doing and offers them kale. He comes to your door with flowers for a first date and then offers your kale wyd. He does this for 10 weeks. He wins CGOTW every episode. He looks 12 at the kloofing shoot and it’s uncomfortable. Also he demolished this... that one extra finna risk it all right there on set. He gets eliminated at covergirl for doing this with his teeth and when he gets cut over Brittany he has a nervous breakdown and starts flailing around going “AOOOOWWW!!! WOOHAOAHHHH! oHhHh iM sPeEcHLeSs!” Everyone in the room is terrified. He has to escorted offset.
Kahlen won. The only timeline where Naima doesn’t win. I mean look at the promo he ate that. Kahlen walks into auditions and starts crying about being from Oklahoma and not having a tv and working 90 hours a week and not knowing how to read and then immediately walks like naomi 14 seconds later. They start calling him Crylen after week 2 bc he cries about anything - 1970s metrosexual trustfund baby - just a non-problematic Hawaiian father - he’s MAD: the kahlen rondot story - springbok - deer in the headlights but make it white twink. this looks like a fleetwood mac cover from 1973 - this is so bottom 2 worthy with Keenyah but he look good here that weird thing she did with her mouth here works as a man - now THAT is a covergirl ad. twink of the year 2005
He wins ANTMM cycle 4 and country banjo music starts playing instead of the usual music and he dances awkwardly to it with the rhythm of a snake trying desperately to do the macarena, while janice screams “WORK IT”
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2020.06.17 21:10 PinkFurLookinLikeCam Say Bible Podcast discussion June 16, 2020 “Copycat Bodysuits”

Start-16:18: After intro they both agree that they’re bored in the house and haven’t been doing much. Discuss Queer Eye for a while. Discuss a guy that Nat talked to on the phone from Bumble who blew her off. Kathleen Theorizes that this guy, who is white, felt weird around her due to current events. Nat says he was the one who pursued her so she’s confused. Discuss finding social media profiles,the My Space days, using LinkedIn to find people, and dating. Talk about instant reject on white guys if have guns or the American flag in their dating app profile (oh I agree with this there’s something about the flag and guns that racists like, I can’t explain it) and as a black woman appreciating the use of BLM in a profile so that she can feel certain about matching and having a conversation.
16:18-20:18- Nat mentions the interview in the previous episode and apologizes if she came across harsh about the destroyed businesses in the interview (I personally didn’t feel she was harsh). Kathleen explains that it’s a complex situation
20:18-33:00: discuss Khloe getting sued (Good American) for allegedly copying a design from indie company Blue Dazzle and selling the design under the Good American name without acknowledging or compensating the company, which is black owned. The suit claims that Khloe purchased many pieces from Blue Dazzle and made copies of the purchased designs.
Nat points out that the garments look exactly alike, and there’s a paper trail of the company sending Khloe garments so Kris is gonna have a hell of a time says Nat. Kathleen says the real issue is that Khloe knowingly got pieces to blatantly copy. It’s not hard for them to partner with brands so Khloe could have made of a collab (like Good American x Blue Dazzle). Says they never tag anyone that influences them and now they’re doing it because they feel guilt about being racist (ummm what Khloe did was pretty garbage but let’s not say she’s racist. She’s a scam artist.)
Kathleen goes on for a while, repeating a few times that they’re only tagging black people “because it’s cool” (again with the damn if they do damned if they don’t. Had me in the first half but lost me in the second). Nat says it’s unmistakeable and would be hard to lose this case, it seems to always be black brands that they’re stealing from; and Kathleen says the kardashians believe that everything is theirs for the taking. Talk about Khloe wearing braids and call her dumb. Discuss white people wearing braids even though it ruins their hair while black people are likely to be fired or reprimanded for the same.(that’s the tea)
33:00-38:55: Discuss Kim working with an organization to learn how voting affects prison reform. Both shade her and say that they know all of this already because they’re “political scientists”, and that voting at the local level is extremely important. (Voting at lower levels is important, but learning isn’t bad I don’t get the god damn problem???)
Complain about Kim, complain that people complain that she complains about Kim. Says Kim doesn’t have to be a crusader (even though they’ve complained that she doesn’t do anything and other times the problem is that she does too much. Me thinks the problem isn’t with Kim). Kathleen says Kim isn’t doing anything is attempting to “blend in” with stuff other people have done. Nat says she’s treading lightly because trump is basically fucking up prison reform and that’s somehow Kim’s fault and responsibility.
Meanwhile, Nat is impressed that Taylor Swift is tweeting a lot, so there’s that. (I’m sure if Kim tweeted a lot theyd be just as impressed /s) says that Kim only wanted to do prison reform because “nothings going on” (even though prison slavery has been going on quietly for a long time but go off).
Nat says she’s read a book that’s helped her figure out that Kim is “performative” and “not transformative”. (????) says she’s not helping the bigger cause and somehow educating herself as part of becoming a lawyer and working prison reform is a problem.
38:55-1:10:52: Bring up reddit, Kathleen says that plenty that was said in recaps is valid and she’s thinking of ways to improve and that they aren’t trying to attack Kim for everything but that she can do so much more and Kathleen is “frustrated because she cares”, she “spent years defending Kanye” and they’re “not just hitting them for sport” (so that’s proof that she cares- she defended Kanye and has high expectations of Kim, meaning in some twisted way she’s not being obsessive or expecting ridiculous amounts of results from someone not even involved in the government but cares enough to do something).
Says there’s so many things going on that she can “easily hop on and it’ll be an easy win” but they say she randomly posted something about a firefighter camp which was “mind boggling” because in 2018 she hired private firefighters through a company during the California Fires, and was drug through the dirt for that. (Even though she told the firefighters to help all the houses, not just hers, and donated a lot to government agencies and the family they purchased a new home for....🙄)
Goes on to say that Cal Fire (not what Kim used) uses slave labor from prison through a program that utilizes prisoners to work as firefighters, even though they will be denied a firefighter job once they’re released from prison. Also they’re paid $1/hour.
This sounds absolutely awful and abusive, but Kim didn’t hire them (the prisoners work for the government as part of a prison program while Kim hired a “concierge” private firefighting company, which is NOT rare and not new in any way, shape, or form. In fact it’s very common in those circles and sometimes their insurance requires it).
She goes on and on to ponder “why did Kim post this NOW” they discuss this camp thats for children and uses them for child labor according to them, because it’s a JUNIOR firefighter camp. When I googled said camps, I found this lists of junior firefighter camps by region the ones in California (under “west”) seem to consist of classes and/or some sort of education or have a Boy Scouts sort of vibe to them. So from what I understand, Kim posted about these summer camps and they twisted it around to such a degree that they’re pinning slave labor from actual working governmental authorities (not summer camps) squarely on Kim. What one has to do with the other, I don’t know. How Kim is involved, I also don’t know.
Nat goes on to say that Kim is now expected to not only be active in prison reform, but also make calls and find out why they’re in prison (because they believe she wasn’t doing that the whole time and it’s not part of the research necessary to free the wrongly imprisoned)
Side note: Kim is being viewed as having a ridiculous, almost totalitarian amount of power and pull when in reality she’s a celebrity who’s trying to make a difference. She can’t actually change laws the way they’ve been implying; she’s working with lawyers to research individual cases and get presidential pardons but she is not actually a lawmaker. Perhaps in the future her team can secure funding in the millions to send people to argue for real prison reform.
Kathleen goes to say that she isn’t mentally disturbed just because she talks about Kim all the time, she just has extremely high expectations. Then she said that Kim isn’t doing anything and even a tweet could help (even though we already heard them bash her for tweeting things like petitions, all the way up to and including working in prison reform) Kathleen mentions credit several times. Nat says that Kim does say stuff but it’s “safe”
(wait now she says stuff? Jesus I couldn’t imagine having to conform to such rigid parameters Kim could donate every available organ and they’d still say that she didn’t donate enough organs. Tell me what celebrity at her level is doing what she’s doing and don’t mention one that made one donation one time or opened a charity but they never talk about it and don’t actually work to fix the problem but GOOOOO OFFFFF. I don’t think Kim is perfect, I can list several things I dislike about her but fuck this mess deadass.)
Nat mentions that Kourtney has gone to capital hill for other things but hasn’t done that for black or LGBT community (I can agree here but wasnt she just asked by a group to help out for the publicity I don’t remember). Kathleen says that she’s frustrated with Kim but she doesn’t expect her to be the savior of the world (🤔) but that she can give credit for her evolving, BUT, she’s not doing enough (😑) and she’s not saying enough taboo things (but y’all! T Swift is tweeting though!!) go on to say that she tweets but it’s not enough (yet for Taylor Swift it’s enough for accolades and awards). Rest of the conversation is just tons of the same flip flopping. Blame the lack of recognition of the Armenian Genocide on Kim, saying she hasn’t done anything (yes she has and it’s getting a lil irritating that Kathleen speaks over people about their own culture as if she is the only knowledgable source and the last say but when you’re White you’re right I suppose). Nat goes on to mock Kim for helping in prison reform, poking fun at her valley girl voice.
Nat goes on to say that reddit reviews are “psychotic” (she has not seen psychotic on reddit. Psychotic on reddit means gross, foul, usually some sort of -ist. People are entitled to opinions and these summaries drive listeners to their podcast anyway so 🤷🏻‍♀️) and “reads like a bad yelp review”, (failing to realize that I never claimed to be a writer nor claimed to be a good writer). Goes on to say that Kanye is surely paying the bills for whoever is summarizing these.
Nat says she didn’t bait Kate Kennedy to speak poorly of Kim, citing a one-off comment that Kate made as definitive proof of this (comment being “Kim doesn’t have a tik tok because its everything that Kim is not; cool, fun, creative.” I just don’t see this comment as gross, I see it as a pretty level headed observation so to me it’s not really proof that Nat somehow hasn’t said awful things or wasnt baiting her. If that’s the worst thing she said than I’m fine with that because it’s true anyway)
They say that if they have haters they’re doing something right, (of course this is true no denying that, but how am I hating? I loved this podcast until it turned toxic.) Kathleen says that she has taken the brunt of the negative feedback so she had a different reaction. The feedback isn’t new to her, she knows she can talk too much and interrupt/talk over Nat and it’s one of her biggest insecurities and has been an issue in the past. Says it was hurtful to realize that she was the White girl blabbing on over Nat, has talked to people about improving this issue.
Goes on to say that her sanity was questioned specifically because she questioned Kanye (which is not true, it’s about everything so stop bringing up Kanyes mental health to cover up what you’re doing. It’s everything. It’s talking over and for black people, it’s hatred of black men, it’s obsession with Kim and denial of anything positive shes done, it’s berating Kanye for his mental struggles, it’s everything.) Nat claims that she has been bullied and that I can also not listen and claims that I am a trump supporter. Says the content won’t change. (So don’t change then but you’re going to have this behavior mirrored back so if it looks bad then maybe it’s bad. trump? laughable.)
I think Nat should pick a run time for the podcast and give Kathleen a timeframe for each time she talks, muting her when she is talking, to prevent her from being cut off so she can complete a thought. If Nat really read these, she’d actually understand that I enjoy hearing her talk and when she is able to talk, she usually ends up talking about important and interesting things and I’ve said as much.
1:10:52-1:23:45: Tyra mail (aka The Black Ass Bottom Line they’re calling It) writes in clarifying that jewish people aren’t white, and proceeds to provide a quick genetic rundown saying that the jews that were white were not saved due to their lighter complexion, they will killed just the same (this is in relation to last episode, writer says Nat called jewish people white and said the holocaust was the greatest white suffrage in Europe) says that “the Jews run hollywood”, and had Kanye disrespected the Jews the same as black people, he would be in real trouble (Kanye hasn’t suffered, no...). Says that taylor swift still complains about Kanye running on stage and he’s been apologizing for years until he’s blue in the face. (Can’t deny that). Says people disrespect black people in Hollywood and they’re fine but disrespect a gay person and it’s all good.
Kathleen says that the Holocaust was very bad, but that there has been recognition for that and Germany has righted their wrongs. The US hasn’t done this, such as keeping confederate statues up (this is true). Says we need to get to a point where slavery is recognized as genocide. Make comparisons between both. (Not sure Im liking this about tHe JeWs control all aspect but far be it from me to be a “hater”)
1:23:45-1:27:31: Tyra Mail says she has serious FOMO for Stass birthday party and she’s not mad at kylie hanging out with her friends. If she was rich she’d do it too. Nat replies that they probably figured out that posting pictures and videos of partying without masks isn’t a good look. Kathleen says that before they pandemic they just do stuff that normal people don’t do, they don’t see rules. References hollyweird. Nat references a DJ that said he DJd a party for Jamie Foxx recently, but that people probably get tested and have their temps taken for these parties. Discuss a drake party.
1:27:31-1:31:58: Tyra mail says she’s close to Sofia’s sister and that it’s Stass hooking up with Drake, not Kylie, and doesn’t know why anyone thinks this. Jordan has reached out to kylie and has been rebuffed, they DO NOT speak at all. Kylie and Sofia got into an argument with Madison Bier and Charlotte Delasio (I don’t know either of them so sorry for shit spelling) few months ago which prompted kylie to throw Victoria’s birthday party same day as Madison’s. They cleared the air and kylie sent her flowers to apologize and they say they appreciate the tea, but don’t know really know who Madison is. Nat says she feels that kylie and drake did do something, “Eskimo sisters”. Discuss Madison for a bit.
1:31:58-1:36:05: Tyra Mail, person says she watched video by a celebrity psychic about the Kourtney/Kim fight and the psychic mentioned an addiction one of them had, that was introduced by another sister. Theorizes that Kourtney introduces Kendall to addictive behavior. Nat says she feels the same, that Kendall has an addiction to laxatives and Kathleen says could be Khloe or kylie as well. That Kourtney might dabble in MDMA or acid. Khloe might be into diet pills and kylie might be into party drugs. Kathleen says this isn’t judgmental, just trying to analyze.
1:36:05-1:40:17: Tyra mail says she’s a hardcore fan of the show, and finds scott exhausting on the show because he’s always moaning and complaining, he should leave like the other dads. Nat says he was around before the fame so he’s a fixture much like Malika, and he has actual storylines. Kathleen says she finds him entertaining and that he and Kourtney signed up to be treated this way on the show. Goes on to compare Kourtney Vs Khloe co-parenting and shade Khloe (because that’s relevant somehow and were Gonna beat Khloe into the ground for being with Tristan. it’s getting old. Also Scott always gets a pass but Tristan fucks up and he’s trash forever)
1:40:17-1:44:58: Tyra Mail user says she’s watching episode with Khloes baby shower and that Khloe mentioned that it’s Tristans moms first grand child (I checked and that’s not what Khloe said. She said “it’s Andrea’s first granddaughter. She knows that Andrea has a grandchild and he’s little boy. Let’s keep the facts on point. I don’t watch the show except for clips, but I googled and if anyone wants to check it’s Season 15, Episode 11 and happens at 4:50, right at the start of the episode).
Writer also wonders what happened between Brendan and Lea. Says the podcast helped her with mental health struggle. Nat says maybe Jordan doesn’t fuck with the family and maybe that’s why there’s a weird thing in the air where Tristan doesn’t have another kid (she didn’t say that so we can move on now). Says Brendan and Lea collab well but it probably ruined their relationship. Kathleen says Jordan probably doesn’t want her kid talked about on the show and Khloe respects that. Says that it’s weird how they don’t talk about the other kid, doesn’t know what agreement they have with jordan.
1:44:58-1:53:02: Tyra Mail, says rewatching show and currently in Kendall’s sweet sixteen and two things bothered her: Kim made an off hand comment that her late father wouldn’t have approved of her marrying a black man and she felt that at the time this was skimmed over by the press, except for a thing by the Daily Mail which discussed the late father “going ballistic” about Kim’s first marriage, to a black man, due to his race. It said that he believed black men used non-black women just for sex. Writer doesnt understand why he’s been given the angel treatment when he was like this (I have to agree, if the issue was the man’s race and nothing actually valid, that’s straight up gross). Second issue is that it was weird that 14 year old kylie at the time “organized” Tyga as a musical guest and that nothing in this family is normal.
Nat says it really was glossed over and even if you’re not racist, racism is like a toxin that’s in the air and can be picked up even if you’re not racist so Robert Sr must have treated OJ as the representative of all black men (he was a rich football playecelebrity so connect the dots, probably had lots of fun in those days ...before he did what he did). Kathleen discusses OJ a bit, and they reference his famously weird quote “I’m not black, I’m OJ”, and that Robert just seemed to label all black people off of OJs actions (which weren’t good). Says kylie thing was just disturbing and it flew right over our heads
1:53:00-2:01:39: Tyra mail says she finished Black Chyna’s show and that it’s the kardashians fault that she didn’t have a show earlier (failing to acknowledge the show she had earlier) and that she wasn’t able to tell anyone she was pregnant with King or have a baby shower because Tyga convinced her no one would care about it (what a tool, who says this to his pregnant girlfriend wtf) and goes on to describe a therapy session where she talks about having sex at 16 with a man in his 20s...the email is very long and makes some very weird connections (I suggest listening to it) and the end of the email claims that kris is guilty of sex trafficking and should go to jail. Kathleen says none of it’s out of the realm of possibility and she wouldn’t rule it out. (What I do agree with is Kathleen pointing out that kris should have cut off tyga from kylie from the get go but everything else is just ridiculous)
2:01:39-2:05:11: Tyra mail asks who chris Appleton is (Kim’s hairdresser) because he’s hot and also does sweet potatoes NDAs inform Kim’s overuse of them and why she doesn’t speak out against him. They say he’s gay and does Kim’s wigs. Says any NDA with trump isn’t a gag order so that’s no excuse (again, attributing an immense amount of power to kim and forgetting that she needs to keep an open bridge with trump for the presidential pardons). Kathleen says it’s to keep notoriety and to take advantage (right right thats why.)
2:05:11- End: Tyra mail says Nat is queen and deserves the whole world, writer enjoyed her rant (I did as well and said as much when I summarized). Discuss Cancer Vs Virgo (Im a Cancer too I get it). Kathleen says she’ll make a better effort to ask Nat what she thinks so the conversation can actually be a back and forth
Personal thoughts: Kathleen really pared down her irrelevant ranting and was able to stay on topic, proving this is a possibility. I liked how it genuinely sounded like a back and forth this episode and I didn’t have to fast forward through 20-30 minutes of exhausting toxic ranting, which shortens the episode when there’s several long Kim rants. They also mention that all money from sale of Breonna Taylor Tshirt goes to TGIJP
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2020.06.05 15:56 DuggarStonerJew Cycle 3 behind the scenes dirt, courtesy of a TWOP user!

So I had mentioned several times about there being a reliable source for behind the scenes dirt, it was on the forums of TWOP(Television Without Pity) which is no longer in existance. I was able to pull it up through the wayback machine on my laptop. Cycle 3 had the most dirt from what I remember. This user was proven to be a reliable source and provided spoilers throughout the season. I'll save you guys the time and jot down the interesting stuff, but here is a link where you can comb through it yourself if you like. Please note that the Cycle 4 "spoilers" are NOT accurate. That user was proven to be a fake, they just made things up as they went along. While their lies were mildly entertaining, they weren't real so I'm not going to post those here.
For now, here is C3 as I remember it having the most juice. I'll search through the rest of the cycles later and post any other behind the scenes dirt, but for now, enjoy Cycle 3's "spoilers" courtesy of TWOP forums!
If you want to dig through it yourself, you can start at this link.
On with the dirt! In no particular order. If they aren’t listed, it was because they weren’t mentioned by this user.
Amanda * Her condition was not fake, but several girls were suspicious that she was exaggerating after her actions contradicted what she was telling everyone. * Came from a terribly depressing and trashy background. In “real life” she basically supported her family, including her unemployed stoner boyfriend. Her parents live in a trailer and met in a freaky sex/religious cult.
Eva * Eva was given a very nice edit because she was the winner. However, she was “real” and very nice to everyone on set. * Was the mastermind behind BROWNIE-GATE ‘04. She just talked Ann into being the one to actually do it. * The other girls felt like she had a big advantage over them and got away with things that would have gotten anybody else eliminated. She tried to save face by apologizing to Norelle after she knew that she was caught, hence her nervous demeanor during the Campbell’s commercial shoot. * Dated a dealer after the show * Other contestants, including former friends of hers hated her by the end of filming. Tempers cooled off over time, but Ann & Eva never “kissed and made up” during that time. * Wouldn’t have won this season had she been white. The desire of a winner of an ethnicity other than Caucasian was no secret behind the scenes. She didn’t win based on that, but it worked in her favor along with being Tyra’s personal favorite.
Ann * She was not the only weird one in her friendship with Eva. She distanced herself from Eva after she had enough of Eva’s manipulative tactics. Ann was pretty catty to begin with, her & Eva were outright terrible toward the other girls when they were teamed up. * She only stuck around as long as she did because of Ford. Ford really wanted Ann from the beginning of the competition. The producers stretched her time in the competition as much as they could with Ford hoping she would get it together later on in the competition. * Frequently bragged about how many chicks she bagged in high school.
Yaya * Was not as bad as she was portrayed on the show according to other contestants. * Actually got along really well with Eva after arriving in Japan.
Norelle * Her skin was just as bad as Yaya’s, but for some reason it was never made an issue on the show.
Nicole * Was actually really close with Norelle. * Told Michele(wardrobe) that she refused to wear the fur they had picked out for her, saying she wouldn’t wear a “dead animal”. There was a small scuffle after she pointed out that Nicole was wearing leather shoes.
Tocarra * The fight with Michelle(wardrobe) was very watered down compared to what made it to air. It played into her elimination though she wouldn’t have lasted much longer. The fight degenerated into an all out screaming match with Tocarra leaving in tears, coming back, more screaming, and Tocarra crying again. * Her elimination was a “mercy killing”, she was going to be cut before they went overseas regardless. * They did not put her in a thong during the roller skating shoot. Her ass just “overpowered” the bottoms they put on her. * She pissed off a lot of people working on the show with how she treated the stylist and phone calls were made by those who witnessed it. * A few people working on the show came up with a drinking game style activity surrounding Tocarra. She really liked a certain type of cookie the craft table had and tended to eat them all. So whenever she was caught eating one, they had a little hand sign they signaled each other with.
Cassie * Was not walking around sad and depressed all of the time, just enough bad moments to give her that edit. * Production encouraged Tyra to give her the boot surrounding the controversy of her storyline instead of eliminating Tocarra that week. Tyra did have a long sit down with her post elimination. * Became good friends with Ann after BROWNIE-GATE ‘04. During the fight at dinner she was calling Ann out for acting differently when she was around Eva.
Jennipher * Had bad breath * After the fight with Ann, they had a long talk and worked everything out, but off camera. The producers threatened to give them both the boot after their “physical confrontation”.
Kelle * Harmless, just ditzy and lacked self awareness. She was very sweet to the other girls. * Tyra and Janice often ganged up on her.
Julie * She really did have a passion for modeling, her poor choice of words just gave them the opportunity to give her the boot early on.
Judges * Janice showed up to judging sans underwear with a yeast infection, which was why the judges flipped when she decided to sit on the judging table. * Empress Minnie was very old and had little control of her bodily functions. * Tyra had one on one talks off camera with the girl that was eliminated that week, production made her stop doing it after the first few cycles. * Tyra was pretty low-key off camera, and favored the black girls on a personal level more than the white girls.
Other interesting tidbits... * Tocarra’s plus sized competition, Mary, was not chosen because she didn’t pass the personality test, this was also why she didn’t make the cut after C4 casting week. The judges did think Mary was prettier. * Again, Ford really wanted Ann. They weren’t very happy about the F3 because they were all under 5’8” and lacked a lot of what they were looking for. Ann would have had the win on a silver platter if she had gotten her shit together. * Their “house” was not as nice in person as it looked on TV. UPN had a ridiculously frugal budget. * The Heatherette “show” the models did was a re-staging of their show from a few months prior, it wasn’t even new Heatherette stuff. * Michele’s job was also to find clothes for all of the girls that met specific qualifications given by production with limited time and a limited budget. None of the models other than Ann had perfect sizing and they ALL had various wardrobe issues that needed to be addressed. * The whole taping was over the course of around 3-4 weeks, so the eliminations happened pretty quickly. * THE JAPAN DRAMA... Michele was kicked out of Japan the same day she arrived, and was banned from the country for some time. The producers didn’t get work visas for her or the model girls. They tried to get everyone in the cheap way. Michele was told to just pretend to be a tourist who happened to have a designer wardrobe. The girls saw her as she came through customs and waved to her in recognition. Bringing attention to her and ultimately getting her AND the Top Model wardrobe busted and sent packing, explaining the generic outfits in that weeks challenge. * All sorts of “bicurious frisky behavior” took place in the house. * Leah, Ann, “Kristi”, and Jennipher lived together after the show, Cassie lived with them as well for a short bit. I guess she did want to live with Ann after all.
ETA: Holy fuck I had to do a background rewatch after going through all of this information, and sure enough during one of the panels, Janice says she isn’t wearing underwear and sits up on top the judging table. 🤢 If she talked about her yeast infection, it didn’t make it to air. Production did us all a solid knowing none of us wanted to hear about that. I personally apologize for traumatizing everyone with that, but I wasn’t going to be traumatized alone. 😬
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2020.06.03 19:23 PinkFurLookinLikeCam Say Bible Podcast Discussion June 2, 2020 “The Quiet Kardashians”

Start- 4:12: Both allude to the current rioting (due to a cop murdering yet another black man). Kathleen offers that she purchased the cozy robe from “Noel” after “talking shit about her for a solid few years”. (I can’t stand the Noel/Omari thing they do just call people by their names and stop trying to be extra).
Kathleen says she and a friend discussed protesting for black peoples lives and that she decided it’s not a good idea “because we would all just be standing there looking at eachother” and the friend suggested inviting the only black friend she has (Never mind the possibility of filming it and posting it to their insta that boosts thousands of followers).
4:12- 22:19: Nat asks Kathleen about her first date (don’t really understand the context for this question it’s so random) and the story Kathleen told peels back layers and exposes her need to point out faults or make up rumors. The story went that she liked this guy, so they hung out together with some friends one night. They all decided to play truth or dare, and they dared Kathleen and him and to kiss. The kiss was apparently awful and Kathleen was embarrassed because she froze up and was scared. That night she cried all night and wrote him a letter saying that she was sorry she froze up. That Monday at school he was reading the letter out loud to his friends, everyone laughing. She said she sobbed and ran away. (This story is really sad and I can see where some of her problems started but as someone who also suffers from poor mental health due to trauma I am not going to give her a pass on her behavior, since it essentially re-enacts what happened to her).
They discuss movie remakes where the cast is switched out for all POC, Nat makes a point of saying that she doesn’t need that. What she needs are all new movie scripts, not recycled ones with the cast switched out. (So god damn true). Many Kathleen interruptions already, Nat was trying to move on about halfway through this segment.
Kathleen complains that someone called her flippant because she said she needed a distraction from current events, and she says it appears flippant in a vacuum. (No...it’s just flippant. I don’t wanna hear about White people being tired of hearing about black people being murdered and nothing short of rioting will get anyone to listen so no Kathleen.) she then tries to pawn this off on Nat saying that it’s her podcast and she can call it an escape if she wants to. (Nat was like hahahaha... before attempting 10 more times to move on and being cut off by Kathleen, even though she just said it’s her podcast).
22:19- 37:30: Discuss the Forbes calling out Kylie for not being a billionaire (but just being very short of it). Nat didn’t seem to want to get too negative here and said that really we don’t care right now, not in today’s state.
Nat mentions “it’s weird that Kanye lovers and stans that hate us listen to the show ....” because she mentions someone tweeted her asking what did she have to say now since she had so much shit to talk about Kanye not being a billionaire (they act like they have insight into their finances, I don’t know what the point of this line was, but Nat made a point of saying it)
They theorize that Kris is behind the confusion and kylie doesn’t know anything. Kathleen goes on a rant saying stuff she literally just said last episode that kylie wasn’t making lip kits in her garage and she just purchased a company that already existed. (Kylie never claimed that she was formulating lip kits in her garage? I believe that kylie worked with seed beauty’s labs and they’ve been collabing but Kathleen gives zero credit. I don’t think everything is as negative as she thinks. I don’t think that in 2015 she would have purchased an entire company just to not be sure if it would even be profitable that would have been dumb. She ordered lipsticks to be made by a contracted lab, I don’t see the issue??? It’s normal to do this. I don’t necessarily think that Kim and Khloe are fashion designers but I’m sure they work with people and make approvals at least? Like god damn just shut up about it already and start your own makeup company)
They say that kris asking for a retraction is unfounded. (I just don’t care about this subject one way or the other so I don’t understand how they spent 15 full whole minutes talking about it, it’s boring. She’s just under being a billionaire and that’s pretty much splitting hairs but also I don’t care about how much she makes either she’s just dumb rich and I can’t imagine speaking 15 minutes about it.)
37:30- 46:05: Discuss John legend quote about him and Kanye not being friends anymore, he said that they have their own families and Kanye is in Wyoming. Kathleen is upset that after John legend tweeted about Kanyes support of trump (which was a long time ago) John played piano with him and then they didn’t speak anymore. (It just seems complicated and I’m not going to even begin to figure it out myself, it’s old news by now). They’re shook that John mentioned that he’s in Wyoming, (forgetting to mention the fact that Kanye will frequently live on location while producing albums. It’s not new at all, so him being in Wyoming just isn’t weird to me given the pattern of doing this before.) Kathleen says she “won’t hold it over John for talking to him again” (gee thanks!🙄)
Kathleen claims to have empathy for Kanye’s mental health issues (even though she’s rubbed it in his face like a toddler in a pile of shit and has always presented it as gross and deplorable while denying the acceleration of her own mental health issues). Nat says that Kanye cared for Asap Rocky when he was stuck in a Swedish jail, but doesn’t care about black people in the states (negating everything he’s ever sad and done btw, and actually I don’t see anything wrong with him helping another black person out even if it’s overseas, it seemed like he was alone and didn’t have backup...well kanye arranged for that backup. What’s the issue I’m so confused here??) Kathleen gets some jabs at Kim in before moving on.
46:05-1:11:22 discuss Kimye’s ex-bodyguard who did some interviews. They sent him a cease and desist and claim that he violated NDA. He said that Kanye was moody and the most self-absorbed person hes ever met in his entire life. Kanyes camp refuted the statements. Nat says that you cannot sue for this and this is merely trashing your former employer (I don’t know if this is true but I feel like it gets murky when contracts are signed and statements may result in potential loss of income so if anyone else has thoughts on this).
The ex-bodyguard goes on to say that his first week on the job Kanye yelled at him for not knowing what floor they needed to go to when they stepped into an elevator, and the bodyguard says that he replied we can either stand here or you can tell me what floor we’re going to. (If this is true that’s just rude, you don’t yell at employees like this. Also a note, by this point in the episode Kathleen has mentioned Harvey Weinstein twice in comparison to both Kim and Kanye and it’s crossing a line at this point. Sounds like she’s attempting to insinuate something with no grounds or evidence.)
Kathleen continues down a rant that NDAs are meaningless and Kanye is only upset because the claims make him sound like an ass and not that a former employee signed and then broke a binding contract for expectation of privacy. Says that the kardashians put the ex-bodyguard story in the press themselves. Nat butts in and continues on, reading a statement from the ex-bodyguards lawyer regarding the matter. “People are dying Kim..” they say that this doesn’t matter and they shouldn’t care at all (if the ex-bodyguard is willing to break NDA for a small thing, I imagine they’re worried that he’ll break it again for more serious things and this is their privacy that they’re trying to protect. Nip it in the bud, I say.) Kathleen says with certainty that they’re taking advantage of current events hoping that stories will pass. (I’m confused- did they put out the story themselves or are they hoping current events will eclipse this situation? Cause she just said both.)
I thought the subject was over but Kathleen launched into another rant about Kanye and his Sunday service and how they’re not making any content and Kanye’s people are putting out statements to defend themselves but apparently since Kanye hasnt made a statement about Chicago and what’s going down currently with race relations, that’s 100% proof that he doesn’t care and he’s an asshole. Also they expect him to put out a gospel song specifically for the current situation, even though they would rip him to shreds for it. (Either they have a “savior complex” or they don’t care. No in between)
By this point she’s ranted pretty much non stop since the episode started and all that I’ve got from it is that Kathleen expects Kanye to be outraged and angry in a specific way that she approves of and to me she is over stepping her bounds as a white woman in dictating what the victim of white oppression is allowed to feel and act. These sort of rants always make me uncomfortable.
Nat was able to get a word in and said that she didn’t want kim on the front lines because of her previous braid wearing (when did Kim say she was going to be on the front lines ..? Huh? This is so random. I agree that braid wearing crosses a line but what does braid wearing years ago have to do with this??)
1:11:22-1:33:09 Nat shades kourtney for fighting for “clean” products on capital hill and putting stuff on POOSH that was long winded (I don’t read poosh so I don’t know the post) Nat has to stop from being interrupted and tell Kathleen to wait “we’re getting to Kim” (first time Nat has spoken up for herself wow) but soon after Kathleen went ahead and just cut her off anyway and started ranting again about Kim because the previous one didnt last long enough. Rant starts at 1:12 and she just spouts off so much stuff I’ll just list everything -
Honestly y’all it went on and on I ain’t gonna lie I gave up keeping track. What I got from it was that they are holding Kim responsible for systemic racism and she needs to answer for it? I dunno she was rambling a lot. It’s really weird to look to celebrities for answers when the questions should be to the cops that murdered the black people. Kathleen goes on to say that Kim only helped black people “when it was cute”, as if she has ever helped one single black person in her entire life or like it’s easy work to beg trump for pardons and do research on laws and open old cases Kim doesn’t have to do what she does, which is fund a team of lawyers to free wrongly incarcerated black people, but she does it. And instead of bitching about racist cops murdering black people shes ranting about Kim and her perceived involvement in it which is gross and beyond crossing the line. All this right after she stated she couldn’t do a protest for black people because no one would see it, as if she doesn’t have access to a large cult-like following.
The rant continues, blaming the police unions for the deaths and not the individual cops and she implores non-racist cops to speak up (that last part is all she needed to say and it took ranting for a long time to get there). Nat interjected that Kim should be handling this (I’m ..not even kidding this literally happened) then kathleen went on to say that Kim is choosing not to have meetings with cops, because she’s afraid of the optics (y’all wtf this have to do with Kim lmao and what do meetings have to do with shit anymore we want justice and change this is a Nat Turner situation not a let me speak to your manager situation stop it)
They then shade her for creating face masks, and say that the different skin tones make it even worse somehow (even though that’s on brand). They go on and on about how she’s a horrible person for selling face masks (at a good price actually) then finally begin Tyra mail. Y’all this rant was one for the books lol
1:33:09-1:38:55: first Tyra mail, the writer says that Kim, kylie, Khloe went “out of their way” to have kids with black men while profiting off black culture and that they know they can shield their children from racism because of their privilege. The writer states that she’s White, and that they need to “get better ghost writers”. She’s insinuates that any of their post regarding the death of George Floyd are completely fake. (If they posted nothing or something it’s still an issue either way but posts were made and I believe Kim’s investment in prison reform speaks a lot about whether her post was fake or not. Kylie’s post seemed sincere to me even though she’s made mistakes along the way. I guess I don’t look to celebrities for answers in times like these).
Instead of placing blame on the cops and the system and 400+ years of dehumanization; this email put the attention to the kardashians. Congratulations. Nat attempted to cut this short since I believe she knew that this would trigger Kathleen to rant, when she already ranted for over an hour already but she was too happy to launch anyway. She claims that she “hates to criticize her too much” (excuse me ma’am?) But that Kim “should say something even if she’ll get criticized for it because she’s only sharing posts from the NAACP but not talking to the head of NAACP so it’s worth the risk making a post and learning something”. (Y’all, didnt Kim just get criticized for posting something heartfelt about this? Now she’s not posting anything suddenly? And isn’t she working in prison reform? But suddenly she’s not taking any action?) says they’re not making posts because they’re afraid of criticism, even though they made post and they’ve been criticized. There was a lull in the rant and Nat very quickly took that opportunity to move on to the next Tyra mail.
1:38:55-1:44:20: next Tyra mail (Kathleen tries to continue ranting about Kim, Nat is patient and just laughs) writer says she’s listening to old say Bible episodes and laughs that in 2017 they predicted Kendall’s deal with Proactiv and wants to know if they have any other predictions for the family. Nat says that Kim is probably sitting on a bunch of products to promote and waiting fo pull the the trigger at the right time and Kathleen shades “I haven’t tried to sell a product in 3 hours!!” (At the time of their recording this episode on Monday and even until today posting this, Kim has not made any new posts except for the one expressing sadness and anger for systemic racism and also urging those to text FLOYD to 55156 and ended with #BlackLivesMatter and before that her last post was just hours after rioting began but go the fuck off)
They say the kids will do fashion, mason will do gamer type stuff like Twitch or “health” brands like subway. Rant by Kathleen about old businesses they had which isn’t relevant to the question.
1:44:20- End: Final Tyra mail telling them how great they are then goes on to talk about how Mary Kate and Ashley became a brand, and they transitioned this brand into fashion. Writer wants to know why kardashians haven’t made this same successful transition. Kathleen talks about how she’s obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley and goes on to discuss HOW obsessed she is and a little bit about their branding. Nat claims that the kardashians haven’t made this jump “because they don’t do anything”, even though they’ve accused them of doing too much. (Usually they change their stance based on the context of the conversation, as long as it makes them look bad. Doesn’t really have to add up). They go on to talk more about Mary Kate and Ashley and claim that they’re still relevant today. Kathleen rants and proceeds to give Kim tips for staying relevant. She says that Kim would have so much more if she did less, directly contradicting Nat’s contradiction. We’re like several contradictions deep here. More shade for a few minutes, and close episode.
I hope that my summary was not too long, I wanted to get everything in there without losing the essence of the episode😅 all of my thoughts have been laid out pretty well here so I’d like to just say that Black Lives Matter and I hope there is justice for George Floyd by passing laws that make a real measurable difference and arresting, trying, and convicting every police officer involved in this disgusting racist tragedy.
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2020.06.03 11:15 Zephylandantus Evil? - 3

First Previous
“Finally” The soul sprang from the body with an elated sigh. “I am free” it beamed.
HE just stood there, looking at the remains of the young male splayed on the bed, as the medical staff frantically worked on postponing the inevitable end.
“Free?” HIS voice offered no warmth, no reconciliation, only a cold, doubtful question, demanding an answer.
The soul snapped its head to face him, clearly surprised of his presence. “who are you?”
HIS face was obfuscated by the hood of the cloak HE always presented to the dead. He slowly raised his left hand and waved the scythe he held with it suggestively.
“The reaper… So I didn’t kill myself?” The soul sagged its shoulders in a gesture of defeat. “I couldn’t even do that properly.”
“You did something” HE said, keeping the projected sensations at a baseline, a cold null. “I didn’t kill you, that is not my task.”
“So it's...over?” The soul raised its head, seemingly in hope of a definitive answer.
“What is over?” HIS tone still demanded answers, the task could wait.
“The pain. The constant suffering, the injustice.” There was justified rage lumbering just beneath the surface.
“Possibly.” HE gestured the soul to follow him, there was a limited distance it could go before HE could no longer block the light. Together they passed through the hospital drapes that seperated the bed in the emergency unit from the rest of the hospital, through the doors in one end of the room they could see a couple of rows in the receptions waiting area.
“There” HE said and pointed with his free hand to one of the chairs.
The young male followed the direction with his gaze, it landed on a woman in her mid twenties, holding a toddler to her chest, the tiny body was apathetic and not responding to its mothers calm cooing.
“What about it?” The soul asked, clearly missing out whatever point HE’d tried to make.
HE sighed. “That is Desiree, with her daughter, Tyra. Tyra is suffering from a rare neurological disease, not commonly seen in the very young. If she does not receive medical attention by the senior doctor soon, I will have to attend to her soul in a matter of minutes.”
The soul turned to look at HIM. “so?”
HE pointed back at the curtains. “The Senior doctor, the only one that has the knowledge to diagnose her condition properly is currently in there, trying to keep a seventeen year old boy from successfully suiciding on rat poison and sleeping pills.”
HE grabbed the soul by the neck and lifted it to his eye level. “Because his parents refused to replace his mobile device with the newest model on the release date.” HIS voice was as cold as a siberian grave. The malice that emanated from his presence was overwhelming.
“the worst part” HE said as he casually discarded the soul by tossing it through the curtains. “Is that you consider it a success.”
“They deserve it” The boy screamed. “The emotional abuse, the den-”
“SILENCE” HE roared as HE appeared in front of the soul, still lying on the floor, beneath the bed where the doctors and nurses were struggling to bring the body back to life.
“You cannot justify what you’ve taken from that girl.” HE looked past the curtains, their ethereal existence leaving them as transparent as he willed them to be.
“Tell me” HE bowed down, the clear, blue flames of his eyes burning holes in the souls forehead. “Does she deserve the consequence of your selfishness?”
“I was hurting-” the boy began. his voice quivering with dawning remorse. “I didn’t know what else to do.”
“I know.” HE said, this time projecting a calm and understanding atmosphere. “But that doesn’t change the fact that she will die, because you will live.”
“What?” The boy looked up at the underside of the bed. A clear, monotone beep turned into a staccato, which settled into a steady rhythm.
Peter tore his eyes open and grabbed the doctor on his left by the collar of her scrubs. “The girl, save her!” he gasped, before the exertion drained his, by now, exhausted body of the last of its reserves, slipping him into a coma.
HE appeared at the apartment, the ghastly apparition, still chained to his will, lay on the floor, accepting the caress of the three year old girl as she rubbed its stomach.
“Hello, Tyra” HE said warmly. “Sorry it took so long, did you have fun?”
“Yes” The girl replied, smiling at the enslaved soul, which no longer held resemblance to its old form. “your puppo is nice.”
“He is a good boy” HE allowed the smile to penetrate past the hood. “But it is time to go and see Nanna, she has been waiting for you” A lie at worst, a wild guess at the truth at best. HE had no idea of knowing what lay beyond the light, HE just did his job.
“Ok, goobye puppo.” She patted the head of the soul and skipped into the light.
A/N: I could claim that I felt inspired and that the concept of this series appeals to me on a higher level.
Which is not entirely untrue.
Another aspect of the truth is that I'm using this series as a procrastination mechanism.
Enjoy. Or don't. Your choice.
Clickbait-y title
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2020.06.01 16:34 missfleet2019 ADRIANNE & SHANNON'S INSTAGRAM LIVE [FULL SUMMARY] 3/3

Final part.









And that's it! Pretty great little tell-all live. Hope to see these from other girls at some point for some REAL tea, not some watered down Mr. Jay live video with girls who aren't even from the cycle he's covering, all to promote his book.
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2020.05.28 02:45 ixfd64 "We Didn't Start the Fire" — RuneScape edition

I got bored during the lockdown and rewrote the lyrics to "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel. :-)
Andrew Gower, Wanderers, Imp Catcher, Falador Pirate's Treasure, Dragon Slayer, PK anywhere
Taverley gate, premium fees, Camelot Castle, Dimintheis Horacio, Brother Kojo, Agility skill
Zombie queen, Iban, Tourist Trap, Dwarf Cannon Dig Site, Gertrude's lost cats, duplicated party hats
Bug fixes, music, 3D looks hella sick Runecrafting sucks, Tyras blown up, jungle demon goodbye
[chorus] We didn't start the fire It was always burning Since the world's been turning We didn't start the fire No, we didn't light it But we tried to fight it [end chorus]
One Small Favour, clay golem, mummies in Sophanem Barrows brothers, in-game weddings, Dagannoth Kings
Killerwatts, zygomites, Royal Trouble, Old Nite "Bank your items," My Arm needs a hand
Cold War, kalphites, "this is not a dating site" God Wars Dungeon, Grand Exchange, Bounty Hunter, too much change
Junk trades, spirit shards, Chaos Tunnels, game cards Smoking Kills, bigger bills, trouble at the temple
[repeat chorus]
Phoenix Lair, Evil Tree, Red Raktuber, Fur 'n Seek Rocktails, Haunted Woods, Nomad's up to no good
Dragon bolts, Dahmaroc, Slayer tasks from Lapalok Effigies, Golden Gnomes, three wise monkeys going home
Ancient Prison, free trade, skilling urns, Livid Farm Darkmeyer, Timbo, IBot is a no-go
Runespan, Jubilee, Remora and QBD Carnilleans, keepsake, spins were a big mistake
[repeat chorus]
Sinkholes, Sliske, Guthix is not OK Bacon, Sixth Age, where is Rite of Passage?
Ashdale is open to all, Bandos takes a mighty fall Alice, Lathas, elves are back in business
Tuska and goebies, Seren is back in one piece "Ironman by the way," what else do I have to say?
[repeat chorus]
Invention, Safalaan, Gower brothers back again Pack yaks, Telos, Port Sarim, rainbows Engrams, Game Jam, Wonderbar, hunt for the HSR Menaphos has much to do, Evil Dave's big switcheroo
Hexhunter bows, Treasure Trails, jellyfish and choking whales Trader Nic, Needle Skips, bots, hacks, RSC Coal stone spirits on the floor, comp cape under redesign 120 Herblore, I can't take it anymore
We didn't start the fire It was always burning Since the world's been turning We didn't start the fire But when we are gone Will it still burn on, and on, and on, and on...
[repeat chorus]
[repeat chorus]
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2020.05.26 20:21 impatientlywaiting17 Underwear And Car Keys

This male music artist is currently on tour.
During a recent concert, there apparently was as much activity going on backstage as there was onstage!
First, there was the weed.
[Artist] and his entourage were smoking so much weed, the venue staff was getting high off the fumes!
Then there were the women.
After the show [Artist] was getting busy in his dressing room with a couple of fans. Everyone knew what they were doing in there!
Hold on.
That’s not all.
Because when you mix celebrity with weed and women, there’s bound to be some messiness!
One of the girls was so wasted that she walked out without her underwear! Someone had to tell her, “Ummm… you left your underwear and car keys in there.”
Do either that uber-famous female singer or that hot model know that this is his backstage routine?
Male Music Artist:
[Optional] Female Singer:
[Optional] Hot Model:
Male Music Artist: Drake
[Optional] Female Singer: Rihanna
[Optional] Hot Model: Amber Rose
Let’s talk about Drake!
The original blind item took place at a venue outside the United States, but it’s safe to say that women all over the world have left their car keys and underwear in Drake’s room.
Drake and Rihanna have always had a complicated relationship.
They have been off and on as friends and lovers since 2005.
At the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Drake presented Rihanna with the Video Vanguard Award and professed his love for the singer for all the world to hear.
Drake also dated Amber Rose from 2015-2016.
However, we wouldn’t read too much into Drake dating anybody.
Why? Because Drake has dated everybody.
Your friends at Blind Gossip told you about Drake getting busy in a hotel room with Giada DeLaurentiis in 2012.
Your friends at Blind Gossip also told you that the perpetually thirsty Jennifer Lopez pretended to date Drake for five minutes in 2016. (See Sofa Snuggles for details.)
Drake has also supposedly dated Tyra Banks, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, Zoe Kravitz, Blac Chyna, and 7,426 other women, both famous and non-famous.
Do you have a sister?
She probably dated Drake.
Do you have a mother?
Yep. She probably dated Drake, too.
You may be thinking, “How dare you disrespect my Mama!”
We’re not disrespecting your Mama. We’re merely telling you that she dated Drake.
Q: Has your Mama ever come home without her car keys and her underwear?
A: Drake.
In fact, if you are reading this right now and you are female, there is a 50/50 chance you dated Drake, too.
Do you think Drake’s music is special?
Anybody can make Drake’s music.
Congratulations to everyone who got this one right!
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www.youtube.com DATING my BESTFRIEND for 24 HOURS - YouTube Bow Wow Kisses Tyra Banks On The Lips & Tyra Spits A ... Tyra Banks & Bow Wow Unexpectedly Kiss LIVE  106 & Park The Tyra Banks Show - Help Im dating a man with kids - Thu, 30.12.10 (FULL EPISODE) Gays React To CRINGE Gay Dating Show  Roly & Calum - YouTube Tyra Banks Show - Bow Wow Admits His Crush on Tyra! Part 2 The SAD Truth About Vivica A. Fox's Love Life - YouTube Bow Wow & Erica Mena Kiss - Bow Wow & Tyra Banks Kiss 106 ...

Tyra Banks and new boyfriend Louis Bélanger-Martin are ...

  1. www.youtube.com
  2. DATING my BESTFRIEND for 24 HOURS - YouTube
  3. Bow Wow Kisses Tyra Banks On The Lips & Tyra Spits A ...
  4. Tyra Banks & Bow Wow Unexpectedly Kiss LIVE 106 & Park
  5. The Tyra Banks Show - Help Im dating a man with kids - Thu, 30.12.10 (FULL EPISODE)
  6. Gays React To CRINGE Gay Dating Show Roly & Calum - YouTube
  7. Tyra Banks Show - Bow Wow Admits His Crush on Tyra! Part 2
  8. The SAD Truth About Vivica A. Fox's Love Life - YouTube
  9. Bow Wow & Erica Mena Kiss - Bow Wow & Tyra Banks Kiss 106 ...

As one of the top black actresses in the 90s, Vivica A. Fox starred in many blockbusters films. Not only was she known for landing some of the best roles, sh... So you think you can dance? Today Tyra is introducing a few kid stars who know how to get down. Do you have moves as good as theirs? Plus, Tyra takes the tim... so in todays video im doing a 24 hour challenge and dating my best friend for 24 hours! KEEP UP WITH ME: INSTAGRAM • baddieemadi TWITTER • @baddieemadi SNAPC... CLICK HERE..... http://bit.ly/2Bf3VzQ Instagram: http://bit.ly/1tvHCSh Bow Wow & Erica Mena Kiss - Bow Wow & Tyra Banks Kiss 106 & Park Copyrights Owned b... Tyra Banks and 106 & Park host Bow Wow share an unexpected kiss LIVE on 106! Catch 106 & Park Mon.- Fri. at 6P/5C only on BET! The Tyra Banks Show - Help Im dating a man with kids - Thu, 30.12.10 (FULL EPISODE) Gays React To CRINGE Gay Dating Show! The gays are back reacting to 'Next' A gay dating show from 2006 where contestants try to win a date with 1 lucky gay m... Bow Wow stands up to the plate and shows Tyra Banks the man he is with kiss on the lips. Lucky Man No Copyright Intended Take It As Free Promotion http://get... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.